10 Sales Productivity Tools to Boost Efficiency & Revenue

Rock your sales by selecting one of the top ten sales productivity tools with their features, significant facilities, and highlighted reviews.

10 Sales Productivity Tools to Boost Efficiency & Revenue

Have you ever used any IoT devices?

Refrain from getting confused by the fancy word 'Internet Of Things.' It is any digital device that stores data on the cloud, like smartwatches, smart TVs, thermostats, etc.

Consider smart watches and think, why do you prefer a smartwatch over a regular watch?

Well, I will always prefer a smartwatch over a regular watch as it provides multiple facilities like accepting and rejecting phone calls, managing your apps on the watch screen, text messaging, steps tracking, etc. 

Imagine how much simpler life will be when you use an effective sales tool instead of manual recording if digitizing an ordinary watch can make your life this much more accessible.

Ten sales tools for you 

This blog highlights 10 sales productivity tools that you can use to skyrocket your sales efficiency and sales engagement to ultimately raise your business profit.


Zixflow is an all in one sales platform which assists organizations to streamline their sales and lead generation process for business all around the world. Boost your revenue and productivity by using the tool.

Zixflow Tool.

Manage all deals In one sales pipeline

Zixflow provides a simplified platform to manage all your deals in one go, similar to working your entire to-do list in one notebook. This provides clarity and transparency to every team member regarding tasks and leads and tracks your performance in the pipeline.

Simplify Your Deals With Zixflow.

Automate Your Tasks

Zixflow dashboard provides you the facility to automate all repetitive tasks like email follow-ups and updating contact information, allowing you to focus more on building relationships with their prospects and leveraging sales automation benefits.

Build your sales cadence

Sales cadence is the process of following up with leads at regular intervals. It is important for staying top-of-mind with your leads and for keeping your sales pipeline moving. 

Zixflow comes with the tool to automate sales cadence, so you can ensure that you are following up with your leads on time and in a consistent manner.

Analyze your sales data

Zixflow provides you with data insights into your sales performance. This data can help you to identify areas where you are succeeding and areas where you can improve. 

For example, you can use Zixflow to track your lead conversion rate, your sales cycle length, and your average deal size. This data can help you to make informed decisions about your sales strategy.

Set your sales target

Zixflow also allows you to set sales targets and track your progress towards those targets. This can help you to stay motivated and to ensure that you are on track to meet your sales goals. 

For example, you can use Zixflow to set monthly, quarterly, and annual sales targets. You can also track your progress towards those targets by viewing your sales pipeline, your closed deals, and your revenue figures.


HubSpot Sales Hub is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software designed for your sales team to  improve the sales process. It allows you to monitor the sales process, identify opportunities for improvement, and track your progress over time. 

Products offered by HubSpot.

You can also integrate your HubSpot platform with other sales tools like Microsoft Dynamics and Gmail, making working seamlessly among different venues easy. HubSpot is also one of the highly rated alternative to Pipedrive. For Attio users who are looking to switch, HubSpot is a really good CRM alternative to Attio. To ensure that it is a suitable tool for your business, we suggest you compare it with our list of top alternatives to HubSpot CRM.

Sales tools offered

  • Meetings - The sales rep can easily schedule and manage appointments with prospects and customers.
  • Sales Analytics Tool - You can track your performance and the entire group's performance by using this tool based on your real-time sales activity.
  • Email Tracking - You can track emails' open and click-through rates using this tool.
  • Templates And Documents - You can create personalized templates to be sent to prospects using this tool.
  • Prospects - This tool will help you identify who has engaged on your website or social media handles but has not made any purchases.

So, if you want to increase your website traffic and close more deals, whether a small or large enterprise, HubSpot is a good solution. Moreover, people often find it difficult to choose between Hubspot, Zoho, and Salesforce, since all are some of the great tools. To make it easy for you, we have also drawn a detailed comparison between Hubspot vs Salesforce vs Zoho, so you can make a sound decision.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

I am sure you have used Linkedin as a social media platform. 

But are you familiar with the sales tool that LinkedIn offers to its users to engage with their ideal customers on LinkedIn?

Yes, you guessed it right. It is the robust LinkedIn Sales Navigator tool.

Target Right Prospect With LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Below listed are some of the critical features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator:

Lead Recommendations

Sales Navigator recommends leads to salespeople based on their search history, saved accounts, and the accounts they follow on LinkedIn.

Advanced Search

Sales Navigator provides advanced search filters to help salespeople find their ideal prospects and decision-makers based on their industry, location, job title, company size, and more.

