11 Best WhatsApp Tools in 2024 [Tried & Tested]

The best WhatsApp tools are Zixflow, WA Toolbox, Gupshup, Brevo, Engati, Wappblaster, ControlHippo, Whappext, WhatSender, Chatarmin, and Growby.

11 Best WhatsApp Tools in 2024 [Tried & Tested]

WhatsApp has become a go-to communication app for both big and small businesses. So much so, that around 200 million people are actively using it monthly to stay connected with businesses. 

Although WhatsApp is the most popular communication platform in the world, you need additional tools in order to use it effectively. Now you might wonder, “Why would I need extra tools to use WhatsApp for my business?” 

Let me tell you why. The WhatsApp Business Platform offers an app and an API. 

The WhatsApp Business app lets you reach out to your audience but you can only engage 256 people at a time and it lacks advanced features to personalize your outreach. On the other hand, you need a frontend platform to integrate with the WhatsApp API to access its functionality.

On top of that, you can use other useful features, like a unified inbox, tailored message templates, and custom campaign builders to stay in touch with your customers around the clock. So, to utilize these capabilities and make your WhatsApp experience more effective, you need special WhatsApp tools. 

With that said, here is a list of some of the best tools for WhatsApp that will allow you to optimize your chats and resolve customer queries promptly. Let’s dive into it!

Best WhatsApp tools for seamless communication

These WhatsApp tools can be a great addition to your sales engagement model, helping you enhance the customer experience over WhatsApp and drive focus on delivering timely responses to their questions. So, let’s explore each of these tools starting with Zixflow.


Zixflow is an excellent WhatsApp tool that you can integrate with WhatsApp to streamline your sales and marketing communications. It is a complete communication platform that lets you manage various aspects of your WhatsApp marketing, such as sending personalized messages at scale, automating lead nurturing, and managing customers with its native CRM. 

Homepage of Zixflow, one of the best WhatsApp tools.

Additionally, Zixflow enables you to access your incoming messages from a centralized inbox to easily respond to your customers and lower your overall response time. Not just that. You can use this inbox to track your upcoming tasks, manage notifications, handle permission control, and keep track of your past interactions with customers.

Centralized inbox of Zixflow lets you access your incoming WhatsApp messages from a single location.

Furthermore, Zixflow comes with a WhatsApp Template Editor, allowing you to design your WhatsApp Business Messaging Templates and send them for approval to Meta straight from the application. Using these pre-approved templates, you can send WhatsApp messages quickly and effortlessly. 

WhatsApp Template Builder in Zixflow allows you to design messaging templates from within the platform.

Lastly, you can set up automated messaging via Zixflow sales cadence to engage and nurture your leads on WhatsApp. These AI-powered cadences allow you to stay in touch with your contacts after work hours and deliver an around-the-clock customer experience.

An example of a sales cadence in Zixflow to engage prospects automatically over WhatsApp.

WA Toolbox

WA Toolbox offers multiple features for WhatsApp, enabling you to communicate with your customers effectively, drive interactions, and close more deals.

You can download WA Toolbox as a Chrome extension and integrate it with WhatsApp Web to handle your chats from your browser. If you are using WhatsApp for your business then WA Toolbox can allow you to hit your business quotas effortlessly.

WA Toolbox, a Google Chrome extension for WhatsApp Web.

WA Toolbox lets you make the most of WhatsApp’s capabilities using its particular feature set. For example, you can use it to set up canned replies, craft personalized messaging templates, and link your account with other WhatsApp automation tools


Gupshup is an all-round WhatsApp platform that lets you create and implement smart chatbots for increasing customer engagement. It offers several modern functions and WhatsApp Business API integrations to allow you to run outreach campaigns.

Gupshup, a WhatsApp tool for handling your business conversations.

With Gupshup, you can craft tailored marketing campaigns to send various kinds of messages, like exclusive deals, festive sales, and abandoned cart notifications. On top of that, if you are running an ecommerce store, you can promote your products using WhatsApp catalogs using Gupshup’s capabilities.

Elevate your WhatsApp initiatives to the next level with Zixflow

Zixflow is a complete WhatsApp communication platform that allows you to make the most of your WhatsApp marketing efforts

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Brevo is another great WhatsApp marketing platform to help you interact with your customers and maintain a customer-centric selling relationship. It is designed to handle various aspects of your marketing strategy ranging from automated messages to real-time conversations.

Brevo, a WhatsApp marketing tool for managing your outreach efforts.

