Best Sales CRM Software You Should Consider in 2024

Customer Relationship Management software is nothing but a technology that manages your sales. Let us have a look at the quick comparision.

Best Sales CRM Software You Should Consider in 2024

Who does not like to work in a well-managed system?

Imagine having a technology that manages your company’s relationships and interactions with your customers. If you wish to have management that helps you build a good relationship with your customers, you are at the right place. Keep reading to find some best sales CRM tools. Now let us understand briefly what exactly CRM software is.

What is the best sales CRM software?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is nothing but a technology that manages your contacts, sales, productivity, and so on. It helps you to maintain a relationship with your users, colleagues and also helps find new users. Zixflow is one such great CRM software that gives you all these benefits.

You might not need a CRM when your business is new and fresh. But, as it grows, it might be difficult to manage everything. Here is where the CRM tool comes to your rescue. You may need to plan a strategy for the future, and a CRM tool will help you do so. It will give you an overview of all the customer activities.

Earlier, people used CRM as a sales and marketing tool, but many companies have experienced many more benefits with time. It gives a single view of the progress of your customer. Running a business without CRM software can be exorbitant. You will have to invest in more administration which, means very little time for other things. A sales team generates a flood of data, but quite often this data just gets stored in laptops or the minds of your salesperson. But CRM will help you with this problem. It segregates everything that makes your work easy. From a closed deal, ongoing deal, to customer progress, and customer profile, a CRM will do it all.

Benefits of using a sales CRM software

Let us find out with the numerous benefits

  • Improves customer service initially

Where earlier people used sales CRM to improvise customer-business relationships, today, it comes with a plethora of benefits. Improving customer service is the topmost. It makes it extremely easy for any employee to access customer information like purchases, ongoing status, messages, records, etc. It helps to understand a customer better as the employee has all the information they need; this leads to a better customer experience.

Zixflow has various fields at one single glance where you can check the progress of your leads or users.

  • Self-operating sales report

A CRM tool makes the process of managing the stages of the sales pipeline and processes extremely easy as it is self-operating. Your employees can use the CRM software to accumulate and arrange data about the different types of sales leads and existing users. It helps the employees to assess their goals, performance and track the progress on the individual project at a glance.

  • Better customer retention

It is very important to retain your customers once the lead has turned into a user. If you are looking for a long-term business, you need to retain your customers for repeated revenue. A CRM tool helps you determine users’ problems and address them speedily by raising an automated ticket, automated customer support and tracks their behavior.

  • Growth in sales

A sales CRM tool brings all the sales data under one roof, which makes it easy for the employees to track the progress of a lead or a user, which helps to grow the sales. It helps to develop a systematic sales process that has steps to follow. Your employee can depend on these steps to run the whole process smoothly.

  • Lowers cost

A cloud-based CRM software system that does not require any hardware or special installation can help you to minimize your IT cost. It also removes the need for timely updates and version checks. So, if you want to take advantage of these benefits, you need a sales CRM software system.

Now that you know the benefits of having a sales CRM tool let us look at the features of top sales CRM tools.

Top Sales CRM Software Features

a. Efficient management

A CRM tool helps you to manage your contacts, sales team and also score a lead. It helps your user to organize contacts into different segments that make it easy to check the progress. It helps your sales team to look for new leads. As it optimizes the sales process more, more leads get converted into customers. It helps the salesperson to understand the best customer and concentrate on the idea lead at the right time.

b. Automated sales process

One of the essential features of a CRM is that it allows the user to automate the sales process to a certain extent, like follow-up drives, ongoing calls, sales engagement process, and organizing data for the future. So employees do not waste any time and focus on a more complex task, a CRM automates repetitive tasks.

c. Email templates

A traditional inbox gets confusing and time-consuming. A CRM software has an email feature that helps to keep your employees organized. There are email templates that the employees can pull in and spend less time drafting a mail. You can create various email templates like basic information about the company, follow-up after an email, phone call or an offer.

d. Interactive visualization

Interactive visualization gets used in the form of dashboards that gives insights into the changing data. Interactive visualization concentrates on the graphical representation that helps the user input, click a button, move a slider. It shows a relationship between the visual input and data input. It allows the user to explore, interact and manage the data by making different changes.

e. Lifecycle management

A sales CRM tool helps the user to manage the lifecycle of the user. As long as the user is with the company, a CRM tool manages all the processes like customers’ needs and wants, past purchases, choices, history, etc. It is a continuous process, and hence proper management is required. Right from a potential customer to a user and maintaining the loyalty of the customer, a CRM tool manages everything.

f. Internal contextual collaboration

A collaborative CRM helps to maintain communication between various organizations associated with customer service. It includes various company divisions such as sales, technical support, vendors, suppliers, customer care, etc. A CRM tool connects all these departments on a single software.

