Freshsales vs Pipedrive: Which CRM Is Good for You in 2024?

Before selecting any, it is needed to have an overview of Freshsales vs Pipedrive in terms of their features, pricing, ease of use, and customer support.

Freshsales vs Pipedrive: Which CRM Is Good for You in 2024?

Should we go with Freshslaes or Pipedrive?

Do we have to compare before moving forward with anyone or do we need to use it on our own?

What parameter should we consider if they both have similar properties?

Whether you’re a business pro or a sales expert who either incorporates a worthy CRM or wants to integrate one into your existing business, you should ask these aforementioned questions. 

If you don’t do this now, then start evaluating certain areas before showing your reliability. Now if you ask me why, then let me take you through a real-life scenario.

Let’s suppose, you're a caffeinator, who doesn’t only love to explore variations and consume coffee but at the same time is very vigilant about its effects on health. Thereafter, one fine day you find yourself in a dilemma to choose between Robusta and Arabica coffee beans.

The difference between these two is that Robusta beans are comparatively more antioxidant than Arabica beans when they both are light-roasted. On the other hand, in a medium and dark roasted form, Arabica takes the credit of having more antioxidants than Robusta.

Now, here, don’t you have a keen eye on other considerable factors that not only awaken your taste buds but also have add-ons to your health? Obviously, you do, right?

Well, in the same way, before forming an opinion of Freshsales vs Pipedrive, your key consideration should be to find out the vital link between driving your profit margins and bringing off your customers’ desires. Tapping on either Freshsales or Pipedrive without knowing anything is such a waste of time.

That’s the core reason why I put forth all factors one by one, so that with the help of any CRM among them your objectives reach the destination just like a cakewalk to shout out in the market.

Freshsales vs Pipedrive: The showdown begins with the comparison

Freshsales Pipedrive
Ratings & reviews G2: 4.5/5 (1,112 reviews).
Capterra: 4.5/5 (601 reviews).
G2: 4.2/5 (1,722 reviews).
Capterra: 4.5/5 (2,926 reviews).
Free plan A 21-day free trial is provided. A 14-day free trial is available.
Other pricing module Growth: Rs.999/user/month, billed annually.
Pro: Rs.2,799/user/month, billed annually.
Enterprise: Rs.4,999/user/month, billed annually.
Essential: US$9.90/user/month, billed annually.
Advance: US$19.90/user/month, billed annually.
Professional: US$39.90/user/month, billed annually.
Power: US$49.90/user/month, billed annually.
Enterprise: US$59.90/user/month, billed annually.
User interface A user-friendly dashboard is designed that you can master without any technical expertise. A simple dashboard is provided which you can easily use to get your work done.
Mobile app for sales engagement It provides a mobile app to engage customers and seal the deal irrespective of location and time. It also provides a mobile app to revamp sales engagement from anywhere.
Analytical reporting Analytical reports can be generated to get a comprehension overview on profits and loss in your business. Data analysis can be done in automation to evaluate sales performance and find out new sales opportunities.
Automation capabilities Automation is used for lead generation, lead scoring and smart lead management along with control over workflow. Comprehensive automation facilities to streamline projects, lead scoring and lead nurturing.
Sales & marketing integrations Can be directly integrated with over 30 other tools. Can be directly integrated with over 275 other software.
Customer support Its team provides 24/5 support to troubleshoot your problem. Its team comes with 24/7 support to cut the intricacies from your way.

The aforementioned table is just a short glimpse of the credibility differentiation between Freshsales and Pipedrive. Now, here are the main features based on which you can compare them and make an informed decision 👇

Marketing & sales automation capabilities

Gone are the days, when any business pro asked people one-by-one to purchase their product and share their experience, and moreover, it was extremely hard to build an effective sales network.

Now is the time when you can automate each and every single task. From assigning tasks to your team members, having a quick overview of progress, and getting in touch with your prospects, leads, or loyal clients.

In this case, both Freshsales and Pipedrive can aid you in their way. How? Just have a read here:


  • Freshsales’ built-in phone facility allows you to record calls, transfer calls to more expert members of your sales team, and get insights into call data to optimize engagement. 
  • With Freshsales, you can send bulk email messages to your wide audience in one go while grabbing their eyes with captivating email templates. Not only this, but also you can track email to optimize the open rate, click-through rate, and bounce rate while using Freshsales’ dashboard.
  • Additionally, Freshsales allows you to create SMS sequencing that you can use to send OTPs, a quicker notification, or an announcement related to your upcoming or existing exclusive deals.
The automated sales sequence set up through email, SMS, and phone calls is provided by Freshsales which you can use to accelerate new sales growth.


