11 Brevo Alternatives & Competitors in 2024 [Free + Paid]

The best 11 Brevo or Sendinblue alternatives cover Zixflow, Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Omnisend & many more to automate your every sales and marketing need.

11 Brevo Alternatives & Competitors in 2024 [Free + Paid]

Is Sendinblue good enough to achieve the key to brand success with transparency, authenticity, and accountability?

Umm, I guess, probably not! Here your presence for searching Sendinblue alternatives demonstrates the fact that you may seek more.

I know, Brevo which was formerly Sendinblue, includes a ton of features for you such as automated omnichannel marketing campaigns, live chat with a chatbot, and a cloud-based phone system. However, there is a hiccup with the SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) key length which does not fit well when it comes to synchronizing emails.

In this case, you’re right, if you’re eagerly looking for an ultimate solution that not only cures email malfunction but also serves you in a 360-degree approach to building a customer-centric business module.

Well, it’s never too late to mend the strategic approach with the best suitable Sendinblue alternatives. Now, you may think, you need to go through deep research for this on your own, but chill, I’m providing you with the ultimate satisfactory list.

The ultimate list of 11 best Sendinblue alternatives that can be reliable for your business

Before you step into picking any alternative to Sendinblue solution, you must compare those alternatives with their extreme capabilities. But how do you get this done on your own? Let’s just dive into the details which are waiting for you 👇


Zixflow, the well-known name in the market, presents itself as one of the best Sendinblue alternatives which is a complete workspace suite to create, engage, and optimize your marketing and sales functions. 

It has comparatively more than Sendinblue in terms of WhatsApp API, lead generation form, custom list, and every other thing that you may seek in one single stack for any business domain. 

Now, imagine a scenario, your customers eagerly looking to get in touch with you for an immediate solution at 8 o'clock in the morning, but you’re running late to serve them at 11 o'clock. What do you think will be feasible for them? 

Hopefully not! Am I right? If as a business folk, you can freak out in a delayed task or deal, then your customer too. The reason why prompt solutions from crafting sales cadence to automating customer-centric business with a data-riched approach, Zixflow serves as an all-rounder while saving you from beating around the bush.

There is more about Zixflow, just have a read right from here 👇

Key Features

👉Email marketing automation

According to the research-backed data, your possibility is comparatively 6x higher to get a click from an email over Tweet. Isn’t that amazing? But do you follow this rule? If not now, then start work on your new narratives with Zixflow email marketing automation. 

Why? Zixflow comes with several email marketing features, let me explain one by one. Firstly, the AI writer impressively works like a genius especially when you don’t get ideas for crafting sweet though catchy phrases in your email content. 

You just need to mention your preferences in terms of your target audience, the tone of your email body, and the purpose of sending those emails, then the AI writer will serve engaging content on your plate. Well, if you aren't satisfied with it, the AI writer can rephrase, summarize, and rewrite the same in a single second.

Additionally, either you can craft email templates from scratch or you just tweak some ideas to customize pre-existing templates that can captivate the eye of your audience. More promisingly, you can schedule all those emails to send in bulk or individuals in automation even when you’re in a deep sleep.

Instruct the AI email writer of Zixflow which is a Sendiblue alternative to write an amazing copy that can resonate with your customers.
Set your email marketing goal & run the email campaign with one of the top Sendinblue alternatives named Zixflow.
👉WhatsApp marketing automation

Apply WhatsApp automation hacks, snatch attention away from your competitors, and nurture your customers as personalized as you can with Zixflow WhatsApp automation.

Zixflow not only can help you in WhatsApp automation while benefiting you with custom templates, but it also provides you with an API to ease your process of flaunting your brand. No matter which business you're in or how strong your customer base is, with the Zixflow WhatsApp feature, you can set drip campaigns and broadcast your brand to maximize your outreach potential.

This means you can send WhatsApp messages in bulk whenever you launch a new product, send promotional messages, offer lucrative discounts to your customers, and keep engaged with them.

