14 Best WhatsApp API Providers for Businesses in 2024

The best WhatsApp API providers include Zixflow, Twilio, Intrakt, Wati, Infobip, Brevo, Tyntec, Ameyo, BotSpace, DelightChat, DashCX, 360Dialog, and Bird.

14 Best WhatsApp API Providers for Businesses in 2024

WhatsApp marketing is a type of marketing that businesses use to be in touch with their customers and market their offerings. In order to accomplish this effectively, companies make use of something called WhatsApp API.

WhatsApp Business API allows you to send bulk messages and gives you the ability to add multiple devices to your WhatsApp Business account, something that you don’t get with the WhatsApp Business App. And you need this capability because as per WhatsApp, close to 175 million users contact companies via WhatsApp per day. 

So to take full advantage of the API capabilities, you have to set up the WhatsApp API and link it to a communication platform to begin running your WhatsApp campaign. But this task can be challenging if you are not familiar with the technical aspects of APIs. 

For that reason, you need to use a WhatsApp API provider who will handle these behind-the-scenes factors and let you focus on the conversations with your audience. 

With that said, in this blog post, I will go over what a WhatsApp Business Service Provider is, the difference between a WhatsApp Business Service Provider and WhatsApp API, the elements you have to look for when choosing one for your business, and the best WhatsApp API providers. So, let’s dive!

What is a WhatsApp Business Service Provider?

WhatsApp Business Service Providers, also known as WhatsApp Partners, are third-party vendors that act as middlemen between your business and WhatsApp. These partners specialize in the WhatsApp Business Platform and assist you in your WhatsApp marketing efforts.

Using these vendors, you can utilize WhatsApp’s marketing capabilities without worrying about setting up the channel by yourself or spending time figuring out what to do if you run into a problem. 

Although having a WhatsApp Business Service Provider can help you get started with integrating WhatsApp into your current marketing infrastructure, it will cost you more money as these vendors have their monthly or on-time plans. 

WhatsApp Business Service Provider vs. WhatsApp API

As I said before, WhatsApp Business Service Provider acts as a link between you and WhatsApp, allowing you to use WhatsApp through their platform. 

On the other hand, WhatsApp API is a customizable API built by Meta that lets you send WhatsApp messages at scale to your audience. Since it's a backend program without any UI, you’ll need to integrate with a communication platform, like Zixflow. 

One of the major differences between WhatsApp Business Service Provider and WhatsApp API is that you can set up the WhatsApp Cloud API and integrate it with your tech stack to create a WhatsApp CRM yourself. 

However, if you are not tech-savvy or if it is your first time using WhatsApp for business, you might want to utilize the expertise of a vendor. Although having a WhatsApp Business Service Provider can help you get started with integrating WhatsApp into your current marketing infrastructure, it will cost you more money as these vendors have their monthly or on-time plans. 

Having said that, let’s look at some of the aspects you should think about when deciding to go for a WhatsApp API Provider.

What to look for in a WhatsApp API Provider?

When choosing a WhatsApp API Provider, there are several important factors to consider to ensure you get a reliable solution for your company. Below are some of the key aspects to look out for:

Official WhatsApp partner

Ensure that whichever provider you pick is an official WhatsApp Business API Solution Provider. Using an unofficial or unauthorized service provider may result in unreliable service and a potential violation of WhatsApp’s terms of service, resulting in your account getting banned.

Quick integration

Check the documentation and resources provided by the provider to make sure the integration process is smooth. It shouldn’t be a complex process to integrate the WhatsApp API with your CRM system. 

Compliance and security

Make sure the provider adheres to WhatsApp’s policies and guidelines, as non-compliance can lead to restrictions or loss of service. Also, verify that the provider has strict data protection regulations and follows industry security standards. Since you deal with sensitive data on WhatsApp, security, and compliance is crucial to safeguard your customers’ information.


