13 Best Keap Alternatives & Competitor in 2024 [Free + Paid]

The best Infusionsoft or Keap alternatives can be used to automate your daily sales & marketing tasks along with project management & scale your business.

13 Best Keap Alternatives & Competitor in 2024 [Free + Paid]

Ever heard the phrase 'there's plenty of fish in the sea'? 

Although it is said mostly in the context of relationships it goes well for the business world too. If you own a business you must have come across plenty of tools that are marketed to be essential for your business. Although a few would definitely be useful, most may not.

Sometimes even the tool you might be using won’t be exactly what you want. This brings me to why you are here for Keap CRM alternatives. Now Keap is a popular CRM trusted by many businesses but it might not be your cup of tea. There may be plenty of reasons for this like the pricing, lack of customizability, or anything else that probably doesn’t match your desired goals.

So, if you don’t want to burn out your financial resources, comparing all alternatives to Keap which are available in the market is definitely a good idea for you.

The exact reason why I’m here is to help you with finding the right alternative to Keap CRM. Let me start off the list strong with one of the best Keap alternatives in the market, Zixflow.

13 Best Keap alternatives and competitors in 2024

No matter if you’re a solopreneur, a startup, or a  big giant who wants to generate revenue with a perfect solution of automation while having the best Keap’s alternative, then have a closer look here 👇


Zixflow is a revolutionary CRM that is perfect for you irrespective of the scale of your business. It offers extensive features like industry-specific list templates, workflow automation, advanced customization, visual pipeline, AI for writing messages and emails, and many more. Let me tell you more about these amazing features that make ZIxflow a worthy alternative to Keap.

Key features

Industry-specific templates to store contacts and leads
Say goodbye to creating a mess on storing contacts of leads & prospects or managing them smartly for various purposes while utilizing Zixflow’s industry-specific templates as a Keap alternative.

Zixflow offers industry-specific templates that are highly customizable. These templates are called lists where you would store all your data like client name, company, email address, and many other info. You can add sections like LinkedIn profile, phone number, and more if you want thanks to the customization abilities.

Custom forms for lead generation
Capture hot leads more easily to transform them as your paying customers while utilizing custom lead generation forms of Zixflow which can be your trustable choice as an Infusionsoft alternative.

Zixflow offers customizable forms that you can embed in your website or use as your landing page to automate lead generation. You can connect these forms to a list so that the different types of sales leads generated are automatically stored in that specific list. This saves so much time which would be wasted by transferring information about leads.

Visual pipeline
Customize the pipeline of your daily works with Zixflow which is one of the best Infusionsoft alternatives & add or delete multiple attributes to expand or shorten work stages.

Zixflow offers a visual pipeline with a drag-and-drop facility that you can use to view the progress of your deals, tasks, and leads. Making this pipeline or customizing the same with variables is extremely easy for you. 

You just switch the view from the table to Kanban from the list. You can also customize the pipeline to add or remove different stages. Adding tasks and leads is extremely easy, you just add a new card, connect it to a list, and assign a team member to prioritize the task and meet the deadline.

360-degree client information
Access every single piece of information of your leads, prospects & loyal clients to make their journey personalized as much as you can with a Keap alternative named Zixflow. 

One cool feature you can take advantage of with Zixflow is that you simply click on the name of a lead in your list and you will get a 360-degree view of your client.  You can view information like their contact details, email addresses, meeting notes, interaction history, and more. Your sales reps can use this information to personalize the user experience for your customers which can eventually expand their lifetime value.

Multichannel marketing
Don’t forget to set up multichannel campaigns, hang out with your customers where they love to present & approach them with lucrative deals while utilizing Zixflow as a Keap alternative.

Zixflow provides a multi-channel marketing facility that lets you create marketing campaigns for different channels like emails, WhatsApp, and SMS. This allows you to engage with your clients on the platform they use. The custom campaign builder lets you choose a segment of leads to help deliver personalized messages to them while applying your lead conversion strategies

Multiple facilities related to emails
Tap on email validity checker tools while integrating it with Zixflow which is a Keap alternative & save your time on approaching your customers in a non-existent address.