  • When it comes to Pipedrive’s automation, it allows you to send more emails in less time, sync your emails with Gmail or Outlook, and get a notification if any of your customers open it or click on the link. Furthermore, the CRM allows you to choose ready-made email templates which you can use as it is or you can tweak its design as per your need while targeting to build buyer persona.
  • Unlike Freshsales, Pipedrive doesn’t come with an SMS marketing automation facility, which can be a drawback for you in terms of losing one of the most popular communication channels.
  • If I talk about Pipedrive's telephonic feature, then you need to know that it can allow you to engage your customers over calls directly through its web app. Additionally, a meeting scheduler of Pipedrive lets you simplify the meeting setup by merging calendars with it and editing availability that you may use to interact with your customers over calls.
The automated email marketing campaigns with captivating emails are provided by Pipedrive which you can utilize to build a hassle-free sales engagement.

Automation facility for lead generation & lead scoring

Generating high-quality leads, scoring them to set your priority, and going through the strategic lead conversion procedure to transform them into your paying customers are different distinctions.

For example, you attract your target audience through engaging content which is posted on social media. There you minutely optimize their engagement and have a sharp ear for social listening. Therefore, you approach especially those people who show interest in your brand through emails with lucrative deals.

If the whole process is taken care of either by Freshsales or Pipedrive, you’ll get an add-on advantage. They both help you to score your leads based on their demography and behavior, where you can segregate them and mark them as hot lead, cold lead, or warm lead. 

This process is significant especially when you or your sales team wants to explicit data, identify the sales-ready leads, facilitate the lead hand-off, and treat them accordingly. Well, then, have a closer capture of what Freshsales and Pipedrive can do with their individual capabilities:


  • To automate your lead generation and start with a first interaction process, Freshsales allows you to set triggers to automatically notify your team members if any leads get qualified.
  • With Freshsales, you can score your leads based on their behavior, differentiate various types of leads, likely, hot, warm, and cold, and customize your priority to get the best results.
  • You can send email messages and LinkedIn inmales to your leads and drive a quick engagement along with setting reminders to set quotes for high-value leads while targeting revenue acceleration.


  • Meanwhile, Pipedrive has its own separate section named as Lead Booster where you’ll get live chat with a chatbot, web forms, and prospector features. These features are very helpful especially when your target is to meet the criteria that you may have in your lead qualification checklist.
  • With the customized chatbot of Pipedrive, you can engage with your customers without any delay and 24/7. There you can ask your leads various questions and answer their queries more promptly to smooth the lead qualifying stage without hassle.
  • Pipedrive allows you to embed lead-capturing forms in your website or use it as a modern-day form that can be shared at any place. With these customized captivating forms, it makes it easier for you to grab the attention of your prospective clients.
  • With Pipedrive’s prospector feature, you can find more leads from various channels and use their data to provide personalized experience especially those who have the potential to drive more sales.

Advanced data analysis & reporting

Imagine a scenario, where you receive a call from one of your favorite brands' sales team. The sales pro approaches you to purchase from their brand with a lucrative discount. Although you’re eagerly waiting for this, unfortunately, you’ve been denied the deal for a financial shortfall.

The story does not end here. After some days, you get the same deal but this time with an email note. Now, be honest, don’t you get frustrated? Obviously, you do, right? If this can irritate you, so do your customers too. 

The reason why is to prioritize your customers’ financial situation or their preferences, both Feshsales and Pipedrive come with advanced data analysis but in their own styles.


  • With Freshsales data, you can evaluate sales productivity metrics to ensure that your sales teams’ efficiency is perfectly aligned with your preset objectives to accelerate revenue earnings. Based on the output you can have a clear picture if your sales team needs sales coaching or training from an expert like you.
  • Freshsales provides you with sales velocity reports, which means you can evaluate the exact time proportion that your individual sales pro takes to seal the deal. By doing so, you may talk to the individual sales pro and go through a detailed discussion on which problem they face, why they take more time than average, and how they smartly dogged the situation.
  • To thrive in the competitive sales market, you must stay on the trends, and the data you get from Freshsales will help you do so. While you have a clear understanding of the trends of past weeks and months or the upcoming trends, you’ll find yourself in a more relaxed position.
  • Additionally, Freshsales allows you to clone the report, make the report shareable, take private ownership of it, and bookmark any favorite reports to make the right use of it.
The Freshsale CRM’s in-depth data analysis can help you out in optimizing sales performance which you already used to drive more sales and revenue generation.