Whether you are a startup or a large enterprise, your API provider should be able to handle your messaging volume without having any performance issues. As your business expands, so will your need to send more messages. That’s why your API provider needs to have a reliable infrastructure to keep up with the growing demands of your business.

Top WhatsApp API providers for your company

There are many WhatsApp API providers present in the market and choosing one out of many can be difficult. So, to make it easy for you, I have curated a list of top WhatsApp API providers below. You can go through them and choose the one suitable for your business needs.


Zixflow is a strong WhatsApp API provider that helps businesses like yours who want simpler communication solutions. Using Zixflow’s WhatsApp Cloud API, helps you easily automate, schedule, select templates, and send personalized messages from a user-friendly dashboard.

Zixflow is an outreach platform that lets you run WhatsApp campaigns.

Zixflow makes it simple for you to send dynamic, personalized messages to many people. It helps you reach a wider international audience through the WhatsApp API. With Zixflow, you can improve how you engage with your customers by using the API to create custom messages and make communication more efficient.

Furthermore, Zixflow offers in-depth API documentation to get your unified API up and running. Using these developer docs, you can set up the API and connect it correctly with your Zixflow account to help you save development time and effort by making the system ready for use quickly.

WhatsApp API documentation of Zixflow.

On top of that, when you sign up with Zixflow, you get a trial WhatsApp number in your account that you can use to send test WhatsApp messages to your number. This way, you will be able to see how these messages and the WhatsApp Message Templates look on WhatsApp firsthand before sending them to your customers.

Zixflow provides a test account for sending trial WhatsApp messages to your number.

Zixflow Inbox allows you to handle your incoming messages with a click of a button from the unified inbox. Here, you can quickly reply to your customers' queries and manage interactions, add notes, create activities, save files, and add a contact to a cadence directly from the inbox. 

Zixflow’s centralized inbox lets you manage communication from a single location.

Sending WhatsApp messages is one part of running successful marketing campaigns. The other half is promptly responding to incoming messages. This is where you can utilize Zixflow AI for having AI-driven, two-way conversations on WhatsApp and automating all incoming chats into a single inbox, saving a lot of time for agents.

That is not all. It offers you the ability to use Zixflow's WhatsApp Flow to capture user feedback and leads directly over WhatsApp. This eliminates the risk of losing leads since you are not redirecting them over to any landing page or website. 

With Zixflow’s WhatsApp Flow, you are able to capture your users’ responses right there on WhatsApp. And push all these responses to any list in Zixflow, enabling you to download them as a CSV file or create an automated workflow for them.

Zixflow’s WhatsApp Flows to collect your customers' data directly on WhatsApp.

Moreover, with Zixflow, you can auto-assign incoming messages and leads to your team members, ensuring you promptly reply to your customers’ messages and prove yourself to be a reliable aide always thinking about your customers first.

Zixflow’s advanced auto-assign settings allow you to assign incoming messages to your team members in a round-robin fashion.

Also, if you are an e-commerce business, you can design a product catalog for all your products, add it to Zixflow as a WhatsApp Product Orders template, and send it to your audience effortlessly to grow your sales.

E-commerce product catalog setting in Zixflow for creating and adding your catalog to send it to your prospects.


Zixflow is a Free Forever solution where you don’t need to provide any payment information or pay for a monthly subscription to use the platform. If you want to use the solution for running multichannel outreach campaigns, you will only have to pay for the messages you send. You can connect with its support team if you have large volumes of messages to get a bulk discount.

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Twilio is one of the most famous WhatsApp API providers, offering you the ability to integrate WhatsApp messaging into their platform and communication workflows. It is a robust cloud communication platform, using which you can send and receive messages, set up automated responses, and manage your WhatsApp interactions for improved sales engagement.

Twilio’s personalized WhatsApp message builder.

With Twilio, you can send highly engaging, personalized WhatsApp messages by including images or videos. It also supports various message types, such as one-way or conversational messages to ensure that you can interact with your customers properly and deliver top-notch customer service.


