11 Best Constant Contact Alternatives & Competitors You Shall Try in 2024 [Free + Paid]

The best Constant Contact alternatives help you save costs and maximize ROI through their features like email marketing, automation, lead generation, CRMs, and more.

11 Best Constant Contact Alternatives & Competitors You Shall Try in 2024 [Free + Paid]

Imagine this-  you go to buy a new phone, you enter the store and a salesperson greets you with a warm smile and asks you what you are looking for. After listening to your needs he suggests the latest model available. 

You are hesitant to finalize the deal as the price is a bit too much than you expected, seeing the sales representative suggest other alternatives to the phone with better features and a similar price range. Now you feel like you are getting what you pay for on the phone.

Like this phone shopping life is full of options and alternatives this goes for the business and sales life as well. We want what is best for us at the best price possible. Now this might be the reason you are here looking for Constant Contact alternatives. 

Now Constant Contact is a popular email marketing tool used by many yet you find things lacking in the tool, which might be the high pricing range, outdated email templates, or even the basic automation capabilities.

Whatever the case might be I’m here to help you out by giving you the best Constant Contact alternatives in the market.

The 11 best Constant Contact alternatives to increase your revenue and growth in 2024


Zixflow is not just an alternative to Constant Contact but rather an upgrade from the features and services of Constant Contact. While Zixflow offers all of the Constant Contact features like email templates, email marketing automation, and CRMs it also has numerous other features that make Zixflow rank first on this list of Constant Contact alternatives. Let me tell you more about those amazing features! 🎉

Key features

Let me take you on a sales journey and explain the features of Zixflow, our first-stop lead generation.

Forms to find leads and their emails
Use the lead-generating forms by Zixflow, an alternative to Constant Contact for generating quality leads.

To find those valuable emails of your potential customers you must first generate quality leads, right? Zixflow helps you with just that! How? 

Through its customizable forms. Zixflow offers a comprehensive form builder that lets you build unique and engaging forms that can be used independently or embedded in your website to automate the lead-generation process.

You can choose from a template or create your form from scratch, you can also set it so that those generated leads are automatically stored and organized in a list on your CRM. This brings me to the next stop: ‘Custom list templates.’

Custom templates to automatically store the email
The customizable lists of Zixflow help store information the way you want which makes Zixflow a great Constant contact alternative.

Zixflow offers customizable industry-specific templates which you can choose from. These lists are the places where your leads will automatically be stored and organized. In the list, you can have all the necessary information about your leads like their name, contact details, LinkedIn profiles, email address, and more.

If you want a complete overview of a lead you can simply click on the name in the list and you will get all the information you need about your leads like their contact details, notes, past interactions, and more. The quick contact feature helps you immediately contact your SQLs - sales-qualified leads and seal the deal.

This 360-degree view of your contact saves you plenty of time that could be wasted searching for such information.

The 360-degree Information offered by Zixflow, a Constant Contact alternative, helps with your email marketing.
Email validation to validate client emails

A super cool feature Zixflow offers is the email validity checker. By simply clicking on the email address on the list and selecting email validation from the drop down you can check the validity of your lead’s email. 

How cool is that? Wanna know about something cooler? Yeah? C’mon.

Validate your client emails with ease using Zixflow, a Constant Contact alternative.
AI for emails
Use the power of AI to generate engaging emails using Zixflow, a Constant Contact competitor.

Yup Zixflow’s AI is the next cool feature I was talking about! Zixflow understands that writing an engaging email to connect with your reader is extremely tough. This is where you can use the power of AI to generate engaging emails in the tone you want. 

Using Zixflow AI you can simply tell what you want the email for, the tone for the email, and the target audience, and with the necessary fields filled Zixflow AI generates engaging emails within seconds helping you successfully use AI for sales.

Email automation and marketing
Zixflow is an alternative to Constant Contact that helps you build email campaigns with ease.

