WhatsApp Business Platform: Everything You Need to Know

The WhatsApp Business Platform is a communication tool that enables you to utilize different APIs, enhance your interactions and streamline your growth.

WhatsApp Business Platform: Everything You Need to Know

Are you curious to know how the WhatsApp Business Platform helps you gain a competitive edge over your competitors?

I’m certain that some questions have crossed your mind after having this one: 

 “What exactly is it?” “How does it work?” “What are the pricing details?” “Does this platform help me to nail sales psychology techniques to achieve remarkable success in closing deals?” 

Don’t worry, though, all your concerns will be addressed comprehensively in my article, providing you with the knowledge you seek without the need for further research.

So, Let’s start and quench your craving.

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What is a WhatsApp Business Platform?

The WhatsApp Business Platform is an easy-to-use two-way communication tool based on a programming language crafted especially for medium to large businesses. It provides a seamless and user-friendly experience, making it easy for you to engage with your valuable prospects. Furthermore, you can effortlessly combine a well-known WhatsApp marketing tool like Zixflow with WhatsApp API services to automate your workflow and secure avenues to improve your sales process.

NOTE: By rebranding the WhatsApp Business API to the WhatsApp Business Platform in 2023, Meta turned a remarkable shift while retaining its original functionalities.

WhatsApp Business App Vs WhatsApp Business Platform

Do you ever find yourself occasionally confused between the terms WhatsApp Business App and WhatsApp Business Platform?

Back in 2018, when Meta received an overwhelming response, they made a ground-breaking move by opening up WhatsApp for commercial purposes. This means you could now leverage the power of WhatsApp business to enhance your sales engagement strategy, focusing on customer engagement, streamlining sales processes, boosting productivity, driving revenue generation, and other WhatsApp marketing benefits.

NOTE: The regular WhatsApp Business App is still off-limits for commercial purposes. Therefore, it's crucial to make the distinction and use the specific WhatsApp Business platform to maximize its benefits for your business.

But how can you identify the differences and decide wisely? 

Pay attention to the facts to get a better understanding.

Utility WhatsApp Business App WhatsApp Business Platform
Suitable For Small businesses Medium to large businesses
Pricing Model Free Paid
Purpose Communication for business Communication for business
Availability Mobile App Web and API (Ex: Cloud API solution with Zixflow)
WhatsApp Business Policy Yes Yes
API Protocol No Yes
Green Tick Verification No Yes
Business Profile Yes Yes
CRM Integration No Yes
Business Messaging Templates Yes Yes
Chatbot No Yes
Status Update Yes No
Multi Agent Users No Yes
Multi Messenger Inbox No Yes
Broadcasting Limitations Up to 256 people Unlimited

How does a WhatsApp Business Platform work?

The WhatsApp Business Platform harnesses different kinds of APIs, namely WhatsApp On-Premises API and WhatsApp Cloud API, enabling you to connect your verified business account on WhatsApp, respond promptly to your customers, enhance customer services, and amplify your sales efficiency. You can choose one of them to interact with and draw the attention of your valuable customers and scale in WhatsApp marketing.

Now the question is, how can you make an informed decision to choose any one of them?

Here you can start.

WhatsApp On-Premises API

WhatsApp On-Premises API, hosted by a business on its servers or data centers, represents a self-hosted version of the WhatsApp messaging platform. This configuration allows businesses to have full control and ownership over their messaging infrastructure while clinching enhanced privacy.

If your business deals with a high level of confidential data, opting for WhatsApp on-premises is the ideal choice. By hosting it on your servers, you can maintain confidence in preventing data breaches and unauthorized access, ensuring the utmost security for your sensitive information.

By opting for the On-Premises API, you take on the role of hosting, which means you bear the responsibility for the costs associated with system maintenance and updates. Consequently, this can introduce an additional layer of substantial expenses for your business, placing a potential strain on your financial resources.

WhatsApp Cloud API

WhatsApp Cloud API, hosted by Meta on its servers, offers you the opportunity to leverage WhatsApp in the cloud, seamlessly integrating it into your system, and efficiently handling congestion. With this option, you can bid farewell to concerns about infrastructure management.

As WhatsApp utilizes end-to-end encryption management and adheres to industry policies, you don’t have to think twice about its data security and privacy measures before availing of the seamless WhatsApp Cloud API for your business

Since the Cloud API is hosted by Meta, the costs associated with hosting, access, or maintenance are free. However, you will only need to pay for conversational-based messages for the entire day with your customers. Consequently, you can allocate your financial assets towards scaling your business.

NOTE: Although Meta provides direct access to Cloud API for all verified businesses, it doesn’t provide a platform for deploying it. Therefore, the reason you need a WhatsApp marketing tool like Zixflow.

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But why exactly choose Cloud API with Zixflow?

No need for BSPs

You can now surpass the need of any expensive BSPs (Business Solution Provider), directly integrate with Zixflow WhatsApp business marketing tool and generate API access in less than 15 minutes, thus reducing the cost significantly.

