6 Top Automotive Industry CRMs for Car Dealers in 2024

Rev up your car dealership’s efficiency with the best automotive CRMs including Zixflow, Selly Automotive, VinSolutions, EngageBay, AutoRaptor, and Dealer Socket.

6 Top Automotive Industry CRMs for Car Dealers in 2024

Are you a sales professional working in the automotive industry? If you’ve ever struggled with flipping through pages of notes and spending hours on tasks like customer data management, lead tracking, and appointment scheduling, don’t worry - you’re not alone. 

But did you know CRM software can make your life easier by automating the tasks? 

We’re in an era of data, meaning businesses are utilizing customer relationships management (CRM) software to monitor various activities, including contacts, leads management, sales forecasting, pipeline management, reporting and analytics, and customer support integration.

Bygone are the times of rolodexes, piles of files filled with customers' information, hand-scribbled notes on future sales prospects, and full paperwork. 

Today, CRM software saves companies thousands of hours by optimizing various aspects of sales management, automating tasks and processes, reducing manual work, and more. 

You're in the right place if you're looking for the best automotive CRM system.

Why is a CRM essential for your auto dealership?

CRMs are game-changing tools for all business sizes across various industries. In the automotive industry, they’ve proven revolutionary by redefining how dealerships operate. 

According to the 2022 Car Buyer Journey Study by Cox Automotive, 95% of vehicle buyers turn to digital channels for vehicle information before making final decisions. And, would you believe that they spend nearly 14 hours online for their research? 

However, despite doing extensive research, 61% of vehicle buyers still opt to contact dealers directly. Why, you ask? Well, purchasing a car is a big deal, and sometimes, we would like to seek a human touch - someone who can answer our questions and ease our concerns. 

What do you think? Do you agree? 

Now, let's flip the coin and look at it from the perspective of car dealers like you. How can you reach out to the potential buyers? How will you know their preferences, schedule follow-ups, and automate your sales process

Here comes the rescue: the CRM systems. These systems for the automotive industry play an essential role in a car dealership's success by making things easier and more efficient. 

Yes! Instead of managing information between files, spreadsheets, or multiple platforms, choosing the best automotive CRM software tool for your business is the best solution. 

These CRMs are designed to meet your business's unique needs by helping you connect with prospective customers, provide insights, automate tasks, and ultimately guide buyers from the digital realm into the showroom. Following best CRM practices along with an ideal CRM will undoubtedly result in business growth.

By now, you must have an idea about what CRM is and how it can benefit you and your automotive business. Now, we will look after some of the best automotive industry CRMs so you can choose one for your business.

So, let’s get started!


Zixflow is one of the best and most advanced salesOS that smoothens the car buying experience for your customers. It is a tailor-made and innovative go-to-market platform with many features.  

Its integrated approach combines data and technology to connect you with your prospecting customers, automate lead qualification prioritization, and accelerate deal closures, ultimately boosting business growth without limits.  

Zixflow, a leading CRM for the automotive industry.

This CRM simplifies the tracking of sales for its clients and much more. The following are a few advantages it offers you: 

User-friendly interface

Zixflow is super easy to use. It has many excellent features, such as the drag-and-drop function. For instance, you can easily add new leads using its intelligent filters. With its easy-to-understand layout, your team can quickly learn and get the most out of this powerful CRM.

Zixflow has a modern and intuitive UI.

Centralized task management 

With Zixflow’s task dashboard, you can organize all your activities and tasks in one place. You can use it to track your prospects, schedule appointments, and build relationships easily. 

This way, you can stay on top of your daily workflow for maximum productivity. It’s like having a personal assistant to manage your work for you. 

Zixflow’s activity management section to manage your upcoming tasks.

Cadence that converts 

You can automate your outreach efforts through Zixflow’s sales cadence. It helps in achieving higher conversion rates and increased revenue. 

This excellent feature will not only save you time but also play an essential role in achieving higher conversion rates and ultimately scaling your business revenue.

The cadence builder of Zixflow lets you set up cadences to automate messaging.