Zixflow offers numerous email tools, like the email campaign builder which you can use to build custom emails that are engaging. If you want to check the validity of your lead's emails, you can also do that with the email validity checker. These facilities together can save you time from approaching your leads and prospects on that email ID that they are not using now.

Zixflow lets you leverage the power of AI to write messages for different types of sales-engaging emails to send to your leads. Using the Zixflow AI you can create icebreaker messages to send to your leads to create a great first impression. 

You can also use the AI to write personalized engaging emails in the tone you want. Here, you can instruct AI with the tone of the message, the purpose of it, a snapshot of your target audience, and other variables too. You just have to fill out the necessary fields and Zixflow AI will generate an engaging email that you can use in your email marketing campaign.

As a Keap alternative, Zixflow provides you with an email writer that you can utilize to write personalized messages & build an emotional connection with your customers.
Cadence for follow-up
Build sales cadence with Zixflow, a well-known alternative to Infusionsoft, and ease your follow-up process to retain customers & increase sales while connecting your customers through multiple channels.

Zixflow has a custom sales cadence builder that lets you build a successful sales cadence. Using this you can set custom triggers and times to send automated SMS, follow-up emails, or WhatsApp messages to engage effectively with your clients and enhance lead conversion.

Automated workflow
Leverage benefits from workflow automation with Zixflow which is one of the top-notch Keap alternatives while organizing multiple tasks & gaining control over wasting time to maximize your efficiency.

Zixflow lets you completely automate your workflow with its custom triggers. Using the IFTT (If This Then That) trigger you can set custom triggers and actions to completely automate repetitive tasks and save plenty of time that can be invested elsewhere.


The pricing tiers of Zixflow cover four plans to meet your business needs:

💰 Free Forever - Get started with essential features, 25 AI-Wizard Credits, and 200 Contacts at no cost. Pay-per-use for communication channels.

💰 Startup - For $19/user/month (annually) or $29/user/month (monthly), enjoy unlimited Cadences, 100,000 Contacts, Workflow Automation, and more.

💰 Business - At $49/user/month (annually) or $59/user/month (monthly), you'll have unlimited Sales Pipelines, Meeting Scheduler, and Priority Support, among other features.

💰 Business Plus - This top-tier plan costs $79/user/month (annually) or $99/user/month (monthly) and includes advanced capabilities for larger teams. 


Hubspot is one of the top Keap alternatives that can help you to optimize revenue generation based on various sources, different sales stages & by your individual sales reps while providing analytical reports.

If you are a small startup or an enterprise-level company looking for an alternative to Keap CRM, HubSpot can be a great choice. HubSpot is a popular choice among businesses and it is because of the features it offers, like an intuitive dashboard, sales automation, pipeline management, and customizable contact storage.

Key features

Contact and lead management

Your business would have a lot of contacts, right? Like clients, leads, employees, vendors, and more. HubSpot helps manage and organize all those contacts in the way you want. This can help save time by eliminating the need to search through folders when you want to contact someone immediately.

Email marketing and tracking

HubSpot has an email marketing feature that lets you create personalized email campaigns to engage effectively with your clients, generate more leads, and close more deals. You can also track the progress of these campaigns using the reports feature.

Reporting and analytics

No matter how perfect your sales strategy is, it always needs to be optimized to stay ahead of the competition. HubSpot helps you do that with detailed reports that you can utilize to make changes in your business strategies. 

Sometimes it can happen that you might prefer a dark-themed dashboard while your friend might prefer a light-themed one. Well, HubSpot offers you a customizable dashboard where you can alter themes, set priorities, and customize those anytime to fit your needs.

Mobile app

Never miss an opportunity to close a deal or follow up on a lead, with HubSpot’s mobile app this is made possible. Your sales reps can work on the go and follow up on leads no matter if they are on an evening walk or lying in bed.


Hubspot CRM offers five pricing plans:

💰 For individuals and small teams

  • Free plan.
  • Starter plan ($18/month).
  • Professional plan ($800/month).

