Top 17 HubSpot CRM Alternatives & Competitors in 2024

The list of 17 Hubspot CRM alternatives is now here that you can utilize to boost marketing & sales while experiencing immeasurable growth in revenue.

Top 17 HubSpot CRM Alternatives & Competitors in 2024

Ever had a tough break?

Umm, I can guess because most of us have gone through the same situation at some point in life. But to get back into the flow, we always find a way to pull out of it, most probably finding a more suitable partner who can somehow be better for us.

Well, if you’re thinking why did I drive you through this personal chapter, let me tell you that this real-life situation is quite similar to your purpose of finding an alternative CRM to Hubspot. 

Want to know how? Hubspot has a ton of beneficial features in it, like a meeting scheduler, chatbot, website builder, advanced analytics, pre-made marketing templates, and so on. Still, you may find a number of lacking points in your desired list, the same as you find in your perfect relationship. 

I believe that’s enough reason for your arrival here with the purpose of gaining knowledge before choosing one of the top-notch Hubspot CRM alternatives. Well, better late than never, you’re in the right place to achieve unique business goals and preferences with the well-curated list of handy Hubspot CRM alternatives.

Don’t wait, let’s dive in for brain-pickings!

The list of top 17 Hubspot CRM alternatives that can match your criteria


Zixflow, a modern tech savvy CRM software, stands as one of the best Hubspot CRM alternatives, catering to a wider range of businesses from small enterprises to big billions. When it's about closing deals smoothly and enhancing your customers’ experience, Zixflow leads the marketing and sales market with its comprehensive, all-in-one communication stack .

What’s more? 

Expand your outreach with several campaigns

Imagine a scenario in which you're either too early in serving lunch at 11 a.m. or you're running out of time to serve lunch at 4 p.m. In both cases, it's overwhelming to satiate the foodie's thirst. The same principle applies to your targeted prospects as well.

In such situations, your approach should be well-balanced, especially when you're experimenting with different marketing campaigns aimed at closing new deals and re-engaging lost ones. By partnering with Zixflow, you can craft a well-structured plan with automated scheduling to demonstrate your interest in your audience at the right time and reduce the risk of losing your full-fledged marketing strategies.

WhatsApp marketing campaign builder

Capture your leads through personalized WhatsApp conversational marketing with alluring WhatsApp advertising messages and leverage the benefits of WhatsApp's impressive 98% open rate. Whether it's for your e-commerce business or any other venture, maximize the impact of WhatsApp marketing by sending bulk broadcast drip messages with the assistance of WhatsApp automation tool. While doing that, you can also make use of some effective automation hacks for whatsapp to streamline your workflow.

Whether you're launching new products, promoting upcoming events, or offering special discounts, you can accomplish it all with a vast selection of captivating customized WhatsApp templates. Most importantly, with Zixflow, you can ease the hassle of claiming your WhatsApp Cloud API within just 15 minutes.

Smoothly expand your outreach with one of the top-notch Hubspot CRM alternatives, Zixflow’s WhatsApp campaign builder.
Promote your exclusive deals with Zixflow’s eye-appealing customized WhatsApp templates.
Email marketing campaign builder

Whether you want to send cold emails for your initial outreach while introducing your brand or setting up email campaigns to enhance your wider outreach efforts while nurturing relationships, in both cases Zixflow’s email automation can craft exclusivity.

With Zixflow, you can use pre-made email templates, customize them to your specific requirements, and efficiently send email messages in bulk within a few seconds. Also, if you’re a novice in writing engaging email content, then Zixflow’s built-in AI email writer helps you out in writing and rewriting content and summarizing texts. 

All you need to do is mention your preferences, likely the type of email, your target audience, your objective for sending those, a short description, and the tone of the content. An AI writer will shortly generate an email that aligns with your needs. Thereafter, you can effortlessly schedule and follow up with your clients anytime and anywhere.

Zixflow, an alternative to Hubspot CRM, helps you to set up email campaigns fast with its email campaign builder.
Generate & summarize email content within a single snap & customize email templates with Zixflow AI email buddy.
SMS marketing campaign builder

Do you know that you can expect 86.1% of your clients to view your SMS text within 30 minutes? Surprised?

