12 Sales Influencers to Follow on LinkedIn to Sell Correctly

Gain access to valuable insights like sales strategy, leadership spirit and stay updated with the latest market trends from these top-notch sales influencers.

12 Sales Influencers to Follow on LinkedIn to Sell Correctly

“Can you sell me this pen?”- answering this simple question in my first class of business studies, I realized that successful sales conversion is a challenging task and depends on many factors. First, I need to check the price of the pen. Are ten rupees per pen too much for my prospective customers? Is it covering all my costs as a seller? What are competitors’ prices? The location where I am selling - the probability of my pen being sold will increase in front of a college compared to a housing society, and also my ability to convince others to purchase that pen.

‘Selling’ is also a skill, and there are many people who have mastered this skill. Being addicted to Linkedin as my go-to source for knowledge content, scrolling through the feed is one of my favorite tasks! Once going through the platform between my college classes, I found a shared post about ‘your favorite LinkedIn influencers.’ 

The response rate was tremendous! So many salespeople shared their favorite sales influencers, which made me realize how important it is to have guidance and regularly follow the best in the game to become the best themselves- especially in sales!  

So here is a curated list of the best and the most followed sales influencers chosen by the sales reps! And that’s when I thought to curate the ultimate list of sales influencers and share it with you here!

Best sales influencers to follow on LinkedIn

So here is a curated list of the best and the most followed sales influencers chosen by the sales reps!

Jill Conrath

Sales influencer Jill Konrath's Linkedin profile.

While going through Jill’s blog, An Interesting Way To Drive More Sales, I found something interesting.

She complained in the blog that it irritated her when all of the website changes she had made were erased with a single click. She then called her web developer and gave her a detailed explanation. “Mmm. That’s interesting." the web developer retorted. Later on, she went on to say that the same attitude should be adopted by a salesperson, who should instead be curious to find out how prospects are converted and the causes of failure.

Excerpt from An Interesting Way To Drive More Sales by Jill Conrath.

Even though the message is straightforward, it was made understandable for lay people by how it was delivered with a personal story. 

This is just one of the examples of the storytelling power of Jill Konrath. She is an engaging keynote speaker, sales leader, and bestselling author who has been recognized as one of the top 20 social sellers in the world by Forbes. In addition, she shares a lot of valuable content around sales on Linkedin from her expertise and experiences.

Why follow Jill Konrath?

  • She focuses more on the buyer's perspective, and her sales strategy aims at adding value for the buyer.
  • Learn to implement customized sales strategies instead of relying on a one-size-fits-all approach from Jill Konrath.
  • She will always be at the forefront of the latest technologies and how they can be used to improve your sales strategy.

Follow Jill's suggestion of having a customized strategy for your business to increase sales but do not forget that a strategy is futile until it is not implemented. And to implement a custom sales plan, you also need a highly customizable tool that understands your business needs, like Zixflow. With Zixflow, you can create a custom sales pipeline and also automate your mundane sales tasks saving your team a load of time to focus on conversions and selling.

Highly customizable, drag & drop visual sales pipeline created in Zixflow.

Anthony Iannarino

Sales influencer Anthony Iannarino’s Linkedin profile.

Anthony Iannarino is renowned for being realistic and saying things out loud as they are in the real world. He gives practical tips, and that is what makes him everyone's favorite sales influencer!

Anthony Iannarino - Sales influencers on LinkedIn.

For example, in the above post, he openly shares that discovery calls add no value to any user. You are just wasting your and your prospective client; you are pushing them away by constantly poking them.

Anthony Iannarno’s The Lost Art of Closing.

Anthony Iannarino has been in the sales industry for over 30 years and has authorized numerous books on sales like ‘The Lost Art Of Closing, leadership, and entrepreneurship. He is a highly regarded sales expert, consultant, international speaker, and author who shares valuable sales insights on LinkedIn that can help any sales professionals to improve their sales strategies and skills. In addition, his expertise and tactics can provide valuable insights you can apply to your work.

