11 Types of Content You Must Use to Boost Your Sales Engagement [With Examples]

Content is the pillar of sales engagement. Creating content masterpieces consistently is a tried & tested way for increased sales engagement.

11 Types of Content You Must Use to Boost Your Sales Engagement [With Examples]

Your sales engagement does not start when you get a lead and start following up on them. It starts the moment a lead comes across your brand. The moment they hear your brand’s name, search for your website, or scroll through your social media. This is exactly where sales content engagement comes into play.  

While implementing the tips on giving a great sales pitch and making a persuasive offer are crucial, sales engagement has to be systematic, starting from a variety of content to finally leading up to an offer that the prospect cannot refuse. 

Imagine having an arsenal of content that grabs your target audience's attention and keeps them hooked, propelling them closer to making a purchase. Sounds promising right? I am here to deliver you the list of all the content types you can use to skyrocket your sales engagement. So without wasting much time let’s delve into it! 

Sales content engagement: What & Why 

Before you buy a product do you read about it? 

For instance, if you have to buy a chatbot for lead generation on your website would you read about it or would you straight up reach out to a sales professional selling the product? I am guessing the former. I am also sure that you will not only just read about it but also do your research on its ROI, benefits and drawbacks, will it actually be of use to your business or not and so on. It is not just you but every single customer out there. 

Every customer does their research before they invest into a product or service no matter how big or small the amount they have to spend. Once the product research is done they will find out the brands selling the products and do their research on them. If a customer is reaching out to you, they probably know what you do, what kind of services you deliver, and much more. They will also have objections ready for you and they will seek nothing less than a convincing answer. But this is exactly what you want from a customer. It showcases that the customer is interested in buying from you and thus they are so concerned to get everything right. It is a positive sign and you need to take it in the right direction. 

So, how do you make a customer aware about your brand? How do you pop up when they are surfing on the search engine? The answer is simple- Content. 

Content is important because that is the first step of where the sales engagement starts. A customer finds you, reads through your content [hopefully regularly], your brand gets engraved in their subconscious and they finally come to you if they need the product or service that you are selling. The entire cycle starts through content. 

This thoroughly, how do you know about brands like Zixflow, Mailchimp, or Zendesk? Through content. 

If you are reading this blog then that is sales content engagement at its best!

Why do you need sales content engagement? 

Simple- to boost your sales. You spread brand awareness through content. You help your prospects through your content, or you answer prospect questions through your content. The content engages them regularly and eventually the prospects find their way to your brand for the products and services. 

11 Types of content you must use to boost your sales engagement

Let’s address the elephant in the room- what kind of content should you create? 

I am here to answer this question both as a customer who frequently engages with the brand content and as a marketer who has done her research. Here is a list of types of content you should create for your prospects. 

Compelling blog posts

Blog updates from your favorite brands.

Blog posts come in the top tier of the content pyramid when it comes to sales content engagement. Blog posts are written to build authority around a keyword or search intent. For instance, Zixflow has sales engagement software as one of its products, thus, it curates content around all the possible content around sales engagement on its sales blog. Other than the technical aspects of SEO, catering to the queries around one niche is a way of establishing your authority around the related keywords and search intent and become an ultimate brand for your target prospects and customers. 

Most importantly, every blog post that you write should be educational. Cater to the prospects’ needs first and then jump to selling. Here is how you can write an exceptional blog post to engage your prospects. 

The captivating opening

If you have come this far in this blog then I know that I caught your attention in the beginning itself. So how did I do that? Storytelling approach and also because from the beginning itself I am taking care of your search intent. Make sure that every blog that you are writing is adding value to the reader from the first word itself. 

Descriptive imagery

Visuals are as important as the content. A blog post without images is like tea without tea leaves- flavorless. Support your content with images to not only make your content practical but also to make it interesting. If you wouldn't enjoy reading bland content then why would your prospects?

Real and raw images are more impactful than stock and copied images. [In frame- Zixflow blogs with raw images from real people.]

Call to action

At times a reader is not just there to read but also looking to buy a particular product or service. Along with education and answer to the prospect’s queries, give them a direction to go into if they want to purchase. Further make this process even easier by adding CTAs within the content. In the CTA section, you can promote your products and services in a contextual and helpful way. 

Engaging videos

Engaging videos have become a powerful tool for boosting sales engagement, captivating audiences, and driving conversions. 

By blending storytelling, visual appeal, and persuasive messaging, your videos can uniquely forge a deep connection with the audience, leaving a lasting impression that ultimately translates into high lead generation and nurturing. No doubt videos make for one of the best lead nurturing content out there and can really add value to your sales process

Watch this video of Cadbury Silk Chocolate to understand the engagement in brand videos.

