Top 13 Pipedrive CRM Alternatives & Competitors in 2024

The list of the best 13 Pipedrive CRM alternatives is here that can be used for more efficient lead management, communication, data analysis, & drive ROI.

Top 13 Pipedrive CRM Alternatives & Competitors in 2024

‘There is an alternative for everything’- Have you ever heard the same?

Umm, let me take you through an example. Imagine a picture: You're a pizza lover whose taste buds lose the hunger battle while having the same delicious Dominos’ veg extravaganza flavors overloaded with golden corn, crispy onion, and exotic black olives.

However, your tempted mind pushes you to search for the alternative of Dominos’ pizza when you come across Pizza Hut and satiate your thirst with Margeritha's signature pizza full of sauce and mozzarella cheese.

The important thing here you need to understand is that you can satisfy your hunger without compromising your favorite food, pizza, by finding an alternative solution.

Now, before you start thinking about the reason behind this scenario, let me tell you the same situation goes with your search for a Pipedrive CRM alternative. How?

Although Pipedrive has a full plate of sales and marketing features including email marketing automation, lead management, sales automation, and data analytics, and it is known to be one of the top-rated CRM in real-estate, consultancy, and other businesses, you may still somehow not be satisfied with it.

It may fall short of achieving your ultimate objectives, such as syncing between emails, managing deals, generating proper forecasting reports, managing contacts, or anything else. 

Therefore, you may lag behind in attaining your customers' urgency and driving your desired ROI. In both cases, your decision is right to find a cost-effective tool that you can rely on to replace the former.

The top 13 Pipedrive CRM alternatives that can be feasible for your business goals

From crafting a well-curated b2b sales funnel to implementing it successfully and optimizing it to drive revenue smarter and faster, these 13 CRM alternatives to Pipedrive have everything for you. After deciding on what alternative to choose, don’t forget to implement best practices in CRM to fully utilize it for sales and marketing optimization. So, let’s see which CRMs can be added to your list as Pipedrive alternatives from here 👇.


Zixflow, the all-in-one AI stack is considered one of the top-notch alternatives for Pipedrive which can smartly engage, manage, and retain your customers. When you’re busy putting efforts into emotional intelligence to increase sales, this tool automates tasks from storing customers' information to sending your brand message to each one.

With  Zixflow, you can have a sharp eye on your sales pipeline and your team members’ activities while managing and controlling the whole process. 

Also, you can set triggers, utilize filters, sort data, customize the dashboard with different attributes, import and export data, and visualize the database in various table views. From smoothly speeding up productivity to enhancing your customers’ experience, Zixflow can help you take the lead in competition.

Key features 

Sales cadence automation with strategic sales pipeline  

When it's time to strategically build sales pipelines to faster deal closures, Zixflow’s sales cadence automation places the cherry on the cake.

How? Zixflow enables you to structure a sales pipeline with multi-channel sales engagement including calls, SMS, and emails, where you can set triggers, prioritize communicative channels, and specify the date and time. 

Not only that but also you can utilize pre-built templates or customized existing templates while automating the outreach and building engagement to drive sales.

For example, when you build your sales cadence, you prioritize email as your communicative platform. There you set triggers for changing the status in automated mode from cold to warm or warm to hot leads. This will happen whenever your prospective customers click on the CTA (call-to-action) button that you attached to your emails for the latest offerings.

Automate your sales cadence management & build consistency in sales engagement with Zixflow, a well-known Pipedrive CRM alternative.
Intuitive form builder for lead capturing 

If you want to see progress in your lead qualification checklist, then you must first apply the right way to capture leads, which Zixflow makes easier for you with its exclusive lead-capturing forms.

How? Zixflow allows you to utilize its forms as a separate landing page, an embedded form in your website, and as a modern sharable form where you can ask questions and receive customers’ responses.

The response helps you to understand what is in your customers’ minds, how much they are engaged with your brand, and in which area you need to focus before approaching them for the next deals.

Capture & qualify your hot leads more smoothly now with a Pipedrive CRM alternative which is none other than Zixflow.
Centralized & collaborative space for contact management   

Zixflow comes with a comprehensive collection named ‘People’ where your customers' data are stored that covers different attributes, like, name, phone number, email address, Whatsapp number, job title, company, and so on.