If you have a more cost-effective medium available at your fingertips, why not put it to good use?

With Zixflow’s SMS automation, you can now effortlessly send OTPs, relevant CTA links, and recent updates to all your clients. Maximize the effectiveness of your SMS campaign today also because nearly everyone is using mobile devices, and most of them still eagerly lend their ears to the sound of incoming notifications.

An alternative CRM to Hubspot, Zixflow enables you to send the quickest info with its SMS campaign builder.
Zixflow allows you to access campaign data with its detailed analysis reports.

Capture your hot leads with intuitive form builder

Imagine you're running an online boutique, and as your next cunning business strategy, you’re about to offer customized discounts to your prospective clients to quality leads. But the question is before offering them the best deals, your need is to gather more data.

How can you finish your task so fast? The answer is captivating customized forms.

With Zixflow's exclusive lead-capturing form, you can achieve this instantly. Whether it's your leads or qualified prospects, you can ask them relevant questions, store chat information in your CRM to understand their intent, and take it a step further by sharing forms in SMS, WhatsApp, or email chats.

However, you can utilize these forms in various ways whenever needed, likely as an embedded form in your website, as an eye-appealing landing page, or just as a modern form as mentioned before.

Zixflow, a well-known alternative to Hubspot CRM, enables you to catch your target audience’s attention & generate leads quickly with its form builder feature.

Streamline your meetings with a Meeting Scheduler 

Now, with Zixflow Meeting Scheduler, say a no-no to the stress of freaking out and missing important meetings with your clients. Either you're informing them about your availability or you're responding to them to reschedule the meeting, in all cases, you can set up a quicker easy-pissy meeting coordination with automated event reminders. 

To keep your clients informed about your updated schedule, you can share links with your prospects via emails, SMS, or else just simply embed a calendar within your website. It's your modern approach to value their time and eliminate the hassle of follow-ups for updated meeting schedules.

Set meetings to engage your customers & remind them by sending gentle event reminders with Zixflow which is one of the best CRM alternatives to Hubspot.

Build your custom lists with eye catchy templates

Whether you’re in the real-estate business, a freelancer, a well-known influencer, or running an NGO to raise funds, Zixflow’s customized templates cater to all your needs irrespective of industries and number of customers. For instance, if you’re in a real-estate business, then Zixflow can be your real-estate CRM that will provide you with templates relevant to your business i.e., real-estate agency.

Zixflow not only enables you to customize lists but also allows you to build custom lists. You can add multiple factors in these lists like title, status, date and time, and many more. The most amazing feature here is you can change the view of these lists with six different styles like Kanban, Todo, and so on. 

These custom list-building features with captivating templates are quite useful when you’re in a rush and simply want to avoid making everything from scratch. Also, if you have a long list of leads or prospects, you can simply apply sort and filter to pay your attention only to those whom you need at that particular moment.

One of the top-notch Hubspot CRM alternatives in the industry is Zixflow enables you to build custom lists irrespective of industry & fast-track your work schedules.

Automate your sales cadence for sales engagement 

A successful sales cadence needs a combination of multiple touchpoints to achieve a final, worthwhile conversion. If prospecting is your initial step in obtaining quality leads, then follow-ups drive your conversion. In both scenarios, you can expect your desired outcome with Zixflow sales engagement.

With Zixflow, you can now establish a custom sales cadence that aligns with your brand, its products, or services and maintains its unique voice to stand aside from the rat race. So that you can excel in a 70-30 strategic approach, where you need to dedicate your 30% efforts to crack deals with personalized strategies, while the rest 70% of the process is automated.

Zixflow, a well-known CRM alternative to Hubspot, automates your sales cadence for sales engagement & drives revenue faster.

Simplify integration of third-party apps in a user-friendly dashboard

Now, with Zixflow, you can establish a seamless integration with your favorite apps or any other sales software including Zapier, Webhook, and Pabbly. Also, you can access integration with Email validation and Email finder tools.