The response is overwhelming upon sharing this captivating video on Cadbury's youtube channel. The video garners 4.6 thousand likes and generates a buzz among chocolate enthusiasts. People were drawn to the brand for the mouthwatering visuals and the emotional connection they feel with Cadbury’s story.

Remember, in today's fast-paced digital world, an engaging video can be the key to unlocking your sales potential and driving meaningful customer engagement.


Infographics are the visual representation of information, data, or knowledge that presents complex concepts in a simplified and understandable way. The vibrant amalgamation of art and data can captivate minds and ignite a fire of engagement. As per research, an infographic is liked and shared on social media 3 times more than any other type of content.

Infographics are a way to sum up an entire piece of content within the image, if someone just wants to skim through your content then they can do so the fun way through infographics. Infographics can be used in blog posts, eBooks, research papers, and wherever you feel they will fit well. 

Take advantage of the opportunity to effectively communicate your message and captivate your audience. Start using infographics right away! 

Detailed infographics shared by Zixflow in blogs.

Interactive quizzes and polls

Quizzes and polls create an interactive and personalized experience for your potential customers. You can incorporate gamification elements into quizzes and polls, making them enjoyable for users. Adding points, rewards, or competition can motivate customers to actively participate and engage with content.

Several social media platforms now allow you to run polls, and quizzes, and start using them for your advantage right away.

Polls on twitter and instagram.

See how LinkedIn conducts skill quizzes to build authenticity among its users and provides endorsement by influencers to help you build reliability for your skill. These quizzes also helps LinkedIn to get users sign up for LinkedIn Learning for more detailed courses on the topics and skills of their interests. 

Linkedin Skill assessment quiz engages you by questioning if you are constantly upskilling yourself or not.

Customer testimonials and success stories

Customer testimonials and success stories play a crucial role throughout different stages of sales pipeline by demonstrating the value of your product in customers' eyes. The more user experiences you have to share with your product the better.

Zixflow review on Capterra will help you gain faith in Zixflow by reading customer experiences with it.

You should also consider using customer testimonials and success stories in your sales cadences to ensure that your prospects get to know how your other customers are achieving success and great results using your product. It will help them see your product in the positive light and make a buying decision in your favor, earning you more won deals!

Building trust and credibility

When potential customers see positive experiences shared by existing customers, it helps establish trust and credibility. In addition, it assures them that others have tried, tested, and appreciated your offering. 

Demonstrating Value

Testimonials and success stories showcase the value and benefit your product or service brings to customers. In addition, they highlight specific outcomes, such as increased productivity, cost savings, improved efficiency, or enhanced customer satisfaction. By presenting these tangible results, testimonials help potential customers understand the impact your solution can have on their own businesses or lives.

Word-of-mouth amplification

When satisfied customers share their positive experiences, it acts as a form of word-of-mouth marketing. This amplification can reach a wider audience and generate more interest and engagement from potential customers. Let’s be practical, a customer will trust a fellow customer over a business. So give your customers the supporting element they need to trust. 


Webinars effectively boost sales engagement because they provide a unique opportunity for active sales networking and for educating, engaging, and persuading potential customers. B2B sales statistics report show that 53% of sales reps identify webinars as one of the top lead generation tools. Webinars are also an opportunity to interact with your customers one-on-one allowing you the opportunity of relationship selling so make sure you utilize them to the fullest! 

Amazon running webinar series.

Steps you should follow to ace a webinar

Step 1: Clearly define the objective of your webinar.

Step 2: Understand your targeted audience's demographics, interests, pain points, and knowledge level.

Step 3: Plan engaging, valuable, and compelling content.

Step 4: Create a comprehensive promotion strategy to generate the interest of people.

Step 5: Make the webinar interactive and encourage participation from the audience.

Finally, throughout the webinar, provide clear Call To Action (CTA) to guide participants toward the desired next steps.

If you want inspiration then here is a webinar where Coca-Cola HBC revolutionizes its entire value chain with Ubimax Frontline. Impeccable use of the opportunity, a learning experience for every business on how to make the best use of webinars. 

Email newsletters

Email newsletters are robust tools for creating sales engagement by providing valuable content to your subscribers and nurturing relationships with potential customers. 

Here are sales engagement best practices for you to ensure you use emailers the right way for sales content engagement. 

Define and segment your target audience

You do not want to mess this up! You need to be extremely finicky of your target audience and even more finicky about the segmentation. Define your target audience and then segregate them as per the solutions or products they might need.  

For example, if you provide marketing tools and solutions then your target audience is marketing professionals which can be further segmented into SEO professionals, social media managers, content writers, and so on. So you need to make sure that you are sending the right emails to the right audience.

You do not want your audience to complain. Here is a user sharing his struggle with Paytm and their email marketing tactics.