Now that you know how important sales CRM software is to manage your business.

Let’s look at the features so some best sales CRM tool.

1. Zixflow

Zixflow is the intelligent all-in-one solution for businesses. Zixflow has made it extremely simple to convert a lead into junk or customer in just one click.


  • Keep an eye on your team’s success
  • Extremely simple.
  • Manage remote teams.
  • Security and privacy.
  • Integration and support
  • Sales cadence for better engagement

Price: From $8/month

2. Zendesk

Zendesk CRM software is built to increase sales and build a good relationship with your customers. Your workspace is unified as it integrates existing platforms.


  • Flexible platform.
  • Live chat.
  • CRM function.
  • Analytical and

Price: From $18/month

3. Salesforce

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM software that helps businesses to maintain a healthy relationship with their customers and get more sales. It gets more information about your customers which helps you stay connected.


  • Effective for insights
  • productivity tools omnichannel

Price: From $25/month

4. Hubspot

Hubspot CRM software is more than just contact management. It has free tools for everyone on your team. Free version offers features like reporting dashboard, company insights, deal tracking and pipeline management. To explore more you can also try the free version.


  • Many tools
  • Omnichannel communication

Price: From $35/month

5. Zoho corporation

Zoho corporation CRM has a global network of over 250,000 businesses in 180countries to grow their revenue, engage more customers and convert more leads into customers.


  • Case management .
  • Cloud computing
  • Flexible month to month contracts
  • Straightforward user interface

Price: from $9.69/month

6. Insightly

Insightly offers you a CRM software that your team will love. It helps you grow your business faster step by step. It builds a long lasting relationship with your customers.


Price: $29/month

7. Bitrix24

Bitrix 24 CRM system has a free version that enables you to explore Its great features. It increases your performance in business which in turn boosts the revenue.


  • Leads and demand generation
  • Sales funnel and pipeline
  • Sales data analytics

Prices: Free

8. Nutshell

Nutshell is the all-in-one platform that turns your leads into wins. It integrates with a lot of popular business software applications and offers an advanced pipeline on the market.


  • Activity reminder.
  • Email and calendar sync.
  • Sales reporting and forecasting

Price: From $19/month

9. Keap

Keap CRM software helps you to streamline your business by combining payments, CRM, and marketing and sales automation in one platform.


  • Automate follow-up.
  • Capture and convert leads more efficiently.
  • B2B capabilities

Price: From $79/month

10. Salesmate

Salesmate CRM software helps you to retain more customers with productivity, pipeline visibility and selling time. It is one of the best CRM software for startups and small business.


  • Email sync-tracking-template.
  • Multiple pipeline management.
  • Built-in calling and text

Price: From $12/month

11. Capsule

Capsule CRM software helps you to stay organized, know more about the customers, to make the best of the sales opportunities and build a strong relationship with your customers, all this with very less user input.


  • 50000 contacts.
  • 10gb storage per user.
  • Activity reporting

Price: From $18/month

12. Engage Bay

Engage Bay offers a sales CRM software for small business. It helps you to manage online sales and marketing, with advanced automation.


Price: From $10.79/month

13. Freshsales

With freshsales CRM software you can manage a lot of activities in package. It helps you to maintain details of your leads, create marketing email journey, make calls with-in the CRM software and so on.


  • Visual sales pipeline
  • Lead scoring
  • 2-way email sync

Price: From $12/month

15. Freshwork

Freshwork CRM tool offers a 360° view of your customer. It streamlines your sales process which improves seller effectiveness.


  • Offline events
  • Custom fields

Price: From $25/month

A good CRM helps you to understand your customers better. For B2B marketers, it is very important to keep a record of the activities of their customers. With the help of the right CRM tool, you can have detailed information about your leads, users, employees, suppliers and service providers. If you want to grow your B2B company in 2024, book a free trial with Zixflow.

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