In its simplest dashboard, you can add new attributes, update contact information, share them with team members, and delete them from the database. Also, you can filter and sort the list within a few clicks and set the view as you want especially when you need to prioritize the client based on the current scenario.

Manage every contact detail of your customer & customize the database to your preference at any time with Zixflow which is one of the top-notch CRM alternatives to pipedrive.
Omnichannel marketing campaigns management

No matter which business you are in, you should prioritize the communication platform where your customers spend most of their time, and  Zixflow’s omnichannel marketing campaign helps you do that.

How? Zixflow comes with a campaign builder for WhatsApp, Email, and SMS, where you not only set campaigns in automation but also utilize captivating templates to maximize the impact. 

You can share updated product information, exclusive discounts, flash sales deals, push notifications, confirmation OTP, and links to purchasing details along with your website, and any other information. 

If you really want to showcase the interest in your customers and swiftly deal with their psychology to boost sales, then don’t think twice before crafting your omnichannel marketing campaigns with Zixflow.

Expand your outreach to gain more profitable deals with one of the best Pipedrive CRM alternatives named Zixflow.

Pricing module 

Before you rely on the impact of Zixflow as your Pipedrive CRM alternative, start with a free trial of 14 days while signing up for a free demo

💰Free Forever - $0/user/month for a 14-day trial period. 

💰Starter - $19/user/month, billed annually.

💰Growth - $49/user/month, billed annually.

Explore a well-known Pipedrive CRM alternative named Zixflow at best deals & experience the success at newer heights.

Ratings & reviews

  • G2: 4.8/5 (17 reviews).

Salesforce Sales Cloud 

A seamless sales pipeline management system is provided by Salesforce which is an alternative CRM to Pipedrive.

Salesforce Sales Cloud is counted on one of those Pipedrive CRM alternatives that can be used to place your sales intelligence to amplify sales engagement. The tool is primarily built with the perspective of cloud management where you can control the stages of multiple sales and marketing projects, the customers’ contacts, leads, and deals. Salesforce's intuitive dashboard is designed in a way that you don’t need to invest much time to create and modify a new roadmap.

Key features 

👉Cross-channel marketing

Salesforce allows you to hang out with your customers where they are. It means you can connect with your customers everywhere from the web, email, and social media platforms and easily target those channels for lead generation.

👉Automated sales engagement

To create an effective sales engagement process, Salesforce allows you to automate the interaction in each touchpoint from targeting prospects to closing deals to nurturing the relationship in the post-purchase method. 

👉Sales enablement

To enhance the knowledge of cracking deals smarter and faster, Salesforce helps you to access its sales enablement technology so that you can coach your sales team members.

👉Mobile CRM

With the Salesforce mobile CRM feature, you and your team can free up from the desktop or laptop while sharing updates of team activities and synchronization of sales tasks can become more handy.

👉Sales analytics

Salesforce's sales analytics is an advanced data analytics tool that can optimize the interaction, measure sales trends, compare sales productivity, and finally generate a report that you can utilize in modifying strategies.

Pricing module 

💰Free - $0 or a 30 day trial period.

💰Starter - $25/user/month, billed annually.

💰Professional - $80/user/month, billed annually.

💰Enterprise - $165/user/month, billed annually.

💰Unlimited - $330/user/month, billed annually.

Ratings & reviews

  • G2: 4.3/5 (18,391 reviews).

Hubspot Sales Hub 

Hubspot, one of the best CRM alternatives to Pipedrive provides a smooth lead management system.

I believe you’re quite familiar with the name of Hubspot Sales Hub which can be your alternative to Pipedrive CRM. When it's about qualifying leads, nurturing relationships with different types of sales leads, and optimizing the sales conversation with them for ultimate conversion, this tool helps you from beginning to end. 

Additionally, the tool comes with content management software which you can utilize to create content and optimize the engagement of your website visitors.

Key features 

👉 Email marketing

With Hubspot’s email tracking software, eliminate the wild guesses of your sales outreach because your sales rep can set up push notifications to track the email open rate and email bounce rate each second.