💰 For businesses and enterprises

  • Professional plan ($800/month).
  • Enterprise plan($3600/month).


Salesforce as an alternative to Infusionsoft can help you build sales engagement through mobile, build rapport with your customers & drive more sales than ever before irrespective of venue and time.

Looking for an all-in-one CRM package? Then Salesforce CRM can be an invaluable solution for you. The extensive features and integrations make Salesforce a great competitor to Keap CRM. 

This AI-powered CRM can help you build rapport in sales through effective sales engagement. Although the price is on the higher side when it comes to CRM this tool is worth your investment, which is evident through its popularity.

Key features

Contact management

Salesforce is a CRM that does its job to perfection, this means that it can store all your contacts, leads, and deals in one place in the way you want them to be stored. The ease of access this provides can help your sales team stay efficient as finding contacts when they need it is made easier through Salesforce.

AI-powered sales

Using Salesforce AI you can boost and increase sales by helping your sales team with suggestions and insights to personalize the selling experience, which is key to increasing your revenue.

Reporting and analytics

You can use the analytics feature to gain valuable insights into your sales process, using this data you can optimize your sales pipeline to drive more sales. 

Mobile app

Let’s say you are out shopping but you get a high-quality lead who fills out your form, with the Salesforce mobile app you can get push notifications to inform you about any potential sales activities. You can use the app to quickly engage with your leads to never lose out on any opportunity.


Salesforce CRM offers four pricing plans:

💰 Starter starts at $25/month.

💰 Professional starts at $80/month.

💰 Enterprise starts at $165/month.

💰 Unlimited starts at $330/month.


From the first stage to target your audience, make them your buying customers & again count them on as loyal ones, Pipedrive can automate each stage for you as a Keap alternative.

Imagine you get a visual representation of the progress of all your tasks, leads, and deals. It would make life so much easier right? That’s possible with the visual pipeline offered by Pipedrive CRM. With a visual representation of all the stages of the sales pipeline, you can easily see what tasks your team is working on, if the new leads have been contacted, and more.

Key features

Customizable visual pipeline

With the customizable Visual pipeline, you can see all your tasks, leads, and deals the way you want to see them. You can create custom stages to best suit your business. 

Team collaboration

Your Business runs as a team, right? Pipedrive enhances trust among team members through its transparent approach. This makes team collaboration extremely easy. You can assign a task to two members and they can chat and work together and can also access the common files with ease.

Segment leads

Pipedrive lets you segment your leads based on their preferences, engagement, and more. Using this information you can create customized and personalized experiences for those specific groups of leads.

Web forms

Easily create qualified leads with customizable forms directly placed on your website or your landing pages with Pipedive. You can also directly import your leads into the CRM with ease.


Understand your sales process and its impact on your business with detailed reporting. Use this data to optimize your sales processes.


Pipedrive has five pricing plans:

💰 Essential ($9/month).

💰 Advanced ($19/month).

💰 Professional ($39/month).

💰 Power ($49/month).

💰 Enterprise ($59/month).

Nutshell CRM

To leverage the benefits of automation for nurturing relationships with your customers & experiencing new sales growth, Nutshell as a Keap alternative can be your help.

Nutshell CRM, one of the top-notch alternatives to Keap can be your no-nonsense ally that does many jobs in automation for you. This streamlined tool is your ticket to a sales process that's not just efficient but also automated, seamlessly handling lead generation by automating lead generation and email communication. 

Also, here's the cherry on top, it seamlessly integrates with your favorite tools as well to build an easier workflow on the go.

Key features

Collaborative contact and lead management

Nutshell lets you manage your leads and contacts in one place in the way you want. You can customize the way the information is stored and presented to you with ease. You can also share access to make collaboration easy.

Email automation

The engaging email templates offered by Nutshell are highly customizable and can be added to your email campaign with no effort. You can also create customized email campaigns with custom triggers to automate your marketing process.