Reach customers on multiple channels

Your sales reps can engage with prospects through multiple channels from one centralized platform. Is that simple? This multi-channel approach helps you and your team to connect with the target audience in the way they prefer, enhancing your sales outreach. 

With Zixflow, you can run multi-channel outreach campaigns.

Save time and money

With Zixflow’s automation, you and your sales team can streamline the sales process and save time, allowing you to focus on enhancing your business growth. This newfound efficiency helps you and your team to concentrate on what matters most. 

Set up workflow automation with Zixflow to streamline your daily tasks.

Data-driven insights

You can fuel your revenue engine by leveraging data-driven analysis and strategic adaptations at Zixflow. All you have to do is to unlock the full potential for transformations that drive growth and success. 

Get detailed campaign reports to monitor how well your outreach efforts are going.

In the vast sea of CRMs, Zixflow stands out as one of the best CRMs in the automotive industry. This CRM has everything for you in their forever-free plan. Be it organizing your tasks, engaging with customers, streamlining your sales process, and whatnot. 


Zixfow is an affordable platform with multiple pricing plans for businesses of all sizes. 

The Free Forever plan lets you use the software with a few restrictions on automation and cadence capabilities. However, it is the perfect choice for startups or if you just want to run outreach campaigns. 

If you want to unlock the complete features of Zixflow, you have to upgrade to the Starter or Growth plans that cost $19/user/month and $49/user/month. 

Zixflow pricing details.

Selly Automotive

Selly Automotive is a CRM software that is specially designed for the automotive industry. It fosters long-term relationships with its clients by providing exceptional customer experience.  

Regardless of how customers search for their next car, Selly Automotive nurtures any lead, centralizes your customers’ data, automates email sequences, and delivers the best experience possible through its tailor-made CRM to your potential customers.  

Selly Automotive is a customizable CRM for the automotive industry. Source

Easy to use

Selly allows you to track your sales pipelines, manage your team, perform sales forecasting, and access a custom dashboard. Its user-friendly interface makes your sales operations easy and straightforward. 

Manage prospects

Selly automotive CRM software enables you to centralize the customers’ data. With its robust patented feature called “Selly Notes Pop,” you can access information like prospects’ names, vehicle interests, and notes from the last interaction.  

Streamline Interactions

You can seamlessly streamline the interactions between you and your client. This CRM also allows you to record inbound and outbound sales calls, as it will help improve team training. 

Cloud-based CRM

You can manage your sales process and communications with clients across various devices because it is a cloud-based CRM. This means your data is accessible from anywhere, making your business more flexible and efficient.


Selly does not provide pricing details, but the company states that its CRM starts at $110/month by giving you full access to its complete range of features without needing upgrades. For more details, you can reach out to their team. 


VinSolutions is one of the effective cloud-based automotive CRM systems. By leveraging VinSolutions' CRM, you can store customer data, track every interaction, and analyze customer and prospect information in one place.  

You can also perform marketing campaigns and streamline the car-buying process. VinSolutions offers various features that not only make it easier for you to handle your complex tasks but also create sales engagement strategies to enhance your business revenue growth. 

VinSolutions is the best CRM designed for the automotive industry. Source

Make informed decisions

VinSolutions provides you with customizable lead reports through which you can make informed decisions regarding both your sales team and marketing efforts. 

Customized experience

This automotive CRM software offers various features that help you to provide a personalized experience to your prospects throughout the sales process.  

Maximize sales opportunities

In VinSolutions CRM, you can access tools like TargetPro and Connect Campaigns. These tools maximize your sales opportunities for every lead no matter the sales pipeline stage

Enhanced Communication

With this CRM, you can promptly respond to your customers and follow up with them, regardless of the device you’re using. This enables you to provide a personalized experience to your customers. 


VinSolutions does not disclose pricing details on its website; however, you can contact them directly for detailed information. 


EngageBay CRM software that helps convert more leads, build customer relationships, and boost business revenues. This CRM is specially designed for small and midsize companies looking to enhance their customer relationships and scale their business revenue. 