Account and Lead Insights

Sales Navigator provides detailed information about a prospect or account, such as recent activity, company news, and mutual connections, to help salespeople better understand their prospect's needs and interests and enhance sales engagement activities.


Sales Navigator includes InMail credits allowing salespeople to send personalized messages to their prospects and decision-makers on LinkedIn, even if they are disconnected.


Sales Navigator's TeamLink feature allows salespeople to see who in their company has connections with a prospect or decision-maker, making it easier to leverage existing relationships and get warm introductions.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the right platform for you if you need help targeting an ideal group of customers and increasing your conversion rates.


Salesforce is one of the best customer relationship management software that will help you to manage the customer lifecycle, from lead generation to closing and deals and regular follow-ups.

Solutions offered by Salesforce.

Salesforce provides various sales tools for sales forecasting, analytics, and forecasting. It also includes integrating other business tools, marketing software, and e-commerce platforms. Moreover, it offers a variety of add-on modules. Salesforce is a versatile tool that caters to different industries. For instance, it can be leveraged as a CRM platform for banks.

Being a salesperson, Salesforce can help you with the following things:

Streamlined sales process

You can manage your leads, contacts, accounts, and prospects in one location through Salesforce's holistic view of the sales process. This enables improved efficiency in the organization and a better comprehension of the state of each agreement.

Improved customer relationships

You can provide individualized service and communication to your client that can help to develop trust and loyalty by keeping track of client interactions and preferences.

Increased productivity

Salesforce automates many manual processes, such as data entry, email tracking, and lead qualification, allowing salespeople to focus on more strategic tasks, such as nurturing relationships and closing deals.

Better forecasting

Salesforce provides real-time sales data and insights, enabling salespeople to accurately forecast future revenue and make informed decisions about their pipeline and strategy.

Mobile accessibility

Salesforce offers the mobile sales engagement solution, so salespeople can access their CRM from anywhere, anytime. This can be especially useful for field salespeople who are often on the go.


Do not mix up ZoomInfo and the Zoom platform; they are two distinct things. 

ZoomInfo, a cloud-based market intelligence platform, gives firms access to data on companies and experts in various industries. It provides a wide range of services, such as lead generation, various kinds of email, sales, and marketing tools, and data enrichment services. ZoomInfo is also a top sales engagement platform alternative to Outreach tool.

Services provided by the ZoomInfo platform.

Let us describe a few of the essential sales tools used by ZoomInfo to outshine the industry:

Lead Generation

The lead generation tool from ZoomInfo enables you to look for possible clients using criteria like job title, industry, firm size, and geography. Thanks to the platform's sophisticated search feature and real-time data updates, you may find high-quality leads quickly.

Sales Intelligence

You can enhance sales engagement by the sales intelligence tool from ZoomInfo that offers comprehensive data about businesses and their decision-makers, including contact details, job descriptions, market analysis, and news alerts. Sales representatives can customize their outreach and create deeper connections with prospects using this information.

Account-Based Marketing

ZoomInfo's account-based marketing (ABM) tool enables sales teams to identify high-value accounts and create targeted campaigns to engage those accounts.

Sales Enablement

ZoomInfo's sales enablement tool provides sales teams with access to relevant content, such as case studies, whitepapers, and presentations, that they can use to educate prospects and move them through the sales funnel. 

Check how customers are finding the tool in reviews.

ZoomInfo Reviews by GlassDoor.


Clearbit, a provider of data intelligence tools and APIs, enables companies to enhance and learn from their consumer data on their sales engagement platform. The solutions from Clearbit can be utilized for many different things, including lead generation, customer segmentation, and personalization.

Explore the website of Clearbit.

Do you need clarification regarding the use of Clearbit?

Suppose you run a SaaS company and have a database of customer email addresses. However, you only have basic information about these customers, such as their names and email address. With Clearbit's Enrichment API, you can retrieve additional data points about these customers, such as their company name, job title, social media profiles, and more.

For instance, if you have the email address "ayushi@zeroado.com" in your database, you can use Clearbit's API to enrich this record with information such as Ayushi's job title, the company she works for, the company's website, and the industry it operates in. 

This is the use of just an API tool; there are many other tools to simplify your work:


Clearbit's enrichment tool provides valuable information on leads, including their job title, company, location, and social media profiles.


This tool enables sales reps to find and contact potential customers based on their location, industry, company size, and other filters.


This tool identifies anonymous website visitors and provides valuable information, such as their company name, location, and industry.


Clearbit's forms tool auto-populates forms with lead data, enabling businesses to capture leads quickly and easily.


This tool helps sales reps find and connect with the right people at a company by providing contact information for decision-makers.


