27 WhatsApp Marketing Messages Examples to Promote Your Business and Boost Sales

Boost business with 27 effective WhatsApp marketing examples. Drive sales, grow your brand, and elevate success with these proven strategies.

27 WhatsApp Marketing Messages Examples to Promote Your Business and Boost Sales

For a long time, WhatsApp has been a well-liked option for companies wishing to interact personally with their customers. However, sending marketing or promotional communications to customers was not permitted for firms until recently. 

Only 'transactional' messages, such as payment confirmation or shipment tracking, delivery messages, and messages that can be classified as an 'update' were allowed. This was done to ensure that companies could provide personalized communication to their clients without spamming them with pointless messages. These messages were sent using WhatsApp automation tools to make the process easy and smooth.

However, WhatsApp unveiled a brand-new category of themes in September 2021 named "Marketing." The way firms connect with their customers has changed dramatically as a result of the advent of this messaging template. 

This has made it possible for companies to reach out to clients who have opted-in with promotional and similar messaging. In order to create leads and increase sales, brands may now send product recommendations, discount coupons, promotional offers, coupons, new product launch notifications, and more via WhatsApp business platform API.

What are WhatsApp promotional messages?

WhatsApp promotional messages are any type of message that businesses send to customers to advertise their goods or services. 

These are non-transactional messages that companies use WhatsApp Business API for ecommerce to send to their clients to do things like advertise new product launches, issue back-in-stock alerts, advertise an app, recommend products, or remind clients about abandoned shopping carts.

As more people use WhatsApp to inquire about deals and discounts from their favorite brands, WhatsApp has started to authorize non-transactional messages, enabling companies to engage with customers and boost sales engagement.

Do you really want to know if you can send promotional messages on WhatsApp?

Through the WhatsApp Business API, companies have been able to send promotional messages to their clients since September 2021. However, it's crucial to remember that WhatsApp must first pre-approve the messages in order to assure compliance with their business and commerce regulations.

Additionally, organizations can send personalized promotional notifications in bulk by building a customized broadcast list with pertinent consumer groups, enabling more effective and focused contact with their customer base.

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Are WhatsApp promotional messages really a game-changer?

WhatsApp marketing messages have the potential to revolutionize businesses because:


  • People have consented to the business sending them promotional messages via WhatsApp. 
  • This reduces the element of surprise and raises the likelihood of interaction.


  • WhatsApp's promotional messages are tailored to the individual recipient.
  • Recent purchases or interactions with the business are used to personalize the experience.
  • This raises the message's relevancy and engagement prospects.


  • When they are most applicable to the recipient, WhatsApp alerts are sent.
  • This maximizes the message's effect and raises the possibility of engagement and conversion.

Benefits of sending promotional messages on WhatsApp

WhatsApp marketing strategies for all brands must include promotional messages. Businesses may improve their customer experience thereby enhancing relationship selling, foster brand loyalty, and encourage repeat business by keeping customers informed of ongoing deals, fresh releases, and incentives.

The following are a few of the main advantages of WhatsApp promotional messages:

Improvement in customer experience

Brands can improve customer satisfaction by sending personalized communications based on customers' interests or past purchases.

Real-time conversations are made possible by WhatsApp's ease of use and promptness, giving users a more seamless and customized experience. 

These messages can promote a closer relationship between companies and their customers by providing special discounts, product updates, and customer service. Using WhatsApp for marketing can dramatically increase client loyalty, boost sales, and ultimately help the company succeed as a whole.

Brand loyalty

WhatsApp promotional messages can help businesses grow and strengthen customer loyalty to their brand. Companies can create direct and personalised contact channels with their customers by utilising this platform. Customers feel valued and appreciated when businesses use WhatsApp to provide them exclusive offers, prizes, and updates. 

Brands may maintain top-of-mind awareness through recurrent and tailored promotional communications, which promote repeat business and enduring relationships with customers. WhatsApp's marketing messages are extremely important for boosting brand loyalty and increasing consumer retention and advocacy.

Boosting conversion rates

Businesses have found that increasing conversion rates with WhatsApp promotional messages is a highly successful tactic. Utilizing the strength of this well-liked messaging service, businesses can speak directly and personally to their target market. 

Businesses may attract potential clients' attention and lead them through the sales funnel by sending them customized and pertinent promotional content. 

A sense of urgency is cultivated by WhatsApp's real-time engagement and fast communication, which promotes hasty decision-making and action. Brands can encourage customers to make purchases by providing special offers, time-limited promotions, and customized incentives. 