Automate your WhatsApp marketing campaign with an alternative to Sendinblue named Zixflow & drive revenue in your pocket.
👉SMS marketing automation

When every other person is engaging with brands mostly through mobile devices, then why don’t you choose the right communication platform?

If you wish to present your brand in a way where there is a higher possibility that 86.1% of customers will surely get back to you within the next 30 minutes, then Zixflow SMS marketing automation is a feasible solution.

With Zixflow’s SMS automation, you can share confirmation OTP, flash sales deals, invoice links, and subscription links in your website, or newsletter, and do much more. Let's just ensure that you never fall short of timing, misleading information, or instant engagement.

Make instant engagement with your customers while providing information in real-time with Sendinblue’s alternative Zixflow SMS marketing campaign.
👉Lead capturing form builder

Are you eager to revamp your lead qualification checklist with a suitable Sendinblue alternative?

Umm, yes! Then don’t think much before tapping on Zixflow’s intuitive lead capturing form building feature.

Why? With this form, you can ask relevant questions to your prospective clients, ask them relevant questions to address their concerns, and leave room for them to get back to you. 

Well, these capturing forms are easily accessible as well as customizable which you can share in your SMS, WhatsApp, and email messages. Additionally, you can use the form as a landing page or as an embedded form in your website.

Capture & nurture your leads with Zixflow’s customized lead-capturing form, which is a Sendinblue alternative.
👉Sales cadence automation

A well-crafted sales cadence is one, where you can easily set multiple touch points to nurture your customer relationship to count them on your sales pipeline in a timely manner.

From obtaining qualified leads who can serve their loyalty with your brand to following up with them to drive conversion, Zixflow sales engagement serves you in a better way to stand out in your expectations.

In each stage of sales cadence, you can automate the task with Zixflow, while curating strategy on your own and putting other responsibilities on Zixflow’s shoulders without having intricacies.

Maximize your sales potential with the help of a Brevo alternative named Zixflow’s sales cadence automation.
👉Custom lists builder with modified templates

Now, your project management tasks become smoother and strategically segmented with Zixflow’s custom list builder.

With this, you can not only customize the list of multiple projects at a time and through a single dashboard but also you can add value to it while making it shareable with your team members. There you can even customize a listview with Kanban, Todo, and multiple board views and also prioritize tasks based on date, time, and status or you can add more elements to it.

The whole thing is very reliable especially when you’re in a rush to conduct effective sales meetings and you want to have a quick overview of the project before diving into a worthwhile discussion.

Curate the custom list for various purposes with Zixflow’s custom list builder & organize every data at your fingertips.
👉Simplest external software integration

The quickest and easiest way of WhatsApp cloud API integration in Zixflow leverages your benefit from the WhatsApp Business Platform. Additionally, you can incorporate other software as well, likely, Pabbly, Webhook, Zapier, and email finder tools as well.

If you ask me the benefits of it, then let me tell you, all they can either help you in gathering customer contact with updated info or they can ease your workflow while saving you from jumping here and there.

It not only saves your crucial time but also elevates your concentrated focus on managing team members as well as customers.

Pricing module

Want to know something better about where Zixflow can beat Sendinblue?

If it’s a big yes, then you must know that Zixflow comes with omni-channel campaigns with pay-per-use opportunities. You don’t need to worry about a single penny or its reliability because you can have a walkthrough and utilization in its dashboard free of cost for 14 days. Just have a look at Zixflow’s pricing module below:

💰Free Forever: $0/user/month, billed annually.

💰Starter: $19/user/month, billed annually.

💰Growth: $49/user/month, billed annually.

The pay-as-you-go module of Zixflow is considered one of the most suitable choices for Sendinblue.

Rating & reviews

  • 4.8 out of 5 (17 reviews) by G2.
  • 4.6 out of 5 (79 reviews) by Capterra.


Mailchimp, an alternative to Sendinblue, makes email marketing easier for you.

If you’re the one, who is in search of Sendinblue alternatives with professional-looking customized email templates, then Mailchimp can be your go-to option. 