Zixflow has a comprehensive campaign builder for your email campaigns. With the email drafts easily made by Zixflow AI, all you need to do is use the Zixflow campaign builder to start sending emails. The intuitive drag-and-drop campaign builder makes designing extremely easy. With this working at maximum efficiency and minimal effort, you can easily get the maximum ROI in your marketing efforts with Zixflow.

Follow-up email or sales cadence
Zixflow, a Constant Contact competitor, helps you seal the deal by sending automated follow-up emails, using a sales cadence.

If you wanna send follow-up emails on a regular basis to keep your audience engaged, Zixflow also offers a sales cadence tool. The easy-to-build interface of Zixflow also makes it one of the best sales cadence tools in the market-clearing competition by a mile. Using the sales cadence you can set triggers and automate sending emails for maximum sales engagement.


Zixflow offers 3 different pricing plans

  • Free Forever - Free plan
  • Starter - $19/month/user
  • Growth - $49/month/user


4.8/ 5 on G2 (17 Reviews)


The easy-to-use email campaign builder of ActiveCampaign makes it a great alternative to Constant Contact.

If you want a versatile tool that does almost everything then Active Campaign is one of the best options there is. It has plenty of features like marketing automation, email marketing, CRMs, sales tools, and many more. Let me tell you more about these features that are competing with Constant Contact.

Key features

Email marketing

The email marketing feature allows you to send bulk emails to engage with your leads or prospects. You can set the purpose of your marketing to be broadcast emails, target emails, or more. Active campaign also has an auto-respond feature to respond quickly to those leads and increase engagement.

Marketing automation

The marketing automation feature helps you automate the whole process of sending emails, responding, and following up. You can set custom triggers and rules to decide when to send emails to have quality engagement with leads.

CRMs and other sales tools for increasing sales

Active campaigns also offer a bunch of sales tools along with one of the best sales CRM software to help you increase sales. The intuitive pipeline it offers along with its easy lead-scoring feature are game changers for sales reps. It gives you a complete overview of your sales process while managing all your contacts in one place.

Forms for lead generation

Active campaign offers forms for lead generation. You can create custom forms that you can embed on your landing pages to generate more quality leads and eventually increase sales.


ActiveCampaign offers 3 different pricing plans which include features of marketing automation along with sales CRM.

  • Plus - $93/month
  • Professional - $386/month
  • Enterprise - $734/month


4.5/ 5 on G2 (10,803 Reviews)


The advanced AI-powered suggestions for email campaigns offered by Mailchimp make it a tough competitor to Constant Contact.

Known for its user-friendly interface and creative email templates, Mailchimp is a popular choice that can suit your business irrespective of the scale. It offers advanced features like marketing automation, A/B testing, email marketing, and audience segmentation. Let me tell you more about these features.

Key features

Email marketing

Mailchimp offers a comprehensive email marketing tool that lets you create and customize your emails in great detail. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for even beginners; it does not however sacrifice the professional features for user-friendliness. There are also a number of great alternatives to Mailchimp if you are looking for another email marketing option.

AI for suggestions

Mailchimp’s AI offers amazing suggestions and changes to make in the content of your emails. This can help you create highly engaging emails that are sure to get high open rates and generate more leads through effective sales engagement.

Marketing automation tools

Mailchimp understands that repetitiveness is the last thing you want in marketing. To eliminate the time spent on repetitive tasks Mailchimp has a marketing automation feature using which you can decide ahead of time when an email is going to be sent, what happens when we get an email, when to follow up on emails, and more.

Audience segmentation

You must find who your audience is and group them to send target marketing emails. Mail chimps help you out in this regard by grouping together your leads and contacts. With this, you can send personalized emails to that specific group of people increasing your chance of lead generation.


Mailchimp offers 4 different pricing plans

  • Free plan
  • Essentials - $4/month
  • Standard - $6/month
  • Premium - $137/month


4.4/ 5 on G2 (5,082 Reviews)


The advanced templates offered by HubSpot for email campaigns make it a great alternative to Constant Contact.

