13 WhatsApp Automation Hacks You That Really Works in 2024

By applying WhatsApp Automation hacks, you can boost your sales engagement process and skyrocket your conversion rates, leading you to reach the desired ROI.

13 WhatsApp Automation Hacks You That Really Works in 2024
Not everyone may realize how common it is to WhatsApp message businesses in many countries. In fact, about 175 million people message a business account each day on WhatsApp and more want to do so.” —Will Cathcart, Head of WhatsApp at Meta.

How are you going to nail your WhatsApp marketing strategy when there are 175 million people daily connecting with businesses on WhatsApp?

The right answer must be WhatsApp automation

Why? Because you are a sales professional who counts every second to multiply each penny, this reason alone can be sufficient behind utilizing WhatsApp automation by sending appealing pre-made messaging templates to program auto-replies.

But c’mon! You still haven’t applied for it.

Just see the data of daily active users on WhatsApp that you are already missing, and you shouldn’t think twice before channeling them into your top clients by executing your best sales engagement practices.

Data of daily active users on WhatsApp platform (Source: statista).

Well, now, if you are ready to crack the code with me, brace yourself because I’m going to share 13 the best WhatsApp automation hacks that you can apply to boost your sales using customer engagement.

After finishing the article, you will undoubtedly have gained an advantage over your competitors’ IQ.

So let's begin right here.

What is WhatsApp automation?

WhatsApp automation entails automated end-to-end interactions with your clients on the WhatsApp platform, enhancing your sales efficiency. Whether you need to send out bulk WhatsApp advertisement messages, alerts, notifications, or share eye-catching discounts and offers for flash sales, you can accomplish it by applying WhatsApp automation and triggering your checklist for lead qualification.

Now, I have a question for you - Have you ever wondered how a brand can effortlessly establish a seamless connection with an enormous number of people simultaneously through WhatsApp?

Nah! Well, this is the charisma of WhatsApp API technology. 

When in today’s competitive digital market, every business folks strives to intensify its sales engagement and intelligence through a bold social media presence, certain astute individuals stand out by leveraging AI-driven API technology with profound significance.

How? With the features of the WhatsApp API, a business can seamlessly integrate AI-based CRM software into existing programs, leverage chatbots for lead generations, set up unlimited promotional campaigns with broadcasting lists, nurture relationships for selling, get insights into the data, and, most importantly, excel in marketing and sales campaigns.

Now, that sounds worthy, right?

So, if you also want to become astute among them by utilizing all the aforementioned facilities, my suggestion would be to go with the WhatsApp Cloud API, integrate it with a WhatsApp marketing tool like Zixflow and start WhatsApp marketing automation.

Elevate your communication outreach using WhatsApp automation hacks

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Why should you choose WhatsApp automation?

✅ If you’re operating a business on the WhatsApp platform irrespective of it being small, medium, or large,   and you're among the 49% of business people who believe marketing through automation can reduce the time and energy for repetitive tasks to simplify the sales process.

✅ If you want to strengthen your customer base and successfully implement your sales psychology techniques.

✅If you want to impress your sales prospects and reach a wider audience worldwide because WhatsApp has 2 billion users across the world.

✅ If you want to implement the best WhatsApp marketing ideas to enhance your conversations 5x more and drive your conversions 10x more with detailed analytics.

✅ Last but not least, if you want to utilize WhatsApp as a sales productivity tool and ace your brand positioning amidst the competition.

What are the best WhatsApp automation hacks that you should crack?

Acquiring knowledge of WhatsApp automation may seem easy, but the actual dare comes into the picture when you apply the right WhatsApp automation hacks to nail your WhatsApp marketing strategies.

Sounds difficult! Hah! 

Don’t worry. Here is your platter with compact recipes.

  • Utilize business intelligence on the WhatsApp Business Platform 
  • Create excellent content
  • Promote personalized communication
  • Segment broadcast lists
  • Use group chat
  • Advertise on WhatsApp status
  • Start using WhatsApp chatbots 
  • Enable push notifications
  • Automate IVR Call deflection
  • Engage customers with FAQs
  • Promote your WhatsApp Business Account on other platforms
  • Utilize the help desk to simplify the task
  • Optimize WhatsApp marketing strategies

Let’s see how these top WhatsApp automation tips go along with your journey.

Utilize business intelligence on the WhatsApp Business Platform

Utilize WhatsApp automation with Cloud API and Zixflow.

If you yearn to leave an everlasting impression through automation then the WhatsApp Business Platform is your perfect ally. 

