How to Use WhatsApp Retargeting Campaigns to Boost Engagement and Sales [With Examples]

Unlock higher engagement and sales with WhatsApp retargeting campaigns. Supercharge your business growth with effective strategies.

How to Use WhatsApp Retargeting Campaigns to Boost Engagement and Sales [With Examples]

Like Monica is to Chandler or Mac is to Cheese, WhatsApp is the perfect partner for a marketer; without the other, they are both incomplete.

Are you interested in learning how to maximize WhatsApp Marketing for your company? 

Marketing messages from WhatsApp typically have greater open and engagement rates compared to more conventional marketing channels like email or SMS. WhatsApp is a useful tool for communication since it encourages rapid reading and response.

Retargeting and follow-ups are no longer limited to emails and SMS. WhatsApp is a better and more effective choice for retargeting users.

If you check out whatsapp business statistics, you’ll learn that WhatsApp is one of the most ideal platforms for increasing your conversions because it has a message open rate of over 98% and a click-through rate of 45–60%. 

If you use WhatsApp Retargeting Campaigns correctly, your sales engagement can increase drastically. 

What is retargeting?

Retargeting, often referred to as remarketing, is a type of marketing that focuses on finding and interacting with users who have already used your website, mobile app, or other digital assets. 

It seeks to re-engage prospective customers who have previously expressed interest in your goods or services but have not yet become paying clients.

Retargeting's primary objective is to remind and push prospective customers to visit your website again, finish their purchase, or perform another desired action. Retargeting is done with the help of WhatsApp marketing tools.

By being top-of-mind and sending relevant messages, retargeting increases engagement, helps to boost growth with the sales process, and eventually drives conversions.

 It is a useful technique in digital marketing efforts since it makes use of the power of personalized advertising to connect with users who have already expressed interest in your company.

What is WhatsApp retargeting?

WhatsApp retargeting is the practice of re-engaging with users who have previously interacted with your brand or shown interest in your goods or services on the WhatsApp messaging network. 

It entails using WhatsApp as a route to send these specific users' personalized messages, offers, or promotions.

Through more direct and rapid communication with users, WhatsApp retargeting ads can increase engagement while also raising brand recognition and promoting conversions. 

How does WhatsApp retargeting work?

Utilizing user data and interaction analytics, WhatsApp retargeting sends personalized messages and offers to users for sales engagement processes who have already connected with your company. 

The utilization of customer data and engagement insights for WhatsApp retargeting often comes from a variety of sources, including website activity, app usage, or prior contacts with your company on WhatsApp. 

To generate custom audiences or specific audience segments for better targeted messaging, this data is utilized.

Like other automation tools for WhatsApp, Zixflow also allows you to send automated WhatsApp marketing campaigns to your customers with the help of WhatsApp feature that is present in the multi channel sales campaign section. Segment your audience as per filters and tags and send retargeting campaigns accordingly. 

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Process of retargeting

By retargeting, you may use analytics to efficiently identify client behavior and send relevant campaigns.

Decide what you want your campaigns to accomplish. Are you trying to boost engagement, boost customer retention, or boost sales? Setting clear objectives will enable you to assess the success of your marketing.

Assemble client information from a variety of platforms, including your website, mobile app, social media sites, and customer surveys. Utilize this data's analysis to learn more about the interactions, preferences, and patterns of customer behavior with your brand.

Based on client segmentation and personal preferences, customize your campaigns. Utilize your analytics' insights to produce personalized content, offers, and suggestions that appeal to each section.

Use marketing automation software that is connected to your analytics platform. This makes it possible for you to start campaigns in response to particular client behaviors or events, providing timely and pertinent information.

You may automate communications based on customer preferences and start multi-channel campaigns with Zixflow. Relevant data may be used to inform decisions. Additionally, to avoid missing out on potential money, you can regularly monitor deadlines with reminders.

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Why should you use WhatsApp retargeting?

Retargeting on WhatsApp can be an effective strategy for interacting with clients and increasing conversion rates. The following are some reasons for considering WhatsApp retargeting:

  • With billions of active users worldwide, WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messaging platforms. You may access an extensive user base and connect with clients who are already familiar with the platform by using WhatsApp for remarketing.
  • WhatsApp often boosts sales engagement rates and open rates when compared to other communication channels like email or SMS. WhatsApp messages are more likely to be seen by users, making it a useful platform for spreading your campaigns and messages.
  • You may create a direct, one-on-one channel of communication with your customers using WhatsApp. Your campaigns will be far more relevant and have a higher likelihood of conversion if you provide customized WhatsApp advertising messages based on their previous interactions, preferences, or abandoned carts.
  • With the help of WhatsApp, you may have in-the-moment chats with your consumers. This can be useful for promptly responding to consumer inquiries, offering help, or nurturing leads.

Is WhatsApp retargeting effective?

Retargeting can be an effective WhatsApp business marketing strategy, leveraging personalized messaging and direct reach to engage users who have previously shown interest. It has a high rate of engagement and the capacity to create enduring relationships with customers. 

