37 Best B2B Sales Tools to Smash Your Revenue Goals & Business Growth in 2024

Best B2B sales tools to help generate leads, streamline workflow, enhance sales engagement, fix all sales problems, and generate more revenue.

37 Best B2B Sales Tools to Smash Your Revenue Goals & Business Growth in 2024

Ever felt overwhelmed by the rapidly evolving B2B sales landscape? Ever felt like you are held back by a lack of advanced tools that can help you find success?

Well as a business owner, you must have felt this way at least once, so to help you out and save you time on research I have put together the 37 best B2B sales tools that could give you an advantage over the competition and boost your success.

Now before I give you the list of the best B2B sales tools you might have some basic yet essential questions like what are these sales tools I’m talking about, why you should use these sales tools, and what problems can these sales tools solve for your business. 

Don’t worry your valuable questions will not go unanswered, Let’s start with what sales tools are.

What are sales tools?

Ever wonder how some companies increase their sales effortlessly and seamlessly connect with their customers? Well, it’s not magic, they just have sales tools to help them. These sales tools can help you boost your growth and smash your revenue goals easily.

These sales tools are always there to help you with everything like automating tasks, managing customer relationships finding potential leads in today’s marketplace, improving sales engagement, and driving growth, if you use these tools effectively it can make a huge difference in achieving your sales goals.

Why use sales tools?

Sales tools have plenty of benefits and different B2B businesses use them for different purposes. Let me tell you some common ways you can use sales tools to elevate your sales game.

Enhances sales engagement

It is common for businesses to use sales tools to boost their customer engagement. Most popular sales tools come with features like multi-channel campaigns to make the engagement process easy to set up.

Effective and frequent engagement messages build trust in your brand. They do this by making your brand appear frequently on any platform your customers use like emails for example. Most sales tools help you increase sales through customer engagement by automating bulk emails.

Swiggy uses sales tools to automate sending personalized emails in bulk to effectively engage with their customers.

Provides detailed reporting and insights

Most sales tools give you detailed reports for every stage of your sales process. Let’s say you want to run a marketing campaign for black Friday promoting your online store. Sales tools let you create marketing campaigns with ease, help you track your progress, and give you detailed reports on the campaign.

These detailed reports can be used to analyze the success and find areas for improvement. With that information, you can improve your sales processes. Let’s say you have a detailed sales report ready wishing seconds by a sales tool, you can now use this data to optimize your workflow.

Zixflow has an analytics page that gives you detailed reports about your marketing campaigns.

Automate lead generation

Another common thing sales tools can do is automate your lead generation process. It is common for popular sales tools like Zixflow to have custom form builders for lead generation. 

You can create pop-up forms or embed a custom form in your website to automate your lead-generation process with ease. Businesses often use it to create custom forms to capture high-quality leads as they enter the website.

Property cloud using custom forms built by using sales tools with ease to automate the lead generation process.

What problems do sales tools fix?

Now let me tell you some common problems in sales that can be fixed using sales tools. 

Generating qualified leads and identifying them

The most common problem in B2B sales is the liability to generate quality leads and identify them when generated. Most businesses struggle to generate high-value SQLs that convert. This can however be solved using sales tools to build custom pop-up forms that automate the lead generation process. 

These forms can be embedded in your website which means high-quality leads as the person already on your website is more likely to buy your products.

Trade India generates leads through automated pop-up forms made using B2B sales tools that gain relevant information like the name, contact details, intent, and product the user is looking for.

Repetitive tasks consume time

Time is of the essence in the B2B sales world, and most of the time sales reps invest their energy in repetitive monotonous tasks. Repetitive tasks like manual data entry, lead assignment, writing and sending personalized bulk emails, and customer data organization can be handled using B2B sales tools.

These sales automation tools can help you automate repetitive tasks and save you valuable time.

Engaging with leads

Most B2B businesses struggle with engaging with their leads and converting them. This low conversion due to bad customer engagement can be solved using B2B sales tools. These tools can help you create engagement campaigns or send automated engagement emails with offers or promo codes to entice the customer to go ahead with the purchase.

