7 Best Sales Cadence Tools: Boost Engagement & Closing Rates

The best sales cadence tools to help you build successful sales cadences and enhance your customer engagement to drive more conversion rates and revenue.

7 Best Sales Cadence Tools: Boost Engagement & Closing Rates

I wanted to upgrade my Wix subscription for my website. So I headed to the site and checked out the different plans. I then got distracted and left the site by accident. Later in the evening, I got a follow-up email from Wix with a limited-time offer to entice me to go forward and upgrade my plan.

Wix uses a sales cadence tool to send follow-up emails to engage with leads and convert them.

We come across these follow-ups and reminders in our everyday lives, monthly in digital platforms thanks to the internet. These constant reminders and follow-ups engage effectively with customers and encourage them to purchase your product or service. 

This fixed sequence of touch points that a sales team uses for outreach and sales engagement is called a sales cadence. An effective sales cadence is a precise sequence of repetitive engagement efforts aimed to push the prospect to buy the product.

If you are an adaptive business that embraces the digital age and sells your products online you must also realize this. Any engagement efforts to connect with your leads and prospects must be through digital mediums.

So it is important to design your sales cadence in such a way that you engage with your prospects regularly using digital mediums like emails, WhatsApp, and other social media platforms. 

Some key questions to ask to design a good sales cadence are - which channel to use to follow up on the prospect? When to follow up on which prospects? What conversation do you need to have with which client? 

A well-constructed sales cadence can make or break your sales strategy. Are you overwhelmed by all this? Don’t be, these modern-day problems require a modern-day solution.

Wanna know the solution? It’s sales cadence tools. These sales cadence tools help you build, implement, and optimize your sales cadence to boost engagement and increase conversion rates.

Let me go a step further to help you out and give you the list of the 7 best sales cadence tools that can revolutionize your sales engagement strategy

With a sales cadence platform, you can say goodbye to the days of manual tasks and hello to the sales workflow automation. 

So let’s explore the top sales cadence tools that have been proven to boost engagement and closing rates. And see how you can revolutionize your sales engagement strategy with them. 

Best sales cadence tools to boost engagement and deal closing rates

COMPARISON TABLE Zixflow HubSpot EngageBay Outreach.io SalesLoft Yesware SmartLead
Customizable Sales Cadence
AI-Powered Engagement
Personalized Email and Message Creation
Sales Cadence Analytics
360-Degree CRM Integration

You and I are now going to talk about the top 7 sales cadence tools in detail. So brace yourself because you are going to discover some of the best sales software that not only excels in sales cadence but in other aspects of sales automation as well. Let's start with a bang the first stop is Zixflow. 


The comprehensive dashboard with all the relevant information to stay informed by Zixflow, a great sales cadence tool. 

Are you tired of tedious, repetitive, and time-consuming sales tasks? Do you want to advance your sales process and boost your closing rates? Zixflow is your answer!

Zixflow is an industry leader when it comes to sales cadence that is trusted by 1000-plus companies around the world. 

With its custom industry-specific templates, in-depth campaign builder, advanced activity tracking, seamless integrations with 5000+ sales and business apps, no-code sales automation, and built-in CRM, Zixflow is the ultimate sales cadence platform for businesses of all sizes. 

Let me explain a little more about these amazing features that can potentially change your sales game as you know it.

Custom industry-specific templates

Zixflow a sales cadence builder offers industry-specific templates that are highly customizable to store and manage all your leads and contacts.

The process of how you sell and what you sell differs across industries. Zixflow offers various types of templates called lists that are customizable and industry-specific. Your sales team can choose the template that suits their workflow and industry the best. You can customize these templates or even create one from scratch to suit you best.

You can use these templates to organize data as you wish, manage leads and deals effectively, access contacts with ease, and more. Accessing these essential data can be key to building a successful sales cadence.

Multichannel campaigns for engagement

Zixflow’s sales cadence builder allows multi-channel campaigns for effective engagement with your customers across different platforms.

Zixflow's advanced multichannel campaign builder allows you to create personalized campaigns with a variety of touchpoints, including emails, calls, WhatsApp, and SMS. It also helps you track the success of your campaigns. It does so with its analytics feature that tracks opens, clicks, and replies and gains valuable insights that will fuel your sales cadence strategy. 

AI-powered engagement

Zixflow is an AI-powered engagement tool. Emails are a big part of a successful sales cadence. Zixflow’s AI can help you write emails and personalized icebreaker messages with just one click.