Why? Because only then do you showcase your legitimacy with WhatsApp a green tick on your WhatsApp business account and present an outstanding position globally while surpassing the probability of getting neglected or blocked. 

You should be aware that even if you use the WhatsApp Business App to practice WhatsApp automation hacks, you won't be able to outshine the competition when compared to using the WhatsApp Business Platform in terms of dependability, trustworthiness, and authenticity. Furthermore, to automate your bulk messaging flow, incorporate a WhatsApp marketing tool in your current program, and utilize WhatsApp as a digitized tool.

Create excellent content

When making a virtual sales pitch, concentrate on enabling your creativity to run spontaneously as you cultivate compelling content that resonates across all endpoints to resolve your customers' concerns.

And if you don’t want to annoy your potential prospects, you need to prioritize quality over quantity in making content in WhatsApp as well. 

Why? Because crafting captivating content is not a cakewalk. It requires fineness and creativity to capture your customers’ attention, decrypt their intent, and thus trigger the psychology to close the deal.

The creative content of Ajio Luxe with emojis and catchy lines.

The fascination recipe for your content lies in its ability to benefit your customers while being brief, straightforward, and engaging. To make your content the best, use images, audio and video files, customer testimonials, event previews, etc. By achieving this, you can weave an alluring brand persona to thrive in customer-centric selling via WhatsApp automation that includes human attributes through your messages.

For example, you can see above how Ajio Luxe, a renowned Indian fashion brand, made its content to the point from image to description to capture your attention in a way that encouraged you to purchase the deal.

Promote personalized communication

To ensure your brand’s presence flourishes and personalized communication is facilitated, you should follow the opt-in procedure. 

Why? Because if you’re a savvy player, your followers will continue to thrive. By implementing ‘Opt-in’, you exercise caution before sending random messages to your prospective customers. 

This way, you safeguard yourself from annoying anyone, getting reported or blocked, and instead, tailor your business message template for WhatsApp to reach the right customers by making informed decisions. With personalization, you may honor your customers' preferences, and you can overcome objections in sales, ultimately build rapport and drive conversions.

Segment broadcast lists

A broadcast list is used for promoting your brand by segmenting targeted audiences based on their demographics, such as age, gender, behavior, location, interest, etc. However, it’s essential to leverage the power of broadcast lists exclusively with the benefits of WhatsApp APIs

Why? Because the WhatsApp Business App does offer a broadcast list feature and it comes with a limitation of only 256 contacts. In contrast, the WhatsApp Business Platform allows you to connect with a vast number of people beyond limitations. 

With the broadcast list, it has become easy for you to address concerns according to their specific needs, eventually propelling WhatsApp automation and enhancing your community engagement for the sales process.

Use group chat

In WhatsApp automation, utilizing the group messaging feature offered by WhatsApp's API can provide significant advantages, particularly when aiming to grant exclusivity to specific customer groups.

Why? Well, it allows you to use WhatsApp as a social CRM and gain a comprehensive view of the current marketing scenario before launching a service or targeting a wide audience. This feature becomes a valuable tool for conducting market research. With group chat, interactions with potential prospects or hot leads can take place within 24-hour sessions, allowing for free-flowing discussions between you and each end user.

The group chat function also facilitates customer engagement and encourages interaction between themselves. By fostering discussions among customers, you can strengthen their connection to your brand and reduce the likelihood of them considering other options. Moreover, it serves as a platform to motivate customers to try your products or services, even ones they may not have tried before. You can also use WhatsApp communities to gather all your different groups at one place and send message to all of your group from one place.

Advertise on WhatsApp status

Create WhatsApp marketing templates with Zixflow.

You should prioritize your WhatsApp status as a call to action button for WhatsApp automation. 

Why? Because you can now display lured promotional offers, such as holiday deals, new product launch offers, discounted offers, a flash sale with a promotional code, or limited deals, incorporating WhatsApp status update features. You'll need enticing WhatsApp business messaging templates to take advantage of such rewards.

Motivate your potential customers to finalize an investment with this WhatsApp status that is updated in real-time. Additionally, you may include the applicable QR code, URL, and phone number that will serve as a CTA link button and begin your engagement in achieving the conversion.

Excel your business with WhatsApp automation through Zixflow

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Start using WhatsApp Chatbots 

Urbanic uses WhatsApp chatbots for nurturing the customer relationship.

If you’re genuinely interested in not only generating leads but also nurturing them to build a long-term goal for the WhatsApp automation process, WhatsApp chatbots can be your best lead-nurturing tool

Why? Because WhatsApp chatbots act as a marketing automation solution that enables you to maintain contact with your prospects or leads throughout the sales process. They assist you by following up with reminders for bookings, cancellations, appointments, payments, etc.

