A secure platform you can trust

We know user privacy and data security mean a lot to you. That’s why we build our platform to be safe and compliant with industry-leading measures.

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Zixflow is backed by world-class security to ensure uninterrupted operations

Robust data security

We maintain all the required security and privacy measures, allowing you to focus on your business processes. Our servers are hosted in world-class data centers that are under constant surveillance. The application is regularly updated and new security patches are applied to keep it secure.

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End-to-end encryption

We utilize an enterprise-level firewall that provides advanced security features and end-to-end encryption of data. This helps protect data during transmission and safeguard it against various security threats.

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Passwordless authentication

We implement passwordless verification for login purposes to protect user accounts. The platform sends verification codes to the registered email addresses of the users to add an extra layer of security to prevent unauthorized access.

Enterprise-grade security

Zixflow uses enterprise-grade security measures for database access to make sure only the people with the necessary permissions can access the data, enhancing data protection.

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GDPR Ready

Zixflow complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which sets high standards for data protection and privacy. This ensures that customer data is handled securely and in accordance with applicable regulations.

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User permission control

Zixflow offers a granular permission control system that allows you to limit access to specific data and functionalities within the platform, preventing data leaks from internal teams' negligence.

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Consolidate tools Cut costs

No need to worry about a dozen different tools. Zixflow is your one-stop shop for all your needs.

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Lead Generation

Acquire new leads and hit your quotas with our automated lead generation.

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You can access and reply to all your messages from our unified Inbox.

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