  • Pipedrive’s advanced data analysis helps you to take the initiative of working on your smart sales goals like a no-brainer and achieve your aspirations. Here, you not only predict future sales with a more detailed sales forecasting report but you can also compare the data of the past and present.
  • If you want to take a separate overview of deal progress, deal won over time, deal conversion, lead conversion by sources, deal lost or anything else with the reasons, Pipedrive delivers you all these.
  • In Pipedrive’s insightful dashboard, you can apply filters based on various attributes. Time, the status of the deal, the name of salespeople and clients, the time duration, and much more are those attributes to sort your data and take the report as you want.
  • With Pipedrive’s sales forecasting solution, you can smartly segregate the sales team members who are driving revenue for you and whose underperformance causes you losses. This will not only be beneficial when it comes to supporting your team members for their growth but also you can channel your resources in a strategic way.
The Pipedrive CRM’s analytical report you can use to find profitable or lost sales sources, new sales opportunities and customize your next sales strategies based on the data.

Mobile CRM facility

Let’s suppose, you’re away from your office desk and having lunch on the break in a nearby restaurant. There you get a call from your sales manager to deal with one of his loyal customers without any delay. How will you do that because you’re not with your laptop?

Simply, it can be done through mobile only if the CRM is available in an app feature. Am I right? That’s why both Freshsales and Pipedrive present themselves as a handy mobile option to help you build a quick sales engagement. 


  • If you’re using the mobile app feature of Freshsales, then fully take advantage of Google Maps. Because you never know that your target prospect may stay at the nearby location from your side. Just take an Uber or Ola and hail out of the in-person meeting to crack the deal.
  • Well, if you want to avoid an in-person meeting, just jump on the Zoom call while using its app and conduct an effective sales meeting. There you can note your customers’ concerns to work on that or you can offer new exciting deals to retain your customers.
  • If you find yourself in a position, where either you have poor network connectivity or you’re offline, don’t worry, because Freshsales allows you to access the data that is already stored. It means you can go through insights into the data at your preferred time or situation.
  • With the mobile app, you can instantly access any documents while using quick links. Also, in the freshsales app, you can set push notifications for your upcoming tasks or meetings which keep you updated about every single event and save you from forgetting anything important.
  • Additionally, the Freshsales app allows you to send personalized SMS for both individuals and in bulk, where you can also send a quick and prompt reply to your prospective clients and leads.


  • The Pipedrive mobile app feature allows you to access the data of your contacts, sales and marketing campaigns, and the analytical report despite the fact even if you’re offline. This makes it easier for you to have a keen eye on the vital details of your customers at any time.
  • With its mobile app, you can prioritize your overdue tasks, unchecked email messages, edit activities, and see upcoming meetings and calls. It is really suitable for you, whether it’s for preparing yourself beforehand to smartly overcome sales objections in a live meeting or organizing tasks for the whole day.
  • The supported Google map in the Pipedrive app allows you to search locations of your customers especially when you want to have an in-person meeting to nurture the relationship. Just mention the address in the search bar while planning the easiest route to reach there quickly and nail the deal.
  • Pipedrive enables you to incorporate WhatsApp through its mobile CRM module. So that you can have a chat conversation with your leads and prospects from their most preferred communication channel.
  • Additionally, with its mobile CRM feature, your follow-up process gets smoother than before as Pipedrive allows you to sync emails and track calls. By doing so, you get to know who is in dire need of your proactive and personalized responses and how you can address them.

Pricing module for accessing various features

When you’re ready to choose from Freshsales or Pipedrive to take the most advantages out of it, it’s really crucial for you to weigh up their pricing to save yourself from burning out the big pocket. So, let’s see what they can offer you.


Freshsales comes with both free plans and paid plans. 

Let’s have a look at what is there in its free plan where 3 users can use the CRM at the same time at no cost:

  • Kanban view for contacts, accounts, and deals.
  • Built-in chat, email, phone.
  • Contact lifestyle stages.
  • Email templates.
  • Custom fields.
  • Sales dashboard.
  • Mobile sales engagement.
  • 24x5 customer support.