Indiamart sends sales engagement emails with an offer to convert a customer who was looking for aluminum doors to push for conversion.

Lack of analytics to optimize the sales process

B2B businesses struggle to find what they are doing wrong and how they can improve their sales processes. If you have all the information you need about your sales efforts you can analyze that data and optimize your sales process with ease. The B2B sales tools that I am going to tell you about can do just that.

37 Best B2B sales tools 2024

Now that we know the whats and whys of sales tools, let's explore the range of amazing sales tools that will help your team easily pass through the landscape of sales by leveraging data-driven insights to make informed decisions, using strategic engagement to build customer relationships, and harnessing the power of sales automation to enhance efficiency.


There should be no doubt that Zixflow is first on this list of the best B2B sales tools. Zixflow tops the market when it comes to sales. All thanks to Its amazing feature that simply redefines your sales game and takes you to the next level. 

It’s hard to find it all in one tool but Zixflow is an exception with all the features and tools you need to excel in your B2B sales landscape present in one place. It truly is an all-in-one solution. Let me tell you a bit more about Zixflow’s features and how they can help your B2B business.

Custom templates for lead and deal management

Zixflow makes it easy to manage your leads, customer data, deals, and just about any information or data. It does so with its custom template feature which lets you choose an industry-specific template that is highly customizable. 

These templates are called lists and can also be converted to a visual pipeline with a single click making Zixflow one of the best sales pipeline management tools in the market. This makes it easy to track your deal progress and make changes if necessary.

Zixflow’s Customizable list template for your B2B sales to store, manage, and track all your leads, client data, and deals.

Automated lead generation 

Zixfow lets you automate your lead-generation process with ease. You can use the virtual form builder to build custom forms that are engaging. These forms can be integrated into your website to automate lead generation. To make managing and assigning those leads easy Zxiflow lets you choose a target list that your leads will be assigned to.

Zixflow's customizable forms for B2B sales to automate your lead-generation process.

One-click for a 360-degree customer view

Zixflow makes it easy to access all the information for a specific contact. Simply clicking on the contact would give you a 360-degree view of your customers like the contact details, files, interaction history, and more. This 360-degree view also lets you contact your customers on the platform they prefer with a single click making engagement easy.

360-degree view of your contacts with the option to contact them on different platforms with one click made possible by Zixflow, a B2B sales tool.

Multichannel campaigns and engagement

Zixflow’s sales engagement feature lets you create multi-channel campaigns with ease to engage with your customers. Multichannel engagement means you contact your customers where they are on the platform they feel most comfortable in like email, SMS, or WhatsApp. This is key to building trust and creating meaningful relationships.

Multichannel engagement, offered by Zixflow a B2B sales tool to engage with your customers on the platform they prefer.

AI for efficiency 

Zixflow’s AI is a game changer when it comes to B2B sales. Zixflows AI lets you create icebreaker messages with a single click. You can add an icebreaker column to your customizable list which can generate icebreaker messages with a single click.

Zixflow’s AI Wizard can also elevate your emails by generating personalized engaging emails in the tone you want with a single click. You just have to fill out the necessary fields and you can generate emails with ease.

Zixflow's AI wizard for writing personalized emails to connect with your B2B clients effectively.

Workflow automation

Zixflow’s workflow automation aims to streamline your workflow and make your sales process efficient. Zixflow uses IFTTT triggers (If This Then That) to completely automate your sales process. This IFTT feature triggers an action when some criteria are met making way for complete automation.

Automated workflow To streamline your workflow for B2B businesses.

Email tools

Emails are a key component in B2B sales and Zixflow offers numerous email features. To start with Zixflow lets you organize and view all your emails in one place. Zixflow lets you send bulk personalized emails. 

Zixflow is one of the best email finder tools in the market it lets you find your prospect’s emails with ease. Zixflow also has an email validation feature to validate your client emails with a single click.