You can adopt a growth mindset by following his posts, as most of his content is highly engaging, authentic, and genuine. His personal experiences and insights from his life's ups and downs make his content memorable. It is natural and comes from real-life situations. 

As Anthony suggests, you need to keep a simplified record of all your clients to boost sales engagement. However, manual recording is a time-consuming and outdated method. You need a proper tool for maintaining all your client's data. Zixflow provides you with this prerequisite. Using Zixflow, you can manage all your clients in one common dashboard and make things easier by automating your sales activities to engage customers.

Jeffrey Gittomer

Sales influencer Jeffrey Gitomer's Linkedin profile.

If there would have been an award for popular choice in sales influencers, then Jeffrey certainly would have been the winner! In his above Linkedin post, Jeffrey Gitomer is talking about building a relationship to sell a product. He clearly states that there is no easy way to close a customer. No one likes being sold. The only way is to build a bond where the customers want to buy. This type of precise, practical advice is what makes him everyone’s choice. 

He is well-known for the entertaining, captivating, and simple-to-understand content that he creates on Linkedin. His posts are easy to understand and entertaining to read because he uses a conversational tone and frequently adds humor and personality. When writing for sales professionals, who are frequently overwhelmed with information and content, it is crucial to maintain readers' interest and engagement.

Also, Jeff Gitomer's content is highly focused on the user's perspective. In the above  Linkedin post, he highlighted the problem of salespeople getting indulged in too many tasks at a time and being unable to complete even a single one, in a crisp video, providing a straightforward and effective solution. 

This customer-focused approach is what sets Jeff apart from other sales influencers who may prioritize closing deals over building relationships.

Mark Hunter

Sales influencer Mark Hunter's Linkedin profile.

Mark Hunter, also known as ‘The Sales Hunter’ is a sales expert who has worked with companies of all scales, including Fortune 500 companies. In one of his posts, he shares a tip for improving sales by using the word ‘you’ instead of ‘I’ or ‘we.’

He offers specific strategies and tips supported by his decades of experience in the field rather than just motivational quotes or general insights about sales. Moreover, he provides tailor-made coaching and training programs to salespeople to acquire the skills required for success in their sales careers. You can stay updated about his training programs and how they can benefit you by following him on Linkedin.

Tom Hopkins

Sales influencer Tom Hopkins's Linkedin profile.

Tom Hopkins is a well-known sales trainer, speaker, and author who has spent more than 40 years assisting sales professionals in honing their abilities. In more than 100 countries worldwide, he has trained more than five million salespeople as the founder and chairman of Tom Hopkins International.

The interactive and educational nature of Tom Hopkins' content on LinkedIn makes it stand out as well. To engage his audience and assess their knowledge, he offers quizzes, polls, and other interactive content. For instance, he recently shared a tip on how to handle objections in sales and the importance of giving convincing answers in a LinkedIn post.


Sales influencer Keenan's Linkedin profile.

Keenan is an expert at communicating clearly and succinctly; his LinkedIn content demonstrates this. However, instead of giving his readers direct information, he presents cases.

Keenan is a well-known author, speaker, and sales consultant; regarded as a top authority in the sector. He is the CEO and founder of A Sales Guy Inc., which provides sales consulting services to businesses of all sizes to enhance their sales processes.

In the above post, Keenan gives a hypothetical situation to salespeople to address and asks for their response. This kind of content makes you wonder and think harder and eventually helps you grow. You also learn to deal with complex sales situations, and Keenan's content intends to do just that.

Jaccoo van der Kooij

Sales influencer Jacco van der Kooji's Linkedin profile.

As a pioneer in sales development, Jacco van der Kooij focuses on creating and implementing effective sales processes in the contemporary and ever changing sales environment.