These integrations are truly beneficial in terms of accumulating contact information of your customers from various resources like LinkedIn or websites. If you’re seeking to segment your broad audience into smaller groups based on a long list of attributes to better understand relationships for selling, then Zixflow could be your choice.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Smooth sales funnel management system by Salesforce, one of the top alternatives to Hubspot CRM.

Tired of switching between apps and scattered management? 

Salesforce is here as your helping hand. 

As one of the top-notch Hubspot CRM alternatives, Salesforce's primary objective is automating your task by connecting your favorite apps like Google, Slack, Zapier, Linkedin, etc., and streamlining your management. Its cloud management can be one of your perfect solutions if your concern is to access simplicity while targeting different types of leads for sales conversions. With Salesforce, you can generate a new roadmap without any intricacies.

Key features

Sales pipeline inspection

From expanding the bottom line of your sales pipeline while generating quality leads to transforming them into your loyal customers while driving revenue growth, Salesforce inspects A to Z of your sales pipeline.

Sales forecasting

With Salesforce, predict your future deals and find sales opportunities while optimizing the detailed automated analytical reports from the data cloud.

Sales enablement

Salesforce allows you to utilize sales enablement technologies coupled with multiple tools to enhance your teams’ productivity and provide training with extensive knowledge.

Communicative Chatbot

Use Einstein chatbots with Salesforce to maximize personalized interactions to instantly resolve the doubts and queries of your customers.

Lead management

From generating hot leads to effectively handling them in every moment while triggering their buyers’ persona, Salesforce does it all for the long run.

Zoho CRM

A well known alternative to Hubspot, Zoho CRM’s intuitive dashboard to automate lead management

Zoho, a cloud-based CRM designed for startups and small businesses, is popular in the industry due to its cutting-edge analysis with real-time reporting. In addition to its AI-powered assistant, Zia's invaluable suggestions help you make strategic decisions while allowing you to leverage sales-engaging AI for better customer relationships. There are many differences between Zoho crm vs Hubspot that you can draw to identify which platform is better for you.

Key features

Workflow automation

With Zoho, automate your marketing and sales tasks with ease and get flawless outcomes in terms of prospecting new customers and retaining lost clients.

Opportunity management

Whether it's lead generation, lead qualification, or optimizing the sales funnel to win over customers and close winning deals, Zoho’s unified dashboard prioritizes quality with quantity of opportunities while smartly managing them all without messing it up. 

Omnichannel engagement

From website to social media, emails to calls, make your omnichannel presence with Zoho and engage your target audience within a single thread.

Expand integrations

With Zoho CRM Plus, expand your integrations with a wide range of third-party apps including Zoho Sign, Zoho Meeting, Zoho Bookings, Quickdesk, Microsoft 365, Google Suite, and more to meet your business needs.

Forecasting capabilities

Zoho allows you to blend multiple data including sales, marketing, and customer services to leverage cross-functional reports that help you understand areas of improvement.


Smart sales pipeline management system by Pipedrive , an alternative to Hubspot CRM.

Want to take control of your business deals? 

Yep! Then Pipedrive is your compatible solution. 

Its approach is not limited to customizing stages of your sales pipeline but also to apprehend sales metrics to enhance your sales goals. Whether you're a sales rep, a business pro, or an expert project manager, if your goal is to drive revenue ultimately, then Pipedrive is your new AI buddy.

Key features

Project management

With pipedrive manage your various projects in a unified dashboard while creating to-do lists for main tasks and subtasks, tracking projects with labels and custom filters.

Lead generation

With Pipedrive, spark the interest of your target people within your brand's remarkable identity, and attract new leads and qualified hot leads for better conversion.

Sales pipeline management

Automate your sales pipeline and efficiently manage each stage of it with Pipedrive to strengthen bonds with your customers from initial prospecting to post-purchasing situations.

Easy marketplace integrations

Pipedrive allows you to connect more than 400 service and sales tools to communicate with your customers, manage your contacts, support your consumers, quicker payments, and more.

Email marketing

With Pipedrive, make your professional email templates with drag-and-drop features, reach your people with the right messages, set your mass campaign, and most importantly analyze email reports to discover response rate, open rate, click-through rate, and more.

