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Data collection forms

With our smart forms, you can automatically collect data from your visitors, capture contact details with personalized questions, and save them in our CRM. Build no-code lead bots and simply copy and paste code to embed them into your website.

Gather data

Curate contact lists

Create contacts and email lists using the data curated by Forms to stay connected with your prospects across the sales pipeline. Sort and segment using smart filters for effective communication.

Build lists

Automate your workflow

Set up automated workflows for mundane tasks like creating activity or scheduling meetings and free up time for high value activities. Focus on closing deals and let us handle routine activities.

Streamline with cadence

With Zixflow’s cadence, you can create automated omni-channel sequences to engage your leads from initial interaction to conversion. If a prospect replies to your emails, the cadence will automatically break the flow and stop the following messages to be sent.

Leverage cadence

Run inbound campaigns

Run multi-channel outreach campaigns via SMS, Email, or WhatsApp messages to drive engagement among your inbound leads and keep your pipeline full.

Send inbound messages

Real-time reports

Get insights about your inbound marketing efforts and monitor your success through live reports. Track multiple KPIs such as, leads count or leads value for a holistic picture.

Generate reports

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Outbound sales

Grow your market reach with our outbound sales software.

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Automate routine tasks and save time with our automation platform.

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Build smart cadences to automate outreach at each touchpoint.

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Quality data security

We handle every security and privacy measure seriously, and our servers are hosted in world-class data centers.

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Leading privacy measures

Zixflow features end-to-end encryption, passwordless authentication, and login audit logs to ensure maximum security.

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Peak performance

Use Zixflow for promotional campaigns or integrate our API and reach millions with a click.

Consolidate tools Cut costs

No need to worry about a dozen different tools. Zixflow is your one-stop shop for all your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our support or sales team.

What are inbound sales?

Inbound sales is a customer-centric sales strategy that focuses on attracting prospects who might be interested in the products or services your business offers. Once interested prospects contact your business, your sales reps connect with them to understand their needs and see if they qualify for your offerings.

How is inbound sales different from the outbound sales?

In inbound sales, interested prospects reach out to your business to inquire about your products and services for solving their problems. On the other hand, in outbound sales, sales reps reach out to the prospects that they think are a good fit for your products and services.

What is inbound sales software?

An inbound sales software is a solution that helps you manage and automate various tasks involved in the inbound sales process. These tasks include adding inbound leads in the sales pipeline, connecting with potential customers, scheduling meetings, and keeping track of conversions.

For example, Zixflow is an all-in-one inbound sales software that lets you manage your inbound sales from a single application.

Why do I need inbound sales software?

Inbound sales is a lengthy process involving lots of touchpoints with potential customers and many tasks throughout the buyer journey. Without inbound sales software, all these tasks can become overwhelming and easy to lose track of, especially with a large sales team. Using software will help you automate routine tasks, improve productivity, and keep your entire sales process organized and manageable.

What is the best inbound sales software in the market?

Zixflow is one of the best inbound sales software available for all kinds of businesses. It has every feature you need to manage an inbound sales pipeline, presented in an intuitive dashboard without any complexity. You can book a demo of our inbound sales software or create a free account to explore by yourself.

Can I improve customer retention with inbound sales software?

Yes. Our inbound sales software can help you retain customers by offering meaningful insights into buyer preferences and behavior. You can utilize these details to deliver tailored customer experiences and increase customer loyalty, resulting in repeat purchases.

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