Zixflow lets you create personalized messages to send to your clients with a simple click. You just have to add the AI generator column to your customizable list. From there you can simply create personalized engaging messages with a single click to give a great first impression to your clients.

Zixflow's AI-powered icebreaker feature elevates your sales cadence strategy by engaging effectively with your clients to create a great first impression.

Zixflow also uses its AI to generate personalized emails with a single click. All you need to do is fill out the necessary fields like type of email, target audience, objective, call to action, description, and tone. With that, you can generate multiple emails with a single click.

Zixflow also lets you use its AI to rewrite content and summarize text with ease. You can use Zixflow’s AI to help you write follow-up emails that are engaging to elevate your sales cadence efforts.

Zixflow, an AI-powered sales cadence tool uses AI to help you write follow-up emails for effective engagement to boost conversion rates.

One-click for a 360-degree view

Zixflow’s AI needs some key customer data to write personalized emails. Similar data is required to build an efficient sales cadence. So where do you get this data about your customer?

Zixflow has you covered with this as well. With just a click on the contact, Zixflow will give you a 360-degree view of your customers. You can access information like name, contact details, industry, past interactions, company details, files, and notes. With this, you can build a successful sales cadence or use AI to write personalized emails.

Get a 360-degree view of your clients to gain valuable information and personalize your sales cadence with sales cadence tools like Zixflow.

Automated sales cadence

You can have an exceptional sales cadence but still won't get the desired results until you automate it. Why? Because manually, you can only do so much! You need to function beyond human capacity to tap into the full potential of your sales cadence, and Zixflow helps you do just that. 

Utilize Zixflow, build your sales cadence from scratch, or use prebuilt templates, write your follow-up emails with Zixflow’s AI, and schedule your entire sales cadence. Now all you have left is to keep track of your customer's response toward your sales engagement efforts and then take further steps accordingly. Time is money, and you can save both by combining your sales cadence with automation with Zixflow.

You can use B2B sales cadence tools like Zixflow to take advantage of multiple sales cadence templates available in the Zixflow gallery. 
Customize your sales cadence steps as per your business needs with one of the best sales cadence tools, Zixflow.
Use sales cadence tools like Zixflow to keep a close track of your sales cadence results with comprehensive analytics.

Automated workflow

Zixflow is all about making your life easier. So it has an easy-to-implement, customizable workflow. The workflow automation can be customized without any coding knowledge, which means that it is easy to do and beginner-friendly. The IFTTT triggers (If This Then That) help you go full autopilot with your workflow. It lets you set triggers that when met would trigger an action making way for complete automation.

Workflow automation with IFTT triggers by Zixflow to streamline your workflow and make it efficient.

Seamless Integrations for Enhanced Productivity

Zixflow seamlessly integrates with your existing systems to take your productivity one notch up! With Zixflow, you can connect with all your favorite tools like Meta API, Zapier, Pabbly Connect, and 5000-plus apps and tools, making it easier than ever to close deals and build lasting relationships. 

The Zixflow platform is designed with ease of use in mind, allowing sales teams to quickly adapt to and understand its features. Furthermore, their customer service team is always accessible to help you resolve any issues that you might come across.

Zixflow is an amazing sales cadence tool that lets you integrate with all your favorite tools and apps.


Inclusive pricing plan of Zixflow, a sales cadence tool for your business.

Zixflow offers three plans to fit your needs: Free Forever, Startup, and Business.

With the free forever plan, you can access some of the best features, including forms for automated lead generation, an email validation tool, an email finder tool, custom templates, up to 250 contacts storage and management, AI Wizard, bulk emails, SMS, and WhatsApp messages - all for free! That's right - no hidden fees or charges!

If you're looking for additional features, the Startup plan will be perfect for you. For just $19/month (if billed annually), you'll get everything in the free plan, plus workflow automation, sales cadence automation, two-way email sync & inbox, and a limit of up to 25000 contacts. It can be the perfect option for startups and small businesses looking to grow their sales.

And for those who need the ultimate sales solution, the Business plan has everything you could ever need and more. For just $49/month (if billed annually), you'll get unlimited sales pipelines, custom collections, advanced permissions and support, white-labeled forms, and unlimited contact storage and management. It's the perfect option for businesses of any size looking to scale manifolds! 

Why Choose Zixflow?

As a customer myself, I find it frustrating when brands go radio silent. It's like being left in the dark, wondering whether your order is coming or if the company even cares about you. That's why I appreciate companies that stay in touch, provide constant updates, and make me feel informed and valued.