Zixflow’s one-click email validation feature to solve your B2B sales needs.

Zixflow offers four pricing tiers to meet your business needs

  • Free Forever - Get started with essential features, 25 AI-Wizard Credits, and 200 Contacts at no cost. Pay-per-use for communication channels.
  • Startup - For $19/user/month (annually) or $29/user/month (monthly), enjoy unlimited Cadences, 100,000 Contacts, Workflow Automation, and more.
  • Business - At $49/user/month (annually) or $59/user/month (monthly), you'll have unlimited Sales Pipelines, Meeting Scheduler, and Priority Support, among other features.
  • Business Plus - This top-tier plan costs $79/user/month (annually) or $99/user/month (monthly) and includes advanced capabilities for larger teams.

While Zixflow takes the lead, there are other remarkable tools, each offering unique capabilities to enhance your sales endeavors. Let's explore the rest of the lineup, as each tool brings a distinct strength to your sales strategy.

HubSpot Sales Hub

Unify Sales and CRM with Hubspot.

Empower your sales team with HubSpot Sales Hub, a unified platform that seamlessly integrates CRM, sales automation, email tracking, and reporting.

Features of HubSpot Sales Hub
  • CRM Integration - Centralized customer data for improved lead management.
  • Sales Automation - Enjoy the benefits of sales automation and automate repetitive tasks.
  • Email Tracking - Monitor email interactions and engagement.
  • Analytics - Gain insights to optimize sales approaches.

Hubspot Sales Hub has 5 pricing plans

  • For individuals and small teams
  • Free plan
  • Starter plan ($18/month)
  • Professional plan ($800/month).
  • For businesses and enterprises
  • Professional plan ($800/month)
  • Enterprise plan($3600/month).


Salesforce - The CRM pioneer.

Salesforce leads the B2B sales CRM software market with its comprehensive suite of sales and marketing tools. Scale your sales efforts efficiently with this highly customizable platform suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Features of Salesforce
  • Customization - Adapt Salesforce to align with your unique sales processes.
  • Scalability - Grow your business along with your CRM.
  • Sales and Marketing Integration - Harness a holistic view of your customers.
  • Automation - Streamline by automating sales workflows for increased productivity.

Salesforce offers 4 pricing plans

  • Starter starts at $25/month.
  • Professional starts at $80/month
  • Enterprise starts at $165/month
  • Unlimited starts at $330/month

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn sales navigator - your networking Goldmine.

Unlock the potential of LinkedIn Sales Navigator to identify, connect, and engage with potential leads using the platform's extensive professional network. Strengthen your relationship-building efforts with this invaluable tool.

Features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Lead Discovery - Find and save potential leads directly from LinkedIn.
  • InMail Messaging - Send personalized messages to prospects.
  • Advanced Search - Use filters for precise lead targeting and qualify those leads with sales-qualifying questions.
  • Real-time Updates - Stay informed about lead activity and news.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers 3 pricing plans

  • Core
  • Advanced
  • Advanced Plus

The price differs according to your requirements


Streamline outreach with Outreach.

Efficiency is the cornerstone of success, and Outreach delivers with its engagement platform. Craft emails set reminders, and leverage analytics to optimize communication, ensuring your message connects with clients.

Features of Outreach
  • Email Sequences - Design and send personalized email sequences.
  • Reminder Alerts - Stay on top of your follow-ups and appointments.
  • Analytics and Reporting - Measure and improve your outreach strategies.
  • Sales Efficiency - Increase efficiency with automated communication.

Outreach has 4 pricing plans

  • Plans for everyone
  • Standard
  • Professional
  • Plans for enterprise  
  • Unlimited
  • Enterprise


Get insights from conversations through Gong.

Harness the power of AI with Gong to analyze sales calls and meetings. Gain actionable insights that improve communication strategies, enhance sales techniques, and build stronger client relationships. This inside sales software can be a great addition for increasing the conversions of your sales team.