Clearbit's alerts tool sends real-time notifications when a lead visits your website, enabling you to follow up quickly and effectively.


Outreach will allow you to connect with a larger audience or your targeted group of customers. 

Outreach PLatform for sales engagement.

Here are some key features and benefits of using Outreach:

Email Automation

Outreach enables sales representatives to automate the sales engagement tasks such as email communications, including personalized email sequences, follow-ups, and targeted campaigns. This automation saves time and ensures consistent outreach to a large number of prospects.

Integration Capabilities

Outreach integrates with various CRM systems, sales enablement tools, and other sales productivity applications. This integration ensures seamless data flow, centralized information management, and increased efficiency by eliminating the need for manual data entry and duplication.

Collaboration and Coaching

Outreach promotes collaboration within sales teams by facilitating knowledge sharing and best practice adoption. Managers can review and provide feedback on outreach campaigns, share successful templates, and provide coaching to individual team members to enhance their sales skills.

Explore how outreach does buyer's sentiment analysis through this video:

So, if you are looking with your prospect through email marketing, Outreach is a good fit for you.


Drift is a sales tool that uses conversational marketing to help businesses generate more leads, engage with prospects, and close deals.

Drift is primarily a chatbot platform that enables website visitors to interact in real time with a virtual assistant or agent of live chat for sales engagement without completing conventional lead capture forms.

Conversational products offered by Drift.

The conversational marketing strategy used by Drift is intended to give prospects a more individualized and exciting experience, which may enhance the possibility that they will become customers. Drift helps businesses swiftly respond to inquiries, address problems, and lead prospects through the sales funnel by interacting with visitors in real-time.

Drift provides various sales and marketing solutions, including lead scoring, account-based marketing, and connections with well-known CRMs like Salesforce and HubSpot, to assist companies in streamlining their sales processes. Drift aims to help companies streamline their sales processes and increase revenue through conversational marketing.


SalesLoft, a cloud-based sales engagement software, enables sales teams to automate and customize their customer outreach and connection. It is an effective inside sales software that gives sales teams the resources to manage their sales funnel, communicate with prospects effectively, and complete agreements more quickly.

Explore the sales platform of SalesLoft.

Here are some of the essential sales tools offered by SalesLoft:

Sales cadences

Sales cadences are predefined steps that salespeople can use to engage with prospects and customers. The SalesLoft sales tool provides a library of pre-built cadences that salespeople can use or customize to fit their needs.

Sales email templates

The SalesLoft sales tool includes a library of pre-built email templates that salespeople can use to quickly create and send personalized emails to prospects and customers.

Sales call recording and coaching

The SalesLoft sales tool includes a feature allowing salespeople to record their calls with prospects and customers, which can be used for coaching and training.

Analytics and reporting

The SalesLoft sales tool provides real-time analytics and reporting on the performance of sales cadences, email templates, and other sales activities.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a customer relationship management software developed by Zoho Corporation. It helps businesses to manage their customer interactions and improve customer relationships.

Tools offered by Zoho CRM.

Suppose you have an online clothing store and want to use Zoho CRM to manage your sales. How will you do it?

First, you would create a Zoho CRM account and set up the necessary configurations, such as creating custom fields and setting up sales processes.

Next, you would import all the customer information and leads into the CRM system. This would include the customer's name, email address, phone number, and purchase history.

As new customers make purchases, you can use Zoho CRM to track their interactions with the customer. For example, you can record notes about conversations with the customer, track their order history, and set reminders for follow-up tasks such as sending promotional emails or making phone calls.

Additionally, Zoho CRM can also automate your sales. For example, when a customer adds items to their cart but does not complete the purchase, the system can send automated emails to follow up with the customer and encourage them to complete the purchase.

This is one example of how to onboard Zoho CRM in your business, and it can be transformed according to your business model. For instance, if you’re a real estate agent, then you could use Zoho as a real estate CRM software and utilize features such as automated lead assignment, property management, etc.

So, if your business needs a better CRM structure, go for Zoho CRM, and manage your sales efficiently. Since Hubspot and Zoho, both are some top-notch CRMs, you can also go through an elaborate comparison between Zoho vs Hubspot CRM to see which one suits your business best.

Become a sales pro

Implementing these ten sales productivity tools can revolutionize your sales processes and enhance your team's efficiency and revenue generation. 

Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise or engaged in any kind of sales, you have to use one of the sales tools to foster stronger customer relationships and propel your business toward more tremendous success in the dynamic and competitive marketplace.

So, once you embrace the transformative potential of Zixflow, you will watch your sales efficiency soar, your revenue skyrockets, and your business achieves new heights of success. 

Give Zixflow a try for free right now! 

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