Twilio offers straightforward and pay-as-you-use pricing for using WhatsApp Business API. The cost consists of Twilio's per-message charges and Meta's conversation-based pricing fee. So to get an exact quote for your WhatsApp marketing needs, you have to reach out to Twilio’s sales team.

Although Twilio is great for running campaigns, it’s missing some of the essential features that Zixflow offers, like a unified inbox and CRM capabilities to effectively manage your contacts.


Interakt is a full-fledged WhatsApp messaging service provider that is suitable for companies of various sizes. Being a complete WhatsApp service provider, Interakt allows you to automate your communication and also provides a fast and easy verification process to access the WhatsApp Business API.

Interakt, an official WhatsApp Business API provider.

Interakt is designed to provide all the required services to set up and start using the WhatsApp Business API. For example, you can send promotional offers, reminders, or abandoned cart messages using the Business Message Templates to increase engagement and conversions. 


Interakt has three annual pricing plans that start from ₹9,588/year and go up to ₹33,588/year. On top of these subscription charges, you have to pay taxes and Meta’s conversation fee based on the number plus the type of messages you send.

In comparison to Zixflow, which lets you run engagement campaigns across SMS, email, and WhatsApp, Interakt only allows you to use WhatsApp. Also, you don’t get advanced contact management, and there is no free version, unlike Zixflow.


Wati is a robust WhatsApp Business API provider that lets you reach out to your audience at scale. It offers a variety of automation capabilities and integration features to streamline your business conversations. 

WhatsApp messaging broadcast history on WATI, a WhatsApp Business API provider.

Wati is built to fulfill the needs of various businesses operating in different fields. It offers an intuitive UI, making it easy to create an account and link it with your WhatsApp API, allowing you to send broadcast messages based on your sales engagement model.


Wati also has three payment plans; Growth costing ₹1,999 per month, Pro starting at ₹4,499 per month, and Business priced at ₹13,499 per month. All these plans support up to five members and you will have to pay extra charges for each member you add based on the plan.

Similar to Interakt, Wati is also missing the SMS and email marketing functionality that you get with Zixflow. It lacks advanced contact management features like creating multiple lists or groups and doesn’t offer a free plan like Zixflow.


Zoko is a robust WhatsApp API provider that provides capabilities to handle everyday WhatsApp marketing activities. It also lets you send broadcast messages for any upcoming events or product launches.

Homepage of Zoko, a WhatsApp API provider.

Zoko is one of the market leaders that enables you to expand your reach using WhatsApp. Its central panel offers insights, allowing you to send relevant WhatsApp messages to deliver quality sales experience and help them get across various stages of the sales funnel.


Zoko offers four simple pricing packages as follows:

  • Starter - $34.99 per month
  • Plus - $59.99 per month
  • Elite - $109.99 per month
  • Max - $399.99 per month

In addition to these prices, you have to pay Meta’s WhatsApp charges based on your usage.

When compared to Zixflow, Zoko only supports WhatsApp and doesn’t include SMS or email as engagement channels. It doesn’t provide a free version like Zixflow, so you can’t run WhatsApp campaigns without subscribing.


Infobip is a reputable global communications platform that is also an API provider for WhatsApp Business. It allows you to automate your messages, alerts, and updates and also lets you provide around-the-clock customer service by receiving messages from your buyers.

WhatsApp campaign builder of Infobip.

On top of that, Infobip enables you to access other WhatsApp Business features such as multimedia support and message templates. This way, you can interact with your customers on WhatsApp, providing a popular communication channel to boost customer engagement and sales.


Infobip also offers a conversation-based pricing model just like Zixflow for running WhatsApp campaigns. To know more about actual figures, you can check out its pricing page or get in touch with its sales team.

Infobip is missing essential and advanced CRM features and unified inbox that are available in Zixflow. You cannot segment your contacts’ details or make use of advanced tagging with Infobip. 

