WhatsApp Automation for Business: Examples & How to Do it

Boost your sales with WhatsApp automation for business, retarget the audience, connect with your customers better and take your engagement one level up.

WhatsApp Automation for Business: Examples & How to Do it

Are you prepared to boost your growth with the sales process and grow your business to a new level? 

WhatsApp Business automation is a potent technology that can transform your sales, and marketing processes.

Today, WhatsApp has become the most popular application for instant messaging. The business version of the software has revolutionized how companies interact with their clients including many WhatsApp marketing advantages

Customers can now easily contact their favorite brands and find solutions to their issues without having to wait in a queue or make many phone calls thanks to the WhatsApp business platform and the WhatsApp automation tools.

You may gain time, increase productivity, and improve the customer experience by utilizing automation. 

WhatsApp business automation has plenty to offer, regardless of whether you run a small or a giant business. 

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What is WhatsApp Automation?

Using the WhatsApp Business App or WhatsApp Business API, client interactions can be automated. This technique is known as WhatsApp automation. You can guarantee consistency, effectiveness, and promptness in your communication with automation, which will lead to satisfied customers.

With WhatsApp, you may set up automated responses to customer questions that result in prompt responses without consuming a support agent's time. Such responses enable client connection outside of office hours in addition to allowing immediate responses. 

For instance, businesses can program auto-replies to disclose the addresses of stores close by when a customer requests the location of a store. With WhatsApp's support for rich media formats, you can also share Google Maps locations to provide instructions.

WhatsApp automation goes beyond pre-programmed responses. It entails using AI-based API technologies to automate message flows and end-to-end interactions. You can automate processes like adding contacts and sending messages to many users in addition to two-way messaging. 

Leading companies are utilizing AI-driven technologies to optimize procedures, and impress sales prospects. They are also currently utilizing WhatsApp chatbots, which are highly popular. Chatbots can respond to questions with pertinent information and base their answers on the message's keywords. A company can send immediate responses using bots.

By using tools for WhatsApp marketing like Zixflow, you can automate the sending of WhatsApp messages to your clients while customizing the templates to encourage them to leave a favorable first impression.

Benefits of WhatsApp automation

The following are the main advantages of choosing WhatsApp automation:

  • It enables your company to succeed in a competitive marketplace where staying ahead of the competition requires quick answers to changing consumer needs and market conditions.
  • Response times are greatly shortened by automation. Quick responses are what your consumers want, and WhatsApp automation provides them.
  • You can launch automated marketing campaigns with WhatsApp to reach your target audiences if you have access to the WhatsApp Business API.
  • It provides your agents plenty of time to concentrate on more urgent problems. The time saved by WhatsApp business automation can be wisely used by your agents to work on more crucial duties.
  • You can easily move customers through the sales funnel and towards a purchase with automated WhatsApp messaging.

Why should you use WhatsApp automation for business?

Every now and then, someone may claim that they were unable to communicate with a corporation and could only "talk to a robot." Automation can, in fact, result in a terrible customer experience when done poorly.

Thoughtful WhatsApp automation offers a variety of advantages for both clients and staff members of the business. Automated welcome and away messages boost response times, to start.

Generally speaking, it's impossible to manually respond to each and every incoming communication as it comes in. Customers can be immediately reassured that their message was received by setting up an automated response for fresh inbound messages.

Some consumer queries can be addressed entirely or partially by automation. For instance, an interactive FAQ menu can offer pre-written answers to frequently asked inquiries, freeing up agents for more pressing issues and lessening their workload.

Building a pre-chat survey form to gather consumer information and choose the topics of the talk would be another example. With this knowledge, firms may quickly direct discussions to the appropriate staff, allowing for prompt customer service.

Additionally, WhatsApp automation is utilized to direct clients along the sales pipeline stages with less involvement from agents, ensuring that only quality leads get through to agents. Because of the time savings, agents may concentrate on real sales opportunities.

Inspiring use cases and examples of WhatsApp automation

Let's look at some use cases and examples from WhatsApp businesses that can inspire automation and help you in building your marketing strategy for WhatsApp for your business.

So sit back, unwind, and get ready to discover all the advantages of automation!

Messages to welcome prospects

Customer satisfaction can be greatly increased by making a great first impression and customer-centric selling. Similarly to this, a cordial welcome message can provide the groundwork for enduring client connections. 

Every time I first interact with a company, I am still unsure about whether to purchase the offering. So an enticing welcome message can help solve this issue.

After getting in touch with any organization, your customers would receive a welcome message using Whatsapp marketing automation.

Internshala sent me a welcome message on WhatsApp as soon as I signed up for the service to receive updates about internships in my field of interest, making for a great first impression with the help of WhatsApp marketing automation.

Welcome message from Internshala.

Previously automated replies to FAQs

In this intensely competitive climate, if you sleep, you lose. 

I know how crucial timely responses from clients are. The expansion of business may be hampered by slow response times. However, FAQs can provide rapid solutions without using specialized human beings.

Start by compiling a list of frequent queries from clients. Always use keyword-based programming to create FAQ replies to swiftly address client inquiries.

