13 Best Sales Engagement Tools to Help You Engage Prospects

Some of the best sales engagement tools are Zixflow, Zendesk, Clearbit, Pipeline, Salesloft, Autoklose, Calendly, HubSpot, and Groove.

13 Best Sales Engagement Tools to Help You Engage Prospects

Every day you gear up to tackle the fast-paced world of business, where your probability of success depends on engaging your prospects. You have to think about each lead individually and adopt a sales engagement model to get more conversions.

Reaching out to qualified leads or prospects takes a lot of work. Not just that, getting noticed in a busy inbox is even more challenging in the highly competitive landscape. 

Thankfully, with a sales engagement tool, you can implement successful outbound sales strategies to engage with the prospects at the right time and send personalized messages that your prospects will love to reply to. 

But choosing the correct tool for your sales engagement process is not a cakewalk! You need to consider several elements before making the final decision. But I am here to help you out! 

This blog post will discuss the best sales engagement tools to streamline your prospect engagement process. Let's get started with the basics!

What are sales engagement tools?

Sales engagement tools are digital software or platforms that help your sales team streamline the sales engagement process. 

A sales engagement tool can help bridge the gap between sales and marketing processes to conceptualize the best strategies for positive lead interaction. 

Tools for sales engagement are good for businesses that want to organize and standardize the sales engagement process. 

For example, you might find CRM tools also marketed as sales engagement tools. While sales CRM software offers certain features for lead engagement, they aren't a comprehensive solution or substitute for sales engagement solutions. 

Sales engagement platforms offer dedicated lead engagement features that can be integrated with existing sales tools for easy navigation and seamless engagement workflow.

So what exactly can a sales engagement platform do? Let's find out!

What can a sales engagement platform do?

You're asking the wrong question! What don't they do? Businesses leveraging the best sales engagement platform can benefit from its highly functional features. Here's a sneak peek of what a sales engagement platform can do:

  • Automate engagement actions, for example, reminding and sending email follow-ups
  • Gather lead insight, so they can plan for better engagement activities
  • Reach out to prospects at the right time through optimal channels
  • Keep an organized view of all the leads in the engagement process
  • Integrates existing sales tools for easy sales engagement movement
  • Organize SDR's daily activities and tasks
  • Analyze sales data and generate a report to support smarter choices

Having said that, let's look at some of the best sales engagement platforms available in the market.

Top sales engagement platforms

Now that you've got an idea of how to select a sales engagement platform to simplify your sales process let's explore the best sales engagement tools you can consider.


Zixflow, as a sales engagement platform.

Zixflow is an all-in-one sales engagement platform that can help you multiply ROI, build remarkable customer relationships, and create unique product experiences.  

With the ultimate sales engagement machine, your sales reps can track prospects, create reports, leverage automation, and streamline outreach activities.  

Key features include:

Sales cadence and workflow automation

Zixflow allows you to automate your sales workflows by building sales cadences to free up time for your sales team to engage with customers on a deeper level.

You can set up these cadences to ensure the engagement of your prospects at every touch point within the sales funnel. Also, the cadences are automatic, which means, you don’t have to manually send these messages. 

This further ensures that the messages are sent at the right time to keep your brand fresh in the minds of your prospects.

Zixflow sales cadence platform.

Seamless integration

You can integrate Zixflow with numerous applications, making it easy to export/import data from different platforms.

Having various integration options makes it easy to incorporate Zixflow into your existing email platforms or use it as a standalone application for your sales engagement needs.

Various integration applications you can integrate with Zixflow.

Multi-channel engagement

Zixflow offers multi-channel sales engagement for you to use when reaching out to your prospects. This way, you can always be one message away from your prospects.

Multi-channel engagement options available on Zixflow.

Furthermore, its sales CRM is simple and empowers your sales reps to make impactful impressions with spectacular hyper-personalization. 