Customizable pipeline management

View and track all your leads across the pipeline stages easily with Nutshell. Personalize the pipeline as you wish to make it work to your needs.

Sales automation

Automate your repetitive admin tasks like moving tasks up the pipeline, sending follow-up emails, sending reminders for meetings, and more with Nutshell. This can help save plenty of time that you can invest in growing your business.

Reporting and analytics

Gain insightful data through Nutshell’s reporting. Customize what you see here with an intuitive dashboard. Using this information you can optimize your workflow in areas where it can be improved.


Easily create and embed forms to collect valuable leads from your website. Nutshell also lets you directly add and save these leads in the CRM from where you can assign them to team members.


Nutshell offers four pricing plans along with a free trial:

💰 Foundation ($16/month).

💰 Pro ($42/month).

💰 Power AI ($52/month).

💰 Enterprise ($67/month).


As one of the well-known alternatives to Keap, monday.com can provide you with a mobile app facility where you can organize your daily sales and marketing tasks from anywhere and at any time.

monday.com offers a CRM tool that is of great importance for sales representatives as it is tailored to cater to all the needs of your sales reps. What sets it apart from Keap is its adaptability, allowing seamless customization to align with your specific sales processes and project management requirements. It's more than just a tool; it can be your solution crafted to elevate your sales game.

Key features

Customizable workflows

monday sales CRM can easily adapt to your existing workflow thanks to its ability to be easily customizable in every aspect like contact management, lead capturing, pipeline management, and email marketing.

Reporting and forecasting

With monday sales CRM you can gain insights into your sales process and optimize it accordingly. This can help you continue to stay efficient and keep performing at the highest level.

Pipeline management 

Thanks to Its customizable sales pipeline you can have a clear picture of the progress your sales reps are making with their assigned leads and tasks.

Mobile app

With its mobile app, your sales team can be on top of their game even when they are away from the office desk and never miss any opportunity to impress your target audience.


monday.com offers five pricing plans along with a free trial:

💰 Basic ($8/month).

💰 Standard ($10/month).

💰 Pro ($19/month).

💰 Enterprise (Custom pricing based on your requirements.


Insightly is another Infusionsoft alternative with which you can easily generate leads, manage them, and nurture them to play with their purchasing psychology.

If you want to improve your sales process while leveling up on the project management front as well, Insightly CRM can be the right choice for you. If your sales team is always handling complex tasks, Insightly offers features like pipeline management, sales automation, reporting, and email campaigns to make life easier for your sales teams.

Key features

Pipeline and lead management

Insightly CRM like most CRMs on the list also offers a visual pipeline to track and monitor the progress of your tasks and deals. You can choose to customize this pipeline to best fit your business needs.

Sales automation

Easily automate routine tasks like moving tasks up the pipeline, creating reports, and reminders to save time and reduce human error to ensure a smooth sales process.

Email integration

Effectively manage all your customer emails to keep customer relations at an all-time high. Maintain transparency across team members to ensure consistent customer experience through Isightly’s transparent integration

Mobile app

Help your team work on the go with the Insightly CRM mobile app. With this, you can quickly add customer data by scanning business cards with one tap and save your time. 


Insightly offers three pricing plans:

💰 Plus($29/month).

💰 Professional($49/month).

💰 Enterprise($99/month).

Zoho CRM

With Zoho CRM which is a Keap alternative, you can leverage sales & marketing benefits with the guidance of a personalized sales AI named Zia.

Zoho CRM can be an excellent choice in terms of a Keap alternative and also if you are already using other Zoho apps and want an integrated CRM solution. 

Zoho helps you streamline sales processes, optimize the sales engagement queue, and make them efficient by automating lead generation, management, and nurturing. When this is combined with an easy integration ability to Google Workspace and Office 365 It will make your business a force to reckon with.

Key features

Lead and contact management

Zoho CRM has a user-friendly lead and contact management feature that lets you store your leads and contacts in one place for ease of access. You can choose how to view the information with the easy customization capabilities.