👉Sales automation

Hubspot Sales Hub enables you to create a well-structured sales cadence to automate your sales tasks where you can easily prioritize interaction with valuable leads, rotate them, create deals, and set triggers for every action.

👉Sales call tracking

With the tool, you can make sales calls without picking up phones which means each call can be automated through VoIP (Voice over Phones). Also, every call can be tracked to measure different metrics, likely, First Contact Resolution (FCR), First Response Time (FPt), Average Speed of Answer (ASA), and so on.

👉Meeting scheduling

The tool comes with a Meeting Scheduler to set individual meetings with prospects or set group appointments with multiple people at a time by embedding your calendar on your website.

👉Building chatbots for live chat

Hubspot’s intuitive chatbot builder makes it easier for you to customize the chatbot which can interact with your website visitors in real time. Also, with the premade templates, you can customize the conversation that meets your sales goals.

👉Sales analytics & forecasting

The advanced analytics of Hubspot build your understanding of your customers’ buying intent, the overall sales productivity of your team members, and the prediction of sales growth. This is very helpful when it comes to coaching your sales team and customizing strategies to crack the next deals.

Pricing module 

💰Free Trial: $0 for a 14 day trial period.

💰Professional: $450/month/5 paid users.

💰Enterprise: $1500/month/10 paid users.

Ratings & reviews

  • G2: 4.4/5 (10,991 reviews).

Zoho CRM 

Zoho CRM is a Pipedrive CRM alternative used to automate sales deals with sales analytics.

Zoho CRM is a cloud-based software that has its own AI assistant named Zia which can help you customize strategic decisions with its automated suggestions. From finding the anomalies in your sales process to removing those with the right solution, Zoho’s Zia helps you in every situation. Also, Zoho’s self-service enhances your customers’ capabilities to crawl through the online portal for purchasing requirements.

Key features 

👉Sales enablement

With Zoho’s sales enablement feature, your sales coaching tasks get easier and smoother because your team members can access the right tools, resources, and knowledge to accelerate their true sales potential.

👉Sales content management

From documents to videos, whichever you use as your engaging sales content that can be stored, edited, shared, and removed anytime with Zoho’s sales content management tool. 

👉Self-service selling

Zoho CRM empowers your vendors, buyers, and partners to walk through an online portal where they can allow for personal buying without any help from your sales experts. The platform is designed in a way that each type of client can view the product details, place orders on their own, and update their contact details.

👉Omnichannel engagement

From webforms to live chat, telephony to SMS, and social media to web conferences, the tool enables you to prioritize every communication channel so that you can easily convert online interactions into closing sales deals.

👉Mobile sales

Whether you’re at a lunch table, or at your office desk, Zoho’s mobile CRM feature allows you to track each lead, share valuable information with the team, and close deals without any delay from anywhere.

👉Email marketing automation

Zoho’s AI assistant Zia, makes your email marketing task smarter and faster where you can create personalized email content with captivating pre-built templates that resonate with your clients. Also, Zia auto-scans the email activities in real time and sends you notifications so that you can take immediate action.

👉Predictive analysis

To eliminate the harder task of future sales analysis when there are multiple deals in a sales pipeline or multiple sales cadences, Zoho helps you to predict future deals and sales trends with its automated analytical report.

👉Lead management & prospecting

From finding the right prospect that can convert into sales leads to nurturing leads and qualifying them everything becomes more transparent with Zoho’s comprehensive lead management solution.

Pricing module 

💰Free - $0 for a 15 day trial period.

💰Standard - Rs.800/user/month, billed annually.

💰Professional - Rs.1400/user/month, billed annually.

💰Enterprise - Rs.2400/user/month, billed annually.

💰Ultimate - Rs.2600/user/month, billed annually.

Ratings & reviews

  • G2: 4/5 (2,507 reviews).


One of the best Pipedrive CRM alternatives ActiveCampaign is well-known for its proactive campaign management capability.

Another one of the top-notch CRM alternatives to Pipedrive can be added to your list is ActiveCampaign which you can utilize to practice the best sales engagement that can crash your sales objectives. From marketing automation to boosting customer interaction, and building sales engagement to optimizing the queue for work on next strategies, ActiveCampaign enables maximizing your efforts. 