  • Engage seamlessly with both inbound and outbound prospects
  • Get a concise view of prospect details and personalize each message 
  • Get more product demos and valuable meetings booked with personalization
  • Use automated workflows to save considerable time. 
  • Ideal for both large and small-scale businesses. 
Zixflow’s in-built sales CRM.

On top of that, Zixflow allows you to build deeper relationships that take your leads one step forward to purchase your product. 

  • Leverage sales cadences and workflows to automate follow-ups
  • Timelines, notes, and reminders to always stay on track
  • Get a comprehensive view of all engagement activities from a single screen.

Plus, real-time reports and AI-powered insights can help you understand prospect behavior, allowing you to ask the right sales engagement questions and focus on the leads with the highest chances of becoming your customers.

  • Interactive, customizable, and comprehensive dashboard to monitor lead engagement health
  • Sales forecasting and lead scoring for increased and streamlined focus. 
  • Smart engagement flows enable faster deal closure.
Real-time campaign reports in Zixflow.

Zixflow has a Forever Free plan that you can use to your heart’s content. It includes all the necessary functions. But for a truly unlimited experience, you can upgrade your account at just $49/user/month. 

With this plan, you get everything in the Free plan along with unlimited emails, cadences, unlimited workflow automation capabilities, and white-labeled Forms. So, sign up for a free account today!


Zendesk, a sales engagement tool.

Zendesk is a cloud-based sales CRM platform designed for startups, small businesses as well as large businesses which also comes with sales engagement capabilities. 

The scalability component of the software is remarkable. Some striking features of the engagement tool include the following:

  • Seamless lead generation - Get more leads with data from over 44 million companies readily available to you.
  • Prospecting tools - Create dynamic prospect lists and sort data using different filters as per your needs.
  • Workflow automation - Set up automated email sequences with tailored templates and cadences.

Zendesk entry-level pricing starts at $19/month and goes up to $115/month for a single user. You can also try out the software for free in its 14-day trial period.


Clearbit, a sales engagement platform.

Marketing-cum-sales data software, Clearbit is specifically designed for B2B businesses. Their primary focus is providing updated data that refreshes every 30 days. 

With the prospector tool, you can access 200 million contacts. You can also search and filter ideal prospects by setting parameters.

Some remarkable features of the platform include the following:

  • Lead capturing - Clearbit lets you find contact details of your leads along with business information so you can use customer engagement to boost sales
  • Pipeline management - You can quickly build your sales pipeline by identifying the right prospects with Clearbit’s contact database.
  • Automatic meetings - With Clearbit, you can schedule meetings automatically by finding decision-makers in your targeted companies.

Clearbit offers a free account where you can use the platform to find the email addresses of your prospects. For paid versions, you have to reach out to its team to get a customized quote.

HubSpot Sales Hub

HubSpot, a renowned sales engagement platform.

Hubspot focuses on five pillars of business management; marketing, sales, CMS, customer service, and operations. While Zixflow is highly customizable software, Hubspot Sales Hub is a CRM platform that also includes engagement functionality.

The most popular feature of Hubspot Sales Hub is the customizable visual pipeline to track each customer/lead's progress in real time. Other striking features include the following:

  • Easy integrations - You can integrate HubSpot with more than 1,500 applications and external platforms.
  • Lead management - You can handle all of your prospects and scheduled events from a single dashboard, allowing for easy conversion.
  • Email automation - With HubSpot, you can set up automated sequences of emails to ensure that your business is always fresh in your prospects’ minds.

Hubspot has a free version of its tools which is suitable for startups or individuals although it is somewhat limited. 

The paid plans start at $18 per month for 5 users but if you want powerful automation capabilities, you have to get the Professional package that costs $450/month for up to 5 users.

Cirrus Insight

Cirrus Insight, a sales engagement platform.

Cirrus Insight is a CRM application that you can link with your existing sales software or external email platforms, such as Gmail or Outlook.

With Cirrus Insight, you can keep track of your sales team's inboxes and sync them automatically. Not just that. It syncs events or meetings across your calendars so your sales team can see upcoming meetings easily.