One enterprise that is number one in this area is Amazon. They use automation and engagement tactics to keep us updated on our orders, recommend personalized products, and offer personalized suggestions. Thanks to their ongoing communication, we feel connected and informed throughout the entire purchasing process.

Amazon has a great sales cadence strategy that increases its conversion rates and boosts its revenue. This can be made possible with a sales cadence tool that sends engagement emails at regular intervals.

Now, imagine being able to implement similar strategies in your own business. That's where Zixflow will be able to help you. With Zixflow, you won't need to invest in multiple tools, saving you up to 90% on sales software costs. You can enhance your sales engagement as well as automate your sales all in one place. 

Plus, the all-in-one solution streamlines your workflow, allowing you to focus on selling more and growing your business.

So, what are you waiting for? Don't leave your customers in the dark. Choose Zixflow and boost your sales growth with an effective sales process determined by an efficient sales cadence today. Remember, connected customers are happy customers!


Email follow-up automation can be made easier by HubSpot, an industry leader when it comes to sales cadence tools.

HubSpot is the all-in-one inbound marketing, sales, and customer service platform designed to help businesses grow faster. With HubSpot, you'll have access to a comprehensive suite of tools trusted by industry leaders like Wistia, Trello, and ClassPass. 

Hubspot is one of the best sales cadence tools in the market. It lets you create and optimize sales cadences with ease. Whether you're looking to automate personalized email follow-ups, manage contacts and deals with a powerful CRM, or track and analyze sales performance, HubSpot has got you covered. 

Let’s see some of the notable features of HubSpot that help you close more deals with sales cadence

HubSpot Sequences

Imagine being able to automate your entire email follow-up process, while still delivering personalized messages to each and every prospect. With HubSpot Sequences, you can do just that. Create a trail of highly customized emails that are automatically sent to your prospects at predefined intervals. 

But what sets Sequences apart is its ability to track engagement and respond accordingly. If a prospect doesn't open an email or click on a link, you can automatically adjust your follow-up strategy, ensuring that you're always delivering the right message at the right time.

HubSpot CRM

With HubSpot CRM, its integrated tool allows you to keep an eye on every point from the first engagement to the final sale. With detailed insights into each prospect's behavior and preferences, you can alter your sales cadence to personalize your messages to their specific needs, increasing the chances of conversions. 

Hubspot integrations

Hubspot takes sales cadence a step further by integrating with amazing tools like cadence by ringover for example. This perfect integration lets you stay connected with Hubspot eliminating the need for updating data across platforms.

It lets you create and streamline a successful sales cadence with detailed steps that your sales reps can follow. This makes engagement easier for your sales reps and increases your conversion rate.

These integrations along with the sales process automation capabilities make Hubspot a great choice for businesses looking to automate and streamline their sales efforts.


Hubspot CRM pricing plans in detail for you.

Hubspot offers a variety of plans: Free tools, Starter, Professional, and Enterprises

With their Free tools plan, you'll get access to Hubspot's marketing, sales, and service tools at no cost. It's the perfect way to see what Hubspot can do for you and your business. 

The Starter plan offers all the benefits of the free plan, with additional features like conversation routing, calling SDK, and simple automation which costs $18 per month.

The Professional plan comes with everything included in the free and starter plans, plus features like product library, e-signature, sequences, and forecasting, costing $450 per month.

The Enterprise plan comes with all the features of the previous plans, plus additional features like conversation intelligence, predictive lead scoring, and recurring revenue tracking, costing $1200 per month.


The comprehensive dashboard that lets you switch between campaigns with ease by EngageBay a sale cadence tool perfect for both your marketing and sales teams.

EngageBay is a great sales cadence tool that offers an all-in-one solution when comes to both sales and marketing tasks. Being one of the best lead nurturing tools also means the sales cadence is on point to boost conversions. 

EngageBay’s simple and easy-to-use UI ensures that even novice users feel at ease when getting started with it. 

Multi-channel campaigns

Engage Bay offers multichannel campaigns which means you can build your sales cadence around different platforms. 

Your leads might find repetitive outreach messages in a single platform invasive and annoying which can impact your conversion rates. A sales cadence with touchpoints across different platforms can inverse conversion rates by a mile.

Email sequences

You can customize the email sequences to optimize the sales cadence touchpoints. You can decide what message to send and when to send it and the interval between emails to ensure maximum success.

Engage Bay lets you create these personalized emails with templates and a drag-and-drop email builder.