Key features 

👉Email marketing

Whether it's a product promotion or ease down the follow-up for further communication, ActiveCampaigns’ email marketing automation enables your outreach to strengthen relationships with prospects and leads.

👉Lead scoring

With ActiveCampaign, you can assign scores to your qualified leads with numerical values which are based on multiple attributes such as psychographics, engagement rate etc. This process can help you prioritize different types of leads from cold to hot in different situations.

👉Automated sales engagement

To streamline your sales process and keep a consistent sales engagement, this tool automates high-quality interactions with your hot leads and loyal customers across multiple touchpoints.

👉Data analysis

Whether you need to optimize the productivity of your sales and marketing team members, or it's about forecasting sales development, ActiveCampaign enables you to access its detailed report.

👉SMS marketing automation

To maximize the benefits of SMS marketing, you can utilize ActiveCampaign to send appointment reminders, event reminders, flash sales notifications, coupon code links, OTP for confirmation, and so on.

👉Seamless integration with other tools

With Activecampaign, you can smoothly integrate any third-party apps, such as Twillo, Google Analytics, Shopify, Zapier, Airtable, and many more to simplify any tasks.

Pricing module 

💰Lite - $29/month/user, paid yearly.

💰Plus - $49/month/3 users, paid yearly.

💰Professional - $149/month/5 users, paid yearly.

💰Enterprise - Contact their team to customize features.

Ratings & reviews

  • G2: 4.4/5 (1,681 reviews).
  • Capterra: 4.6/5 (2,282 reviews).


From sales deal management to sales forecasting, everything can be done with Freshsales’ intuitive dashboard which is a Pipedrive CRM alternative.

As you know, crafting an effective network for sales is not as easy as sound, so Freshsales comes with the solution for you. From managing your leads and deals to your entire teams’ activities, and providing you with a multi-language customized dashboard, everything is accessible in Freshsales’ easy-to-use dashboard. Since HubSpot is one of the top choices of businesses, you can compare Freshsales crm vs HubSpot to see whether Freshsales is a better option for your business.

Key features 

👉Contact management

Freshsales provides you with a 360-degree visualization of your customer data including their personal information and the stage or mode of your interaction.

👉Email marketing

To eliminate the possibility of shuffling between your customers’ mailboxes, the tool enables your access to its email marketing software. Here, you not only send engaging email messages with customized templates but also can intelligently map the email progress.

👉Sales call management

The built-in phone capabilities of Freshsales enable you to make sales calls, record them, and optimize them from any location and also you can create mask calls to replace your business number.

👉Livechat management

To instantly communicate with your customers, Freshsales allows you to set off personalized messages with a chatbot on your website so that you can easily store the interaction history and track the behaviors. 

👉Sales pipeline management

With Freshsales, you can build each sales pipeline strategically to optimize where your customers stand with Kanban cards and also you can use a drag-and-drop feature to customize the pipeline anytime.

👉Multi-language customization

To enhance user experience, Freshsales comes with over 10 different languages. you can utilize those in its dashboard while changing languages for your entire team members or you can set preferences for individual accounts.

👉Sales reporting

To find out the sales velocity, hindrances in sales growth, and sales efficiency of your expert team members, the tool automatically updates the in-depth sales analytical report.

Pricing module 

💰Free - Rs.0 for up to 3 users.

💰Growth - Rs.999/user/month, billed annually.

💰Pro - Rs.2799/user/month, billed annually.

💰Enterprise - Rs.4999/user/month, billed annually.

Ratings & reviews

  • G2: 4.5/5 (1,100 reviews).

Zendesk Sell 

Zendesk Sell, an alternative CRM to Pipedrive, is used to increase sales through a personalized conversation with a chatbot in live chat.

If your focus is on productivity and efficiency to close deals smarter and not harder, then another Pipedrive CRM alternative named Zendesk Sell can be your option. The Zendesk Sell is a cloud-based platform that you can utilize to apply your value-based sales techniques. Zendesk comes with some unique products namely Sunshine platform, Zendesk for services, and Zendesk for sales.

Key features 

👉Ticketing system

Zendesk enables your customers to utilize a ticketing system where they can raise their concerns and your team members can organize their queries, manage them, and provide personalized solutions.