Features of Gong
  • AI Analysis - Gain valuable insights from sales conversations.
  • Sales Call Analytics - Understand what works and what needs improvement.
  • Coaching Opportunities - Identify areas for sales team improvement.
  • Customer Insights - Improve client relationships through better understanding.

Gong offers custom pricing based on your requirements.


Find and engage your next customer with Zoominfo.

ZoomInfo empowers your lead generation efforts with pinpoint accuracy in finding B2B contact information. This tool aids in identifying potential prospects and speeds up the prospecting process.

Features of ZoomInfo
  • Accurate B2B Data - Access up-to-date contact information.
  • Lead Generation - Find leads and qualify them with a lead qualification checklist.
  • Company Insights - Enhance your understanding of prospects.
  • Integration - Seamlessly connect ZoomInfo with your CRM.

Zoominfo 3 pricing plans with custom pricing based on your requirements

  • SalesOS
  • MarketingOS
  • TalentOS


Enhance engagement with Drift.

Elevate customer interactions with real-time messaging and AI-powered chatbots from Drift. This enhances engagement, nurtures leads, and provides prompt responses to customer inquiries, fostering stronger connections.

Features of Drift
  • AI Chatbots - Provide instant responses to customer queries.
  • Real-time Messaging - Engage with leads and clients in the moment.
  • Lead Nurturing - Guide prospects through the sales funnel effectively.
  • Integration - Seamlessly connect Drift with your CRM and sales tools.

Drift offers 3 pricing plans

  • Premium ($2500/month)
  • Advanced (Custom Pricing)
  • Enterprise(Custom Pricing)


Manage your sales pipeline with Pipedrive.

With its emphasis on visual pipeline management, Pipedrive offers a clear overview of your sales deals and activities. Pipedrive facilitates effective sales tracking, improving deal closure rates. Check out some of the best Pipedrive alternatives for exploring more options with capabilities like Pipedrive.

Features of Pipedrive 
  • Visual Pipelines - Gain a clear view of the progress and stages of the sales pipeline.
  • Activity Tracking - Monitor sales team performance and activities.
  • Deal Management - Easily manage and prioritize sales deals.
  • Sales Reporting - Access insights to optimize your sales approach.

Pipedrive has 5 pricing plans

  • Essential ($9/month)
  • Advanced ($19/month)
  • Professional ($39/month)
  • Power ($49/month)
  • Enterprise ($59/month)


Deliver captivating presentations and content with ClearSlide.

Empower your sales teams to create, send, and track captivating sales content and presentations using ClearSlide. Engaging visuals and content play a pivotal role in capturing and retaining customer interest.

Features of ClearSlide
  • Content Creation - Design compelling sales materials.
  • Content Tracking - Monitor how recipients engage with your content.
  • Engagement Analytics - Access insights to improve sales content.
  • Integration - Seamlessly connect ClearSlide with your CRM and marketing tools.

 ClearSlide offers custom pricing based on your requirements.


Enhance call analysis with Chorus.ai.

Chorus.ai takes sales call analysis to the next level by providing in-depth insights from conversations. It assists in refining communication techniques and aligning sales engagement strategies for optimal outcomes.

Features of Chorus.ai
  • Conversation Analytics - Gain valuable insights from sales calls and meetings.
  • Sales Team Coaching - Identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Content Analysis - Understand which content resonates with prospects.
  • Voice of Customer Insights - Enhance customer understanding.

 Chorus.ai offers custom plans and pricing based on your requirements.


Gain comprehensive insights through DiscoverOrg.

With DiscoverORG you can gain valuable insights into companies and contacts. This data can help you tailor your engagement strategies and connect directly with decision-makers of a company.

Features of DiscoverOrg
  • Company and Contact Data - Access detailed information for targeted outreach.
  • Sales Intelligence - Gather actionable insights for strategic engagement.
  • Lead Generation - Identify and categorize potential leads.
  • Integration - Seamlessly connect DiscoverOrg with your CRM.

 Chorus.ai offers custom plans and pricing based on your requirements.