Audience segmentation

Engage Bay lets you target the audience for your sales cadence strategy to ensure maximum conversion rates. It does so by integrating with your CRM to gather customer data and segment it based on the categories your leads fit into.

You can then assign these leads to a specific sales cadence strategy that is designed for that group of audience.

Detailed reports

Engage Bay provides detailed reports on your sales cadence strategy to measure success and find out the areas that need improvement. With this data, you can optimize your sales cadence for the future to ensure a higher conversion rate.


Engage Bay pricing model.

EngageBay offers four plans: Free, Basics, Growth, and Pro.

With the free plan, you can add up to 250 contacts and access features like email marketing, CRM, and helpdesk.

The Basic plan allows you to add up to 500 contacts and offers additional features like email templates, SMS marketing, and 3rd party integrations costing $14.99 per month.

The Growth plan includes everything from the previous two plans and extra features like marketing automation, push notifications, and a custom domain. You can add up to 5000 contacts which costs $49.99 per month.

The Pro plan offers unlimited contacts, web analytics, and SSO and you get access to all the features from the previous plans costing $99.99 per month.


The intuitive sales cadence dashboard of Outreach.io a top sales cadence builder.

Outreach.io is a great sales engagement tool that makes creating and managing an effective sales cadence extremely easy. Outreach competitors in the market, Outreach is still a top choice for many businesses. This is a tool perfect for large teams and enterprise-level businesses.

Creating personalized cadences to automate follow-ups is made easy with Outreach. You can create a new cadence from scratch with all the touch points or you can simply duplicate a template or your previous sales cadence to make life easier.

Engagement signals

Outreach tracks your lead's activities to inform you when they are showing signs of buying your product or service. With this insight, you can set up a cadence to quickly send a message or email to the lead to engage quickly to encourage the leads to buy your products. This can tremendously increase your conversion rates.

Outreach Voice

Outreach.io Voice feature is a built-in dialer that enables sales teams to make and receive calls directly from the platform, streamlining the calling process. 

To make the engagement process easier your sales reps can quickly connect with your leads to engage with them and try to convert them into paying customers with just a click.

Multichannel sales cadence

Outreach has a multichannel sales cadence feature that lets you build your sales cadence across different platforms that your prospects use. This ensures that you connect and engage with your prospects effectively increasing the chance of conversion.

Outreach Analytics

With Outreach.io's analytics, you get a comprehensive view of your sales team's performance, including email open rates, reply rates, and call connections. You can measure the effectiveness of individual sequences and identify areas for optimization. 

Plus, you can compare the performance of individual team members and identify best practices.

With Voice, you can automatically display a local area code when calling prospects, increasing the likelihood of a connection. You can also record and analyze calls to identify areas for improvement.


As it turns out, Outreach likes to keep their pricing a bit of a mystery. you can get a quote by directly contacting their sales team.


SalesLoft is an all-in-one sales cadence software that is designed to help you streamline your sales activities, boost engagement, and ultimately increase closing rates. Sales Loft makes it easy to create multi-step sales cadences that can help increase your conversion rate.

Automated multi-channel sales cadence

SaalesLoft lets you create customized automated sales cadences with ease. You can simply add the steps, stages, or touchpoints in the cadence and choose the platform of engagement. 

You can assign intervals between engagement messages and the prospects the engagement efforts are aimed towards. With that, you now have a completely automated multi-channel sales cadence that can boost your conversion rates.

Integration with CRM

SalesLoft easily integrates with your CRM meaning you can get all the information you need about your leads in a single click. You can always have updated information with easy integration between your CRM and your sales cadence efforts.

AI-powered sales coaching

SalesLoft has AI-powered sales coaching to provide valuable insights and recommendations for the next step of the sales cadence to help your sales reps engage effectively. 

Built-in dialer

SalesLoft has a built-in easy dialer that your sales reps can use to engage and connect with the leads which makes the lead conversion strategies and process easy and efficient..


Pricing plan of SalesLoft.

SalesLoft offers three plans: Essentials, Advanced, and Premier.

In the Essential plan, you'll get access to features like prospect engagement and rep coaching & insights.

The Advanced plan offers additional features like Conversational intelligence and Opportunity management.

The Premier plan covers everything in the Essentials and Advanced plans and adds one additional feature: Forecasting and Revenue Management.

While the pricing of these plans isn't clearly mentioned on their website, you can request a demo for each plan. 


Building customized email sales cadence can be made easier with the features offered by Yesware, an industry-leading sales cadence tool.