The success and profitability of the company as a whole are ultimately boosted by this targeted approach's better conversion rates.

WhatsApp message by Lea clothing in order to increase brand loyalty and boost sales.

Boosting sales through cost-effective way

WhatsApp is a great option for organizations looking for effective marketing solutions because it provides a low-cost method of direct engagement with the target audience. 

Companies can capture the interest of potential customers and persuade them to learn more about their products or services by sending them personalized and interesting promotional messages. Instant responses to inquiries are made possible by WhatsApp's real-time engagement, which accelerates the conversion of sales. 

The platform also enables the creation of unique discounts and offers, enticing users to take advantage of flash sales. By providing value-driven content, WhatsApp promotions' cost-effectiveness not only maximizes ROI but also encourages customer loyalty. In general, using WhatsApp for marketing messaging offers a practical and affordable solution to increase revenue and propel company expansion.

Reaching out to a wider audience

WhatsApp enables businesses to interact with potential clients from a variety of demographics and geographical places because of its large user base and widespread appeal. 

Businesses may attract the attention of a larger audience and increase the likelihood of sales engagement and conversion by distributing targeted and personalized promotional content. Instant messaging and multimedia capabilities of the platform allow brands to send engaging and interactive messages to the audience. 

Because of its viral nature, WhatsApp makes it simple to share marketing content, which increases its ability to reach new potential customers through word-of-mouth. 

As a result, companies can reach a larger and more diversified audience with effective and affordable promotional messages on WhatsApp, opening up previously unexplored areas and increasing brand recognition and sales. Brands can also use WhatsApp community feature and reach out to large group of audiences.

Repeat purchase

Utilizing this direct and tailored channel of communication, companies can stay in touch with their current clientele and encourage continued engagement and brand loyalty. 

Customers are encouraged to make more purchases by keeping them updated about new products, special deals, and prizes by sending them tailored and pertinent promotional content through WhatsApp. 

Brands may maintain top-of-mind awareness and increase the possibility that customers would choose their goods or services for future needs by sending out frequent and worthwhile promotional messages.

Customers might not always be happy with your brand because they had a bad shopping experience or because they don't think they are getting good enough deals to make their next purchase. Customer retention can be enhanced by sending WhatsApp promotional messages with discounts or loyalty points to alleviate complaints and encourage repeat business.

Eligibility to send promotional messages on WhatsApp

Your business must apply for the WhatsApp Business API in order to send non-transactional template messages to a significant number of consumers through WhatsApp marketing.

If a company already has a WhatsApp Business API number that has been approved, it can start sending out marketing messages to its clients.

Before sending marketing messages on WhatsApp, your business must take into account a few conditions and limitations:

  • It is necessary to have an active WhatsApp Business API number.
  • Customers must give their consent, and your business must abide by WhatsApp's opt-in policy rules.
  • WhatsApp will evaluate each promotional template message. They don't allow daily newsletters or a lot of notifications.
  • Your business is always required to abide by WhatsApp's rules.

Guidelines to send promotional messages on WhatsApp

Because WhatsApp is a platform that prioritizes its users, it's crucial for your business to follow its rules while advertising your goods and services there. Following these principal recommendations can help you send effective advertising messages on WhatsApp:

  • Get approval from clients before sending promotional messages to comply with WhatsApp's commerce policy so that customers have a choice and don't feel spammed.
  • A suggested ratio of 3:1 should be maintained between transactional and promotional messages.
  • Segment and personalize your audience, then send timely, pertinent messages that are based on their interests.
  • Be aware of how engaged your audience is. Don't continue to market to users who have unsubscribed or opted out.
  • Recognise the value of timely communications and the frequency at which your target audience is happy to receive them.
  • All communications must be useful to the user and provide all the details they require regarding special offers, promotions, or loyalty points.

Your business should keep in mind that WhatsApp is a customer-focused platform while sending marketing messages because it was already noted. You can make sure that your audience is involved and interested in the goods and services you're promoting by adhering to these rules.

Techniques and strategies on how to craft effective promotional WhatsApp messages

Make the most of the chance and customize your WhatsApp promotional messages if you want them to be successful. 

This part will show you how to create successful WhatsApp marketing messages that produce results through customer-centric selling. You can use the advice in this part to create WhatsApp promotional messages that will connect with your audience and produce results. 

Writing interesting and engaging messages

  • Use a conversational tone, keep it brief and to the point, and add interactive components like photographs, videos, PDFs, or CTA buttons to make your message stand out.
  • Use clear, persuasive language that will inspire action, but try to avoid sounding like a sales pitch.
  • Recognise that clients have short attention spans and use an appealing tone and obvious call to action to capture their interest.