👉Live chat with chatbot

With live chat by chatbots, your process becomes easier when it comes to detecting your customers’ intent, instantly auto-replying them, and suggesting the best possible solutions.

👉Workforce management

With Zendesk, your team members can optimize the workload, view the work schedule, and track the activity of each second so that the united efforts of your entire team never get misled.

👉Sales analytics

To compare past and present sales trends, revenue growth, and the performance of sales members, Zendesk helps you with transparent analysis.

👉Supported integrations

Zendesk enables you to integrate your favorite apps such as Jira, Shopify, DeepL, Phrase, Trello, Kaizo, and so much more so that you can enjoy the advanced support always throughout your business journey.

Pricing module 

💰Free - $0/month.

💰Suite Team - $55/user/month.

💰Suite Growth - $89/user/month.

💰Suite Professional - $115/user/month.

💰Suite Enterprise - $169/user/month.

Ratings & reviews

  • G2: 4.2/5 (479 reviews).


One of the top-notch Pipedrive CRM alternatives Keap can automate from scheduling meetings to generating leads to providing sales data.

Keap is another CRM alternative to Pipedrive which you can utilize for sales engagement automation. It leverages your benefits from qualifying leads, tracking them, nurturing them, managing them, and setting meetings with them to count them on the bottom line of your sales pipeline. Also, Keap’s automation frees up your time and brainstorming by tracking the activities of your team members as well as your customers. Also check out a more elaborate Pipedrive vs Keap comparison, if you’re considering Keap for your CRM needs.

Key features 

👉Schedule appointments

Keap’s appointment scheduler saves you from the chaos of utilizing other apps to schedule meetings with your prospects or leads while allowing you to set reminders and update availability in different time zones.

👉Email marketing

To drive repeat sales, Keap allows you to automate email marketing for effective sales engagement where they start receiving well-curated messages that have potentially close deals.

👉Lead generation & lead management

With Keap’s lead magnet blueprint, you can always track leads at their current stage, score them to segment your prioritizing needs, and manage them to gain sales benefits.

👉Sales pipeline management

Your process of building a sales pipeline and customizing it anytime according to your choice becomes smoother with Keap’s drag-and-drop feature. Also, you can use filters to see the deals which you want.

👉Text marketing

With Keap’s text marketing feature, you can send and receive messages for individual chats in text, customize snooze notifications, and broadcast text messages for any information with call-to-action links.

👉Third-party app integration

Keap enables you to set up custom support with multiple third-party apps integration such as Zapier, Optinmonster, Gmail, Outlook, Leadpages, and many more.

Pricing module 

💰Free - $0/month for a 14 Day trial session. 

💰Pro - $159/month, billed annually, or $199/month, billed monthly. 

💰Max - $229/month, billed annually, or $289/month, billed monthly. 

💰Max Classic - Contact their team to get customized features.

Ratings & reviews

  • G2: 4.2/5 (1,461 reviews).


Nutshell which is a CRM alternative to Pipedrive makes it easy for you to qualify leads & nurture them to close deals.

Nutshell is a CRM solution to Pipedrive alternatives that can free you from hectic and time-consuming follow-up tasks while allowing you to automate email campaigns. Additionally, its customized form builder feature eases your process to generate leads and expand the bottom line of your sales funnel. It has more which means its versatility can be the centralized solution for your business irrespective of size. 

Key features 

👉Email automation

Nutshell allows drip email campaigns with its email marketing software where you can send sales-engaging emails and create email sequences. Also, you can track the progress and easily generate cost-effective deals.

👉Lead attribution

With the automated lead attribution by Nutshell, you can easily identify the sources or strategies that are most effective for generating hot leads.

👉Scheduling meetings

Nutshell comes with a meeting scheduler to streamline your appointments for effective sales meetings be it with your team members or with your target audience.

👉Web form builder

With Nutshell’s web form builder, you can embed the customized form in your website to store your customers’ data, answer their queries, add tags to new customers, and further utilize the data to measure conversion.

👉Sales reporting

To optimize the process of how your quarterly, monthly, or annual sales deals shape your business growth and strategically modify them, Nutshell pinpoints the effective analysis with a detailed sales report.

