Pipedrive vs. Keap: Which CRM Is Better for You in 2024?

The detailed guide on Pipedrive vs Keap covers their integration & customization abilities, sales & marketing automation, pricing & other important factors.

Pipedrive vs. Keap: Which CRM Is Better for You in 2024?

A rational business avenue is drawn when you strongly agree it’s not about how fast you go, it’s more about how long you go with a supportive modern-day CRM. 

Now, you may nod your head, roll your eyes, smirk, and start skimming through the relevant data on the internet to get over the confusion between Pipedrive vs Keap which may be your first preference.

Hey! Hold! Don’t rush! Let me take the ownership to start the duel between an enterprise-level CRM named Pipedrive and Keap which is a small business-suited sales CRM.

On one hand, Keap is ready to take over Pipedrive with its extensive capability for text marketing automation and dedicated mobile number to create business lines. Meanwhile, Pipedrive creates a shield with awesome lead boosters, a meeting scheduler, and telephonic facilities to give a tough fight to its opponent.

I know, your inner soul is still asking you: whether both of them can be able to save me from burning my big pocket, or what if they can’t satiate my expectations?

Ah! Fret not! Because already another one is on the row. After having a free sign-up with Zixflow on your side, you’ll surely start whispering and saying, ‘You satisfy my heart, You make my heart sing loud’.

Zixflow: A trustworthy & better choice is ready to steal the show

Zixflow comes with no-code campaign builders to immediately get started with your email, WhatsApp, and SMS marketing efforts and a strategic sales funnel to drive revenue faster. Additionally, custom lead-capturing forms and an AI engine to ensure 99.99% deliverability are also there. 

That’s not all? It has more to do with you. Let’s have a quick overview of what you’ll get in surely in a cheaper price compared to Pipedrive and Keap:

  • Zixflow email finder lets you find the email IDs of your target prospect, be it a business owner, a marketing head, or any other people who are decision-makers in a business. 
  • With the Zixflow email validation tool, you can verify existing emails to eliminate the possibility of approaching people at the wrong destination.
  • Zixflow has a ton of industry-specific templates that you can either use as they are or you can design those templates quickly with a drag-and-drop feature. All these are very useful when it comes to catching the attention of your people, tracking them actively, and engaging them to reach your goals.
  • Now, with the Zixflow sales cadence automation, you can create or duplicate a cadence to prioritize leads and the communication channel for follow-ups with date and time.
  • Your daily activities can be manageable more smartly than ever before with Zixflow. Here, you can customize your activity list with different attributes, use a filter to sort data and apply different dashboard views to prioritize different tasks based on your needs.
  • The integration with other email finder tools, email validation tools, meeting scheduling tools, and project management tools make Zixflow an undoubtedly better choice.
  • Last but not least, you neither invest much time to master every single feature of Zixflow as it is very easy to use nor to wait longer to access its dashboard as you'll receive a link in your email right after the signup request.
Utilize industry-specific templates, customize those according to your preference, prioritze leads & build quicker engagement with them while using only Zixflow.
Don’t forget to build your automated sales cadence with Zixflow & have a keen eye on comprehensive data analysis to strategically nail the next sales deals.
Manage your daily activities with Zixflow activity list & set priorities based on time & demand while also inviting your team members to work from a shareable dashboard.
Allow Zixflow AI-genie to write engaging email content that your target audience must think to do shopping from your brand.
The all-in-one omnichannel campaign builder for WhatsApp, SMS, and email covers in Zixflow to ensure you can hang out with your customers on their preferred platforms & drive sales for your brand.

Well, I tried to give you a short glimpse of Zixflow to get rid of your thoughts about what happens if Pipedrive and Keap don't match your expectations. Now, calm your mind, and let’s get back to tussling for Pipedrive vs Keap.

Pipedrive vs Keap: An overview of whether they can be an ideal fit for your business

Although Pipedrive and Keap have a lot of similarities to serve you well in terms of sales and marketing automation and lead generation, they undoubtedly have comparable features as well. Have a sharp eye on them:

Availability of similar features 

Before going deeper into finding out the best fit, you need to know the similar properties of Pipedrive and Keap. So, let’s watch what they have in it:

👉 Email marketing automation 

According to Statista report 2022, an email open rate has significantly increased by 20% compared to previous years, so you’re nowhere to ignore a robust email marketing platform to reach out. Well, for that, Pipedrive and Keap both provide you with email marketing integration.