If you run a small or midsize business and you’re considering a CRM solution, check out EngageBay. This CRM offers an extensive list of features, and the best part is it comes at a very affordable price for you.

EngageBay helps boost your automotive sales. Source

Sales automation

This CRM for the automotive industry allows you to create optimized workflows, saving you valuable time and enabling you to focus more on leads and sales.

Process management

Does your sales team know what to do at each pipeline stage? With EngageBay CRM, your team can understand the workflow and perform at their best.  

Omnichannel support

By leveraging EngageBay CRM, you can connect with your customers via email, call, social media, live chat, portals, and more. This seamless communication ensures your customers’ needs are met through their preferred methods, enhancing their experience. 

Analyze data

This automotive CRM enables you to measure your sales efficiency, real-time reports, and insights, which helps your business grow. By understanding your data, you can make informed decisions and continuously improve your sales strategies.


EngageBay offers four all-in-one pricing plans starting from $0 per user/month and to $110 per user/month. On top of that, if you’re looking to use the platform for a particular purpose, such as Marketing or CRM, there are different plans for them. 


AutoRaptor automotive CRM software provides a personalized car sales and car buying experience. It is well-designed to assist you in building trust with your leads and measuring performance to deliver the best service to your customers. 

This CRM enables you to carry out a more significant number of transactions anytime and anywhere. AutoRaptor’s easy-to-use CRM includes various features customized explicitly for your automotive business. 

AutoRaptor is an automotive CRM system for car dealerships. Source 

Manage leads and deals

By utilizing the AutoRaptors CRM, you can drive the leads directly into your sales pipeline without missing any opportunity within this CRM platform.  

Integrated communication

With the help of this CRM, you can easily track emails, calls, and customer interactions, giving you control over the schedule. 

Sales process automation

AutoRaptor helps you automate your sales by providing you with email templates, personalized tips, and lead pre-qualifying features. 

Mobile capability

Besides its web version, AutoRaptor offers a mobile CRM, ensuring your sales team can work seamlessly and get in touch with the customers and leads whenever required. 


AutoRaptor doesn’t display its standard pricing details on its website. They understand that every dealership is unique; therefore, the pricing is customized based on your unique business requirements. 

Dealer Socket

Lastly, Dealer Socket is one of the best CRMs for auto dealerships. It is widely recognized and used by renowned car brands like Toyota and Kia. 

Dealer Socket offers exclusive online automotive dealership management services like CRM, DMS, data mining, inventory management, and more.  

You can customize the platform as per your business's unique needs. Dealer Socket provides many interesting features that help you automate your sales process and enhance sales productivity.

Dealer Socket is one of the best-in-class automotive CRMs. Source

Sales automation

Dealer Socket enables you to streamline your workflows and automate your tasks, helping the sales team to focus on their work. 


Increase your chances of closing a deal and boost your ROI by simplifying the sales process for your prospective customers. 

Effective communication

Using a computer or mobile phone, you can quickly and effectively communicate with your customers without delays. 

Dealer Socket team

You can contact the Dealer Socket team for any additional assistance. They will provide you with operational, marketing, or product-based help. 


Dealer Socket doesn’t reveal pricing details on its website. Please get in touch with their sales team to obtain more information, including a personalized quote.

Manage and streamline your sales process with the best CRM

In the competitive world of car dealerships, the common goal for all businesses is to achieve business growth and generate more revenue. However, some dealerships may lose potential customers through the sales pipeline, leading to missed opportunities to sell their vehicles and provide services.

A study by Forrester Research found that businesses that use CRM have a 12% higher customer retention rate than those that don't. 

So, choose the right car dealer CRM software that aligns with your unique business needs, as it helps in retaining potential leads and optimizing every opportunity. 

As we conclude, it may be challenging for you to choose the best CRM for car dealers out of many options. However, you can kickstart your business with Zixflow to streamline your process like never before. 

The exciting part of Zixflow is it offers a free plan. So, why not sign up for a free account and watch how your sales efficiency increases, a surge in revenue, and your business reaches its goals? You’ll now regret it!

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