His posts primarily address the sales process. He offers advice on handling objections, structuring sales conversations, and successfully closing deals. You must follow him if you want the following:

  • Practical insights on sales strategy
  • Data-driven sales content
  • Think out of traditional sales wisdom
  • Learn the art of storytelling

Just like modern problems require modern solutions, modern sales require modern SalesOS too. So, look out for a solution like Zixflow, which is a modern solution that single-handedly brings all your sales tasks to one place. From sales automation software to sales CRM you get it all at one dashboard, everything in one place will help you save the time and energy that you spend on juggling different tools. 

Tiffani Bova

Sales influencer Tiffani Bova's Linkedin profile.

Tiffani Bova’s writing is frequently supported by facts and studies. She uses statistical analysis to find patterns and trends in business, and she then informs her audience on Linkedin of these discoveries. She challenges readers to consider their own business strategies critically by posing perplexing questions to her audience.

One of her posts on the growth of ChatGPT was supported by solid statistics that made the post more realistic and relatable. Now that is the power of her content! She is a well-known thought leader in the sales industry, speaker, author, and sales and marketing strategist. She works with executives and sales teams at Salesforce, a top provider of cloud-based software.

Brian Tracy

Sales influencer Brian Tracy's Linkedin profile.

Brian Tracy is a renowned sales and personal development expert, speaker, and author who has assisted people and organizations in achieving their objectives for over 30 years. He serves as the chief executive officer of Brian Tracy International, which offers coaching and training courses in sales, leadership, and personal development.

His content is always of the highest caliber and on-brand, and he also publishes content regularly. Moreover, his entire list of posts all have actionable content, which is noticeable. He might, for instance, outline a specific method for overcoming procrastination or give you a detailed description of how to achieve your goals. 

He will for sure help you become the best in the sales game.

Colleen Francis

Sales influencer Colleen Francis's Linkedin profile.

Colleen Francis is the founder and president of Engage Selling Solutions, a sales training and consulting company that assists companies in creating successful sales strategies and procedures.

Her post on how to deal if you have been ghosted or are about to be ghosted by a customer gained serious traction because of its practicality and usefulness.

She emphasizes the value of perseverance without coming off as pushy or aggressive, and she concludes by stating when to give up and how to approach following up with someone who intended to ghost you  without coming out as forceful. 

The most important aspect is that she explains the entire strategy in a one-minute video considering the reader's time. Her writing style is practical and approachable, and her content appeals to seasoned sales professionals and those just starting.

Steli Efti

Sales influencer Steli Efti's Linkedin profile.

Steli Efti is a proponent of sales as a service and contends that sales should be about more than just closing deals. At each stage of the sales process, he stresses the value of creating trusting relationships with customers and giving them something of value. 

He is the CEO and Co-founder of Close.com, a sales software company that provides the sales team with the tools they need to be successful.

His content goes beyond just sales. If you follow him it's not just sales tips but also life lessons coming your way that might make him your favorite. 

Quoting him to give you a taste of his content.

Jordan Belfort

Widely known as the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’, Belfort's journey from the highs of Wall Street to the depths of scandal and redemption has captivated audiences worldwide.

LinkedIn Profile of sales influencer Jordan Belfort aka The Wolf of Wall Street.

Jordan is well known for his Straight Line Sales system, which is a step-by-step guide for you to effectively lead prospects from initial contact to closing the sale. His sales lessons presented in the movie The Wolf of Wall Street, a biopic of Jordan, have been widely celebrated in the sales community.

Jordan Belfort explaining Straight Line System

By incorporating his innovative sales techniques, mastering the art of persuasion, and drawing inspiration from his journey of redemption, you can navigate the world of sales with greater confidence and success.

It is now time to stalk!

Like our tool, Zixflow, I have done the 90% of the job for you by providing you with this list- all you have to do is go> follow >& stalk all these influencers and ace the game of sales. I have carefully selected these sales influencers and assure you that every single one will add immense value to your sales career.

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