Future deals forecasting

Pipedrive generates in-depth data insights to help you understand the reason behind your winning or losing deals, and your customers’ expectations so that you never lag behind missing opportunities.


One of the best Hubspot CRM alternatives is ActiveCampaign’s user-friendly dashboard for activity management.

The next best option among HubSpot CRM alternatives is none other than ActiveCampaign. By the name, you may understand that it serves as your go-to solution for reaching out through drip campaigns for sales engagement and unifying sales forecasting data to brush up your marketing and sales efforts within a single platform. 

Key features

Lead scoring management

With ActiveCampaign, you can not only generate and qualify leads but also score them based on multiple attributes to segregate the list into different categories including warm, hot, and cold leads. This will be helpful for you to understand which one will add value to your brand.

Seamless automation

Activecampaign allows you to do marketing automation to excel in omnichannel stands and sales automation to reach your people in the right place at the right time.

Sales engagement

With ActiveCampaign, you can cut out the possibilities of distraction and disconnection with your customers while targeting a warm engagement in your sales process.

Email marketing

Create, schedule, and synchronize your broadcasting transactional emails directly into your customers’ mailbox with the help of ActiveCampaign and generate email autoresponders.


An effortless marketing campaign management process with Mailchimp, one of well known alternatives to Hubspot CRM.

Interested in sharing the nitty-gritty details of your exclusive product hand-in-hand? 

It's surely a big yes! A smart business-savvy person like you never misses a chance to tap into psychology for sales to boost sales efficiency. 

Well, now with Mailchimp, you can cultivate an enormous number of captivating email templates while setting mass campaigns to allure your customers with the best deals and sparking their interest in your brand. This will not only help you with quality lead generation but also set higher possibilities for customer retention.

Key features

Social media marketing

With Mailchimp, connect your audience across all social media channels within a span of seconds and create alluring social media designs within just a few clicks.

Email marketing

Whether you're a novice or a pro player, in both scenarios create captivating email messages without any complexity to sell more with the help of Mailchimp.

If you want some other email marketing tool options, then you can also check out a compiled list of top Mailchimp alternatives.

Sales campaigns tracking

It allows you to track your sales team activities and current marketing trends to generate detailed reports that you can ensure your modified sales campaigns have the potential to convert into revenues.

Apps integration

With Mailchimp, you can seamlessly integrate top-notch third-party apps such as Zapier, Salesforce, Shopify, etc. to explore more expertise in curating more data.

Zendesk Sell

Smooth customer engagement with the integration of Zendesk Sell which is counted as an alternative CRM to Hubspot.

If your focus is on amplifying customer engagement to increase sales and measuring sales productivity within your expert members, Zendesk can be your alternative for HubSpot CRM. It allows you to access its collaborative cloud platform with intuitive products like Zendesk for services, Sunshine platform, and Marketplace for better enrichment in sales deals.

Key features

Seamless third-party app integrations

With Zendesk, you can explore a pre-built library covering around 1200 apps, extend plug-in features with API, and experience AWS event creator for advanced support in your business journey.

Modern sales solution

Zendesk allows you to maximize sales communication within less time and end-to-end analyze your sales funnel without heavy lifting.

Live chat with the bot

Zendesk enables you to leverage conversational marketing with an in-built AI chatbot for 24/7 instant response so that your customers don’t feel frustrated for longer waiting.

Advanced analytics

If your concern is to access the benefits of real-time sales metrics along with sharing them within your departments in various ways including charts, and graphs, utilize Zendesk’s unified dashboard.

Ticket management system

With Zendesk’s unique ticket managing system, you can support your in-house team along with your loyal customers accordingly across various platforms to collaborate more efficiently.


A top-notch Hubspot alternative CRM, Freshsales’ well-crafted dashboard for advanced data analytics.

Designing a sales funnel is challenging, but practicing the best ways for sales engagement is no less rigorous. But don't fear while Freshsales CRM is here. From keeping a keen eye on your sales reps' teamwork to forecasting sales productivity that aligns with the current market, everything is captured by Freshworks' well-crafted dashboard so that you never lag behind sales opportunities.