Key features:

  • Buyer Signals - Cirrus Insight monitors how your prospects are engaging with your business and gives the crucial information to make data-driven decisions.
  • Email templates - Cirrus Insight provides you with a lot of sales email templates that you can personalize and store for later.
  • Document tracking - With Cirrus Insight, you can track how your leads are interacting with documents or attachments to gain insights about their preferences. 

Cirrus Insight has three pricing models starting from $10 per user per month to $29 per user per month. You also get a demo for all three of these plans to better understand the platform.


Pipeline, a famous sales engagement tool.

Pipeline is another sales CRM developed for small-sized businesses and medium-sized businesses that offers amazing benefits to maintain continuous interaction between SDRs and prospects.

With Pipeline, you can enjoy unlimited storage for all your business documents, data, and communications.

The best part? You can track which prospects open and download your shared company content. Other features include: 

  • Email campaigns - You can save time and resources by setting up drip campaigns for sales engagement to streamline your communications.
  • Contact management - You can manage and track prospects’ contact details from a centralized location.
  • Workflow automation - Pipeline allows you to automate your workflows to free up time for your sales reps, letting them concentrate on important tasks.

Pipeline offers three plans ranging from $25 per month to $49 per month. You can request a 14-day free trial for all of these plans before making a decision.

Streamline your Sales Engagement Activities

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Salesloft, sales engagement software.

A tool designed for revenue team collaboration within larger businesses. You can create a customized pipeline and playbook for your sales team, especially reps, to streamline and maintain consistency in the company's voice and brand. 

You can also leverage powerful dashboards and sales forecasts to examine and improve the performance of your sales team.

Some other fantastic features include:

  • Sales forecasting - With Salesloft, you can anticipate how many sales you are going to close with the help of AI and set your sales target accordingly.
  • Sales acceleration tools - A set of tools offered by Salesloft to optimize your sales process and complete transactions quickly.
  • Call recordings and logs - You can record the calls your sales reps had with prospects for coaching and evaluation purposes.

Salesloft doesn't have pricing details available on its website but it does offer three plans. You have to schedule a demo with its team to learn more about the prices.


Apollo.io, a sales engagement tool.

Apollo.io is a sales intelligence suite that allows you to identify, reach out, and convert leads into customers. Your sales reps can take advantage of Apollo’s Engagement tools to expand your company’s presence using outbound sales strategies.

You can utilize it for lead generation and get in touch with your customers. It consists of a collection of more than 220 million contacts and 30 million businesses in its B2B records, providing you with recent and correct details.

Key features of the platform include:

  • Multi-channel sales engagement - Apollo offers outbound engagement channels to reach out to your customers across different communication channels as per their preferences.
  • AI-powered platform - Apollo’s AI uses its database to create extremely tailored emails for each lead to give you maximum chances of getting a conversion.
  • All-around automation - Apollo has an automation platform known as Plays where you can automate repetitive activities of your sales funnel.

Apollo has a free plan that offers unrestricted email credits. But if you want more advanced features, you have to go for the paid plans which start from $39/user/month and go up to $79/user/month.

Zoho SalesIQ

Zoho SalesIQ, sales engagement software.

Zoho SalesIQ focuses on timing and gathers data on leads to help your SDRs identify the best timing for a rep to reach out to potential customers. 

You can also utilize the Zoho SalesIQ live chat feature to communicate with customers in real-time. 

Some prominent features of the platform include:

  • Live chat - With Zoho, you can create chatbots and add them to your site or mobile application to begin a real-time chat with your users/visitors.
  • Content development  - You can create and collect content pieces in the form of a knowledge base so your customers can find solutions to minor problems themselves.
  • Reporting and analytics - Zoho offers an advanced analytics dashboard where you can import data from other platforms like your CRM to get a holistic view of your company’s performance.

