About Zixflow

We're a team with 10+ years in entrepreneurship, sales, communications & technology.  We realized most crm and engagement tools are decades old, complex, and disconnected. So we cooked up Zixflow, a dynamic platform that molds to your business, like Airtable and Notion.

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Our story

The inception of Zixflow was inspired by the spirit of entrepreneurship. We saw budding innovators, just like you, juggling multiple hats, trying to keep up with customer relations, communication chains, and automations. Their passion was evident, but so was their exhaustion. And so, Zixflow was born — a solution that streamlines, automates, and amplifies. A platform that doesn't just manage; it evolves with you.

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Our values

At Zixflow, we stand by business dreamers, making complex tasks feel simple.

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Inspired by the spirit of entrepreneurship, Zixflow pioneers innovative solutions that reshape business operations.

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Entrepreneurs using Zixflow take ownership of their dreams, while our platform handles the intricacies of growth.

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Zixflow is committed to empowering entrepreneurs, standing by their side as they pursue their grand visions.

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At Zixflow, transparency is the cornerstone of trust, ensuring meaningful interactions with our platform and team.

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Within the Zixflow community, we foster collaboration and teamwork, uniting to craft a brighter future for entrepreneurs.

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Zixflow's adaptable nature grows with entrepreneurs, providing the tools they need to thrive in a dynamic business world.

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