Brevo (formerly Sendinblue)

Sendinblue was a famous marketing and automation platform but with the company revamp, it also started offering WhatsApp Business API solutions. Connecting WhatsApp API with Brevo enables you to build WhatsApp Templates without any technical know-how. You can also utilize the data saved in your CRM to reach out to your prospects first.

Brevo, a WhatsApp Business API provider.

In addition, you can easily link the WhatsApp Business API with Brevo. Its user-friendly interface is built in such a way that you don't need much technical knowledge to begin running your WhatsApp campaign. Also, It comes with native integration so you don't have to get any other applications.


Brevo lets you use the platform for free and add limitless contacts to it. However, if you want to unlock advanced features of the solution, you have to upgrade to a paid plan. The Starter plan is suitable for small companies and costs $25/month. 

If you are a medium or big company, you might have to get the Business plan starting at $65/month or the BrevoPlus plan which comes with tailored pricing to match your needs.

Zixflow and Brevo are both similar in terms of features but Zixflow is much more powerful overall and provides more customization options. Plus, Brevo has multiple pricing plans for different use cases, which is not the case with Zixflow. 


BotSpace is another WhatsApp API provider that you can use to enhance and manage your buyer interaction over WhatsApp. BotSpace allows you to automate your conversations by using chatbots which serve as a preliminary mode of engagement.

BotSpace, an official partner of WhatsApp that provides Business APIs.

It is simple to set up this end-to-end communication platform, making it a good choice for non-technical individuals. Plus, its chatbot is capable of asking the right sales qualifying questions and providing answers to the inquiries of customers using natural language processing algorithms.


BotSpace is a free-to-use platform that allows you to send broadcasts to your contacts.  To get access to more advanced marketing and automation features you have to get a higher tier plan. 

The Starter plan costs ₹2,999/month, the Pro starts at ₹6,299/month, and the highest tier plan, Premium ₹19,499/month for a truly unlimited experience.

BotSpace only supports WhatsApp communication while Zixflow comes with SMS and email on top of WhatsApp for all-around engagement. Unlike Zixflow, it’s missing conversational AI and WhatsApp Flows to effectively engage users.

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Tyntec is an international Meta and WhatsApp Business API provider that has been operating for the past 20 years. With Tyntec, you can connect WhatsApp as a communication medium with your existing framework via the Conversations API.

Homepage of Tyntec, a WhatsApp Business API provider.

Plus, Tyntec lets you send highly engaging WhatsApp messages to promote different types of sales with the help of multimedia components and interactive buttons. This way, you can get in touch with your audience, drive traffic to your site, and increase brand awareness.


There is no pricing information available on Tyntec’s website. You will have to get in touch with its sales reps for more details.

In comparison to Zixflow, which lets you engage contacts on all devices, Tyntec mostly revolves around mobile marketing. Additionally, it falls short of Zixflow’s robust contact management and lacks WhatsApp Flows to properly market your products or services.


DelightChat is a WhatsApp Business API provider that allows you to interact with your audience via WhatsApp and assign customer communication to reps to ensure quick, accurate responses. You can also design tailored message templates and send a maximum of 100,000 messages each day.

WhatsApp API setup page of DelightChat.

DelighChat also enables you to automate your WhatsApp messaging so you can send cart recovery, order alerts, and OTP messages in a timely manner. This allows you to build a customer-centric selling approach to cross and upsell your products, convert abandoned carts, and drive sales.


DelightChat offers three paid plans that you can choose from starting with the Startup plan costing $49/month. The Scale plan costs $99/month and the Growth plan is priced at $299/month. On top of these changes, you have to account for WhatsApp’s conversation-based fee as well.

When compared to Zixflow, DelightChat doesn’t come with CRM capabilities to manage your customers. Plus, it’s missing WhatsApp Flows and e-commerce catalogs, limiting your ability to promote your products or services.


Ameyo is an official WhatsApp Business API partner, using which you can engage with your buyers effortlessly over WhatsApp. As a communication platform, Ameyo not just lets you get access to WhatsApp Business API but also offers ready-made solutions for providing customer support, integrating chatbots, and a support ticketing system within WhatsApp.

