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Automate mundane sales tasks and activities with sales workflow automation so that you can spend more time closing deals.

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Say goodbye to tedious tasks and avoid sales mistakes with automation.

No-code sales automation

Set up sales automation with our visual builder and automate multiple tasks at once without needing any technical knowledge.

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Custom sales automation

Create customized sales automation based on any module of Zixflow in less than ten minutes.

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Set automation triggers

Choose triggers and conditions for your sales automation when any new contacts are created or any old record is edited.

Pair it with cadence

Automate your sales engagement with Zixflow cadence across email, SMS, and WhatsApp.

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Inbound sales

Drive revenue growth by converting inbound leads with Zixflow..

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Outbound sales

Grow your market reach with Zixflow outbound sales software.

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Build smart cadences to automate outreach at each touchpoint.

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Quality data security

We handle every security and privacy measure seriously, and our servers are hosted in world-class data centers.

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Leading privacy measures

Zixflow features end-to-end encryption, passwordless authentication, and login audit logs to ensure maximum security.

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Peak performance

Use Zixflow for promotional campaigns or integrate our API and reach millions with a click.

Consolidate tools Cut costs

No need to worry about a dozen different tools. Zixflow is your one-stop shop for all your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our support or sales team.

What is sales automation?

Sales automation is the process of deploying technology to do day-to-day repetitive and mundane sales tasks so you can invest your time doing more important work in sales and increase the overall productivity of your team.

How does sales automation improve sales?

By automating repetitive sales activities, sales workflow automation reduces human errors in sales and makes the overall sales process much more faster and effective. It also helps with increased productivity of the sales team and higher job satisfaction which ultimately leads to more closed deals.

How does sales automation work?

Sales automation workflows work on conditional logic which includes triggers and conditions. When a certain condition is met, a predefined action is triggered and this results in an event taking place. For example, if you add a new lead to your CRM, you can create automated workflows to send a welcome text to the lead and inform your sales team at the same time.

Is it expensive to automate sales workflows?

Sales workflow automation is very cost-effective and can save your business a lot of time by eliminating the need to work on repetitive sales tasks. It also helps improve your sales process and close more deals, ultimately increasing the revenue.

Do I need technical knowledge to automate sales workflows?

No. Zixflow makes it really simple for you to automate about any mechanical element of your sales process without having any technical expertise or knowledge of coding. You can easily build your sales workflow using our visual workflow builder and automate it for yourself as well as your sales team in less than ten minutes.

What is the best tool for sales automation?

Zixflow is one of the best software for sales workflow automation. It allows you to set unlimited workflow automation (based on your plan) to automate about any aspect of your sales process without requiring any development support and technical know-how.

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