Additionally, the smart generative AI to enhance your sales process is itself an extra add-on given by Mailchimp, which lets you get advanced AI capabilities. From proposing ideas from newsletters, emails, and designs to auditing your sales data to make you understand where you should put more effort, Mailchimp does everything for you. 

Key Features

👉Email marketing

To ensure your follow-up process is on the right track, Mailchimp provides you with an email marketing facility where you can use set campaigns in automation. Besides this, you can auto-write content with an AI writer and use or customize visually appealing templates.

👉SMS marketing

With Mailchimp’s SMS marketing, you can send a quick and impactful message to your customers where you can share immediate alerts, discounts, and notifications in real-time.

👉Forecasting & reporting

To segment the audience with behavioral targeting and personalized customer journey, you need an in-depth analytical report, which Mailchimp provides you while harnessing its advanced analysis ability.

👉Landing page building

With the Mailchimp landing page builder facility, you can choose templates and design your website’s landing pages that resonate with your customers within a few minutes by using a free account.

👉Generative AI

The generative AI of Mailchimp lets you know how and why your marketing and sales campaigns will work for you while analyzing multiple data points and suggesting improvements in the copy, layout, and imagery of emails.

👉Retargeting ad campaigns

Mailchimp allows you to retarget and re-engage your customers with ad campaigns across various platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Instagram, so you can nail your unique selling proposition.

👉Third-party software integrations

To ease your workflow and enhance your engagement, Mailchimp enables you to seamlessly incorporate third-party tools, likely, Shopify, Wix, LinkedIn, Squarespace, Canva, WooCommerce, and much more.

Pricing module

💰Free: $0/month.

💰Essentials: $4.61/month for 12 months.

💰Standard: $6.88/month for 12 months.

💰Premium: $137.53/month for 12 months.

Rating & reviews

  • 4.4 out of 5 (5,081 reviews) by G2.
  • 4.5 out of 5 (16,829 reviews) by Capterra.


ActiveCampaign, a Brevo alternative, enables you to score leads & prioritize them to intensify sales.

Are you one of those who want to automate tasks without complexity?

If so, then ActiveCampaign can serve you as a solution to one of the best alternatives to Sendinblue. 

The simple intuitive dashboard of ActiveCampaign comes with a user-friendly email builder, CRM functionality, and easy-to-integrate software. You can utilize them all from onboarding your new customers to getting benefits with long-lasting relationships.

Key Features

👉Email marketing 

ActiveCampaign enables you to access customized email templates for every domain and schedule email marketing. With this, you can send transactional emails to broadcast your brand’s selling points which can be included in your effective lead conversion strategies to generate hot leads with ease.

👉Lead scoring

With the tool, you can get notifications when leads are qualified alongside they will get a score with numerical values in automated mode so that you don’t run behind the vagueness of lead prioritization.

👉Sales engagement

A proper execution of sales engagement across multiple channels can shorten your sales cycle while closing deals more fast. ActiveCampaign exactly enables you to do that while automating interactions.

👉Advanced reporting

To predict future winning or losing deals, ActiveCampaign provides you with data-backed forecasting reports, so that you can take action before your customers engage with your competitors.

👉AI content generation

To improve your customer experience, you need segmented content based on user behavior, and ActiveCampaign’s AI serves you the same while letting your customers enjoy what they want to see. 

👉Apps & integration

With Activecampaign, you can integrate your favorite tools with it while smoothing your workflow, likely, Asana, Buffer, Airtable, Google Analytics, Shopify, Google Ads, Slack, Paypal, and much more.

Pricing module

💰Free Trial: 14 days.

💰Lite: $29/month/user/billed annually.

💰Plus: $49/month/3 users/billed annually.

💰Professional: $149/month/5 users/billed annually.

💰Enterprise: $259/month/10 users/billed annually.

Rating & reviews

  • 4.4 out of 5 (1,775 reviews) by G2.
  • 4.6 out of 5 (2,351 reviews) by Capterra.