Enhance your email outreach strategies with Yesware.

Make your email outreach strategies better with Yesware, which tracks email interactions and provides valuable insights into recipient engagement. This information enables you to optimize your email content for better results.

Features of Yesware
  • Email Tracking - Monitor email opens and engagement.
  • Analytics - Gain insights into email campaign performance.
  • Personalization - Craft personalized email templates to impress your sales prospects to win more deals.
  • Integration - Seamlessly connect Yesware with your email client and CRM.

Yesware has 5 pricing plans

  • Free forever(Free plan)
  • Pro($15/month)
  • Premium($35/month)
  • Enterprise ($65/month)
  • Custom Plan (Custom pricing)


Improve Sales engagement with SalesLoft.

SalesLoft offers a complete sales engagement platform that includes email tracking, calling capabilities, and analytics. It facilitates comprehensive outreach strategies, ensuring your messages reach the right audience.

Features of SalesLoft
  • Email Tracking - Monitor email opens and responses.
  • Call Recording - Capture and analyze sales calls.
  • Analytics and Reporting - Measure and optimize sales campaigns.
  • Cadence Management - Automate outreach sequences.

SalesLoft offers custom plans and pricing based on your requirements. 

Zendesk Sell

Streamline your sales processes with Zendesk Sell.

Combining CRM features with automation and reporting tools, Zendesk Sell streamlines your sales processes, helping your team stay organized and responsive in their interactions.

Features of Zendesk Sell
  • CRM Integration - Centralized customer data for improved lead management.
  • Sales Automation - Automate your lead generation process and other repetitive tasks for increased efficiency.
  • Reporting and Analytics - Gain insights into sales performance.
  • Collaboration - Facilitate team communication and coordination.

Zendesk Sell offers 3 pricing plans

  • Support team ($19/month)
  • Support Professional ($55/month)
  • Support Enterprise ($115/month)


Unlock the power of data-driven sales strategies with Demandbase.

Demandbase is a comprehensive account-based marketing platform that enables you to target high-value accounts with accuracy. It is essential for businesses aiming to maximize their ROI through personalized marketing.

Features of Demandbase
  • Account Targeting - Identify and prioritize high-value accounts.
  • Personalization - Tailor marketing efforts for specific accounts.
  • Analytics and Reporting - Measure account-based marketing success.
  • Integration - Seamlessly connect Demandbase with your CRM and marketing tools.

Demandbase offers 3 pricing plans with custom pricing

  • Professional
  • Enterprise
  • Elite


Elevate your email communications with Mixmax's suite of enhanced features.

Mixmax enriches email communication by offering features like scheduling, tracking, and automation. Elevate your email interactions to provide better value to recipients.

Features of Mixmax
  • Email Scheduling - Send emails at the most opportune times.
  • Email Tracking - Monitor email opens and clicks.
  • Automation - Automate follow-ups and reminders to increase your sales efficiency.
  • Personalization - Craft personalized email templates.

Mixmax offers 4 pricing plans

  • Free plan
  • SMB ($29/month)
  • Growth ($49/month)
  • Growth+salesforce ($69/month)
  • Enterprise (Custom pricing) 


Turn visitors into leads with Leedfeeder.

Identify potential leads among your website visitors with Leadfeeder. Itl provides insights into visitor behavior, helping you convert interested parties into valuable leads.

Features of Leadfeeder
  • Website Visitor Tracking - Identify companies and individuals visiting your site.
  • Lead Scoring - Prioritize leads based on engagement.
  • Integration - Seamlessly connect Leadfeeder with your CRM.

Leadfeeder offers 2 pricing plans

  • Free plan
  • Paid ($139/month)


Simplify scheduling with Calendy.

Streamline the scheduling process with one of the best meeting schedulers, Calendly, allowing leads and clients to book appointments based on your availability. Efficient scheduling contributes to better sales time management and customer satisfaction.