Along with its WhatsApp marketing functionalities, Brevo, just like Zixflow, comes with an in-built CRM to manage your contacts’ details and plan your next steps effectively. Plus, with Brevo, you can monitor the effectiveness of your efforts to find inefficiencies and enhance them for better ROI.


Engati is another WhatsApp chatbot platform that enables you to optimize your communications and let your customers reach out to you whenever they want. These chatbots, powered by NLP algorithms, allow you to deliver a human-like experience to your customers and resolve common queries without needing any interventions.

Engati, a WhatsApp chatbot platform for building tailored bots to automate interactions.

Furthermore, using these WhatsApp chatbots, you can provide a tailored sales experience to your contacts by letting them browse your offerings by interacting with the chatbot and moving on to the checkout page straight from the chatbot. 


Wappblaster is among the top WhatsApp outreach solutions to let you send limitless WhatsApp messages at scale. It is a user-friendly platform that consists of numerous useful capabilities for running successful outreach campaigns and its unrestricted messages help you promote your products in a clear way.

Homepage of Wappblaster, a bulk WhatsApp message sender.

Additionally, Wappblaster lets you send various kinds of content for boosting sales engagement using photos, content, and videos to your WhatsApp messages. Also, you can send WhatsApp messages in different languages to cater to an international audience for expanding reach and showcasing your products to potential customers. 


ControlHippo is a WhatsApp shared inbox solution that makes the life of customer-facing teams easier by offering a time-efficient way to handle conversations via a unified platform. By utilizing ControlHippo, you can seamlessly manage your communication flow and offer quick replies to your contacts’ issues. 

Homepage of ControlHippo, a shared inbox solution for streamlining your WhatsApp chats.

Not just that. You can link the platform with your existing CRM to create a WhatsApp CRM or your marketing tech stack to enhance overall efficiency. It also provides a Google Chrome extension to let you connect with your customers via a phone call using its Click-to-Call option. 

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Whappext is a WhatsApp marketing platform with the ability to send thousands of messages at scale simultaneously. You can quickly import contacts to the platform without saving them on your mobile device and use them to send bulk messages on WhatsApp with a click of a button. 

Whappext is a bulk WhatsApp message sender that allows you to reach out to a wider audience.

In addition to that, with Whappext, you can customize your WhatsApp messages using different variables for a personalized marketing experience. Plus, if you are using WhatsApp Groups to engage your customers, you can capture the phone numbers of all the members of your group and save them for future communication.


WhatSender is one of the most intuitive WhatsApp marketing solutions, letting you connect to thousands of contacts at once from the WhatsApp Web. You can customize the platform according to your business’s requirements and send both personal and business WhatsApp messages.

WhatSender lets you connect to your customers over WhatsApp effortlessly.

WhatSender lets you segment your contacts using numerous filters to run highly targeted initiatives for better engagement. Furthermore, you can access your chat history to monitor past interactions to ensure you are up to date with how far a prospect has made into the sales funnel. 


Growby, formerly known as Whatso, is one of the leading WhatsApp tools used by over 25000 businesses. It is built for both new and medium-sized companies, helping them boost sales engagement and generate revenue.

Growby, a WhatsApp marketing platform built for small and medium-sized businesses.

With Growby, you can send media-rich WhatsApp messages in bulk within minutes. Pair that with its specialized inbox, where you can manage your conversations and address sales, marketing, and customer support queries promptly. 


Chatarmin is an in-depth tool for WhatsApp that provides a streamlined WhatsApp experience for ecommerce businesses focusing on Shopify. You can elevate your customer interactions to another tier using automated messages across crucial contact points.

Chatarmin is a WhatsApp marketing software designed for ecommerce businesses.

Not only that. Chatarmin, being a WhatsApp tool designed for ecommerce stores particularly, lets you convert your abandoned carts into customers by reaching out to them with exclusive deals and compelling them to complete the checkout process. 

Never miss out on a conversation with these WhatsApp tools

No doubt, WhatsApp is one of the best platforms for streamlining your business communication. Pairing that with these WhatsApp tools, you can access a diverse array of options catering to your needs and the preferences of customers. 

From enhancing productivity to ensuring personalized engagement, these tools have evolved to complement WhatsApp’s functionalities effectively. 

However, if you are looking for just one solution for handling every aspect of your WhatsApp outreach, then Zixflow is the best choice for you. It is built for businesses of all sizes and with its highly customizable interface, you can make it adapt to your specific needs. 

So give it a try today and book a personalized demo to see the platform in action yourself. I guarantee you won’t regret it!

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