How to Increase B2B Sales: 11 Ways & Tactics with Examples

All you need to be aware of is B2B sales, how to increase B2B sales & 11 ways with examples that help you to skyrocket sales as well as revenue smoothly.

How to Increase B2B Sales: 11 Ways & Tactics with Examples

I know, I know, you could be anyone for whom dealing and selling is either like a thrilling dopamine rush after cracking the secret coding formula, or it could be equivalent to simply completing your daily to-do list. 

No matter which you’re in and how you knock out the situation, one single statement remains the same:

“A vision without a strategy remains an illusion,” which was once said by Lee Bolman.

Well, this is practically fitted in the B2B sales world too. Because in B2B sales, it’s not only about selling your brand voice but it also about selling emotional intelligence throughout the sales process

And, to crack the nut of the same you must have a long list of strategies on your plate. So, if there are ways to sell smarter, faster, and more, you need to catch up with those.

The secret code of winning B2B deals with 11 effective approaches

If your deep-down desire is to slowly squeeze out your competitors from the B2B market while creating dominance, you need to apply some effective tactics in the first place without having a second thought. So that you can smartly boost your B2B sales and can continue the revenue flow. And here are they 👇!

Sales enablement is the key

Sales enablement is a strategic framework that enables your sales team to make greater use of the resources to perform more efficiently and to close more deals. The first step towards sales enablement is to align your organization's objectives with the demands of customers.

The effects of sales enablement are currently seen in the B2B market. Because according to data, organizations that prioritize sales enablement achieve a 49% win rate compared to 42.5% for those companies without sales enablement.

When do you need it? If your entire sales team is lacking in encountering challenges, then the sales process is like navigating a maze but without a map for them. It means your team lacks collaboration with the marketing team, and using the tech-savvy tools already has become arduous for them. And, above all, creating personalized sales content for sales engagement is continuously pinging their mind.

Now, let me give you an example of one of the most common sales enablement content which is email templates. Your marketing, sales, and product teams can collaborate to design the best email template that your sales can use to sell to your customers.

In this case, Ajio does an excellent job, they have an email template that works and they use that to send promotional messages to boost sales effectively. If you want to create engaging emails like Ajio to boost your sales you can use tools like Zixflow which offers plenty of email tools like creating engaging emails using AI.

Ajio uses email templates to build sales enablement content which you can also use to increase B2B sales. (Source: Ajio)

Prefer listening more than you speak

I recently wanted to buy a camera to vlog with, so I went to a store to get one. When I entered the store I was greeted by a gentleman who asked what I was looking for. After I said I was looking for a camera, he then asked what my purpose was and some more questions. 

I began to answer and when I was done he suggested a camera saying how it would be perfect for what I wanted. Imagine if he just bombarded me with options and tried to forcefully sell them as I answered " I'm looking for a camera”. That would be an unpleasant experience right?

There are plenty of opportunities around in the B2B sales landscape; you just have to look for them. One of the best practices to follow is to prioritize active listening skills. Because we are social beings who want to be heard and your prospects are no different. 

If you actively listen to them rather than forcefully try and sell, you will get insights into who they are, what their preferences are, and how they can add an extra layer of value to your brand. Using that you can create smooth conversations, and with the information you gained from listening you can offer personalized solutions to trigger sales psychology. This would help you increase your deal closure rate.

Build sales cadences for B2B sales engagement

I was recently looking for a Christmas present for my friend on Ajio. I added the item to the cart but forgot to place the order. Later that day I received an email telling me I had leftover items in my cart, I then went and bought them.

Ajio uses sales cadence as a sales conversion strategy. Master the same to utilize in your B2B sales strategy and experience increase in sales process.

Not all deals can be closed on the first try, you need to understand that. So how do you close those deals that were not a success on the first try?

You build a successful sales cadence that would engage with your clients with follow-ups at regular intervals to entice them to buy your product. This would increase your conversion rates by a mile. Using one of the best sales cadence tools like Zixflow can help you create successful sales cadences. 

You can use the available cadence templates in Zixflow or create new ones easily as an added advantage Zixflow uses AI to make writing content for your engagement messages easier.

Automate your sales cadence to build sales engagement with Zixflow & pave the way to increase your B2b sales.

Don’t forget your existing customers

Do you know the fact that it is harder to sell a new customer than your existing one? 

Existing customers are the ones who are already familiar with your brand and the way you asked sales-engaging questions to grab their attention. These customers can surely help you to achieve success in a competitive B2B market from the very first day or within a few months. To benefit from them, you need to constantly engage with them and aim to provide the best service to them.

This can increase their brand loyalty to make them a repeat customer who will definitely increase your sales by a mile.

