WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP) & How They Can Benefit Your Business

A WhatsApp BSP is a middleman between you and Meta, allowing you to access and use WhatsApp for your business. It can help you boost engagement and drive sales.

WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP) & How They Can Benefit Your Business

Imagine you want to reach out to someone and want a quick reply from them. Which platform do you think is the best to use for this situation? Traditional platforms like email or SMS are too slow and there’s a chance that your recipient might ignore your message. 

Giving them a call also works but you wouldn’t want to get on the call for every little thing you want to share or conversate about. So, the only thing left is communication apps. These apps offer you the ability to send and receive information within seconds, saving you not only time but also money (since almost all of them are free to use.)

Now here’s a question, with countless communication apps out there, which one is the one you should go for? The answer depends on your business needs, where your recipients are located, and the type of messages you want to send.

If you want to reach out to the maximum number of people using a single platform, then WhatsApp is the best bet for you. According to a survey, it is the most used app in 63 out of 100 countries. But to correctly incorporate the WhatsApp Business Platform in your marketing efforts, you will need some external help to guide you in the right direction.

This is where a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider (BSP) comes in. However, there are several things you have to understand before you decide to choose a BSP to get started with WhatsApp. 

So, in this guide, I’ll tell you about what a WhatsApp BSP is, how it can help your business, and the factors you should consider before getting one. Without further ado, let’s get to it!

What is a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider?

WhatsApp Business Solution Providers are third-party vendors, who have partnered with Meta, to help companies adopt WhatsApp in their sales engagement model for seamless business communication and outreach campaigns. 

These BSPs have comprehensive knowledge of how WhatsApp works and are aware of its Policies to ensure you use it the right way and steer clear of any mistakes. Plus, the BSPs act as a middleman between you and WhatsApp, assisting you in resolving any issues that might arise. 

How can a WhatsApp BSP help your business?

Although Meta offers you the capability to set up and customize the WhatsApp API by yourself, you would need a considerable amount of technical expertise for that. 

Plus, if you run into a problem, you will either have to take care of it on your own or get help from an experienced WhatsApp developer, costing you both time and money. 

However, a BSP can help you utilize WhatsApp to its full potential without worrying about any future issues. With that said, here are some of the ways a WhatsApp BSP can help you enhance your business communication:

Quick & easy set up

A WhatsApp BSP assists you in setting up the WhatsApp Business Platform and integrating it with your existing infrastructure to create a WhatsApp CRM for streamlining your processes. And since a BSP is handling all the legwork, you can save a ton of time and focus on building valuable connections. 

Unified inbox

Most of the time, the WhatsApp BSP you choose will have a unified inbox within its platform to allow you to manage your WhatsApp communications from a place. 

This centralized inbox is a must-have if you are sending WhatsApp messages from different accounts as you don’t have to switch between accounts or devices to access your chats. It will enable your sales team to view all the past conversations with a customer effectively, allowing them to tailor their outreach accordingly. 

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Compliance monitoring

One of the biggest challenges of using WhatsApp is that you have to strictly adhere to its Usage Policies & Guidelines. Failing to follow these policies can result in your WhatsApp Business getting banned.

Your WhatsApp BSP will make sure that your outreach efforts stay within WhatsApp’s Policies. And on the off chance your account does end up getting banned, you can reach out to your WhatsApp BSP and they will help you with what to do next. 

Analytics dashboard

Lastly, a good WhatsApp BSP will include an analytics dashboard to let you monitor how well your WhatsApp marketing is going. This way, you can analyze what is working and what isn’t to make necessary changes. 

What to look for in a WhatsApp BSP?

Now comes the important question, “How can you identify which BSP is suitable for your business out of so many available in the market?” 

That’s a legitimate question, and you should always do your due diligence before you decide to go with a BSP for your WhatsApp needs. Having said that, to help choose the right WhatsApp BSP, here are some of the factors you need to consider:

Official Meta partner

One of the first and most important things to look for in a WhatsApp BSP is to check whether it is an official Meta partner. Only the vendors partnered with Meta are authorized to serve as Business Service Providers and help businesses get started with WhatsApp API

It goes without saying that if you choose to go with an unauthorized vendor, you always risk a chance of getting your WhatsApp account banned. On top of that, you might have to deal with downtimes, delayed customer support responses, and security breaches as these vendors are not vetted by Meta. 

Cost efficiency

Cost is also a major factor you have to consider when deciding on a WhatsApp BSP. In fact, WhatsApp, by itself, is a pretty affordable business communication solution. For example, the WhatsApp Business app is free to use and you can get the WhatsApp API for your business for free. 

So, it doesn’t make sense to send more on a BSP than on your WhatsApp conversations. That’s why, you have to ensure the BSP you choose offers affordable or free plans for you to effectively reach out to your contacts.

Easy-to-use platform

Another aspect to think about when picking a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider is usability. How quickly can you get used to the platform and start using it to its full potential? 

Your BSP should offer an intuitive UI, making it easy for you and your team to understand. Also, having a user-friendly platform allows you to quickly integrate it with WhatsApp and start running marketing campaigns, something that you will struggle to do otherwise with complex software. 

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Prompt customer support

Lastly, your BSP should always provide prompt customer service to any of your issues. Delayed responses to your queries or not valuing your problems will result in interruptions in your business communications. 

So make sure you select the right WhatsApp BSP that prioritizes your issues and communicates with you to resolve them immediately. 

A BSP recommendation for you 

Going through all the choices, considering all the above-mentioned factors, and reaching out to different BSPs to find the right one for your WhatsApp needs might be challenging. 

That’s why, I have a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider that I want to recommend. 

Zixflow is a communication platform that comes with in-built WhatsApp compatibility, enabling you to get started with your WhatsApp efforts. Plus, with Zixflow, you can set up the WhatsApp API and integrate it with the platform by yourself with in-depth technical documentation.

Zixflow’s WhatsApp documentation to help integrate WhatsApp Business Platform with it.

Furthermore, if you don’t want to set up WhatsApp or if you run into trouble in the process, you can reach out to our support team and we can walk you through the entire process. Once you are done integrating, you can begin running your WhatsApp initiatives with its visual campaign builder.

Zixflow’s WhatsApp Campaign Builder allows you to set up outreach campaigns from a single screen.

Make the most of WhatsApp with the right Business Solution Provider

A BSP can make your life easier, but if you choose the wrong one, you might constantly be troubled with downtimes and interruptions. 

However, Zixflow is a next-gen platform that is powered with an AI engine to maintain maximum upkeep and ensure your WhatsApp messages are delivered every time. That is not all. With its free forever plan, you don’t even have to pay anything to use it. 

So why not get the free account to incorporate WhatsApp in your communication suite and drive sales through the roof with seamless conversations.

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