Top 13 WhatsApp Business Partners in 2024 You Can Trust

The top 13 WhatsApp Business partners, including Zixflow, Twilio, Wati,, Bird, etc. each provide unique solutions to level-up your business.

Top 13 WhatsApp Business Partners in 2024 You Can Trust

Imagine yourself in the busy world of real estate, where every moment is important and every connection with customers matters. You're managing property visits, negotiations, and paperwork when your phone starts ringing with WhatsApp messages from potential buyers, sellers, and curious renters. It's hard to keep up with all the messages and give each client the attention they deserve.

But don't worry, because that's where WhatsApp Business partners come in. In the changing world of 2024, these partners can help you work more efficiently and give your clients better experiences. With their help, you can organize your tasks, answer messages automatically, and make sure you never miss an important message.

In this blog, I've compiled the top 13 WhatsApp Business partners that can transform your real estate business.

The top 13 WhatsApp Business partners you can trust on 

There are numerous WhatsApp Business partners that can assist you in connecting with your customers through WhatsApp. Here are some of the top 13 WhatsApp Business partners you can consider in 2024:


Zixflow stands out as one of the top-notch WhatsApp Business partners, providing exceptional services to streamline communication for businesses like yours. With Zixflow's robust WhatsApp Business API, you can effortlessly automate tasks, schedule messages, select templates, and send personalized messages through a user-friendly dashboard.

Zixflow, a great WhatsApp Business partner allows you to easily build WhatsApp campaigns.

Upon registration with Zixflow, you're granted access to a trial WhatsApp number integrated into your account. This feature allows you to send trial WhatsApp messages to your designated number, providing you with an opportunity to personally evaluate the appearance and effectiveness of these messages and WhatsApp Business Messaging templates on the platform. 

This hands-on experience ensures that you can fine-tune your messaging strategy before reaching out to your customers, ultimately enhancing your communication effectiveness and customer engagement.

Zixflow provides a test account for sending trial messages on your number so that you can get a proper idea of how it works which saves you time.

With Zixflow’s centralized inbox, you're allowed to effortlessly manage your incoming messages from a single, organized inbox. By simply clicking a button, you can swiftly respond to customer inquiries, efficiently handle interactions, take down important notes, schedule follow-up activities, attach relevant files, and seamlessly integrate contacts into your workflow, all without switching between multiple platforms or applications.

Zixflow, an excellent WhatsApp Business partner provides a unified inbox for your ease.

To run successful marketing campaigns, you need to send WhatsApp messages and respond quickly. With Zixflow AI, handle two-way WhatsApp chats efficiently, saving time. Use WhatsApp Flow to gather feedback and leads directly on WhatsApp, avoiding lead loss. Easily manage responses in Zixflow, download as CSV, or automate workflows.

Furthermore, with Zixflow, you have the capability to automatically assign incoming messages and leads to your team members, guaranteeing swift responses to your customers and presenting your commitment to prioritizing their needs.

And that’s not all! Zixflow provides many easy-to-use features. You can watch Zixflow’s overview video to understand its amazing features.


Zixflow offers different pricing plans to fit your needs. With the free forever plan, you get basic features like sending messages and email validation. For more advanced tools, there's the starter plan at ₹999 per user per month annually, giving you reply email and WhatsApp management, workflow automation, and analytics. If you're focused on growth, the growth plan starts at ₹2499 per user per month annually, offering unlimited contacts, WhatsApp Flows, e-commerce integration, and more.


If you're considering using WhatsApp Business, you might want to check out Twilio, a WhatsApp Business Partner. It serves as a middleman between your business and the WhatsApp Business Platform. You won't directly sign up for a WhatsApp Business Account through Twilio, but instead, you'll use their communication APIs and software to connect with WhatsApp.

Home page of Twilio, a WhatsApp Business partner.

If you're already using Twilio's features, like SMS messaging, you can easily extend those capabilities to send and receive WhatsApp messages. This makes integration smoother for you, tapping into Twilio's developer tools and infrastructure for custom WhatsApp interactions so you can simplify your sales process

Plus, Twilio assists you in managing the approval process for your WhatsApp Business Account, handling tasks like creating the account and submitting it for review by WhatsApp.


Twilio provides different pricing plans based on the country and other needs so you can check their website for pricing details. 


Freshdesk, a good WhatsApp API partner.

As a WhatsApp Business partner, Freshdesk offers an integration that lets you connect your WhatsApp Business account to Freshdesk. With this integration, you can manage WhatsApp conversations directly within Freshdesk, alongside other communication channels like email and phone. This streamlines your communication, boosts sales engagement strategies, and allows you to see the entire customer history in one place. 