Features of Calendly

Calendly offers 4 pricing plans

  • Basic (Free)
  • Essentials ($8/month)
  • Professional ($12/month)
  • Teams ($16/month)


Transform customer support with Intercom.

If you are looking to create and maintain meaningful customer interactions by providing customer support and targeted messaging Intercom is a great option. It helps you engage leads and you customers with targeted messages that cater to their specific needs. Intercom is also renowned for being one of the best Yellow.ai competitors.

Features of Intercom
  • Messaging Automation - Send personalized messages at the right time.
  • Customer Support - Provide efficient support through chat and email.
  • Lead Engagement - Engage and nurture leads with tailored messaging.
  • Integration - Seamlessly connect Intercom with your CRM and helpdesk tools.

Intercom offers 3 pricing plans

  • Starter ($74/month)
  • Pro (Custom pricing)
  • Premium (Custom pricing) 


Take advantage of Saleflare’s Automated CRM.

Your sales team is burdened with plenty of tasks and Salesflare is a great tool to lift some weight off their shoulders as it automates data entry, tracks leads and manages pipelines. With Salesflare your team can now focus on building customer relationships and closing deals.

Features of Salesflare
  • Automation - Automatically capture and update lead information.
  • Pipeline Management -  Effectively manage your pipeline to accelerate and improve your sales processes.
  • Contact Tracking - Monitor interactions with leads and customers.
  • Integration - Seamlessly connect Salesflare with your email and CRM.

Salesflare offers 3 pricing plans

  • Growth ($29/month)
  • Pro ($49/month)
  • Enterprise ($99/month)


Personalize videos with BombBomb.

Video messages can give life and make your emails stand out from others you can do this easily by adding personalized video messages using BombBomb to foster stronger connections.

Features of BombBomb
  • Video Email - Embed personalized video messages in emails.
  • Analytics - Track video engagement and views.
  • Integration - Seamlessly connect BombBomb with your email client and CRM.

Mixmax offers 3 pricing plans

  • Essentials ($33/month)
  • Plus ($49/month)
  • Teams ($53/month)


Gain in-depth insights with Cognism.

We all want our sales team to be effective and close more deals. With a B2B sales acceleration platform like Cognism, your team gets the help of accurate data and automation tools to be efficient at what they do.

Features of Cognism
  • Lead Generation - Access a vast database of B2B leads.
  • Email Finder - Find verified email addresses.
  • Sales Engagement - Automate outreach with personalized messages.
  • Analytics - Measure campaign performance.

Cognism offers custom plans and pricings based on your requirements.

Cirrus Insight

Streamline communication with Cirrus Insight's email-CRM integration.

Proper communication is integral in any business and yours is no different. Cirrus Insight helps integrate your email and CRM with their software thus ensuring no communication gaps between your teams.

Features of Cirrus Insight
  • Email Sync - Automatically capture email communications in your CRM.
  • Calendar Integration - Sync appointments and meetings.
  • Follow-up Reminders - Boost sales engagement by never missing a follow-up with automated reminders.
  • Analytics - Gain insights into email and CRM activity.

Cirrus Insight offers 3 pricing plans

  • Salesforce Sync ($10/month) includes the option to add on Sync+ for $4/month
  • Pro ($21/month)
  • Expert ($69/month) Includes the option to add on Expert+ for $9/month


Enhance productivity with Zoom.ai's AI-powered assistance.

I understand that owning a business or managing a team is not easy it comes with a lot of meeting scheduling and follow-ups, this is where Zoom.ai can help you boost your team’s efficiency by automating these administrative processes.

Features of Zoom.ai
  • Meeting Scheduler - Schedule meetings effortlessly with AI assistance.
  • Virtual Assistant - Automate administrative tasks like data entry.
  • Follow-up Automation - Send timely follow-ups and reminders.
  • Integration - Seamlessly connect Zoom.ai with your calendar and CRM.

Zoom.ai offers custom pricing plans based on your requirements. 


Enhance engagement with Groove.

If you are looking to optimize your sales engagement strategies to drive better outcomes for your business Groove can help you with Its suite of tools along with email, calling, and reporting capabilities.