Short and concise messages

  • A brief, targeted message can promote interaction and ultimately result in a sale.
  • Instead of writing lengthy, convoluted, and confusing statements, concentrate on clearly expressing your products and services.
Precise and captivating WhatsApp message by Lea clothing to capture customer's attention.

Specific and honest offerings 

  • To attract the curiosity of clients who are genuinely interested, clearly define the value propositions in your messaging.
  • Build trust and credibility by being open and truthful about what customers can get for their money.

Promote, but don’t overdo

  • Keep your message understated and avoid overpromising.
  • Keep in mind that consumers prefer to feel as though they are buying rather than being sold.

No spamming

  • Be mindful of WhatsApp's spam detection algorithms and refrain from demanding for personal information or creating a false feeling of urgency.
  • Avoid giving them the impression that your account is spam.

Continuous improvement of messages

  • Since nobody always gets it right on the first try, receive feedback and keep refining your messages.

Effective strategies to send promotional messages on WhatsApp

Businesses should create successful strategies that put user consent, personalisation, and compliance in the top priority lists to assure success while sending promotional messages on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp marketing messages must be sent with care to protect users' privacy and preferences while yet being effective. Here are some practical methods towards success:

Personalized messages

Segment your users according to their region, gender, and past purchases to make sure your messages are being seen by the correct people. Utilize the data you already have to personalize your communications, and remember to include customization variables in your WhatsApp message templates.

Tracking and analyzing

Monitor statistics to see whether you need to adjust your strategy, audience, or messaging. Create message templates that connect with your audience by analyzing the data to determine the times when your communications are most effective. Additionally, refrain from bombarding those who aren't as interested with messages.

Manage responses with shared inbox

Use a team-wide WhatsApp inbox to efficiently handle client questions and issues. Assign incoming chats to each member of your team, use premade responses for speedy responses, and even set up auto-replies for recurring but extremely specific questions to impress sales prospects.

Now that you know how to create the ideal WhatsApp promotional message, you can engage your audience and increase sales. But if you can't reach a large audience, what good is a wonderful message? 

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27 creative WhatsApp marketing messages for promotion and boosting sales

WhatsApp has developed into a potent tool for companies to interact with clients and boost sales. To differentiate yourself from the competition, you must create engaging and imaginative marketing campaigns. 

The following list of 27 creative WhatsApp marketing messages might help you market your business and increase sales:

Update regarding new product launch

Due to poor reach and ineffective marketing techniques, many product launches fail. WhatsApp is a powerful medium for communication, and because of its high open and click-through rates, it has a large and engaged audience, making it the perfect place to advertise new goods.

Big branding encourages prospective customers to buy and use the company's items. During the debut of a new product, your company can boost sales and collect insightful customer feedback for future product development by fostering this desire and offering incentives, such as eye-catching poster templates.

Product alert from nykaa through WhatsApp.

Seasonal and holiday offers

Around notable holidays or seasonal changes, a lot of people search for deals and discounts on gifts, apparel, and personal items. 

Customers are more likely to use offers, discounts, and coupons, thus your company should take advantage of this fact. Utilize them to attract clients by hosting specials and special events.

Weekly deals

One of the best methods to increase sales is with weekly special offers, and tailoring WhatsApp promotional messages to your customers' tastes will increase conversion rates. To encourage your clients to buy, send out weekly promotions.

Monthly sale

Month's end is quickly approaching, and you want to get rid of your inventory. You can do it with the aid of a monthly sale message at the end of the month! Utilize it to draw in new clients and enhance sales before the month is over.

Nykaa pink summer sale alert - An engaging way to grab customer’s attention to boost sales.

Alert regarding upcoming sales

You can easily inform your clients of new deals and promotions and give them a heads-up so they can make preparations. Additionally, you can build a unified marketing message that will aid in boosting brand awareness and consumer loyalty by customizing the template with your firm's colors and emblem. 

Upcoming sale update from ajio - Giving the customer’s a heads-up.

Loyalty programs

Customer retention is essential for reducing marketing expenses and developing a devoted following since the cost of obtaining a new customer is typically five times higher than that of keeping an existing one. 

Gaining new consumers and keeping your current ones is essential for growth and sustenance and it is also one of the top WhatsApp Marketing strategies. Offering incentives to customers, such as exclusive deals, awards for loyalty, and early access to promotions, is one efficient approach to keep them coming back. 

Sending promotional messages on WhatsApp is a fantastic method to advertise a loyalty programme and stimulate repeat purchases.