Now, let me give you a scenario that I personally faced last month to make you understand how this works. Last month, when I was about to replace my refrigerator I went directly to the showroom of my previous refrigerator’s brand. I was looking for the most suitable option within my budget which I clearly told their executive.

But unfortunately, they failed to understand my criteria and they even bothered to retain me as their loyal consumer with a revised plan. As a result, I ended the buying process with them and bought a new one from their competitor brand.

From here, you may understand how important it is to recognize and acknowledge your existing customers. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t focus on new customer acquisition, but I definitely want to emphasize don’t overlook the existing and loyal ones who can easily boost your B2B sales growth.

Allow referrals to provide value for you

Do you know that word-of-mouth drives $6 trillion global revenue which has covered 13% of all types of sales?

Umm, 🤔 thinking? It’s ok if you don’t know. However, before you ask me what the intention of mentioning the fact is, let me tell you that get over your shyness and ask for referrals. you may already have several interactions with multiple customers and as a smart sales rep, you may know who will willingly provide value in your search options. 

How does it work? For a say, let’s take yourself in the shoes of a referral client. Imagine a scenario, where you come across The Derma Co for the first time which has a wider range of skin and body care products. Now, to purchase a product that best suits your skin tone or type, who will you prefer on the top for reliable suggestions?

The answer is very simple, one of your closest buddies who already has used the same product and experienced an extensive improvement in skin regime. Well, the same goes for your referral members too, where they trust each single word of your existing clients and may give a try with your brand.

Think if you’re asking for suggestions before using beauty products by The Derma Co. In the same way, referral suggestions can work for your B2B sales increasing process. (Source: The Derma Co)

So don’t be afraid to ask for referrals because these referrals from your existing clients are your add-ons in passive sales ramp-up. But before asking them, think once why anyone can make extra efforts on your behalf. Well, let me tell you that you can offer lucrative incentives to push them to think while providing clear instructions to make the referral process as seamless as you can.

Fine tune your sales pitches for better results

Will you consider paying attention in monotonous sales meetings as a consumer? Just think.

Haha! I know, what could be your answer? You’re literally imagining the same situation and saying to yourself off! how boring it is, just can't kill anyone with its blabbering.

However, I’m quite sure that you don’t want to repeat the same. Well, for that you need to extensively practice storytelling in sales as well as personalization so that your conversation can make bluster in conversions.

How to craft the fine-tuned one? There are multiple steps to create an engaging sales pitch that resonates with your customers, that they can be encouraged to take buying action, likely:

  • Precisely highlight the problem that your customers are facing now.
  • Clearly explain how your brand will help them out of the situation.
  • Smoothly showcase one previous relevant customer story and drive them to think about it.
  • Politely ask any relevant questions and let them ask if they have any doubts.
  • Offer additional solutions or information that they don’t need to think beyond your brand.
  • Lastly, end the conversation with the next actionable steps without any vagueness.

Well, if you want the same as a confirmation before applying the process with your consumers then you can go through one of the best sales books named “Pitch Anything”, covering the master arts of sales pitching tips and techniques.

Sales and marketing teams win together

Are you familiar with the term Smarketing?

If yes! Then you may already know that it is very important to align your sales and marketing teams together to achieve success by successful collaboration. When your marketing teams and sales teams work together, converting Marketing Qualified-Leads (MQLs) to Sales Qualified-Leads (SQLs) becomes extremely easy.

In this strategy, both teams complement each other’s efforts. The sales team is generally focused on retaining clients and generating revenues while the marketing team supports customer acquisition and content creation. One of the best places your marketing team and sales team can work together is building your buyer persona.

The marketing team has the data from website visits, and ad campaign results to decide the buyer persona, while the sales team knows the personality of the people who buy the products. Together they can create the perfect buyer persona for your B2B business and target people that match that to increase conversion rates and therefore sales.

Make your website the front door for lead qualification

Having a website that ranks, and runs well is key in today's digital world to drive sales. Let me tell you the best ways to fill your sales pipeline stages with quality leads.

SEO investment

If I am explaining it to you in simple words, the process of making better web pages in order for them to rank higher is known as search engine optimization or SEO in short. It typically involves marketing.

You should try SEO if you want to generate better results and buy-ready leads. SEO helps with organic searches that help increase the chances of the audience finding your content and brand instead of your competitors. 

Imagine you sell solar panels when you have an SEO-optimized website that ranks first. You are more likely to have people looking for solar panels land on your page. This increases the number of leads generated extensively.

Luminous India uses SEO as a sales strategy by ranking first on Google SERP which you can also try out in your B2B website to increase sales.

Use live chat to engage with your prospects

Potential customers visit your business’s website every day. You can communicate with them by using live chat.

Live chat ensures that site visitors receive high-quality personalized content and information that is customized according to their goals, wants, and pain points thereby, helping them to understand your business and make wise decisions in favor of your services with a trained team behind it.