No technical expertise has to be acquired

With Zixflow, you don’t need to be technically sound because it understands the intricacies of the platform and allows you to seamlessly integrate this marketing tool with other platforms to automate your workflow and enjoy peace of mind.

Have a variety of options to take into account

Now you can target your audiences, send automated WhatsApp template messages in bulk, amplify broadcasting for your brand, speed up with your WhatsApp marketing campaign ideas, and gain valuable insights into the data with Zixflow.

Have a single platter with a complete solution

Use this easy-to-grasp, all-in-one sales automation tool not only to set up your WhatsApp marketing campaign but also as an omnichannel communication solution to automate your stages of the sales pipeline.

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What features can you explore on the WhatsApp Business Platform?

Here are the different features of the WhatsApp Business Platform that you can explore with the integration of a marketing and automation tool for Whatsapp like Zixflow in different types of sales procedures and increase your sales through a social media channel like WhatsApp.

Have a look at this.

CRM Integration

Sales pipeline with the CRM integration of Zixflow.

You can integrate a powerful CRM automation tool with your WhatsApp Business Platform, transforming into a WhatsApp CRM and excel in your B2C and B2B sales strategies. This integration of automation via WhatsApp simplifies the task of sending automated bulk messages and provides valuable insights into the data of WhatsApp campaigns. Not only this, when combined with helpful whatsapp automation hacks, you can achieve hyper-efficiency in your marketing efforts.

Business Profile

You can apply for a green tick on your WhatsApp business account, creating a WhatsApp Official Business Account on the WhatsApp Business Platform, including all your business details such as phone number, postal address, email address, and a verified brand name on the display. This enables you to enhance the credibility and reliability of your brand and make a lasting impression on your customers with highly valued brand recognition.


You can leverage the power of chatbots for lead generation while using multiple techniques for communications. Essentially, these chatbots act as the communication channel between you and your prospective clientele. You can allow these chatbots to engage in personalized interactions and offer compelling solutions, giving you the competitive edge to outshine your brand.

Labels & QR codes

With the ‘label conversations’ feature, you can conveniently categorize your conversations into different labels, making it easy to identify and select recipients based on criteria such as new customers, complaints, urgent matters, and more. This functionality will prove invaluable when creating broadcast lists for outreach and automating the lead-generation process. Additionally, you can incorporate QR codes to enhance convenience, allowing them to connect swiftly and make purchases at their convenience.

Broadcasting List

Broadcasting on WhatsApp is a way to run your promotional marketing campaigns, where with a single click you can reach a vast number of people individually and consistently engage them with updated offers. Whether it's news about upcoming sales or ongoing compelling discount offers, you can utilize this tactic to target WhatsApp communities and strengthen your sales engagement model.

What is the pricing module of the WhatsApp Business Platform?

Before diving into creating your WhatsApp marketing strategy and proceeding with its implementation, it is crucial to get a glimpse of the pricing structure of the WhatsApp Business Platform.

Well, I’m pleased to tell you that the WhatsApp API pricing only includes conversation-based pricing instead of individual messages. In this context, a conversation encompasses the entire 24-hour thread of messages between you and your prospective prospects or leads.

Moreover, you can enjoy the first 1000 conversations per month completely free of cost. The pricing modules are verified on a country-by-country basis, taking into account the country code associated with the valid phone number that you use for your verified WhatsApp Business Account. 

Take a moment and explore the rate chart.

Pricing module of WhatsApp Business Platform.

How does the WhatsApp Business Platform help expedite your business?

Now, you’re aware of the whole concept of WhatsApp Business Platform and the next question that may arise in your mind is - How does the WhatsApp Business Platform help you impress your sales prospect and differentiate your business amidst the competition?

Satiate your thirst.

Data Protection

If you have a business, prioritizing the protection of your valuable customer data is of the utmost importance. Using the free version of WhatsApp Business App implies that you may be at risk of violating the General Data Protection Regulation. That is why it is crucial to always opt for the WhatsApp Business Platform and deploy API in a platform like Zixflow to mitigate these risks and build trust for long-term relationship goals.

Customer Service

By utilizing the WhatsApp Business Platform, you have the potential to surpass traditional customer services by offering bulk automated messaging services instead of relying on calls, SMS, or emails, including setting reminders. This enables you to automatically send offer-based flash sales or reminder messages with an ultimate solution to your customers and prioritize drip campaigns for sales engagement as well as the customer retention process.

For example, a hotel business can send automated updates on hotel bookings, check-in or check-out reminders, and exclusive deals featuring their best suites via WhatsApp, providing an engaging real-time communication channel for visitors.

Sales & Marketing

By incorporating a verified WhatsApp business account with a WhatsApp business message platform for your business, you’re taking a step closer to enhancing your sales engagement activities. This means now as a business, you should employ strategic offers to excite your prospects. 

For that, you can go with the WhatsApp business message templates to consistently address the pain points of your customer. Additionally, using chatbots can provide quicker responses, ensuring that your prospects are less likely to consider exploring other options. This approach stimulates your sales conversations, trusts your authenticity, and establishes your brand as a remarkable presence in the realm of sales and marketing.

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