WhatsApp retargeting's success is influenced by things like segmentation, message quality, and user experience. Businesses can maximize the performance of their WhatsApp retargeting efforts and achieve greater results by monitoring, optimizing, and observing best practices.

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How to boost engagement and sales by using WhatsApp retargeting campaigns?

It is high time that you start using WhatsApp for marketing.

You are losing out if you aren't using WhatsApp for business, whether you own an eCommerce store, educational institution, financial institution, vehicle company, logistics firm, digital marketing agency, or have a business in any other industry. By introducing WhatsApp and leveraging options like WhatsApp business automation in your business, you can retain more customers and improve customer experience along with increase in sales. As a cherry on top, you can even utilize some powerful whatsapp automation hacks and achieve great results.

Let's explore a few sales engagement strategies for using WhatsApp retargeting marketing to increase engagement and sales.

Personalized recommendations and messages

Create compelling and unique messaging that speaks to the interests and problems of different target segments. Highlight the advantages of your goods or services and provide special offers or discounts. 

Make convincing WhatsApp template messages for your reminders for abandoned carts. Remind the customer of the products they left behind and address them by name. To persuade customers to finish the transaction, think about offering a perk like a discount or free shipping offer.

Showcase products that users have already expressed interest in by using dynamic advertisements or sending them WhatsApp catalog of your products. As a result, your messaging is more relevant and engagement is higher.

Personalized message from redBus.

Reminders for abandoned shopping cart

Users who have abandoned their carts should receive automated notifications with WhatsApp ecommerce integration. Include a compelling call to action, such as a time-limited discount or free shipping, to persuade customers to finish the transaction. 

Keep track of and note the occurrences when customers add products to their carts but do not finish the transaction. Using your e-commerce platform or tracking technologies, you can gather this data.

Nykaa reminds its customers about the products in their abandoned shopping cart.
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Exclusive offers, discounts, and rewards

Give consumers who participate in your WhatsApp campaigns access to unique content, sneak peeks, or awards. Their likelihood of participating fully and making a purchase rises as a result.

Continue providing clients that interact with your WhatsApp retargeting advertising with exclusive deals, discounts, or prizes. To encourage ongoing involvement and long-term consumer relationships, reward fidelity and repeat business.

You may, for instance, give a customer a discount on their subsequent purchase or throw in a free present with their transaction.

Flash deals and limited time offers

By promoting flash deals or limited-time offers only over WhatsApp, you may create a sense of urgency.

Create a sense of urgency in your communications to inspire quick action. To engender a sense of urgency and encourage clients to act fast, emphasize time-limited deals, expiration dates, or the number of items available.

Limited time discount offer WhatsApp message from Meesho.

Updated content and newsletter

Share insightful information, business news, or updates with your audience to enhance relationship selling. For instance, to keep your clients interested and informed, give style advice or outfit ideas via WhatsApp if you own a fashion firm.

Constantly check to see if clients have given their express consent to receive information and newsletters over WhatsApp. Give customers the choice to sign up for your updates and make it clear what kind of information they may anticipate.

Create interesting and helpful material that is of the highest caliber for your audience. This can be blog posts, industry analysis, how-to manuals, product updates, or exclusive content that gives a distinctive viewpoint or particular advantages.

upGrad sharing valuable insight via WhatsApp, pardon me, I don’t download images to save some space in my gallery but hey, you get the point right? 

Optimize messages for mobile display

Make sure, after you execute your WhatsApp campaigns ideas, they are responsive to mobile devices and user experience-focused. To increase engagement, take into account load times, visual attractiveness, and navigational simplicity.

Use WhatsApp's rich media features to make your offers look more visually appealing. Include graphics, written explanations of the products, or films that highlight the advantages and features of the free or reduced items.

Customer surveys and feedbacks

Use WhatsApp to interact with clients and get their input to enhance their experience. Give a brief survey or ask for comments on recent purchases. Give participants a perk, like the possibility to win a gift card, to entice them to participate.

Take into account when you ask for survey responses. After a consumer has made a purchase or received a service, for instance, you can send a request for feedback. Send clients who have participated a thank-you note or a reminder as a follow-up.

Customers might be encouraged to respond to the survey or submit feedback by offering incentives. Discounts, special deals, or participation in a competition or giveaway are examples of this. Rewards can boost response rates and produce more useful feedback.

Continuously experiment with new strategies

To determine which messaging, offers, or segmentation techniques are most effective for your audience, experiment. To increase engagement and sales, continually test and optimize your initiatives depending on the knowledge you have collected.

Don’t wait to retarget with WhatsApp

A WhatsApp retargeting campaign can be a useful tool for increasing revenue and interacting with clients on the messaging service. 

Businesses can quickly set up and manage their campaigns, reach and engage customers, and track their progress by utilizing the WhatsApp Business Platform’s API service and a platform like Zithara. 

Businesses can design extremely effective WhatsApp retargeting ads that increase conversions by adding personalisation, pertinent information, and a clear call to action, segmenting their audiences, and trying various strategies.

You can also try Zixflow for free to explore its services for automation, personalized content and various strategies in order to boost your sales.

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