If you are a large business looking for the maximum ROI on your marketing efforts with multi-channel sales engagement HubSpot is a great choice for you. Although the pricing is on the higher side when compared to other tools its extensive features make it up to you by helping you get results in no time. Here are some of those amazing features that I am talking about that can help you grow your business and score more leads.

Key features

Email marketing and templates

HubSpot is a great competitor for Constant Contact when it comes to email marketing. Using the available email templates you can create email campaigns to grow your business. You can also customize these templates to best suit your needs.

Marketing Automation

HubSpot allows you to automate your marketing efforts to the maximum. You can set custom triggers and rules to send emails and social media posts at regular intervals and also follow up on leads regularly.

Advanced marketing reporting

If you want to find out about your marketing efforts and the success that came with them HubSpot helps you do just that. Using the advanced reporting features you can gain valuable insights into your marketing efforts and make any necessary changes to drive more revenue in the next campaign.


HubSpot lets you use its customizable forms to engage effectively with the users landing on your page to score more leads. This is a simple yet effective way of scoring quality leads.


HubSpot offers 4 different pricing plans

  • Free plan
  • Starter - $18/month
  • Professional - $800/month
  • Enterprise - $3.600


4.4/ 5 on G2 (10,686 Reviews)


GetResponse is a tough competitor to Constact Contact, thanks to its AI-generated content in emails.

GetResponse is a comprehensive email marketing tool that is a great rival for Constant Contact, thanks to its amazing and in-depth features. GetResponse allows you to draft engaging emails with its templates, help find the right target audience, and begin your email marketing campaign within minutes. Other than Constant Contact, it also serves as an excellent alternative to Brevo as a marketing platform.

Key features

Automate marketing campaigns

GetResponse helps you get the maximum out of your marketing efforts through its automation feature. You can choose your target audience, set the purpose of sending emails, and then create a campaign. GetResponse will send emails at regular intervals to engage with your contacts to turn them into paying customers which also makes it one of the best sales cadence tools.

Lead generation

GetResponse helps you with the lead generation process. You can use their forms, pop-ups, and even landing pages to generate leads and contacts.

AI for email content

Use the power of AI to create valuable content to use in your outreach emails. It is hard to write personalized content for your different leads with different interests, so GetResponse helps you do just that. 

Reporting and analytics

GetResponse has an intuitive reporting feature that gives amazing insights, and detailed reports based on your last marketing campaigns. Using these reports and suggestions you can make changes and optimize your future campaigns.


GetResponse offers 4 different pricing plans 

  • Email Marketing - $15.6/month
  • Marketing Automation - $48.4/month
  • eCommerce Marketing- $97.6/month
  • GetResponse MAX- $999/month


4.2/ 5 on G2 (675 Reviews)


The drag-and-drop email builder by Zoho makes it an amazing alternative to Constant Contact.

Zoho is an all-in-one software with plenty of features and tools to help you out, making it a great alternative to Constant Contact. It has a CRM, email marketing feature, multi-channel campaigns, and easy integration ability to help you stay efficient.

Key features

Personalized email templates 

Zoho offers a personalized email builder, with highly customizable templates. You can easily change, edit, and personalize your email templates with the user-friendly drag-and-drop workspace which can help with lead conversion.

Email marketing automation

Zoho lets you run your whole marketing campaign in autopilot mode. If you want to compare each of your campaigns' performance use can use the A/B testing. To ensure maximum success in your email campaigns you can use the send time optimization feature to find the best time to send messages and it sends emails automatically in that time period.

CRM integration

Zoho allows you to easily integrate with its CRM to save, organize, and segment your contacts to make it easy to find contacts for your market efforts. Zoho also has integrated lead generation features to help you score more leads and generate leads.


Zoho offers 3 different pricing plans 

  • Free plan
  • Standard - ₹180/month
  • Professional - ₹258/month


4.3/ 5 on G2 (996 Reviews)


The advanced email campaign-building options offered by Benchmark make it a great alternative to Constant Contact.