Omnisend can smooth your omni channel campaigns on behalf of the Sendinblue alternative.

Whether you’re a newbie or a pro in the e-commerce sector, who's looking for an alternative to Brevo to focus on an e-commerce-based marketing and sales automation platform, then Omnisend can help you. 

Omnisend can leverage your benefits from engaging with different types of sales leads via, email, SMS, and push notifications campaigns. Omnisend's free version can help you get brownie points because you can access everything in it such as a captivating template library, audience segmentation, and round-the-clock customer support.

Key Features

👉Email marketing

Omnisend email marketing capabilities help you benefit from maximum outreach. You can do this by using eye-catching templates, customizing those with drag and drop builder, and setting your marketing campaign in automation.

👉SMS marketing

To provide flash sales deals, OTP, short updates with your upcoming deals, and many more, you can utilize Ominsend’s SMS marketing facility and make instant engagement with your audience.

👉Sales automation

From building the bottom line of your sales funnel to dealing with them and nurturing those relationships for the long term to take them to the top of your sales pipeline, everything can be done through Omnisend’s sales automation.

👉Form builder

The form builder feature of Omnisend enables you to customize sign-up and pop-up forms which you can utilize in your web, email, and SMS lists. By utilizing the forms you can make customer segmentation with precision.

👉Advance reporting

With Omnisends’ advanced analytical report, you can optimize your sales performance in terms of losing or winning deals and utilize the data to curate your next best sales strategies.

👉Retarget contacts

Omnisend can sync with an extra channel to build consistent retargeting while simplifying your process to utilize built-in synchronization to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google.

Pricing module

💰Free: $0/month.

💰Pro:  $16/month.

💰Standard: $59/month.

Rating & reviews

  • 4.5 out of 5 (845 reviews) by G2.
  • 4.7 out of 5 (706 reviews) by Capterra.


AWeber, an alternative to Brevo, can ease your process of especially email marketing to drive sales.

AWeber, one of the top-notch competitors of Sendinblue, favors you with email marketing and A/B testing. It implies that your email messages can be delivered at the appropriate moment and to the right person, those messages can get opened so that your email bounce rate can be minimized as much as possible.

Key Features

👉Email marketing 

AWeber enables you to set email marketing campaigns in autopilot mode, where you can send different types of email messages such as welcome, confirmation, abandoned cart, and so on. Also, you can use a drag-and-drop feature to ease your process of customizing pre-built email templates.

👉Mobile engagement

With AWeber’s mobile app facility, you can seamlessly manage your campaigns, smoothly deal with different types of sales, and address your customers’ concerns at your fingertips from anywhere and at any time.

👉API access

With Aweber's email API access, you can ensure an efficient, customized, and secure way of email interaction while eliminating the possibility of a substandard user experience full of errors.

👉Signup form builder

AWeber allows you to design and customize sign-up forms that you can embed in your website while easing the way of lead capturing.

👉Seamless integrations

From social media to shopping carts, everywhere AWeber can let you seamlessly integrate to ease your workflow while helping you integrate with PayPal, BigCommerce, Landbot.io, Airtable, AeroLeads, and so on.

Pricing module

💰Free: $0/month.

💰Lite: $12.50/month, billed annually.

💰Plus: $20/month, billed annually.

💰Unlimited: $899/month, billed monthly.

Rating & reviews

  • 4.2 out of 5 (628 reviews) by G2.
  • 4.4 out of 5 (295 reviews) by Capterra.


Klaviyo can help you maximize outreach & impress your audience as an alternative to Brevo.

Kalviyo is another alternative to Sendinblue, where you create a buyer persona, simplify your marketing and sales outreach, and curate a personalized roadmap to ease your customers’ journey. Additionally, to increase your customers’ lifetime value and retain them again and again, you can smoothly share loyalty rewards with your existing customers while utilizing Klaviyo’s email and SMS marketing.

Key Features

👉Email automation

To keep up with the follow-up process, Klaviyo enables you to utilize its email automation. You can utilize template editors to design with precision and send various types of sales-engaging emails to grab attention.