If you use Pidrive, you’ll find that this CRM has a lot of captivating email templates which you can use as it is or design it with some tweaks. With Pipedrive, you can set triggers to optimize email open rates and click-through rates to understand which type of sales-engaging email content performs well.

Meanwhile, if you want to be a Keap subscriber, then you should know that its email campaign builder comes with stunning templates and triggered automation to analyze engagement rates. Additionally, it helps you with A/B testing before the email campaign is set up and email analytical reports to save you from relying on dissatisfied hunches.

Pipedrive email marketing automation can help you send emails in bulk & track email metrics to optimize the engagement rate and activities of your customers.
With Keap, you can get multiple email templates that you can customize before sending various sales offers to your customers.

👉 Advance data analysis 

To help you build constructive sales engagement strategies and rescue you from beating around the bush, both Pipedrive and Keap provide you with top-notch data analytical reports.

Their reports are filled with deal conversion rates, revenue forecasts, lead conversion by individuals, individual deal duration, the winning or losing deal reason, and much more. 

From here, it will become easier for you to find out which area you need to work further to mitigate the losses. Also, optimizing your sales members' efficacy can make you better understand which members perform well and who need your guidance on sales coaching to amplify sales productivity.

👉 Lead generation capabilities

While generating leads is a completely chaotic process, making them your paying customers is a more stressful task. And in this scenario, Lee Bolman’s words are truly fitting when he said, “A vision without a strategy remains an illusion”.

That’s why to faster fulfill the criteria of your lead qualification checklist, Pipedrive comes with a lead booster feature. In this lead booster, Pipedrive has a built-in chatbot so that you can promptly address your customers’ concerns and answer your customers' queries round-the-clock. Meanwhile, its prospector helps you with finding leads and web forms to gather relevant information about your target audience.

Meanwhile, Keap provides lead-capturing forms. You can embed these forms in your landing pages or you can design them as a modern form from scratch with drag-and-drop functionality and free images. 

The lead booster feature of Pipedrive can help you find new prospects & generate new leads who can turn into your potential buying customers.

👉 Mobile sales tool

Do you agree that the mobile is used when you get up in the morning and it’s the last thing that you’re interacting with before falling asleep?

Surely, you will, right? Well, when mobile is a way to get everything done at your fingertips, then why don’t you now take full advantage of mobile sales engagement with Piedrive or Keap?

Well, they both come with a handy mobile feature, where you can track your customers’ current location on Google Maps, immediately book a cab to reach them, and ask them to have a sip of coffee. By doing this, it becomes easier for you to understand their buying psychology and place your sales intelligence without any delay in an in-person conversation.

And, if you don’t have much time to do all these, no issues. Because virtually you can seal the deal from your bedroom at any moment as Pipedrive and Keap include all other features in their mobile sales tool.

👉 Sales pipeline management 

When you’re in to craft different types of sales, customized sales pipelines can be built by your expert sales reps to shorten the sales cycles and maximize the sales revenue as much as they can. As a good seller, your team members can prioritize different sales stages strategically with either of these great sales pipeline management platforms, Pipedrive or Keap.

On one hand, if you tap into Pipedrive, a well-structured pipeline to deal with sales comes in front of you. Here, you can add the contact person, their organization, the purpose-based title, the specific currency to seal the deal, the exact sales stage, and much more.

On the other hand, Keap enables you to use a drag-and-drop facility to customize your sales pipeline at any moment. Here, you can add or remove target clients, the communication channel, their current stages to reach closing deals, and much more. 

Both Pipedrive and Keap are capable of tracking your hottest deals as they move to the next stage and engaging them to create a buyer persona while ensuring your effort is not drawing in the sea of ignorance.

The visual sales pipeline of Pipedrive lets you build a strategic sales funnel & set your priorities with different variables.
With the customized sales pipeline of Keap, you can automatically move your leads into the next sales stage & add new deals.

👉 Integrations with third-party apps

Imagine a picture, where you love to organize data in Trello especially when it comes to cracking the nut of streamlining multiple projects with different team members. However, to access the Trello board, you have to switch over to another tab and leave the dashboard of your integrated CRM. Will it not be time-consuming?

Of course, it will, therefore, Pipedrive and Keap leverage your benefits by integrating their CRM with other external software without demanding your technical expertise. 

