Strategies to Handle Common Sales Objections With Examples

Sales objection creates a negative image in the mind of customers and needs to be clarified with expert tips to boost your revenue and increase sales.

Strategies to Handle Common Sales Objections With Examples
“Treat objections as requests for further information”  - Brian Tracy

Have you ever observed how challenging this sales process is?

Well my journey of sales started very casually during my vacation period. It was the time period when I first tried doing a sales job and got to know that there are many types of sales every salesperson must know about.

I made the decision to start by selling the brand's cosmetic products to my friends after receiving instructions to do so. My friend was very serious and dedicated to her health and skin, so I tried to pitch her a product that would suit her skin type, but she was very loyal to the brand she had been using for years, which made it difficult for me to convince her to buy the product because she was loyal to the other brand and also thought the price was high.

So this was my experience as a salesperson and I got to know that handling the objections is a skill to be learnt. Even engaging and following up with the customers is a tedious task as many of them don't reply on a regular basis or connect with us, so following up manually was tough.

Don’t worry if you have faced similar challenges as a salesperson!

This blog highlights the most common objections faced by salespeople and how to overcome them.

What is a sales objection?

Sales objection is a customer’s hesitation, concern and a barrier in the sales process. It's a challenge faced by the salesperson when he is selling his product or service to the potential customer.

Treat Objections as requests for further information”

Objections can take various forms such as pricing, product, place etc but , having a barrier or a negative aspect gives opportunity for further information in the sales process. 

Convincing the potential customer in the area which he is doubting is quite a tough job therefore, objection gives you the opportunity to learn more deeply about the product or service you are offering and also helps to improve your sales process

What is objection handling?

As I mentioned during the introduction, handling objections is a skill which should be learnt/mastered and it can only be learned by doing more sales and thinking about customer preference, building their trust, overcoming their concern and having the potential to make them purchase the product.

Identifying the correct objection is necessary in handling the situation, by identifying the right problem and by being an active listener, the goal of making customers feel more comfortable and confident in making the buying decision will be fulfilled successfully. 

Ways to handle common sales objections

Here are some common Sales objections and ways to handle them effectively:

Don’t tag high price

 ‘Your product is too expensive.’

Why is a high price an objection?

Price is a common sales objection as it is a significant factor which influences customer centric selling. Therefore high price is a concern for every type of customer while purchasing a product. Following are the reasons why high price is an objection.


Affordability is an impression already made in the mind of the customer that he can't afford the product due to his past experience in the industry. If the price is higher than they expected, they will try to find a similar product with a reasonable price.

Budget set

Some Customers have a fixed budget set in their mind and they always want something which could fit in their budget. They expect to get the best value of the product within the budget and if it exceeds, they might hesitate purchasing the product


Due to past experience with the product and with no satisfaction even with the high price, customers will be afraid to make the purchase.  


Customers often compare product prices with many different brands to find the best price. It will be a concern for them if your product price is too high as compared to the others and they may not make a purchase. 

How to handle high price objections? 

Price is the most common sales objection however it will be difficult to overcome this objection. Emphasis on how your product is unique and how it will save his/her time, money and effort.

Offer discount to your customers

You  can also offer them a discount if the customer is old and has been investing or purchasing your product for a very long time. Or this can be applicable for a new customer too, to build trust and faith in your company and product. Moreover, you can offer discounts to old customers for referring to the new customers.

Give offers on multiple products

You can give multiple products with the best suited price to the customer.

For example, Nykaa provides one gel bar celebration free if you purchase a pack of four. This motivates customers to buy the product with more satisfaction as they are getting an additional unit free of cost.

Nykaa provides combos at the discounted rate to appeal customers.

These discounts can attract the customer and create an urge in them to make a purchase.

Emphasis value of the customer 

It's important to emphasize the value of your product to the customer and make the price appealing to the customer. You can paint a picture in their mind of how and where this product will take them in future by understanding sales psychology to boost your sales.

Winning customer’s hearts is the main agenda of any salesperson therefore showing them that they are valued and price cannot be a big issue over them.

Create a need

“I don't think I need your product”

Why is ‘need’ an objection?

Now you might be thinking how ‘need’ is an objection, but it is indeed. Understanding the customer needs is the utmost important task in the sales process. 

Here are some of the reasons customers might hesitate to make a purchase in your business.

 Lack of self awareness 

Sometimes the customer itself cannot understand their own needs. They may be unaware of the fact that the product will help them and get a solution for it. 

Here comes the role of the salesperson to make the customer understand the value and need of the product to them. This can be achieved when the salesperson follows the best practices of sales engagement.

Existing solution 

Customers might think that they have got the best solution for their needs and nothing can be better than that, here making them buy your product will be an arduous job. 


As mentioned in the price objection, budget also plays an important role in need objection, people who have a fixed budget and think of utilizing the money according to the fixed budget will think thrice to make a purchase because for them budget can be more important than needs. 

How to handle the ‘need’ objection?

Handling the need objection requires a lot of understanding about the product to help them learn about the uniqueness and value of your product. 

You can ask the customer about his situation which is making him/her feel that he has no need of purchasing this product and take a note of the areas he is facing the pain and highlight the benefits of your product and impel a need in them.

For instance, Zixflow provides a learning section for its customers so that they can figure out the complexities of the platform and make their learnings updated. Your customer will be well informed about the product in an entertaining way from the convenience of their home.

Active listening   

Listen actively to the customer and understand their views about the product and the pain they are facing. make them learn how our product will solve their problem or how it will generate a need in them. Give appropriate solutions by building faith and trust with them.