Updates regarding the shipment and tracking information

I recognize the common mistake that many companies make, which is neglecting the customer experience after a sale. I am aware that 86% of users base their decision on whether or not to make another purchase on their post-purchase experience. Therefore, it is crucial to prioritize keeping customers engaged through relationship selling in order to foster loyalty and increase their lifetime value.

When a customer makes a purchase, you need to understand their curiosity about when they can expect to receive their goods. By promptly sending order confirmation and tracking information, you can proactively address this question and reduce the number of follow-up queries that the customer support team needs to handle. This not only streamlines the process for customers but also ensures their satisfaction and helps to maintain a positive post-purchase experience.

For instance, letting consumers know about delays and delivering flight updates demonstrates your concern for them. Similar to this, communicating tracking information enables customers to be ready to accept deliveries. 

The best example of timely reminders regarding the status of my shipment's tracking information comes from Nykaa. Through automatic WhatsApp messaging, I receive regular updates on every aspect of my shipping.

Nykaa updates its customers regarding their shipment tracking updates.

Schedule timely reminders

Sending reminders to customers is essential to prevent them from becoming overwhelmed and potentially missing appointments, flights, or other commitments. By doing so, you not only prioritize customer satisfaction but also protect them from potential financial losses.

Taking the initiative to send reminders demonstrates a commitment to providing excellent service and ensuring that customers stay on track with their schedules. It helps in avoiding misunderstandings and prevents any inconveniences or disappointments that may arise due to missed appointments or commitments.

Timely reminders serve as a valuable tool in streamlining communication, minimizing confusion, and maximizing customer satisfaction.

With its fast updates and live tracking feature, redBus ensures I don't miss my bus reservations, boosting customer happiness and increasing sales enablement.

redBus sending upcoming journey details.

It's crucial to manage customer appointments, especially in the banking and healthcare sectors. When a consumer makes an appointment, a confirmation message is sent, making it easier for them to get information immediately. You may also email reminders for appointments to make sure that your clients show up on time.

One of the healthcare apps, Healthify, notifies users in good time of upcoming appointments.  

Healthify sends automated WhatsApp reminders for consultation calls.

Messages to market your business

WhatsApp APIs are a blessing for large-scale enterprise businesses. You can promote new products or deals to a large audience for sales engagement by using automated marketing messaging.  

You can set up messages to be sent in response to events like a consumer adding things to their cart, a subscription renewal date, or an ad click. To advertise seasonal sales, in-store workshops, new store openings, rebranding, and awards/recognition from industry leaders, you may also use WhatsApp for marketing automation.

Nykaa does well to grasp the art of advertising and marketing one's business using contemporary technology. I never miss any alerts about Nykaa's current or impending sales thanks to WhatsApp's automated messaging feature.

Nykaa is marketing its business through WhatsApp automated messages.

Abandoned cart and product promotion messages

According to the Baymard Institute, 69.57 percent of customers abandon their carts on average. Therefore, it becomes a must to battle this problem.

To recover abandoned carts, send automated WhatsApp messages with discounts. Such messages encourage customers to finish their purchases, which can boost conversion rates. 

Additionally, based on previous purchases or browsing habits, you can offer personalized product recommendations. You may send a WhatsApp product catalog of recent additions to a consumer who has been looking at furniture, for instance, to entice them to your website.

Since Nykaa always alerts me to the products I missed out on, I never miss my cart updates.

Nykaa reminds its customers about their favorite wish-listed products.

Customer feedbacks and reviews

As social proof, feedback, and reviews show that other customers are satisfied with a transaction. You can persuade potential customers to make a purchase from you by automating the feedback collection process. 

Send automated messages after a customer has finished their transaction asking for honest reviews of your goods or services. You might also send a link to a page where clients can post reviews. Feedback can offer insights that direct business procedures and decisions in addition to showing trust.

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How to automate WhatsApp messages for your business?

There are various processes to increase sales efficiency involved in implementing WhatsApp automation for businesses. Here is a general starting point guide:

Set up a WhatsApp business account

Create an account by downloading and installing the WhatsApp Business app or by using the WhatsApp Business API. Verify your company and establish a credible profile.

Define automation goals

Choose the particular procedures or operations you wish to automate with WhatsApp. Customer support, purchase updates, appointment reminders, and marketing efforts are examples of frequent use cases.

Choose a preferred automation solution

Depending on your company's demands, pick a suitable WhatsApp automation solution. Platforms for chatbots, third-party integrations, and custom API development are available options.

Test and optimize

Test your automation carefully to make sure it functions as planned. Utilizing user input and analytics, simulating user interactions, and improving the conversational flow. Improve your automation continually for greater outcomes.

Adherence to policies

Adhere to WhatsApp's rules and regulations regarding automated messaging. Observe user privacy and secure informed consent. Learn about the applicable data protection laws in your jurisdiction.

Automate, relax, and have fun

The extensive functionalities that the WhatsApp APIs provide allow for widespread consumer communication. Through WhatsApp templates and predefined responses, you can have meaningful discussions with your clients thanks to APIs. 

Try Zixflow for free to utilize WhatsApp's enterprise-grade API and send messages with security and dependability.

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