In Pipedrive, you can integrate around 275 other software, likely Slack, Zoom, Google Meet, Asana, Trello, Zapier, Quickbooks, Outfunnel, LinkPort, Pipechat, and many more like them. Meanwhile, Keap allows you to incorporate Gmail, Outlook, Jotform, Graphly, ScheduleOnce, and so on.

Be it for lead generation, organizing projects, tracking orders, managing payments, and any other purposeful objectives, all these integrations can help you reach your different goals. This turns the table towards doable and practical time management ensuring you stay on top with value-based selling techniques.

The differentiation based on various factors

Coming to the most crucial part, where differentiation of Piedrive and Keap is highlighted very minutely based on how they can contribute to reaching your desired sales goals. Let’s have a walkthrough of it:


First, deep down into Pipedrive to know what you’ll get if you pay for it right here:

👉 Meeting scheduler to streamline multiple meetings

You may agree with the words of Benjamin Franklin, “Lost time is never found again”. 

When you’ve already stepped foot into the competitive business world where every other business never missed a single chance to snatch the customers of their contenders, you can’t ignore a second. The reason why you must always be on time is to prioritize effective sales meetings be it with your customers or team members and take advantage of opportunities.

Well, in this case, Pipedrive gets your back because it enables you to access a meeting scheduler, where you can set up calendar synchronization either with Outlook or Gmail. Most importantly, you don’t need to go through multiple back-and-forth follow-ups with your prospective attendees to schedule or reschedule meetings.

With Pipedrive meeting schedular, you can sync your calendar within its CRM dashboard & schedule meets with your team members & clients.
👉 Pricing module 

Pipedrive comes with a 14-day free trial along with different paid pricing sections:

💰 Essential: US$9.90/user/month, billed annually.

💰 Advanced: US$19.90/user/month, billed annually.

💰 Professional: US$39.90/user/month, billed annually.

💰 Power: US$49.90/user/month, billed annually.

💰 Enterprise: US$59.90/user/month, billed annually.

👉 Ratings & reviews
  • G2: 4.2/5 (1,722 reviews).


There are Keap’s details based on which you can think to give it a try, so have a closer look here:

👉 Text marketing automation

When with the new age of technical advancement, most businesses try out a newer path to automate sales engagement, some business pros still leverage the benefits of text marketing and so are you. From Gartner’s report, it is evident that the SMS open rate and response rate are still high reaching 98% and 45% respectively.

Exactly the reason why Keap comes with text marketing automation. With this, you not only can reach your broader audience in a single click to blow them with groundbreaking news about your brand but also set triggers to get notified whenever they take action.

There you can set reminders to notify your customers about webinars, exclusive deals, limited-time offers, lucrative discounts, OTP verification, and much more allowing customizing snooze settings. Most interestingly, after finishing your free monthly credits, you will only be charged for content messages and not opt-in messages, at a rate of $0.015 per text message.

👉 Pricing module

You can go for a 14-day free trial for Keap utilization and extend uses with some paid plans:

💰 Pro: $159/month, billed at $1908/year.

💰 Max: $229/month, billed at $2748/year.

💰 Ultimate: $229/month, billed at $2748/year.

👉 Ratings & reviews
  • G2: 4.2/5 (1,467 reviews).

Don’t waste your time to stepping into the competitive sales arena with a perfect CRM

Still now if you mindfully go through the details of Pipedrive and Keap, you surely understand both of them are good in their own place. In some places, if Pipedrive can smartly knock down Keap, then Keap also doesn't drag itself behind.

If you’re about to say that with a power pack of meeting scheduler, chatbot, and telephonic features Pipedrive is very close to being a winner, then don’t forget Keap’s text automation and virtual phone number for WhatsApp business, SMS or other communication needs. 

Also, they both have a strong hold on automation facilities to streamline projects, sales pipeline management, smooth marketing outreach, and build robust sales networking.

Although both Pipedrive and Keap have a lot to serve you, you must make the decision based on what exactly you need to expand your business, increase customer lifetime value, and gain customer loyalty. Moreover, these are not the only CRMs for you. That’s why we have also compiled a list of top Keap alternatives and Pipedrive alternatives.

Also, if you’ve any doubt about going with any of them, just watch out for the third one and scroll through the affordable pay-as-you-go Zixflow pricing module to end the dreaded confusion.

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