Features of Groove
  • Email Tracking - Monitor email opens and clicks.
  • Calling - Make and log calls within your CRM.
  • Analytics - Measure and analyze sales engagement
  • Workflow Automation - Automate sales tasks and follow-ups.

Groove offers custom pricing plans based on your requirements. 


Manage documents with GetAccept.

We all are looking for ways to improve our customer experience as it is key for increasing B2B sales for any business. One of the ways to enhance your customer experience is with GetAccept which helps make the document tracking and e-signature processes efficient and easy to manage.

Features of GetAccept
  • Document Tracking - Monitor document interactions and views.
  • E-signatures - Enable digital signatures for efficient deal closure.
  • Sales Enablement - Create and send personalized sales documents.
  • Integration - Seamlessly connect GetAccept with your CRM and document management tools.

Getaccept offers 6 pricing plans

  • Essential ($15/month)
  • Deal Room
  • Free trial
  • Professional ($39/month)
  • Enterprise (Custom pricing) 
  • Contract Room
  • Free trial
  • Professional ($49/month)
  • Enterprise (Custom pricing)
  • Full Suite(Custom pricing)


Simplify lead generation with LeadFuze.

LeadFuze assists in finding and categorizing leads, helping your team focus on high-potential prospects. Targeted lead generation enhances overall efficiency and success rates.

Features of LeadFuze
  • Lead Discovery - Find and categorize leads effectively.
  • Lead Scoring - Prioritize leads based on engagement and fit.
  • Email Finder - Access verified email addresses for outreach using the email finder tool.
  • Integration - Seamlessly connect LeadFuze with your CRM.

Lead fuze has a paid version for $132/month along with a free trial. 


Automate outreach with Kenty.

Automate your outreach efforts and follow-up sequences with Klenty, ensuring consistent engagement with leads. Personalized automated communication saves time while maintaining a human touch.

Features of Klenty
  • Email Sequences - Create and automate personalized email sequences.
  • Follow-up Automation - Send timely follow-ups and reminders.
  • Analytics - Measure email campaign performance.
  • Integration - Seamlessly connect Klenty with your email client and CRM.

Kently offers 4 pricing plans

  • Startup ($50/month)
  • Growth ($70/month)
  • Pro ($100/month)
  • Enterprise (Custom pricing) 


Improve collaboration with Nutshell.

Facilitate collaboration within your team with Nutshell. With features designed for team communication and reporting, Nutshell ensures everyone is on the same page. In terms of sales and marketing automation,it is regarded as one of the best alternatives to Keap and some other CRMs.

Features of Nutshell
  • Team Collaboration - Communicate and collaborate on leads and deals to improve sales performance.
  • Pipeline Management - Gain visibility into sales pipelines.
  • Reporting - Access insights into team performance.
  • Integration - Seamlessly connect Nutshell with your email and other business tools.

Nutshell offers 4 pricing plans along with a free trial

  • Foundation ($16/month)
  • Pro ($42/month)
  • Power AI ($52/month)
  • Enterprise ($67/month)


Elevate outreach with Apollo.

Apollo identifies ideal customer profiles and launches targeted campaigns, increasing the effectiveness of your outreach efforts. Precision in targeting leads to better results. 

Features of Apollo
  • Ideal Customer Profiling - Identify and prioritize high-value accounts.
  • Sales Campaigns - Launch targeted outreach campaigns.
  • Email Tracking - Monitor email engagement.
  • Integration - Seamlessly connect Apollo with your CRM and marketing tools.

Mixmax offers 4 pricing plans

  • Free plan
  • Basic ($39/month)
  • Professional ($79/month)
  • Organization ($99/month)

Close Call

Manage calls with Close Call.

Close focuses on call management, helping your team increase the efficiency of calling activities and closing deals. Effective call management is a critical aspect of successful sales. 