👉SMS automation

To transform your first-time buyers into lifetime loyal customers, you can create instant engagement with Klaviyo’s SMS automation. You can send OTP confirmation codes and various types of links such as purchasing deals, abandoned carts, invoice details, and much more.

👉Mobile push notifications

Klaviyo enables you to catch your customers’ eye with a mobile push notification facility where your sending message will pop up in their mobile lock screen instead of any in-app notification.

👉Custom form builder

If your target is to gather more customer data and personalize their whole journey with your brand, you can utilize Klaviyo’s custom form builder to create sign-up forms, embed web forms, and display pop-up forms.

👉API & integrations

With Klaviyo’s API functionality, you can unlock your growth potential while leveraging integration with other productive tools such as Salesforce, Google Ads, Shopify, Square, and much more.

👉Generative AI

The built-in generative AI of Klaviyo helps you with suggestive personalized content creation for SMS, product feed, and emails that resonate with your customers and they must think to buy from your brand.

👉Advanced reporting

After analyzing multiple data based on your sales performance as well as your customers’ psychology and behavior, Klaviyo provides you with in-depth insights into the data which you can utilize in your next steps.

Pricing module

💰Free: $0/month.

💰Email: $45/month.

💰Email & SMS: $60/month.

Rating & reviews

  • 4.6 out of 5 (1,014 reviews) by G2.
  • 4.7 out of 5 (398 reviews) by Capterra.

Constant Contact 

Constant Contract which is an alternative to Brevo provides you with in-depth sales analysis & to alter your strategies.

Whether you’re sitting at your office desk or lying in your bed, the easy-to-access mobile app feature of Constant Contract ensures your engagement efforts from everywhere. This Brevo competitor allows you to maximize your outreach potential with omnichannel marketing, which you can include in your lead generation strategy. 

Key Features

👉Email marketing

With Constant Contact, you can easily customize pre-designed captivating email templates while utilizing an email editor with drag-and-drop functionality. Also, you can share sales-engaging content to revamp your revenue flow.

👉SMS marketing

To send your customers short, sweet, and crisp messages through text, Constant Contract allows you to set up SMS marketing while helping you with an AI and banishing you from writer’s block with innovative ideas.

👉Event marketing

Constant Contract enables you to build event marketing campaigns in automation mode for various purposes such as promoting your brand, arranging fundraising events, workshop events, and so on. Besides this, you can send out promo codes for discounts while inviting your customers through online tickets or emails.

👉Social media marketing

With Constant Contract, you can leverage additional benefits from social media marketing, as this tool helps you integrate with each social media platform, schedule your social media posts, and send those automatically. Also, with the tool, you can focus on social listening to optimize your customers’ behavior.

👉Custom form builder

To simplify your process of collecting customer data and letting your customers engage with your brand, Constant Contract provides you with a custom form builder feature that you can use on landing pages.

👉Advanced analysis

To ensure that your strategies can convert your hot leads into loyal customers while revamping their experience with your brand, Constant Contract comes with in-depth analytical reports.

👉Productive integrations

You can get things done at earlier stages while accessing Constant Contract’s integrations with other software, such as Shopify, Canva, Etsy, Salesforce, SurveyMonkey, etc.

👉Mobile app engagement

The mobile app feature of Constant Contract enables you to manage customer contact, engage with them with interesting sales qualifying questions, and smartly manage them to accelerate sales irrespective of your location.

Pricing module

💰Lite: Rs.990/month.

💰Standard: Rs.2,888/month.

💰Premium: Rs.6,600/month.

Rating & reviews

  • 4.0 out of 5 (5,748 reviews) by G2.
  • 4.3 out of 5 (2,675 reviews) by Capterra.


GetResponse, a Brevo alternative, can engage your audience in personalized live chat with its chatbot & encourage them to buy from your brand.