Benchmark is a simple email marketing tool that is highly capable which makes it a tough rival for Constant Contact. It has amazing email marketing features like a campaign builder, a smart content generator, and a comprehensive reporting tool. When all this is combined with its simple yet powerful marketing CRM by Benchmark you can truly simplify your sales process and elevate your business to the next level.

Key features

Email builder

Benchmark offers a comprehensive email builder that suits your workflow. It does so by offering three ways to build your emails: a drag-and-drop builder, an HTML editor, and RSS emails that automate all processes.

Marketing automation

Benchmark gives you the ability to automate the whole email marketing process. With its marketing automation feature, you can create custom triggers and action points to send emails and follow-ups automatically. You can set it so that an email is sent when a user fills out a form. You can also choose to automatically give the hottest leads the maximum priority.

Marketing CRM

With the marketing CRM all your contacts, and data are stored and managed in one place for ease of access.  Using this you can track the activities of reps and leads, access and view the pipeline to track deals, and more.

Smart content with AI

Writing engaging personalized content in emails can be hard. This is where Benchmark helps you out with its AI that can generate quality content based on your prompts or ideas. You can also save the generated content to a specific template to use later.


Benchmark has a comprehensive reporting feature that helps you gain valuable insights into your marketing efforts. Using the data you can make changes to optimize the workflow of your future campaigns to drive success.


Benchmark offers 3 different pricing plans 

  • Free plan
  • Pro - $13/month/user
  • Enterprise - Custom pricing based on requirements.


4.3/ 5 on G2 (92 Reviews)


The Audience segmentation and targeting feature for email marketing by Engagebay makes it one of the best alternatives to Engagebay.

Engagebay is a vast tool that offers numerous solutions the email marketing service is the direct rival for Constant Contact. If you are a business in need of a simple yet comprehensive tool that gets the job done Engagebay is the right tool for you. With its email builders, drag-and-drop features, marketing automation, and detailed reports it is truly a tough contender in this list. If you’re a car dealer, then you could choose Engagebay as your automotive CRM software.

Key features

Personalizable templates

Engagebay offers a comprehensive lineup of email templates that you can use and also customize. You can do all this with ease thanks to the user-friendly dashboard and user interface.

Drag and drop email builder

The easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder makes creating email drafts and campaigns a walk in the park. The drag-and-drop email builder also helps with time management for sales reps by simplifying the workflow.

Audience segmentation and targeting 

It is key to target the right audience for maximum results. Engagebay helps you do just that with the audience segmentation feature. Using this you can segment your target audience into groups to create personalized emails for those specific groups.

Effective formatting options

The key factor in determining whether you get a response from your prospects is the structure of your emails. Engagebay allows you to add creative and engaging elements and format your emails accordingly.

Campaign tracker and reporter

If you want to actively see the progress of your campaigns you can use the campaign tracker feature. Using this you can gain valuable insights into the emails delivered, opened, responded to, trashed, and more. You can use the detailed reports to actively make changes to the campaign to optimize for maximum success.


Engagebay offers 4 different pricing plans 

  • Free plan
  • Basic - $12.74/month/user
  • Growth - $55.24/month/user
  • Pro - $101.99/month/user


4.6/ 5 on G2 (215 Reviews)


The email automation feature of MailerLite helps increase efficiency when it comes to email marketing which makes it a great alternative to Constant Contact.

MailerLite is a comprehensive marketing tool primarily using emails as the channel for marketing efforts. The comprehensive tools offer numerous features that let you easily build emails, create marketing campaigns, generate leads, and engage effectively with clients.

Key features

Email campaigns

Create beautiful and engaging campaigns using the drag-and-drop campaign builder. If you want to further customize and edit your emails, and campaigns you can use the HTML editor. To make content creation for email easy MailerLite also offers an AI content generator that creates engaging and personalized content for your specific target audience.

Email automation

Automate the email marketing process using custom triggers and actions. Building a healthy relationship with clients requires consistency and setting custom triggers to send emails when your leads achieve something, or when their birthday is coming up would ensure that you have a healthy relationship with your clients giving way to relationship selling.