Show unique features of your product

Show unique features of your product and how it will benefit them in the future. Build trust through relationship selling and make clients believe that you offer the best product with the best price given.

Ask for improvement

Ask the customer whether he thinks that he has no need of this product because of a lack of something? 

Does he have any kind of improvement required in this product or service? 

Find relevant solutions according to the improvement they need. This will help to build relationships and after improvement your customer might make a purchase happily. 

Generating needs is not a one minute task. It requires constant effort to understand the objectives of customers and ensure them that your product is the best fit for their objectives. You need to continuously interact with them on regular intervals.

Here comes the role of sales cadence software solution to automate your prospect outreach and increase sales engagement. Show them how you differentiate by using sales cadence software.

Schedule your sales cadence with Zixflow.

Talk at a suitable time

‘I don't want to buy this product now’

Why is time an objection?

Time is a very common objection faced by a salesperson. It can be due to busy schedules, prioritization of other tasks, or any other reason. Here giving importance to their concern and showing that you value their time and needs will make them feel considered and thus, will increase sales engagement.

Busy schedule

Customers may not entertain due to busy schedules. They might be following the day according to their priorities and schedule.

Need requirement 

Some customers are very appropriate with their needs and time, they might not give time to hear about the product which they don't need.

Decision making

Customers with busy schedules might take a very long time in making a decision to buy the product, they might think about the product or service as per their own time schedule.

How to handle time objections?

The most crucial concern throughout the entire sales pipeline stages is if the client truly wants time or whether he is uninterested in buying the product.

Here, active listening takes the role, listen and observe carefully as in where and why the timing issue is coming and if it's really an issue or the customer is just brushing you off. 

Try convincing him to buy the product or schedule a meeting on a date both are comfortable.

Show flexibility

Give or request from the customers the right time that will work with their schedule. Try to persuade in the shortest amount of time feasible and reduce the time by explaining briefly while covering as much ground as you can.

 Value their time 

Show that you respect their valuable time and want to sell the product which will help them to do more activities and be productive in the same given time.

Offer a trial 

You can also offer them to try the product for some period and see how it benefits them without disturbing their existing schedule. 

Show them that regular follow ups and meetings are conducted as per their schedule.                 

If you feel that a customer has a time objection during sales, you can reply to him in the following manner:.

Build a trust 

‘How can I trust your company's product?’

Why is trust an objection?

First of all, you should ask sales qualifying questions to choose your lead. Now, it is obvious that the selected leads will have trust issues while buying a new product from a new company, however it is important to showcase how your existing clients have been buying your product or services for a very long time and how your product or service benefits the client.

Past experience 

Customers might have trust issues due to their negative past experience with either a similar product or a product from the same brand. These experiences can erode their trust and they might hesitate to trust again.


Customer loyalty’ can be the best word to be used here, people who have been purchasing the product for a very long time from the same brand become loyal to them and they might not even think to buy it from you or your company.

 How to handle trust objections?

Handling trust objections requires a lot of patience. Breaking trust is very easy but building it takes patience, time and consistency. Here an appropriate sales engagement process is required to build trust and long term relationships with customers.

Here are some ways that can be used to handle trust objections.

Listen carefully    

Listen about customers’ concerns carefully and show that you care about their needs and concerns. This shows that you value and respect their point of view.

Customer importance 

Make them important and show that customer satisfaction and dedication is the utmost important thing for you and your company.


Being upfront and honest will help you project a positive image, foster trust, and establish long-lasting connections since honesty is the best policy.

Positive reviews 

Provide them reviews from satisfied customers who have given positive feedback. Also highlight how your company is recognized in the industry or in the market. 

Reviews for Zixflow tool.

Standout in competition 

‘I am happy with ‘X’ company.’

Why is competition an objection?

Competition is seen as an objection as it raises a question as to why the customer would choose your product or your company over another similar company or a product. If this is the situation, you might need to implement competitive and appropriate sales engagement tools to engage prospects in your company. Here are the reasons why it can be an objection. 


The customer is curious as to what distinguishes your product from competitors. Building trust in order to make a purchase can be difficult when attempting to differentiate products.


Open and honest communication is fostered through trust. When there is trust, people can speak openly about their opinions, worries, and goals without worrying about the consequences.

Partnerships that are successful are built on trust. Building trust can open the door for the creation of strategic alliances or partnerships in circumstances when competition is perceived as a hindrance.

Customer satisfaction 

Customers buying the product from the same company might hesitate to buy it from you due to customer satisfaction. They might think I am more satisfied here and no other company can satisfy my customer expectations.  

How to handle competition objections?

Show them that you care for the customers at utmost priority and build long term relationships with them using a suitable sales engagement model. Following are the ways you can use to handle this objection:

Show differentiation

Show how your product is different from others and how it will benefit them in their life. And how it is designed to satisfy customers like them.

Customer service

Exceptional customer service may be an effective approach for differentiating your company in a crowded industry. You may create enduring relationships with your consumers by providing individualized and attentive service. Customers are more inclined to stick with your brand despite competition if they feel appreciated and well-cared for.

Get your deal cracked now

The most crucial thing to understand in this situation is that objections are a normal part of the sales process and not a critique of your sales abilities. Actually, an argument serves as your practise partner as you improve your skills. You won't truly get the chance to develop into a great salesperson if you never come across any.

Handling these common sales objections is quite challenging but with the steps given above, you can definitely overcome these objections by listening attentively, highlighting the unique benefits, providing positive review proofs, offering discounts, giving solutions to problems faced by them, and building trust and  long term relationship.

Try Zixflow for free to manage all your leads and build a credible trustworthy relationship with them. Try and get your deals cracked now.

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