Early access to hot pink nykaa sale for prive platinum and gold members only.!

Recovery of abandoned cart

Sending WhatsApp promotional messages as a reminder to clients about the things they left in their carts, however, is one practical solution to the problem of abandoned carts. This encourages consumers to finish their transaction and can solve most of the abandoned cart problems, which ultimately boosts sales. Businesses can use WhatsApp automation to remind clients to finish their purchases by sending them a WhatsApp message with a link to the payment page.

Offering a great deal or extra bonus to persuade your consumers to complete their orders is one expert advice to help you improve your abandoned cart recovery efforts. This might be a price reduction on their purchase, free shipping, or even a free item. The secret is to offer them just enough encouragement to close the transaction and make it too good to refuse. Ensure that the offer will actually excite them and motivate them to complete their transaction.

Abandoned cart alert from nykaa - Alerting the customers regarding their favourite products.

Festive deals

Festive greetings are a terrific way to interact with your consumers and boost sales during special events, whether it be Diwali, Holi, Christmas, Eid, or another holiday. Use WhatsApp to give your consumers personalized holiday greetings. Include an alluring deal or discount to encourage them to make a purchase. Sending consumers holiday greetings also improves the relationship and fosters a sense of community.

Trip deals from EaseMyTrip during various special events with exclusive packages.

Limited stock alert

Notify clients who had placed an item to their want list before but were unable to purchase it because it was out of stock. When a product is refilled, the great demand for it can be used as social proof to boost sales. Sales can also be boosted by restocking items and creating a sense of scarcity.

Feedback message

The Feedback Loop tactic is a fantastic technique to spread promotional template messages on WhatsApp.

Send a clickable feedback form after a consumer receives the item. 

When they respond, your WhatsApp chat bot will carry on the conversation and immediately send them a promotional message or a coupon code that will boost sales. 

redBus sends feedback messages to its users after every trip.

Follow up promotion message

This WhatsApp marketing message is a follow-up for past clients who haven't made a purchase in a while or for those who have expressed interest in your goods or services. 

You can send them a WhatsApp marketing campaign message that doesn't appear to be advertising anything. Only word your message such that it appears as though you have already spoken with the consumer and are only following up.

Order confirmation message

Sending your user an order confirmation is another approach to provide them a discount voucher. The majority of individuals will begin to respond and enquire about their orders, including delivery dates or other details. 

The chatbot will now respond to their question and provide them a coupon or promo code for their subsequent purchase. Additionally, this is a fantastic chance to offer more things. 

Order tracking messages

Through WhatsApp your business can send order tracking messages to inform the customers. Give your customers a choice to opt to get messages on WhatsApp regarding the same and watch their faces glow, because who wouldn’t want instant updates? 

Shipping update message

Through WhatsApp your business can send shipping update messages to inform the customers. Well, I personally enjoy that ping of the text I get right after my order is delivered. Moreover, it is also easier to keep a track of shipments when the customer receives updates on their preferred platform. 

Order cancellation confirmation messages

Through WhatsApp your business can send order confirmation and cancellation messages to inform the customers regarding their order request. 

Order confirmation and tracking updates from nykaa.

Using WhatsApp as landing page

In this WhatsApp Marketing strategy, Whatsapp will serve as the landing page. All of your users can get SMS or email campaigns that have a call to action link that directs them to the company's WhatsApp page. 

When a user opens WhatsApp, a message will already be filled out on their behalf; all they need to do is click the Send button to start a conversation with the chatbot. 

Additionally, the chatbot or any human agent can present the user with a discount, a coupon code, or any other form of promotional message throughout this interaction. 

Cross-selling promotional messages

Existing clients account for 65% of the business. In order to restart your firm, it's crucial to re-engage your current clients.

The best marketing method for re-engaging current users and turning them into customers is cross-selling. In essence, these are customers who have bought one of your goods. 

Cross-sell additional products to increase sales if you have them. Here are a few examples of cross-selling WhatsApp promotional messages for your current clients:

Out-of-stock alert messages

You may use WhatsApp promotional messages to create a sense of urgency in your clients by alerting them to the fact that stocks are running low or by making time-limited offers. You can use it to recover abandoned carts and ultimately encourage customers to finish their purchases.

Customer support messages

Utilize the technology of instant messaging through WhatsApp to easily provide customer service. Customers want to communicate with companies and have genuine discussions. Real-time customer query resolution is possible by utilizing conversational AI systems. 

It can be used to send order confirmations, delivery notifications, and after sales support. 