Zixflow does a great job at this by offering live chat support to the customers who land on their website. They deliver personalized support to engage with prospects to close deals.

Zixflow uses live chat as a B2B strategy to increase sales by engaging with people who land on their website.

Invest in Ad campaigns

One more interesting way to increase your B2B sales is to run ad campaigns on your B2B website and maximize the possibility of CTR (Click-through-Rate). To do that, you can run dynamic campaigns to showcase your products and services uniqueness.

For example, let’s take Purple which is an Indian online beauty store. Whenever it runs ads on its website, the search engine Google automatically places it on top. That means if you’re searching for a beauty product, your first attention will definitely go to the top SERP (Search engine Result Page) result. It makes higher chances to drive your intention to click on that page. 

Well, don’t think that works for only the B2C segment, it is equally applicable to B2B segments to drive sales. 

Look how Purple, the Indian online beauty brand utilizes dynamic ad campaigns to grab customers’ attention & master the same to increase your B2B sales. (Source: Google) 

Never sell aggressively

Generally, overly pushy sales techniques might turn away your potential clients, resulting in a loss of revenue and a bad reputation for your company. Customers always love the freedom to choose without feeling manipulated or under pressure.

To build trust and lasting relationships, you should opt for a relaxed approach. Always focus on your client’s needs and requirements, share the right information, help them throughout their buying journey, and build a winning sales engagement process.

When customers feel they are valued and respected, it has a positive impact. Eventually, you will see an increase in customer satisfaction, loyalty, repeated business, and even word-of-mouth referrals. It’s all about forging meaningful connections through a less aggressive strategy.

For example, Invideo does a great job at this, they recently launched their app on the app store and wanted to get the IOS users to download the app. They did not use forceful words like offer, discount, and more when sending their email. They simply showed their product and said how it could solve my problem. That is a great strategy to sell and you can apply the same to boost your B2B sales.

Invideo uses emails to sell their products in a non-aggressive manner. Apply this great strategy to increase your B2B sales.

Social selling can meet your B2B sales goals

Numerous beneficial chances exist to increase sales through social media. For instance, LinkedIn has developed into a successful social media network for B2B sales growth.

It provides you with numerous ways to contact qualified prospects and enlighten them about the solutions you can provide them, from in-mail to messages. It is no longer just for recruitment.

You may learn a lot about a person’s position within a company, their problems, and how your organization’s solutions can make their workday simpler on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn serves as an example of how social selling is much more than just pushing items; it's also about developing actual connections, exchanging knowledge, and creating a presence online. Microsoft is really good at this, they are very active on LinkedIn and build connections with other B2B businesses to promote and sell their services.

Microsoft uses LinkedIn to engage and connect with people to build its online presence and appear as a trustworthy brand to its prospects. Master your social selling strategy with LinkedIn to increase B2B sales. (Source: Linkedin)

Showcase case studies for successful collaboration

Gone are the days when your consumers were driven by theoretical facts, now is the time that they have become more skeptical in buying decisions. And, this is the place where case studies take center stage.

Case studies are the new narratives to flaunt your brand that carry through research-backed data, highlight specific phenomena, and are supported by words from real-time consumers. Although the term ‘case study’ is very simple to sound, crafting and repurposing crisp content itself is a tricky procedure.

If you succeed in engaging your audience with only killer headlines, it will benefit you in terms of overcoming complexities, creating impressions, and building authenticity in a more easier way.

Research by DemandGen emphasized that 73% of B2B buyers make their purchasing intent after having case studies, then what are you waiting for to prove your stand?

Oh! If you still have a doubt about utilizing the same, then let me take you through an example. You can take consideration to prepare a case study just like AWS where Amazon featured a series of articles about Capital One. While Amazon can highlight Capital One’s achievements using AWS, it has highlighted the journey with different stories.

However, you also don’t need to cover multiple stories for a single client or mention each client’s story. Rather here you can highlight the impressive words from loyal ones and pave the way to drive sales from your next successful sales networking collaboration

Take inspiration from AWS to showcase case studies & apply the same to increase your B2B sales. (Source: AWS)

Employ the best B2B strategies & create an everlasting buzz in the market with your brand voice

By employing the right approaches, you not only can revamp sales with a well-crafted B2B sales funnel, but also can become that person who runs the sales without burning a deep pocket.

With these strategies, your smarter and developed perspective will reshape to impress your prospects, leads, and loyal customers who can potentially drive revenue in your finance account.

All the aforementioned tactics are tested and they already have proven results, you just need to implement them one by one to increase your B2B sales. And with Zixflow by your side ready to help you with employing these strategies with Its amazing features you can truly skyrocket your sales🚀

Hey! Are you still reading? Just sign up with Zixflow and start nailing your next sales deals! 

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