Key features

Event tracking

With Freshsales, you can track your upcoming events with automated reminders to reach your people in the event at the right time.

Advanced reporting

Freshsales enables you to access its auto-generated analytics so that you can make your sales pitches with precision, modify your future strategies, and leave no room for losing opportunities.

Mobile CRM

With Freshsales, you can complete your essential work remotely by using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, while understanding your customers’ preferences.

For a more detailed comparison you can check Freshsales vs Hubspot CRM.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

 Contact management & security maintenance by one of the alternatives to Hubspot CRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Contact management, while practicing industry-standard security measures, can be a hassle for any business, but Microsoft Dynamics 365 simplifies it with strict authentication implications. With its smart automated approach for contact management, supply chain management, and sales engagement processes, you can play your business strategies like a pro.

Key features

Accelerate sales growth

With this amazing tool, you can connect with your customers in real-time to address their pain points and convince them of your well-crafted solutions, so that their experience enhances your sales growth and business opportunities. 

Project management

Drive your various business projects in one single dashboard, optimize growth in ongoing processes, and improve your business capabilities to drive success.

AI-powered automation

With this tool, automate your sales activities such as interaction with customers, tracking performance, and training your sales team to win over your desired expectations.


Sales data alignment to modify sales strategies with Drip which is known as a Hubspot CRM alternative.

Want to eliminate scheduling frictions to accelerate your sales cycle? 

If yes, then Drip is your centralized platform to reduce the length of your sales cycle by enabling you to apply your sales engagement intelligence after accumulating real-time sales data.

With Drip, you can keep records of customers' data along with sales calls and email info to optimize customers' persona and review them further to pinpoint the scope of improvement. This ensures that your business can consistently stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Key features

Email marketing

Whether you desire to build captivating email templates from scratch or you eagerly want to access pre-made templates, do it all while utilizing Drip and sending bulk email messages for mass campaigns.

Seamless automation

Drip enables you to experience delightful pictures in automation while running multichannel marketing strategies and eliminates the need for your maximum interferences.

Real-time data analysis

Let Drip automatically segment every piece of your marketing and sales campaigns such as purchase history, winning or losing deals, average time for sales pitches, and so on to dive into the depth of current circumstances.


Smooth customer engagement process by one of the best alternatives to Hubspot CRM, Engagebay.

Marketing cum sales data software, Engagebay, maintains continuous interactions between your pro SDRs and inherent prospects while leveraging live chat for sales engagement. Therefore, it effectively boosts your customers' firsthand experience with managing automation and synchronization. Also, it helps you to make an informed decision without being salesy to drive conversions.

Key features

Live chat

To build a meaningful personalized conversation with your customers via live chat, incorporate Engagebay and let your people experience wow moments.

Email synchronization

With Engagebay, you can seamlessly synchronize different kinds of email sequencing including welcome email, cold email, and webinar emails while automating scheduling those for your email marketing campaigns.

Appointment scheduling

Engagebay’s appointment scheduling allows you to organize all your time while checking your availability status and updating your customers with automated reminders.

Contact management

Whether you’re running a small enterprise, or a big giant, without managing contacts with updated info, you can create a total mess. However, with Engagebay, you can fix it all within a single snap automation.

Marketing and sales automation

Engage your leads and prospects in various touch points with ease while leveraging the benefits of Engagebay’s marketing and sales automation.

Strategically designed sales pipeline with, an alternative to Hubspot CRM., a top-notch, versatile Hubspot CRM alternative, is specifically designed for small businesses seeking to achieve meaningful sales growth from pre-sales engagement. This cloud-based automated solution is not only limited to smoothing your team collaboration but also excels in managing projects, optimizing sales performance, capturing leads, tracking data, and more. If you’re looking for a project management alternative to ClickUp, then is one of the top choices. Simply put, is worthy of consideration because of its proven claim as a 'Work OS.'

Key features

Sales pipeline management

From initial interaction with your clients to closing more deals, and even nurturing bonds in post-purchase methods, automate each stage of a modified sales pipeline with and eliminate manual reputation.