By using WhatsApp chatbots you can build strong relationships as they interact, prioritize and create a humane environment so that you can succeed in boosting engagement with your customers. Most importantly, this approach ensures your conquest in the battle from lead generation to lead nurturing to lead conversions.

Enable push notifications

Push notifications can be one of the best options for you to implement sales automation via the WhatsApp platform to do sales in the fast-track mode because they act as opt-in alerts for your audiences. 

Why? Push notifications are the short messages that pop up on your desktop or mobile lock screens, allowing you to send relevant notifications to your customers even when they are out of the platform using an internet connection.

With every touch point throughout the WhatsApp chat processes, all types of user data have become even more simple to follow. Thus, you can now effectively utilize push notifications for WhatsApp automation to promote your brand and improve your customer experiences.

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Automate IVR call deflection

With the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) calls,  you can now encourage your customer to utilize an automated phone system to interact by reciting phone numbers or keywords on their dial pad before deflecting the call.

Why? With IVR calls, you can accelerate the creation of a customer-based experience for individuals who prefer messaging customer care to those who typically contact live agents first while automating the lead generation process.

Incorporating the IVR method into your marketing strategy is considered a perpetual objective with benefits that both consumers and your team will reap, from decreased volumes of expensive calls to a reduction in call wait durations.

Engage customers with FAQs

The simplest way ever in WhatsApp automation is to prioritize resolving queries through FAQ sections. By doing so, you can engage your current leads effectively.

Why? Because leveraging feedback immediately and prioritizing FAQs allows you to be proactive instead of pushing your customers to give feedback first. 

Devising content for the FAQ page involves categorizing and posting content related to various sales engagement questions, such as the signup process, product details, payment options, shipping and return procedure, account creation, deactivation or deletion method, fraud complaints, security measures, legal concerns and many more. By doing so, you can prevent yourself from kissing the goodbye sale instead of leading them to embrace your brand by giving ultimate or alternative solutions.

Promote your WhatsApp Business Account on other platforms

Promote your WhatsApp Business Account on various platforms to expand your reach and connect with a wider audience. By leveraging other online platforms, you can increase visibility and encourage potential customers to engage with your business via WhatsApp automation and nail your outbound sales strategies.

Why? Integrating your WhatsApp Business Account promotion with other platforms plays a crucial role in WhatsApp automation. When you drive traffic from social media, emails, or your website to your WhatsApp Business Account, you create a seamless customer journey. 

Utilizing cross-platform promotion enhances the effectiveness of your WhatsApp automation strategies, nurturing stronger customer relationships and boosting overall business efficiency.

Utilize the help desk to simplify the task

If you are seeking to conduct your sales engagement activities seamlessly and implement your WhatsApp automation hacks, the help desk is always there, ready to assist.

Why? Because managing multiple tasks simultaneously in one go can be incredibly challenging. To refine your sales pipeline and effectively address each point evaluating your customers' concerns, you must take a wide range of factors into account.

Regardless of the size and sector of your company, the help desk feature is ready to aid you in addressing every touchpoint and nurturing the foundation. With the help desk at your disposal, you can ensure that no query or issue goes unnoticed and that your customers receive the attention they deserve to drive conversions.

Elevate your business presence with WhatsApp automation

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Optimize WhatsApp marketing strategies

Get the analytics of WhatsApp marketing campaigns with Zixflow.

There is still an essential stage that must be accomplished to demonstrate the efficacy of your execution techniques after using the aforementioned WhatsApp automation ideas.

What? Conduct an in-depth analysis of your WhatsApp marketing campaigns. From pre-sales engagement to post-sales optimization, the case study will look at every stage of the sales cycle including prospecting, running sales promotions, qualifying leads, nurturing leads, negotiating deals, closing deals, and eventually driving growth.

To simplify, think of the WhatsApp business account as WhatsApp CRM, providing you with real-time insights regarding your activities, progress, and challenges. By following this comprehensive approach, you aim to gain a deeper understanding of the sales process, identify potential areas of improvement, and capitalize on opportunities to create a successful WhatsApp marketing campaign.

Expedite your success and boost your conversions through WhatsApp automation with Zixflow

In sales, you often find yourself engaged in monotonous tasks that consume thousands of hours. However, you can break free from this mundane approach by incorporating WhatsApp automation to indulge yourself completely in marketing and to increase sales through social media platforms like WhatsApp.

But before that, to beat the clock an essential step must be taken towards integration. Better late than never, sign up with Zixflow, automate your investment, and enable your sales ecosystem to expedite your desired ROI.

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