Yesware is a great choice for a sales cadence tool if you are aiming to increase sales through emails. Yesware lets you create customized sales cadences that can deliver personalized engagement emails to all your selected prospects. In case of no reply, It schedules a follow-up email to help increase the conversion rate.

Customized email cadence 

Yesware makes it easy to personalize your email sales cadence with its customizable attributes. With Yesware, you can create cadence steps and touchpoints that you feel would best engage with your prospects.

Multi-channel sales cadence

Yesware offers multichannel sales cadence support that lets you use different platforms like email, InMails on LinkedIn, and targeted cols calls to engage with your prospects. Having a multichannel sales cadence would ensure that you connect with your prospects on the platform they use, therefore increasing your chance of conversion. 

Sales cadence analytics 

It’s important for you to optimize your sales cadence regularly to ensure consistent success in engagement. Yesware provides detailed reports and insights into key metrics like email open rate, email clicks, and what your prospect did with the email. Using these key metrics you can optimize your sales cadence efforts.

Integration with Salesforce CRM

Yesware easily integrates with Salesforce CRM which means all your engagement activities and customer data can be easily recorded and stored in the CRM. From there you can connect with your clients on the regular to nurture relationships and give way for relationship selling.


The pricing plans of Yesware.

Yesware offers 5 different pricing options which include a free plan.

The Free plan offers features like basic email open tracking, basic attachment tracking, 10 campaign recipients per month, a meeting scheduler, and more.

The Pro plan is for $15/ seat/month and includes unlimited email open tracking, unlimited email link tracking, unlimited attachment tracking, and many more.

The Premium plan is for $35/seat/month and includes all features of the pro plan plus, remove Yesware branding, unlimited campaigns, unlimited teams, templates & campaigns, team reporting, and more.

The Enterprise plan is for $65/seat/month and includes all the features of the premium plan plus integration with Salesforce to provide - inox sidebar, email sync, calendar sync, background sync, acidity sync, and many more.

They also offer a custom plan that has a pricing option depending on the features you choose.


SmartLead makes it easy to engage effectively with prospects and increase conversion rate with its AI-powered sales cadence builder.

SmartLead is an amazing sales cadence-building tool that can be perfect for businesses of all sizes. With Its unlimited sender account and smart AI, you can personalize your emails, maintain context in conversations, and increase your overall engagement. SmartLead can also help you connect with prospects on multiple platforms with its multi-channel support using emails, WhatsApp, and SMS.

AI-powered emails

SmartLead uses Artificial Intelligence to personalize the warmup emails you send to your prospects which is a great way to improve sales engagement by leveraging AI

It lets you create categories and automatically categorize your leads based on their replies. SmartLead AI can save you plenty of time by automating email outreach and categorizing your leads based on their replies.

Auto mailbox rotation

SmartLead lets you create campaigns and mailboxes with ease. You can connect different mailboxes to your campaigns with a single click. This also means that you can switch between different mailboxes in one click as well.

Customizable sales cadence with sub-sequences

SmartLead lets you create a customized sales cadence with detailed touchpoints and steps. It lets you choose what to do at each stage, who to follow up with when to follow up,  and which platform to use for effective engagement. 

It also lets you create subsequences to ensure complete automation which means you can send engagement messages even after your working hours.

Data tracking and analytics

SmartLead provides you with detailed analytics on your sales cadence efforts. You can use this data to find areas where you can improve and optimize your sales cadence accordingly. With this, you can ensure consistent success in driving conversions to boost revenue.


The pricing plans offered by SmartLead

SmartLead offers 3 different pricing plans and an additional ability to create custom plans.

The Basic plan is for $33/month and includes features like 200 active leads, 6000 emails per month, unlimited email warm-up, unlimited email accounts, and more.

The popular plan is for $65/month and includes features like 10000 active leads, 40000 emails per month, detailed analytics, active support, and more.

The Pro plan is for $78/month and includes features like 30000 active leads, 150000 emails per month, webhook integrations, API access, unlimited seats, and more.

Get, set, and sell with a sales cadence!

There it is! The best sales cadence tools to boost engagement and closing rates for your business. 

But which one is right for you?

Here’s the deal: we always want the best sales cadence tools for our business, right? And we want the best possible price for them as well.

Keeping that in mind it is easy to pick a clear winner. Yup! It's Zixflow. A great sales cadence tool with plenty of amazing features that can help you boost engagement and increase your conversion rates with ease. So what now? Just sign up for a free demo and give this amazing tool a trial.

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