Email tracking

Set your customized emails to cater to unique needs that align with your customers’ concerns and track the process while accessing’s advanced email automation.

Sales performance tracking

Whether your sales reps efficiently handle your customers or they need your guidance to improve their performance, gain knowledge with these tools while tracking and analyzing sales productivity metrics.

Lead capturing 

With the help of, catch the attention of your customers within your brand, capture hot leads, and most importantly turn your marketing-qualified leads into sales-qualified leads.


A well-known CRM alternative to Hubspot, Keap’s user-friendly dashboard to manage leads & prospects.

Avoid losing highly potential deals with Keap while impressing your sales prospects. Now, eliminate robotic-sounding email messages with personalized AI generative bots and allow space for your people to enjoy an authentic conversational experience. Streamline your sales team's efficiency and let yourself focus on finding gaps and creating bridges between your brand and your loyal consumers with the help of Keap's real-time analytical reports.

Key features

Lead management

Identify your hot leads who are ready to purchase instantly, score them for better understanding, and manage them efficiently on a regular basis with Keap’s lead magnet blueprint.

Marketing automation

Start your marketing process with in-build templates for customized automation, schedule free consultations with your consumer, and deliver invoices for each purchase with ease.

Email marketing

Keap allows you to access time-saver pre-built captivating email templates along with setting email campaigns each coupled with a unique purpose.

Sales automation

With Keap, set your sales process in automated mode while scheduling your appointment, interacting to deliver sales pitches, and follow-ups with exclusive deals, and making ultimate conversions.

Third-party apps integration

With Keap, you can experience hassle-free integrations with a simple setup across multiple apps including Microsoft Outlook, BigCommerce, Adexpresso, Graphly, ScheduleOnce, and more.

Keap and Pipedrive have many similar features. That’s why it’s important to have a clear understanding of the difference between Keap CRM vs Pipedrive software.


Sales cadence customization with SalesLoft which is counted as one of the top CRM alternatives to Hubspot.

Want to create a long-lasting buzz that constantly hits your customers' memory? 

Then, SalesLoft presents the outreach for leveraging trusted customer relationships on your behalf.

SalesLoft's well-crafted solutions cover various business aspects, but they are all managed in a single-handed CRM dashboard. This framework provides you with lead nurturing while smartly managing each of them, building effective sales funnels and facilitating collaboration among expert team members of your sales team throughout the entire business journey. With SalesLoft, you can experience the distinction of a pro sales personality within you while savouring the worthwhile results of revenue generation.

Key features

Sales cadence

To provide multiple support to your prospects across various channels including calls, emails, and social media, and make your outreach more impactful, Saalesloft can be your partner.

Sales deal management

With SalesLoft, let your valuable CRM data speak for cracking highly qualified deals and turn your data into revenue conversions.

Sales forecasting

SalesLoft enables you to understand the dos and don’ts in your sales process with its highly relying analytical reports while mitigating risk opportunities.

Sales training

With SalesLoft, create sales coaching opportunities, and update your sales team with exclusive training, so that your sales reps can smartly identify current sales trends and replicate success while amplifying their sales skills.


Lead qualification & lead management in autopilot mode with Leadsquared, a Hubspot CRM alternative.

LeadSquared is one of the best companions among HubSpot CRM alternatives, thanks to its no-code automation that smooths your lead generation flowing while asking interesting sales qualifying questions. From capturing potential leads, and managing them, to nurturing bonds while reducing response times, LeadSquared equips all the methods to mitigate your struggle for different programs.

Key features

Sales management 

With Leadsquared, your smart sales reps can plan strategic sales processes, configure them, and control each stage of sales workflows while prioritizing the need of the hour.

Communication management

Leadsquared enables you to record each call with your customers, save interaction histories into the CRM, and manage multi-channel autoresponders, so that your customers never feel left out of your priorities.

Lead management 

With Leadsquared, you can capture leads from multiple sources, likely websites, social media channels, referrals, and more. Then you can auto-qualify them based on pre-defined criteria and also score them to define various aspects.