Workflow automation

Zoho CRM boosts your sales team's efficiency by automating repetitive tasks that are quite honestly very boring. With those tasks automated, you can focus on ways to grow your business and drive revenue.

Lead nurturing

With Zoho CRM you can send automated emails and messages on different channels to engage with your leads. This can help nurture those leads and turn them into paying customers. Thanks to the automation capabilities all these activities can be done with very minimal effort.

Reporting and analytics

It has an in-depth reporting dashboard with all the information about your leads, sales pipeline, conversion rate, and sales process as a whole. Using this information you can find areas that are lacking and can be improved. You can then Optimize those areas of your business to drive more revenue.

Mobile App

With the Zoho mobile app, your sales reps can never miss out on a lead as they would get push notifications when it is time to follow up on a lead. With their phone already in hand, they can immediately contact the lead when hot.


Zoho CRM offers four pricing plans:

💰 Standard (₹800/month).

💰 Professional (₹1,400/month).

💰 Enterprise (₹2.400/month).

💰 Ultimate (₹2,600/month).


Freshworks is one of the top-notch Keap alternatives that you can integrate with especially e-commerce marketplaces & craft a new way to boost sales without being salesy.

If you don’t know how to choose the best CRM for your business, Freshworks CRM can be a no-brainer affordable option when compared to Keap. The easy integration capabilities along with the user-friendly interface and competitive pricing make it an excellent choice as an alternative CRM to Keap.

Key features

Lead management

Freshworks easily helps you manage your leads and contacts by storing all that information in one place. You can easily grant access to team members to view information about a contact to get insights before contacting them.

Sales automation

The sales automation feature helps automate repetitive processes like lead capturing, aligning those leads, and moving cards when completed. With the time spent on these monotonous tasks saved you can now focus on building meaningful relationships with your customers.

Email tracking

The email tracking feature takes email marketing a step further. You can get information like the open rates of your emails, what the user did after reading the email, and more. Using this information you can optimize your email campaigns to have a higher success rate.

Integration with Shopify

Freshworks helps you track and monitor your sales and customer data easily by integrating Shopify with the mobile app. So this makes Freshworks a preferred CRM for eCommerce businesses that mostly use Shopify to create websites and sell their products.


Freshworks CRM offers four pricing plans including a free plan:

💰 Free.

💰 Growth (₹999/month).

💰 Pro (₹2,799/month).

💰 Enterprise (₹4.999/month).

Copper CRM

Copper CRM is an alternative to Infusionsoft which can help you with email marketing automation to send lucrative deals to your customers & follow them up for customer retention.

Copper CRM can be perfect for you if you solely rely on Google Workspace and use Google tools to run your business. Copper CRM easily syncs between Google tools and offers you a centralized hub where you can view all your documents, and data. This makes management a whole lot easier.

Key features

Contact and lead management

Copper CRM like any good CRM saves and manages data of your customers' contacts so that you can build a sales network with ease. You can grant access to the information to your sales team at any time. 

By doing so, they can have information at their fingertips, likely, contact details, communication channels, purchasing history, and so on. All details can help your team members to deliver a personalized experience.

Automate tasks

Copper CRM also offers extensive automation capabilities that can help you stay efficient by automating repetitive tasks like, lead capturing, lead qualification, lead assignment, and even sending reminders for meetings.

Email and marketing tools

Copper CRM helps you build and maintain a healthy relationship with your customers through its email marketing tools. You can create custom emails using the email builder and set custom triggers to send emails to clients when the criteria is met.

Integration with Google Workspace

Manage all your deals, contacts, leads, and emails in one place and sync them easily with Google Workspace integration. With a shared business account you can share access to your team members and increase collaboration.


Copper CRM offers three pricing plans:

💰 Basic ($23/month).

💰 Professional ($59/month).

💰 Business ($99/month).


Salesflare as a Keap alternative provides you with a visual sales pipeline to help you out in making a strategic sales funnel & accelerate growth in your business.

Salesflare CRM can be your go-to option for a Keap alternative if you are an enterprise-level business looking for a CRM that can integrate with all your favorite third-party software to ease your work process. Salefalare also helps you adapt to the modern world by leveraging the power of AI to boost your sales and optimize your workflow.