Appointment messages

The pandemic has made consumers hesitant to enter stores. In these situations, you can use WhatsApp to let customers schedule a convenient time to visit the store. Customers can also receive appointment reminders via WhatsApp. If necessary, they can either confirm or postpone their appointments. Customers may shop more easily as a result.

This is why in the debate of WhatsApp marketing vs SMS marketing, your business should opt for WhatsApp. 

Appointment reminders from HealthifyMe.

Payment reminder messages

Your organization can send payment reminder messages to customers in order to keep them informed regarding their on-time payments. This will make sure that your customers are assured and not worried about any frauds. This also builds your brand's image as a caring brand which you can later use to promote more and sell more! 

Payment reminder from slice.

Welcome messages

Everyone loves to be greeted, so why not use greetings as a medium to make your customers love your business and then send promotional messages? 

Use WhatsApp welcome messages first to promote and enhance your business’s reputation and later utilize that reputation to promote and sell your products. 

Welcome message on your journey from IRCTC eCatering.

Re-engagement messages

Reengagement alerts and WhatsApp retargeting campaigns are an excellent approach to encourage inactive consumers to browse and make purchases. Based on past purchases or buy intent, these clients can be divided into groups.

Re-engagement messages from HealthifyMe.

Event promotion messages

With the help of WhatsApp, businesses and event organizers can now efficiently connect and interact with their target audience. To draw guests and assure the event's success, it is essential to provide convincing event promotion messages. 

Upselling messages

On WhatsApp, upselling is a deliberate sales approach that companies employ to boost revenue by persuading clients to upgrade or buy more expensive goods or services.

Create concise WhatsApp messages that highlight the benefits of the upsell by employing persuasive language and eye-catching graphics.

Technical issue update messages

The technical issue update messages can help in reinforcing your businesses' commitment to providing a seamless experience for their WhatsApp users by showcasing their commitment to openness, customer happiness, and effective problem-solving.

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DTH and mobile recharge update messages

The latest recharge possibilities and deals are frequently communicated to consumers of DTH and mobile service providers via WhatsApp update messages. These messages often provide information on fresh recharge plans, exclusive cashback deals, and special discounts.

DTH and mobile service providers use these WhatsApp messages to increase client engagement, foster loyalty, and make sure their members have access to the most current and alluring recharge alternatives.

Offer updates from JioOffers to update its users.

How to send promotional WhatsApp messages by Zixflow

Businesses can connect to WhatsApp's many APIs for a number of marketing strategies creating selling by using Zixflow, a WhatsApp marketing solution. 

Using a single, intuitive dashboard, leverage WhatsApp's cloud-based tools to send messages through WhatsApp API, schedule, and send customized 1:1 and group messages for marketing, sales, and support.

You can send personalized messages on WhatsApp with the help of Zixflow.

Best practices of WhatsApp promotional messages


  • Create audience segments so you may deliver personalized messages based on the recipients' interests and past purchases.
  • To determine whether your strategy, audience, or messaging needs to be improved, keep track of your message data.
  • To organize customer feedback and distribute incoming chats among your team members, use a shared inbox.
  • When sending a WhatsApp promotional message, don't forget to use approved template messages.
  • Before distributing your words to a bigger audience, test them.
  • Keep your communication brief and direct.
  • Too many promotional messages sent could result in account reporting and a drop in your Quality Rating, so keep that in mind.
  • For sensitive data, use WhatsApp's end-to-end encryption.
  • Respect WhatsApp's commercial guidelines.


  • Don't bombard users who aren't as engaged with communications.
  • Send personalized messages instead of generic ones by using the available data.
  • Avoid using WhatsApp as a platform for promotional communications.
  • Sending excessive amounts of mails can result in spam.
  • Limit the number of emoticons and exclamation points you use in your texts.
  • Don't send messages to contacts unless you have their express permission.
  • WhatsApp should not be used to send unauthorized or illegal messages.

Boost your sales with WhatsApp

Businesses should make an effort to give their clients a thorough WhatsApp experience. They can increase their growth while keeping the interests of the customers in mind by using non-transactional promotional communications. 

An effective marketing plan must include elements such as fostering close bonds with clients and engaging them in dialogue. WhatsApp has the potential to be a potent tool for fostering enduring connections, boosting client retention, boosting brand engagement, and boosting revenue. 

The future of promotional messages on WhatsApp Business API seems bright, and companies that adopt this trend might gain greatly from the benefits of WhatsApp Business API. Many customers currently choose to engage with their chosen brands through WhatsApp.

To increase your company's efficiency, try out Zixflow for free it is one of the best WhatsApp Marketing tools that helps your business level up. 

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