Sign-up form for leads

To generate more leads quickly create engaging and captivating signup forms. This ensures that whenever a visitor enters your website before leaving they are asked to sign up which can increase the leads generated quite extensively.

Reporting and analytics

MailerLite has a comprehensive reporting feature that helps you understand exactly what is going on in your organization. You can switch between different graphs and information to get what you want how you want it. It can show information like the number of subscribers, new subscribers, past month data, a line graph, and more.


MailerLiteoffers 4 different pricing plans 

  • Free plan
  • Growing business- $9/month
  • Advanced - $18/month
  • Enterprise - Custom pricing


4.7/ 5 on G2 (877 Reviews)


The push notifications for retargeting feature of Omnisend help increase sales making it one of the best Constant Contact competitors.

Omnisend is one of the best Constant Contact alternatives and is perfect if you are a small business looking to make the most out of your money. It is a simple yet powerful tool that focuses mainly on email and SMS marketing. This multi-channel ability increases the chance of success with your leads as you can reach them on the platform they use.

Key features

Email campaigns

Using Omni send you can create and automate email campaigns with ease. Omnisend helps you increase the open rates of emails with creative subject suggestions. Constant emails at regular intervals for engaging with your customers can also help with building rapport for sales. To measure the success of your campaigns and optimize it you can use the A/B testing feature.

SMS campaigns 

SMS marketing helps you target your leads on their mobile device. The advanced campaign features let you design a campaign in such a way that if your email is not opened you can automatically send an SMS to the registered mobile number. This increases your chance of converting that lead.

Push notification for retargeting

To push your leads to buy your product or service Omnisend uses push notification triggers. If your user leaves items in the cart or if they left after searching for a product you can set campaigns so that they are immediately retargeted to seal the deal


Omnisend offers 3 different pricing plans 

  • Free plan
  • Standard - $16/month
  • Pro - $59/month


4.5/ 5 on G2 (848 Reviews)


Moosend uses AI to write engaging content for your email campaigns making it a great alternative for Constant Contact.

Moosend is a great email marketing tool that is perfect for you if you are an eCommerce business looking to make the most out of emails. This all-in-one email marketing tool helps you create stunning emails, and intuitive campaigns, personalize your emails with AI, and generate detailed reports in no time.

Key features

AI for marketing

Moosend uses AI to write engaging content for your emails. This helps you save the time and energy that will be spent on content creation. The AI content is very engaging and effective as it increases your email conversion rate tremendously.

Emails personalization

There are different types of leads in sales and personalization is key to converting them but just adding the first name isn’t personalization.

Moosend helps you personalize emails by analyzing the previous purchases of clients and their interests. Using this the email draft can be created in a personalized manner to make the reader feel valued and noticed which can increase brand loyalty.

Marketing automation

The marketing automation feature helps you run your whole marketing efforts on autopilot. You use this feature to set custom triggers and actions. This can help you stay away from continuously working away to send emails, you can simply set a trigger to send emails after a user performs an action. This can help with cart abandonment, lead scoring, reminder and follow-up emails, and more.

Detailed reporting

The comprehensive reporting feature is a game changer when it comes to marketing. You can get all the information you want about your campaign's progress, success, and more. Using this you can make changes and optimize your campaigns for the future. If you want to compare two different plans of action you can also use the A/B testing.


Moosend offers 2 different pricing plans along with a 30-day free trial.

  • Pro - $9/month
  • Enterprise - Custom pricing


4.6/ 5 on G2 (656 Reviews)

Choose the best option for you and transform your business as a whole.

Now Constant Contact is a great tool no doubt but the fast-changing world needs tools that help us adapt and improve as a business. I have given you the list of tools that help you do just that it is now up to you to decide which one suits you. If you are looking for a safe bet with plenty of features at very low prices then Zixflow is a great option for you. 

So why wait? Book a free demo today.

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