Homepage of Ameyo, an official WhatsApp API partner.

In addition, Ameyo supports multiple languages to offer you the capability to converse with your buyers in the language of their choice. Plus, you can use the templates to provide fast answers to customers’ questions and automate the response process. By doing so, you supply accurate, relevant information to your buyers, which helps you in building rapport and sell more efficiently.


To get the pricing details from Ameyo, you have to fill out a form on its website and request a demo.

Ameyo is missing a unified inbox to respond to your incoming messages as you could do in Zixflow. On top of that, it lacks WhatsApp Flows and CRM features to streamline your processes which you can easily do with Zixflow.


360dialog is another WhatsApp Business partner that provides complete access to both Cloud and On-premise Business APIs. One of the things 360dialog stands out for is its data and privacy compliance policies. Its hosting services support both GDPR and local regulations to protect the data of your customers.

Homepage of 360dialog that offers enterprise WhatsApp API solutions.

360dialog, being an official business service provider of WhatsApp, offers you the ability to get your business verified and obtain the green checkmark. Having a verified business account builds confidence among your customers by showcasing your authenticity.


360dialog offers three pricing plans for using WhatsApp API via its platform. These plans start from €49/month and go up to €249/month.

360dialog and Zixflow both come with dynamic WhatsApp marketing functionality. However, Zixflow supports SMS and email marketing as well.

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Bird is a cloud communications solution that provides a wide variety of conversation APIs, including the WhatsApp Business API. With Bird, you can use WhatsApp to run promotional campaigns and offer customer care in real-time.

Homepage of Bird, an official WhatsApp API solution provider.

Furthermore, Bird is a multilingual platform that lets you cater to the needs of international customers in their native language. Also, you can integrate it with your CRM, allowing you to smoothly incorporate WhatsApp into your current marketing infrastructure.


Bird offers custom prices as per your marketing requirements. Contact its sales team to know more information.

Bird is missing advanced CRM, segmentation, and tagging options that are a part of Zixflow’s contact management. Also, Zixflow lets you sign up and start running your WhatsApp campaigns without a subscription, something that Bird doesn’t offer.


DashCX is a WhatsApp communication solution that enables you to send, transform, and tailor your WhatsApp messages at scale. It lets you promote your products or services and increase the productivity of your internal staff with WhatsApp chatbots and automation features.

DashCX, a WhatsApp communication platform that offers API capabilities as well.

Not just that. DashCX lets you connect no-code bots with your WhatsApp account to provide preliminary customer service and interaction automatically. It also allows you to collect and evaluate customer details prior to engaging with a customer. This way, you can be ready to handle any kind of objections or questions that you might come across.


DashCX lets you pick from four pricing options ranging from ₹3,850/month to ₹21,000/month. Additionally, you have to pay an onboarding fee when you sign up for the platform and Meta’s per-conversation charges for the messages you send.

Similar to most of the tools in this list, when compared to Zixflow, DashCX also lacks a CRM or contact management facility. Furthermore, you have to pay a monthly charge for using the platform for WhatsApp marketing, something that Zixflow lets you do for free. 

Knock your WhatsApp messages out of the park by choosing the right provider 

These are the 13 best WhatsApp Business API providers that will assist you in setting up your WhatsApp Business account and executing your WhatsApp marketing initiatives.

However, I would also like to mention one more marketing software that you can integrate with WhatsApp API to run outreach campaigns.

Zixflow is a top-class marketing platform that lets you make the most of WhatsApp API while also providing the functionality to simplify your sales process. It is a straightforward marketing software that allows you to reach out to your audience in a simple yet effective manner.

It offers a lifelong free plan along with a pay-as-you-go wallet, where you don’t have to worry about monthly charges. Your account will only be deducted based on the number of messages you send and WhatsApp’s per-conversation charge, which you can learn more about by going to the WhatsApp API pricing page.

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