Features of Close
  • Calling - Make and log calls within the platform.
  • Call Recording - Capture and review sales calls.
  • Email Outreach - Send personalized emails to build rapport with your customers to facilitate relationship selling.
  • Automation - Automate follow-ups and reminders.

Mixmax offers 3 pricing plans

  • Basic (₹199/month)
  • Standard (₹299/month)
  • Enterprise (₹599/month)


Generate leads with LeadIQ.

If you are looking to simplify your lead generation process finding and qualifying leads efficiently LeadIQ does exactly that and helps your business grow.

Features of LeadIQ
  • Contact Data - Access verified B2B contact information.
  • Lead Scoring - Prioritize leads based on engagement.
  • Sales Insights - Gather valuable insights into prospects.
  • Integration - Seamlessly connect LeadIQ with your CRM.

LeadIQ offers 4 pricing plans

  • Freemium (Free)
  • Essential ($39/month)
  • Pro ($79/month)
  • Enterprise (Custom pricing)

Organization ($99/month) 


Give your teams the growth superpower with reliable B2B contact data.

Access a comprehensive B2B database for lead generation with Adapt.io. Accurate and up-to-date data enhance the quality of your leads and prospects.

Features of Adapt.io
  • B2B Contact Data - Find detailed contact information for leads.
  • Lead Scoring - Prioritize high-potential leads with top draw B2B lead generation tool.
  • Company Insights - Gather data for targeted outreach.
  • Integration - Seamlessly connect Adapt.io with your CRM.

Adapt.io offers custom pricing plans based on your requirements. 


Efficiently Gain leads through SalesWings.

SalesWings prioritizes leads based on engagement, ensuring your team focuses their efforts on leads with the highest potential. Efficient lead prioritization maximizes resource allocation.

Features of SalesWings:
  • Lead Scoring - Prioritize leads based on engagement and fit.
  • Lead Tracking - Monitor lead interactions and behavior.
  • Integration - Seamlessly connect SalesWings with your CRM.

Saleswings offers 3 pricing plans with custom pricing

  • Data collection
  • Lead profiling
  • 360 Qualification


Optimize content with Highspot.

If you are one of those businesses on the right path of growth looking to boost conversion rates through successful sales interactions Highspot does exactly that for you by optimizing your sales content for enhanced lead engagement and conversion. It helps you present the right content at the right time which is crucial for successful sales interactions

Features of Highspot
  • Content Management - Organize and manage sales content.
  • Content Analytics - Measure content effectiveness.
  • Content Recommendations - Deliver personalized content to leads.
  • Integration - Seamlessly connect Highspot with your CRM and content management software.

Highspot offers custom pricing plans based on your requirements.


Gain leads through AI-powered conversations.

If you think that your sales team could use some help in the form of AI-driven conversations to engage and qualify your leads for conversion, Conversica is a great tool for you. It helps your sales team to nurture your leads to increase your conversion rate.

Features of Conversica
  • AI Chatbots - Engage leads in real-time conversations.
  • Lead Qualification - Qualify leads based on responses.
  • Lead Nurturing - Guide leads through the sales funnel.
  • Integration - Seamlessly connect Conversica with your CRM and marketing tools.

Conversica offers custom pricing plans based on your requirements.

Navigating growth with sales tools

Oof, now that’s a lot to unpack, right? Are you feeling overwhelmed as to which tool is right for you? 

Don’t worry, there’s a clear winner. Now that you understand what these amazing sales tools can do to help your business grow and increase your revenue by a mile. Let me tell you a simple way to choose your perfect match. 

Just look for the amazing features that can help you out like lead generation, customizable data storage and lead management, a visual pipeline to track your deals, AI for sales engagement, and workflow automation with a bunch of cool tricks to elevate your sales game.

Now which tool does all this with ease for you? Yup, It is Zixflow! Be it their sales automation, sales CRM, marketing features, sales engagement, or the cool tricks it offers Zixflow can be your perfect investment for a B2B sales partner that can boost growth and increase revenue.

So why wait? Book a free demo today and smash your revenue goals!

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