Pricing module 

💰Free - &0 for a 14 day trial period.

💰Foundation - $16/user/month, billed annually.

💰Pro - $42/user/month, billed annually.

💰Power AI - $52/user/month, billed annually.

💰Enterprise - $67/user/month, billed annually.

Ratings & reviews

  • G2: 4.2/5 (895 reviews).


Engagebay, an alternative CRM to Pipedrive provides a smart ticket management system to your customers & enhances their experience.

Whether your search purpose for a Pipedrive CRM alternative is to heighten the sales engagement with live chat or to understand individual buyer persona with detailed analysis, Engagebay caters to all your needs. With this marketing and sales hub, you not only maintain smooth interaction with your prospects and leads but also effortlessly intensify your customers’ experience.

Key features 

👉Email marketing automation

You can choose alluring email templates from various industrial segments that suit your needs and start your email marketing automation with Engagebay. Also, you can utilize pre-built email sequences including welcome emails, cold emails, and webinar emails.

👉Contact management

Engagebay allows you to engage with your customers in any channel while managing customer contact details from phone numbers to social media.

👉Live chat management

With Engagebay’s convenient live chat feature, you can easily install a chat widget on your website, customize it, chat with the visitors, and transfer the chat to any team member for quick resolution. Also, you can email the chat transcript as soon as you finish the conversation. 

👉Appointment scheduling

To hand over the power of booking appointments to your leads, you can utilize Engagebay’s appointment scheduling tool, where your leads can walk through the Google or Outlook calendar and book meetings at your available time.

👉Sales automation

From building a sales pipeline to tracking each touchpoint to getting transparent sales data to predict future deals, Engagebay automates your every sales need.

👉Contact management

In some cases, you may need a WhatsApp number or email address, and in others, you may need phone numbers to connect your prospects and leads. For this, Engagebay provides you with a user-friendly contact management feature to update and manage each contact.

👉Ticketing system

With Engagebay’s ticketing system, you can enhance your customers' experience while allowing them to raise their concerns and enable yourself to optimize whether the issues get solved or which team members deal with them.

Pricing module 

💰Free - $0/user/month.

💰Basic - $11.04/user/month.

💰Growth - $42.49/user/month.

💰Pro - $67.99/user/month.

Ratings & reviews

  • G2: 4.6/5 (212 reviews).


A mobile CRM for faster sales engagement is provided by Insightly which is considered as one of the top Pipedrive CRM alternatives.

If you’re heartily seeking to stay on top of the sales engagement trends without being salesy while grabbing the attention of your target audience, Insightly can help you do the same. Whether it's about making your omnichannel presence, managing leads, automating personalized interaction, or closing sales deals, Insightly can be your helping hand in all types of tasks.

Key features 

👉Lead management

With Insightly you can smartly manage your leads in every stage including generating leads, nurturing them, qualifying them into your sales pipeline, and finally making them buy.

👉Sales engagement automation

Insightly enables you to automate the sales engagement process from the first interaction to the post-purchase scenario to benefit you from repeated sales.

👉Workflow automation

To set up the tasks for each project and have a keen eye on your teams’ activity, Insightly allows you to automate your workflow and accomplish any goals.

👉Seamless external app integration

Insightly allows you and your team to become more productive by working in a collaborative space while integrating with multiple apps simultaneously such as Gmail, Calendly, Jira, Slack, Drift, and so on.

👉Mobile sales CRM

Insightly comes with a mobile sales CRM feature, so that you can engage with your prospects and leads anywhere and at any time to eliminate the possibility of losing sales opportunities.

👉Advanced data analysis

To easily understand your customers’ buyer persona and intelligently deal with them to close the agreement, Insightly allows you to go through an in-depth sales forecasting report. 

Pricing module 

💰Plus - $29/user/month, billed annually.

💰Professionals - $49/user/month, billed annually.

💰Enterprise - $99/user/month, billed annually.

Ratings & reviews

  • G2: 4.2/5 (886 reviews).


From marketing to sales any type of project can be handled in a smarter way with a Pipedrive CRM alternative named Bitrix24.