Additionally, you can use Freshdesk automation features to manage WhatsApp messages, such as automatically routing conversations to specific customers or prioritizing new chats. This integration is particularly helpful for businesses like yours that rely heavily on WhatsApp for customer support, enabling you to provide a more efficient and centralized customer experience.


Freshdesk offers four plans: free, growth, pro, and enterprise. The free plan is basic, (₹0) while the growth plan is ₹999 agent/month, the pro plan is ₹3,599/agent/month, and the enterprise plan is ₹5,699/agent/month, all billed annually.

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Home page of Wati, an official WhatsApp Business partner.

If you're considering enhancing your business communication with WhatsApp, Wati is more than just a WhatsApp Business partner, it's a comprehensive platform designed to turbocharge your interactions. Acting as an intermediary, Wati simplifies the process of connecting your business to the WhatsApp Business API so that you can easily manage your WhatsApp marketing.  

This unlocks advanced features for you like automated messaging, chatbots, and CRM integrations, all easily managed through Wati's intuitive dashboard. Whether you run a small business aiming to streamline customer interactions or a larger enterprise handling high message volumes, Wati helps businesses of all sizes.


With Wati, you have three plans to choose from: Growth (₹22,499/month for 5 users), Pro (₹5,999/month for 5 users), and Business (₹16,999/month for 5 users), all billed annually. Pick the plan that fits your business needs and budget, whether you're scaling up or managing a larger business, to streamline communication through WhatsApp.


If you're searching for a WhatsApp Business partner, 360dialog is a solid option. It specializes solely in the API, making it easy for businesses like yours of all sizes. Their developer-friendly API simplifies integration without needing to learn complex protocols. 

360Dialog, a WhatsApp Business API partner.

Plus, you'll get early access to new features. They also provide tools for automated messaging, performance tracking, and a shared inbox for team collaboration. As a WhatsApp Business partner, 360dialog ensures you're well-prepared for effective communication.


360dialog provides three pricing plans, ranging from ₹49/month to ₹249/month.

Home page of, WhatsApp Business partner.

When you want a good WhatsApp business partner for talking to customers, is one of the great partners. They help you connect to WhatsApp's Business API without needing another account from Facebook. This makes it easier to set up and lets you send messages faster using Meta's servers. 

On their platform, you can control your WhatsApp profile, make message templates, and see how much you're spending on messages. They also help with getting verified on WhatsApp and following Meta's rules. Plus, their smart features and inbox let you handle chats from different places, making it easier for customers to reach you and their customer engagement, and increase your sales.

Pricing charges based on the messages you send. You can try their platform free for 7 days. Paid plans start at $79/month and go up to $249/month.

If you are looking to leverage WhatsApp business partners for customer engagement?, as an official WhatsApp Business Partner, simplifies the process of acquiring a verified WhatsApp Business API. With expedited verification times, you can swiftly start interacting with customers. is a good WhatsApp Business API partner.

Their user-friendly platform lets you build chatbots without coding experience. These bots handle FAQs, offer basic support, and integrate with your CRM. This frees your team for complex inquiries while providing 24/7 support. excels in natural-language chat experiences, making interactions feel personal.

Pricing offers you a free plan with limited features and an enterprise plan based on your usage. With the free plan, you have access to only a few features, while the pricing of the enterprise plan depends on how much you use it, giving you the flexibility to scale according to your needs and budget.


Home page of DoubleTick, WhatsApp Business partner.

With DoubleTick, you're not just getting a partner for WhatsApp Business, you're accessing a comprehensive solution that simplifies the entire process for your business. They serve as the link between you and the WhatsApp Business API, making setup quicker and smoother than deals directly with Meta. 

But its benefits extend far beyond just getting started. You'll enjoy a user-friendly mobile app to manage your WhatsApp communications on the fly, enabling you to send broadcast messages to large audiences, set up automated chatbots for FAQs, send bulk messages on WhatsApp using WhatsApp Business and basic inquiries, and utilize analytics to gauge your campaign's effectiveness.


DoubleTick offers three pricing plans: Starter at ₹2000/user/month, Pro at ₹3000/user/month, and Enterprise with custom pricing. Choose the plan that fits your needs and budget to make the most of your WhatsApp Business journey.

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Home page of Kalerya, a WhatsApp Business partner.

If you want to use WhatsApp to talk to customers, Kaleyra can help you a lot. They're experts in this and offer many services as a WhatsApp Solution provider. Kaleyra helps you start using WhatsApp and get approval from Facebook. 