Zoho has a free package you can use if you have a small team. But you can scale it with your business with plans starting from £5.60/operator/month and going up to £16/operator/month. Many people confuse between zoho and hubspot and which will be a better option for them. To solve that dilemma, you can check our in-depth comparison exploring Zoho vs hubspot crm software and make an informed choice.


ZoomInfo, sales engagement software.

ZoomInfo SalesOS is sales and marketing software for B2B businesses, providing a collection of data, research, and buying intent or pattern details of organizations or individuals.

Furthermore, ZoomInfo offers communication and sales engagement tools along with market data to allow you to get in touch with your leads effectively.

You can also connect ZoomInfo with your current sales framework to be ready to handle any type of sale and close them successfully.

Key features:

  • Sale prospecting - Find and contact leads with the B2B sales database containing the contact information of millions of prospects ready to use.
  • Conversation analysis - Evaluate sales calls, emails, and messages to identify weaknesses and work on improving them.

ZoomInfo doesn’t have pricing details on its website. To get pricing information, you have to fill out a basic form and its sales team will reach out to you.


Calendly, a sales engagement platform to schedule meetings with your prospects.

Calendly is a scheduling automation platform that eliminates unnecessary interactions and guides sales reps in finding the perfect time to connect with prospects.

You can schedule meetings with high-value leads quickly and easily to drive more revenue. Eliminate scheduling friction to accelerate your sales cycle. With customized reminders and follow-up workflows, your team will be one step closer to closing deals faster. 

Some winning features of the software include:

  • Automated email - When your prospect schedules a meeting with Calendly, both you and your prospect will receive an automated email with relevant details.
  • Smart integration - You can easily connect Calendly with your existing tools or calendars to book meetings and send reminders from a single platform.
  • Team interaction and communication - You can configure settings for each meeting, such as meeting length or participants to include the right members of your team.

The Basic plan of Calendly is always free to use. But, if you want an unlimited experience, multiple integrations, and automated workflows, you have to upgrade to a premium plan. 

These plans start from $8/seat/month and the most advanced one costs $16/seat/month.


Autoklose, a sales engagement tool.

Autoklose sales engagement software brings all sales-related data to a centralized location. The tool helps you find the right prospects and efficiently target them. With this tool, you can efficiently track and optimize your outreach efforts in real-time. 

Key features:

  • Automated and targeted email campaigns - With its numerous tools, Autoklose lets you steer clear of common mistakes you can make while running an email campaign.
  • Detailed reporting dashboards - Autokose provides you with live analytics regarding your email campaigns to see what is working and what isn’t. 
  • Messaging templates - You can create personalized messaging templates and save them to avoid having to rewrite them again in the future.

Autoklose’s starting plan costs $49.99/user/month and the most advanced one is priced at $89.99/user/month. You also get a 14-day trial on all the plans to get a firsthand experience of the platform.


Groove, sales engagement software.

Groove enables you to enhance your sales engagement efforts by standardizing processes. 

With Groove, you can record sales calls and review them to pinpoint the scope of improvement and get valuable insights into customer behavior. This way you can deliver a personalized experience to boost the chances of a conversion. As a sales engagement platform, Groove is also known to be one of the top alternatives to Outreach tool.

Key features:

  • Powerful integrations - You can connect Groove with over 4,000 applications on the Salesforce platform.
  • Conversational intelligence - Groove enables you to record and evaluate all the calls made by your sales staff to find insights to assist your sales team in getting more revenue.
  • An automated Online Scheduler - With Groove, you can get rid of tedious messaging to schedule a meeting. Your prospects can select the preferred time slot from the Online Scheduler.

The pricing details are not available for Groove on its website but you can request a demo to get more information about its plans.

Make your sales engagement process easy with sales engagement tools

There are several excellent sales engagement platforms available today — research and understand their features and capabilities to select the ones that align best with your team and goals. 

Zixflow is one of the best sales engagement platforms. You can get started with our sales engagement software in a few seconds or book a personalized demo with Zixflow experts! Feel free to give it a try. You will thank us later! 

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