Bitrix24 is quite helpful when it comes to counting on a CRM alternative to Pipedrive. Bitrix24 is designed in a way that is more beneficial in project management and working in a collaborative space with your team members. Furthermore, one more efficient program is tracking and managing the payment transactions that are done for purchasing your exclusive products or services. As a result, it is also a suitable CRM platform for accountants.

Key features 

👉Workflow automation

With the automated workflow by Bitrix24, you can have full control over your teams’ activity where you can segment tasks, set deadlines, update task stages, and share them in a single dashboard. It is beneficial especially when you discuss the same in your effective sales meetings with team members and ask them to share their tips to increase productivity.

👉Project management

You may have multiple projects from marketing to sales and anything else at a time and to simplify your task Bitrix24 comes with a project management feature. In its dashboard, you can use filters, sort the data, and view the task table in Kanban and Gantt chart view anytime. 

👉Effective collaboration

The tool allows you to streamline collaboration with other apps to boost your productivity such as Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Xero, Mailchimp, Dropbox, and some other well-known tools.

👉Contact & payment management

With Bitrix24, you can not only manage and update the contact points of your customers but also control the data of transactions that they made for each deal.

Pricing module 

💰Basic: Rs.1,393/organization/month, billed annually.

💰Standard: Rs.3,493/organization/month, billed annually.

💰Professional: Rs.6,993/organization/month, billed annually.

💰Enterprise: Rs.12,994/organization/month, billed annually.

Ratings & reviews

  • G2: 4.1/5 (511 reviews).
  • Capterra: 4.1/5 (800 reviews).

Pipeline CRM

An effortless email marketing setup is provided by Pipeline CRM, an alternative CRM to Pipedrive, for easy follow-ups to retain customers.

Pipeline CRM’s effectiveness comes into the picture when your search for a Pipedrive CRM alternative ends with the former's effortless customer retention process to revamp the sales. By automating the follow-ups with its email campaigns and writing the content with an AI assistant, you can strategically rock on the sales growth while ensuring it stays on your customers’ minds. 

Key features 

👉Automated email marketing

Pipeline CRM allows you to set email marketing campaigns and maximize your outreach with automation while enabling you to track different metrics such as email open rate, clickthrough rate, bounce rate, and many more.

👉AI email assistant

With the AI email assistant by Pipeline CRM, you can auto-generate personalized email content, and restructure it with paraphrasing words or sentences while integrating with ChatGPT.

👉Mobile CRM

The Mobile CRM feature of Pipeline is accessible in both iOS and Android which comes with a range of varieties such as geolocation features, talk-to-text records, real-time notifications, task organization, etc.

👉Sales automation

With Pipeline CRM’s sales automation process, you can smoothly build a sales pipeline, segment and automate the sales tasks for individual members, track sales deals, and share and update the current status.

👉Data analysis & report

From optimizing the sales and marketing performances of your team members to having graphic visual data of every closing deal, Pipeline CRM leverages your benefits from real-time analysis.

👉Third party tool integration

To save your time from switching between apps for various tasks, Pipeline CRM allows you to integrate the tools that can make you more productive, like, Zapier, Trello, Asana, Google Workspace, QuickBooks, and so on.

Pricing module 

💰Free Trial: $0 for a 14 day trial period.

💰Start: $25/user/month, billed annually.

💰Develop: $33/user/month, billed annually.

💰Grow: $49/user/month, billed annually.

Ratings & reviews

  • G2: 4.4/5 (927 reviews).
  • Capterra: 4.3/5 (620 reviews).

Continue the marketing & sales benefits with the most suitable Pipedrive CRM alternative

Hovering around multiple shopping options for a worthy Pipeline CRM alternative is quite tricky and the task becomes more hefty when it comes to comparison and additional costs. 

But you don't need to worry about it. Why? The article lists the 13 most suitable Pipedrive CRM alternatives when taking into consideration multiple factors that you may seek.

Engaging for sales through mobile, automating marketing campaigns, leveraging AI assistance in writing emails & responding to customers, benefiting with accurate sales forecasting reports, and much more, you can do in a hassle-free mode.

So, let's end your search for Pipedrive CRM alternatives and seize your next sales opportunities!

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