Plus, they can connect WhatsApp to your other systems like your customer database, making work easier. Kaleyra also gives you tools to make cool messages and run campaigns on WhatsApp, like sending pictures and using ready-made message templates to talk to customers faster and enhance the sales process.


To find out about Kaleyra's pricing, you'll need to get in touch with their support team because it's not listed on their website. They'll be able to provide you with all the details you need regarding their pricing plans and any other questions you may have about their services.


MessageBird is now Bird which acts as the intermediary between businesses and WhatsApp, enabling you to utilize the extensive reach of WhatsApp for your customer interactions. Through access to the WhatsApp Business API, you can leverage a suite of features that surpass the limitations of the standard WhatsApp Business App. 

Home page of MessageBird, an excellent WhatsApp Business partner.

MessageBird seamlessly integrates with the Business API, allowing you to send and receive messages at scale, allows you to send types of content, automate responses using chatbots, and access features like two-factor authentication, all through a single API interface. 

This results in improved customer support, streamlined marketing efforts, and secure communication channels for your business, enabling you to connect with your audience effortlessly on a familiar platform like WhatsApp.


MessageBird offers multiple plans to cater to diverse needs, allowing you to choose the one that aligns perfectly with your requirements. You can explore their pricing page to find the plan that best matches your business needs and communication objectives.


BotSpace is a great WhatsApp Business partner.

If you're a business seeking to leverage the power of WhatsApp for marketing, sales, and customer service, BotSpace can be your invaluable partner. As a Business Solution Provider (BSP) for the WhatsApp Business API, BotSpace serves as the link between your business and the WhatsApp platform. They handle the entire application process, securing your access to the API and the coveted green tick verification. But their support doesn't stop there. 

With BotSpace, you get a user-friendly dashboard to manage all your WhatsApp interactions, featuring a shared team inbox for seamless collaboration on customer inquiries. Plus, they offer automation tools to streamline repetitive tasks and broadcast messaging to reach large audiences to sales-qualified leads.


BotSpace offers three easy-to-understand pricing plans: Free, Starter, and Pro. The Free plan costs ₹0. The starter plan is priced at ₹3,499 per user per month, billed annually. For more advanced features, there's the pro plan, available at ₹7,499 per user per month, also billed annually. These plans are designed to suit different business needs and budgets, making it simple to choose the right one for you.


As an official WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, Infobip grants you access to the WhatsApp Business Platform, enabling you to send and receive messages directly through their platform. This simplifies integrating WhatsApp into your existing systems like CRMs and customer support tools. You have the option of choosing between Cloud and Hosted sender options, giving you flexibility based on your needs. 

Home page of Infobip, a WhatsApp Business partner.

With additional features like chatbot building through Infobip's answers platform and integration of live agents via their conversations cloud contact center, you can enhance the WhatsApp experience for your customers. Infobip's omnichannel customer engagement solution, moments, allows you to manage communication across multiple channels alongside WhatsApp.


Infobip offers pricing plans upon request. It's a straightforward process where you can inquire about the pricing plans that best suit your business needs, and Infobip will provide you with the necessary information to make an informed decision about their services.


As your WhatsApp Business partner, Karix is a valuable platform for you. They can help you through the setup process, which can be tricky without assistance. With their experience in cloud messaging, they know how to make sure your WhatsApp Business solution runs smoothly. 

Home page of Kariz, a good WhatsApp Business partner.

Karix can also help you get the verified badge from WhatsApp, which boosts your credibility with customers. They don’t stop there, they can set up chatbots to handle common questions, freeing up your team for more complicated issues. Plus, they can integrate WhatsApp with your other communication systems, making everything simpler.


Karix's pricing plans aren't listed on their website, so if you're interested, you'll need to reach out to their support team for more information. They can provide you with details on their pricing options and help you choose the plan that best fits your needs.

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In today's digital world, good communication and marketing are vital for success, and these top 13 WhatsApp Business solution providers in 2024 are at the forefront, standing tall among them is Zixflow. 

What makes Zixflow special for you is its easy-to-use design and powerful features, such as AI-driven chats and straightforward inbox management. Plus, its WhatsApp Flow tool makes it easy for you to collect feedback and leads directly on WhatsApp. With Zixflow, you can boost your WhatsApp marketing efforts, connect with your customers better, and thrive in today's competitive landscape.

So don’t think much! Create your free Zixflow account today to see the actual change in your WhatsApp Business communications, and other needs.

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