Now, let’s get to know what’s extra in paid plans that are especially designed to boost your revenue generation:

  • AI-powered contact scoring.
  • Sales sequences.
  • Custom sales activities.
  • Time-based workflow.
  • Product catalog.
  • AI-powered forecasting insights.
  • Dedicated account manager.
  • Sandbox and field-level permissions.
An overview of Freshsales CRM’s pricing module that covers both free and paid sections with different features.


In the free plan of Pipedrive, you can access the dashboard where you can manage contacts and deals, set marketing campaigns, and get detailed insights into the data without any hidden charge.

Now, let’s have a closer look at the features that come with Pipedrive paid plans:

  • Lead, deal, contact, calendar, and management pipeline for sales and workflow.
  • Meeting scheduler to automate video calling.
  • Email targeting, sequencing, and tracking the success rate.
  • Custom fields and templates.
  • Lead routing and lead scoring.
  • Project management and project delivery in a sharable workspace.
  • CRM audit and unlimited reports based on data analysis.
A short glimpse on Pipedrive CRM’s pricing structure which covers both free and paid modules but with a vast array of features.

Customer support for troubleshooting

Let’s suppose, you identify your target audience and send all of them email messages to inform them beforehand about your next inclusive product launch. But after that, you can’t be able to optimize whether your target people click the given link or not.

Now, definitely you’ll seek expert help to troubleshoot the problem no matter if you’re using Freshsales or Pipedrive which are some of the best sales CRM software. Well, for that, you must know whether the team of them can provide you with customized support when you may need it.


Freshsales comes with 24/5 customer support through email, chat, and phone despite the fact that which pricing module you’re using. In one way, it doesn’t cost you an extra penny to get an immediate response to mitigate or fix your problem, but in another way, you need to wait as it doesn’t come with 24/7 support.


Meanwhile, Pipedrive offers you round-the-clock customer support, where its team reaches you through either email or chat process. However, its team can directly troubleshoot your problem in a telephonic conversation, only if you can use their Enterprise plan.

Seamless integration with other software

To make your business process easier and save your time from hopping from one app to another, both Freshsales and Pipedrive allow you to easily integrate with other applications. However, the apps they are allowed to incorporate and the numbers make the distinction between Freshsales and Pipedrive.


Although Freshsales allows you to integrate other software to make your workflow more efficient than ever, comparatively it doesn’t come with a wide range of variation. This CRM enables you to incorporate external third-party apps, likely, Slack, Xero, Mailchimp, Calendly, Gmail, Jira, Quirobot, and more. 


Pipedrive provides you with an extensive integration capability with other apps to generate new leads, qualify them and nurture them, track and manage payments, automate the pipeline, and many more. There you can find a huge number of well-known software, such as LinkPort, Zapier, Google Meet, Slack, Quickbooks, Salespanel, Klenty, Leadinfo, and many others which serve different purposes.

Choose a CRM that can be undoubtedly an ideal fit for your brand 

If I need to highlight the credible Freshsales and Pipedrive’s sights in one go, I can easily say that both tools are easy to utilize with their value-added features. Without having a deep learning curve, you can use them both to accelerate your daily productivity and turn the table of sales and marketing with soaring revenue.

However, when it comes to taking ownership of an ultimate choice, either you’ll willingly make the decision or you may look for alternatives. If this situation arises in front of you, you can stop searching while tapping on a free signup with Zixflow or you can check out Zixflow’s pricing module.

Look at the feature segmentation that covers under Zixflow pay-as-you-go pricing module including both free & paid plans, helping you build a hassle-free business journey.

Let me give you the overview at a glance that you’ll definitely get with Zixflow:

  • Zixflow is an all-in-one stack to run your omnichannel marketing campaigns through WhatsApp, email, and SMS to not only accelerate sales but also to retain your customers.
  • The multi-dimensional lead-capturing forms make your way easier to get in touch with prospects, ask sales qualifying questions, and turn them into hot leads.
  • With Zixflow’s sales cadence automation, you can set the priorities to customize the multiple sales pipelines, lower the sales cycle, and expand your customers' lifetime value in a personalized way.
  • The custom lists builder enables you to switch over different styles, utilize filters, and sort the data based on your needs, ensuring your contact management and workflow stay organized.
  • Last but not least, with the integrated meeting scheduler, or the incorporation with other software like Zapier, and email finder tools, Pabbly saves you from the distraction of switching over different apps.

Believe it or not, Zixflow is an amazing CRM that you can rely on better compared to Freshsales or Pipedrive!

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