No matter if you're a sales folk or a pro businessman, who's eagerly hunting for an absolute Sendinblue alternative to revamping your search for fortune-tellers, then GetResponse is ready to serve you in all ways. From automating your marketing efforts to engaging your target audience in live chat to curating well-crafted sales funnels, GetResponse helps you in every scenario to accelerate your revenue growth.

Key Features

👉Marketing automation

Whether you want to free yourself or your team members from the boredom of repetitive marketing tasks, GetResponse helps you out of this situation while automating email and SMS marketing.

👉Live chats

If you want to diminish the waiting times of your customers and engage them then and there with a worthwhile conversation, then you can utilize GetResponse’s live chat feature while answering promptly.

👉Form builder

With the GetResponse form builder feature, you can build embedded forms for landing pages and also grab the attention of your customers with pop-up forms while building them from scratch and asking any questions.

👉Conversion funnel

To simplify your sales process, GetResponse comes with various kinds of conversion funnels, likely, opt-in, lead magnet, and webinar funnels. By utilizing these, you can prioritize high-quality leads and stop chasing those who are never being converted.

👉AI buddy 

From getting suggestions for your email content to providing personalized shopping recommendations to your customers, you can put responsibilities on AI’s shoulders while accessing GetResponse.

👉Web push notifications

GetResponse enables you to send web push notifications to your customers' devices via browser, where you can directly promote brand awareness along with exclusive deals and ease your customers’ opt-in process.

👉Ecommerce integration

To save abandoned carts, track order history, and reward your retained customers for the e-commerce business segment, you can get in touch with GetResponse’s integration with Shopify, WooCommerce, etc.

Pricing module

💰Email Marketing: $15.6/month, billed annually.

💰Marketing Automation: $48.4/month, billed annually.

💰Ecommerce Marketing: $97.6/month, billed annually.

💰GetResponse Max: $999/month, billed annually.

Rating & reviews

  • 4.2 out of 5 (674 reviews) by G2.
  • 4.3 out of 5 (481 reviews) by Capterra.


SenPulse which is one of the best Sendinblue alternatives helps you accelerate revenue growth through email & SMS marketing automation.

With the aim of helping you out in the multi-channel marketing process, Sendpulse, an alternative to Sendinblue, comes with automated email and SMS marketing. 

Before you dive into approaching your customers to address their concerns, SendPulse provides you with an in-depth analytical report. With this, you not only can segment your vast audience, and optimize your marketing and sales performance, but also you can modify strategies to make your customer happy and earn their loyalty.

Key Features

👉Email marketing 

SendPulse allows you to choose email templates from its template library including over 130 templates, customize those with drag-and-drop features, and run your email campaigns in a smooth manner.

👉SMS marketing

To keep updating your customers every time while sending order status, OTP confirmation, special discounts, or any other important information, SendPulse helps you with SMS marketing service.

👉Web push notifications

With Sendpulse, you can utilize web push notifications using a browser, pop-up on devices, and keep instant engagement with your customers even when they are not active or directly engaged with your website.

👉Live chat with bot

To increase sales engagement in live chat with the help of bots, SendPulse provides you with customized bots facility for every single platform, likely, Facebook chatbot, Instagram chatbot, WhatsApp chatbot, Chatbot on your website, etc.

👉API & integration

To enhance the development speed when you’re on the way to integrating SendPulse with external software, SendPulse helps with API functionality. Additionally, you can incorporate any of your favorite apps with it such as Zapier, PayPal, Slack, Mail Designer 365, WooCommerce, Optinmonster, and so on.

Pricing module

💰Free: $0.

💰Standard: $6.40/month.

💰Pro: $7.68/month.

💰Enterprise: $10.75/month.

Rating & reviews

  • 4.6 out of 5 (455 reviews) by G2.
  • 4.6 out of 5 (659 reviews) by Capterra.


The email AI buddy of Mailjet can drive the purchasing intention of your audience with its personalized notes while serving as a Sendinblue alternative.