Build a quality subscriber list

Focus on growing a list of engaged and interested subscribers. Then, offer incentives like exclusive content, discounts, or free educational resources to encourage people to sign up for your newsletter. To get the most out of your newsletters, also make sure to use a DKIM validation tool to authenticate your email domain, preventing spoofing and increasing the deliverability of your emails.

Personalize your emails

Use personalization techniques to make your subscribers feel valued and understood. For instance, address them by their first name and send them highly targeted emails as per the previous interactions with your brand. 

For instance, if a customer has previously bought a dining table from you then you can send them tips and tricks to keep the furniture clean as new, or cross sell by asking them to buy a table cover and utensils, and send recommendations for other furniture they might need.

Can you figure out what Neil Patel’s email is lacking?

Influencer marketing 

Influencer marketing is the new term for endorsements- The only difference being is endorsements used to be done by celebs and they would show up on billboards and television while influencer marketing is done through social media by people who have made their name in the marketing in a particular niche. And the reason why influencer marketing is becoming more popular is that by working with brand-fit influencers, brands are easily able to reach out to their target audience. 

For example, if you are selling any product or services related to sales, you’d like to collaborate with sales influencers in your target markets. These sales influencers are followed by a large number of sales professionals. And therefore, an endorsement of your sales product or sales services by these influencers will help you immediately reach a wide number of ideal prospects. 

Influencer marketing has made its grip on the marketing and if done the right way then your business would be unstoppable and Daniel Wellington is an example of that. Daniel Wellington has made a business of $200 million all through influencer marketing. Not surprising at all especially when they make sure that every single influencer they get in touch with is creating quality content. From emerging influencers to established ones, DW reached out to all and made sure that everyone knows about the brand and as we know it,, we all are very familiar with the brand now.

Daniel Wellington nailing influencer marketing.

How to do influencer marketing right? 

  • Find the right influencers with your target audience. For instance, if you are selling a marketing tool then Matt Bailey would be the right fit to promote your product. 
  • Make sure the content seems natural and authentic. Before the influencer posts the content go through it and see that it does not sound salesy. 
  • Track how the content is performing and take further actions accordingly. 

Interactive product demos

Product demos effectively boost sales engagement by providing potential customers with a firsthand experience of your product's features, benefits, and value. 

By utilizing interactive product demos strategically and tailoring them according to the customer's needs (as is typically done in a consultative selling approach), you can significantly boost sales engagement, build customer trust, develop a customer-centric selling strategy, and increase the likelihood of successful conversions.

See how Steve Jobs introduced the iPad to the customers in the following video.

If you are wondering how to make exceptional product demos then here is a practical book on product demos- Product Demos That Sell by sales influencer Steli Efti.

Product Demos That Sell- Steli Efti

Social Media Content

Everyone scrolls through social media pages! And there is a very high possibility that you came across this blog while scrolling through social media only, maybe! Social media content is not only important for brand awareness but it also showcases your brand values and objectives to your customers. Furthermore, social media is one of the best channels for sales engagement. Every single piece of content you publish there has the potential to garner you prospective customers. That’s why making sure to manage social media accounts for your brand is crucial for sales engagement.

Share product information, product benefits, motivational quotes, or whatever goes with your brand value and principles. But make sure that you remember that social media is a dynamic environment, and finding the right balance and strategies that resonate with your audience may take time. So continuously adapt, experiment, and refine your approach to leverage social media content effectively for boosting sales as well as sales engagement.

Zixflow and Target sharing useful yet engaging content on social media.

How-to guides and tutorials

Develop step-by-step guides or tutorials demonstrating how customers can use your products effectively. Since this content is authentic and demonstrates your product usage it is not only educational but it also helps you gain the trust of your prospects who have been keeping a close eye on your product or looking forward to buying a solution that you sell. Detailed ‘how-to’ guides and tutorials will help you get sales content engagement. 

Detailed guides on Zixflow Youtube Channel on how to use Zixflow to its best potential.

Add value to your prospects & sales content engagement will follow

Nothing comes at par with authentic and filter-less content that adds value in its every bit. The key to driving sales engagement and sales is by being transparent to your customers and also focusing on providing a solution to their query and the results will follow. 

With every single piece of content, add value to your readers, and be truthful to them about your product and services. Most importantly, make sure you never compromise with the content quality. 

Build a healthy relationship with your prospects by creating the content they need and watch your sales boost! And yes, besides creating amazing content, don’t forget to put it to great use at every stage of your sales funnel by using a modern SalesOS like Zixflow which will help you plan and pre-schedule your sales content at every sales stage using sales cadence feature, further boosting your overall sales engagement. 

Happy content creation and happy selling!

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