Mobile CRM 

With Leadsquared’s mobile CRM, you can allow an automated check-in or check-out, set event reminders, detect fraudulent activities, navigate your customers for in-person meetings, and speed up your customer verification process.

Several Apps integration 

From WhatsApp Business API to payment gateways, meeting schedulers to other sales CRM software, you can connect an enormous number of third-party apps without any hassle and improve quality in your business flow.

Advance analytics

Leadsquared allows you to get advanced analytical reports to understand several metrics, likely call volume, open rate, conversion rate, win rate, and more. So that you never miss the stand of your business in the current competitive environment.


Inclusive sales & marketing data analysis with an alternative to Hubspot CRM, Insightly.

Searching for an adaptable, user-friendly alternative CRM solution? 

Insightly is here with top-tier solutions.

With Insightly, you can easily track your customers' behavior to understand what's working and what needs to be worked. This tool boosts quality lead generation in your different types of sales methods and enhances your proactive productivity in lead scoring with a personalized touch in ongoing interactions.

Key features

Third-party apps integration

With Insightly, let your team be more productive while eliminating complexities in the business process. Simply integrate multiple apps such as sales and marketing tools, project management tools, AI-powered machine learning tools, and so on.

Sales pipeline management

Insightly’s scalable sales pipeline management enables you to create a personalized environment in every touchpoint, so that you can smartly manage your sales leads from prospecting to closing deals to counting on them again.

Lead management

With Insightly, you can smoothly enhance your lead management stages such as lead generation, lead qualification, lead nurturing, lead routing, and finally measuring the success with a final agreement.

Email marketing automation

Insightly helps you to leverage pre-built industry-standard email templates, so that you can set your email marketing campaign within a single tap.

Sales data analysis

To understand the real-time intent of your customer and modify your sales strategies according to trends, you can simply place your keen eye on Insightly’s in-depth analysis.


Nutshell, an alternative CRM to Hubspot, efficiently integrates third-party apps in its single dashboard.

Nutshell is an alternative CRM software that is specially designed to free up your sales team from repetitive, time-consuming tasks and allow your marketing team to access an arsenal of engaging sales content. So, if your people seek a convincing note at any moment, you never fail to demonstrate a positive intent on the spot, without getting lost or confused.

Key features

Sales & marketing automation

If you're a B2B player, then Nutshell can be one of the best-chosen partners. Whether you’re doing marketing with advertising, or doing sales, every stage in each process can be set in automated mode without any intricacies.

Contact management

With Nutshell, track your customers' data and smoothly update every single piece from names to phone numbers to email IDs within just a few moments while surpassing the need for manual entries.

Email marketing

Attract your products’ purchasers with eye-catching email templates, customize them according to specific goals, set email campaigns, and reach your customers while benefiting from Nutshell’s email solution. 

Meeting scheduling

Nutshell allows you to set up easy appointments with its automated meeting scheduler. You can simply schedule or reschedule meetings in Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Outlook and share updated info on your websites with the help of Nutshell.

Data analytics

From measuring the productivity of your pro sales reps to tracking different sales metrics and growth or loss in your expected revenue, you can now analyze it all in one go while partnering with Nutshell.

Third-party apps integration

With Nutshell, build your smooth integration with several apps such as Mailchimp, Outlook, Slack, Trello, and more, to maintain a cakewalk in your business process.

Choose the best suitable alternative CRM to Hubspot for your business & amplify business growth 

There you have a treasure with 17 outstanding Hubspot CRM alternatives to skyrocket your marketing and sales growth. 

Whether you’re seeking scheduling meetings with your prospective clients, retargeting and retaining your loyal customers, expanding your outreach, smoothly engaging all your prospects and leads, and trying to figure out your next steps with inclusive data- these CRMs ensure your shows must go on.

But before you make your ultimate choice, think twice, and choose wisely while ending your treasure hunt with Zixflow.

You already know how Zixflow gonna be help you to become a sales legend and that’s why just stop reading and start unfolding your next superb chapter with the free demo of Zixflow.

Let’s grab it! 

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