Mailjet is counted as one of the top alternatives to Sendinblue, which primarily focuses on accelerating your sales process with email marketing. This software brings forth everything that can be needed in your email marketing be it an email editor, AI email writer, or an email automation feature. The intuitive purpose behind this is to ensure that your email messages don’t shuffle between your customers' inboxes.

Key Features

👉Email editor

By using the flexible drag-and-drop feature, you can customize captivating email marketing templates while adding content, images, CTA, video, and GIFs and elevating your customers’ experience.

👉Email automation

Whether your eagerness is to retain customers to increase sales or it’s to smooth the follow-up process to continue with sales engagement, in both cases, Mailjet’s email automation can be feasible for you.

👉AI copy generator

Mailjet has a built-in smart AI, which helps you create personalized notes while prioritizing your choice in your given description with word limitation, prompts, language, and type of audience.

👉Collaborative working space 

With Mailjet, you and your team members can easily work in a collaborative space, where you can see each other's work, share valuable information, and help each other in the decision-making process.

👉Seamless integrations

To effortlessly accelerate your workflow and free you up from jumping between multiple apps one by one, Mailjet comes with seamless integration with external tools, likely, Airtable, Asana, Calendly, Squarespace, and many more.

Pricing module

💰Free: $0/month.

💰Essential: $15/month, billed monthly.

💰Premium: $25/month, billed monthly.

💰Custom: You need to request this customized pricing.

Rating & reviews

  • 4.0 out of 5 (150 reviews) by G2.
  • 4.3 out of 5 (407 reviews) by Capterra.


MailerLite, an alternative to Sendinblue eases your workflow with its integration capability with third-party software & makes your journey hassle-free.

A handy alternative to Brevo which can be added to your list is MailerLite which comes with a solution to edit and design emails professionally. The pre-made template gallery of MailerLite is jam-packed where you can use custom fields, blocks, and variables along with email synchronization.

Additionally, MailerLite enables you to access its built-in features, likely, drag-and-drop, Text, and HTML to cater to different business purposes. Well, everything in MailerLite is organized without complexity to provide you with a clean UI/UX experience.

Key Features

👉Email marketing automation

To reach your bulky audience within very few minutes, MailerLite enables you to go with email marketing automation. Here you can design or customize templates to catch the eye of your customers and utilize AI email writers to make a consistent brand voice while ensuring error-free typos.

👉Email verifier

With MailerLite’s email verifier feature, you can instantly check bulk email addresses and pass by inactive email addresses while uploading your entire email list with a CSV or TXT file.

👉Landing page builder

To bring attention to your brand, MailerLite comes with a custom landing page builder. With this, you can design a landing page that can drive sales while selling your products alongside paid subscriptions.

👉Custom form builder

MailerLie’s custom sign-up form builder smooths your customer data collection process. With this, you can easily segment your leads based on their demographics and psychographics and utilize each information in building your outbound sales cadence.  

👉External software integration

To achieve an efficient as well as productive workflow without any intricacies, MailerLite comes with multiple software integrations in its single dashboard, which include Zapier, Canva, Trello, Playable, etc. 

Pricing module


  • Free: $0.
  • Growing Business: $9/month.
  • Advanced: $18/month.
  • Enterprise: You need to talk with their team members.


  • Free.
  • Premium: $24/month, billed yearly.
  • Enterprise: You need to talk with their team members.

Rating & reviews

  • 4.7 out of 5 (857 reviews) by G2.
  • 4.7 out of 5 (1,916 reviews) by Capterra.

Start on a fresh journey now with the best Brevo/Sendinblue alternative

When it comes to elevating customer relationships, streamlining purpose-backed operations, smartly managing communication with your customers, and making data-driven decisions, Sendinblue alternatives can help you out.

Although finding one of the best alternatives to Sendinblue can be easier because of web functionality on your side, choosing one of the best among them can be the toughest call for you. The reason why this article has covered a detailed listing without bias is to comfort your procedure.

However, in this case, Zixflow can be your ideal choice. Although you already get a detailed overview of how this CRM can cover your back, you can try out Zixflow by signing up for a demo free of cost!

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