Key features

Sales automation

Using Salesflare you can easily automate your repetitive tasks like lead management, follow-ups for customer retention, approaching customers with valuable deals, and many more. With all the saved time you can indirect your focus on important aspects of your business like building rapport with customers in sales to increase profits.

Visual sales pipeline

The easy-to-use, yet detailed visual pipeline can be a game changer that can elevate your workflow to the next level. You can add tasks, monitor them, and create reports based on the information available in the pipeline.

Email tracking

Using the email tracker you can easily track emails to find out when your lead opened the email, which links they clicked, and what they did with the email. And with this information, you can optimize your email campaigns to have a higher conversion rate.

Mobile app

Salesflare offers an easy-to-use mobile app that lets you easily build sales engagement through mobile. Also, with pipeline updates, task reminders, and push notifications within this app, your sales reps can stay efficient when away from their computers.


Salesflare offers three pricing plans:

💰 Growth ($29/month).

💰  Pro ($49/month).

💰  Enterprise ($99/month).


To smartly manage your workflow pipeline & catch up with team members on the same page Capsule CRM can be one of the best options as an alternative to Infusionsoft.

Capsule CRM is the optimal choice for seamlessly managing your contacts and leads and leveraging benefits from automated sales engagement. If you're seeking a solution that effortlessly integrates with your favorite tools while providing a comfortable and effective sales automation experience, that can be one of the options you have as an alternative to Keap.

Key features

Contact and lead management

Like Keap CRM Capsule also helps organize, store, and manage contacts and leads but it does so with user experience in mind. Capsule offers a customizable template where you can store all the files and data you want the way you want it to.

Customized pipeline

Capsule offers Aesthetically pleasing visual pipelines that can best fit the theme of your business. The easy customization abilities help you create custom stages that are specific to your workflow.

Workflow automation

Capsule helps automate your repetitive tasks like all CRMs on the list. Although this is no different from other tools the simplicity it offers can be an edge over other tools.

Integration with third-party apps

Easily integrate with apps like ChipMonkey, Gmail, Zapier, and more to make the lives of your team members easier.


Capsule offers three pricing plans:

💰  Enterprise($54/user/month).

💰  Teams($36/user/month).

💰  Professional ($18/user/month).


The SugarCRM as a Keap alternative can manage your leads more effectively & revamp the lead conversion process.

SugarCRM is an all-in-one solution that can effortlessly manage your efforts which you may utilize in building customer engagement to boost sales. If you're on the lookout for a CRM with amazing marketing automation features, coupled with detailed reporting for informed decision-making, SugarCRM can be a good choice.

Key features

Lead management

SugarCRM like any other CRM helps you manage your leads in a systematic way that is easy to understand and customizable.

Sales automation

SugarCRM helps you automate those repetitive and annoying tasks like follow-up emails, lead qualification, and other administrative tasks. You can set custom triggers in your pipeline to automate all repetitive tasks in your workflow and you enjoy the full benefit of autopilot.

Reporting and analytics

With SugarCRM's in-depth analytical reports, you can optimize your progress, build a fresh strategic sales pipeline, and draw a new path for customer satisfaction along with revenue generation.


SugarCRM offers three pricing plans:

💰 Market ($1000/user/month).

💰 Sell ($49/user/month).

💰 Serve ($80/user/month).

Why is ‘Keap’ waiting? Choose an alternative and start growing!

Whatever the reason may be for you to look for alternatives for Keap CRM, they can be met by these 13 CRMs I have talked about. Although each CRM on the list has a few benefits over Keap like, a user-friendly dashboard, advanced automation, and lower prices it is clear that Zixflow CRM offers the maximum benefit for what you pay for. 

The features offered by Zixflow like industry-specific templates, workflow automation, omnichannel marketing, sales cadence, and email tools, along with the Zixflow AI make it a clear alternative to Keap CRM. So why wait? Book a free demo and give Zixflow a try!

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