WhatsApp Business Analytics: How You Can Use It It for Better Sales & Marketing

WhatsApp business analytics provides you with comprehensive metrics and analytics to know where you are and what needs to improve to soar your conversions.

WhatsApp Business Analytics: How You Can Use It It for Better Sales & Marketing

Are you interested in evaluating whether your customers are genuinely satisfied with your services? 

Would you like to identify areas that require immediate improvement to ensure customer loyalty? 

Are you seeking to meticulously calculate every digit of your Return on Investment (ROI)?

Indeed, it’s a yes, I know. 

And this is precisely where analytics takes center stage to answer all questions in one go. 

If you’re familiar with the latest whatsapp business statistics and have managed to smartly exceed the traditional methods with the Gen Z choice of WhatsApp to engage with 2 billion individuals simultaneously, then only data is your key to entering the world of a successful business model.

And WhatsApp business analytics exactly do that for you. With this you will be able to assess every strategic aspect with precision, employing the correct approach and effectively tracking crucial business metrics to further impress your ideal sales prospects and close the deal.

Here I’ll help you to understand the core of WhatsApp business analytics. It’s not only conversion but also counters endless expectations.

What is WhatsApp business analytics?

WhatsApp Business analytics represent the fusion of the sales and WhatsApp marketing skills you have already employed, coupled with insights into strategic trends and notes that are generally concealed amidst the numbers that demand your attention to facilitate data-driven decisions.

Utilizing constructive analytics allows you to refine your decisions and discover opportunities for using customer engagement to boost sales. This approach can lead to reduced employment costs, optimized existing sales processes, analysis of customer behavior, area of opportunities with modified strategies and more, all of which contribute to higher revenue. Nonetheless, the broader spectrum of potential purposes can vary, based on the nature of the business and its position within the marketplace.

You can employ WhatsApp Business analytics primarily through the WhatsApp Business API. However, for the sake of better understanding, now I am categorizing the purpose of WhatsApp Business analytics into four distinct approaches:

  • Descriptive: This involves capturing a broader perspective by comparing historical and current data. The aim is to comprehend the dynamic shifts in marketing trends and analyze customer behavior to formulate improved strategies.
  • Diagnostic: In this approach, the emphasis lies on analyzing crucial factors responsible for driving marketing trends. The objective is to perceive specific events and apply data mining alongside a correlation-based methodology.
  • Predictive: Using AI-based WhatsApp analytics tools like Zixflow, this approach anticipates forthcoming waves of marketing trends. It aims to identify areas requiring immediate attention and action.
  • Perspective: This approach involves scrutinizing areas necessitating corrections, taking prompt actions, and instituting precautionary measures. The goal is to safeguard against prospective future changes and steer outcomes toward desired results.
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Which metrics should be measured with WhatsApp business analytics?

There is no hard and first rule to measure A to Z metrics in WhatsApp business analytics. Instead, I’m providing you with areas that need to be covered if you want to nail your WhatsApp marketing strategies.

“Depth of knowledge combined with good judgment is worth a lot” – Seth Godin

Number of WhatsApp marketing campaigns

The quantity of WhatsApp marketing campaigns relies on the objective and the extent of the customer base's reach. However, the fundamental objective remains singular: to enhance sales through social media and attain higher revenue.

Types of WhatsApp marketing campaigns

The campaigns are built using various WhatsApp marketing ideas, and these can fluctuate based on time, demand, and trends. Through WhatsApp business analytics, you can gauge the level of success and quantify the cost. For instance, you can execute campaigns as outlined below:

  • Promotional campaigns for brand’s credibility and popularity with exclusive discounts, flash sales, pre-sale giveaways, etc.
  • Drip campaigns for sales engagement, nurturing leads, following up with prospects, welcoming and onboarding potential consumers, etc.
  • Lead generation campaigns, offering exclusive incentives to individuals willing to share their information.
  • Customer feedback campaigns involving winning sales qualifying questions to build rapport in sales while addressing customers’ pain points and so on.
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Message delivery rate 

Following the delivery of WhatsApp advertising messages to your target audience using engaging templates for WhatsApp business messages, it is needed to verify whether these messages are successfully delivered. Should you encounter an issue that suggests a lower delivery rate, you might want to inspect your verified phone number on WhatsApp business account or review the content of the messages.

Message open rate

Measuring the open rate of delivered WhatsApp marketing messages helps you comprehend the percentage of customers who genuinely open them to establish a connection with you. Furthermore, you can pinpoint the optimal timing for connection, hence enhancing your engagement rate significantly.

Engagement rate

With the engagement rate, you can assess the responsiveness and timing exhibited by your target prospects. This evaluation aids in comprehending consumer behavior and gaining clarity on aspects like "who," "why," and "when." Furthermore, if your engagement maintains a high rate, you are effectively harnessing the potential content for sales engagement.

Session length

If you're aware of the fact that on the WhatsApp Business Platform, you are billed exclusively for 24-hour conversational messages, it becomes essential to monitor your message sending. Your sharped-eyes can help reduce unnecessary costs and allocate your financial resources more effectively for better reasons.

Click-through rate

Imagine that your targeted consumers receive opportune WhatsApp catalogs, but if they don't find them interesting, they might readily switch to your competitors. Hence, it's extremely crucial to consider the click-through rate. This metric allows you to identify which business messages or marketing ideas are truly impactful, enabling you to measure their contribution to sales engagement to quantify your revenue.

Opt-out rate

The opt-out rate in your sales process indicates that you are not successfully managing the task of overcoming objections in the sales process. This implies that you might not be addressing your customers' choices or their willingness effectively. Because, at times, it becomes exceedingly important to spare an open ground and honor your customers' preferences.

Conversion rate & revenue

In your WhatsApp business analytics, last but certainly not least, an important factor is to pay close attention to the conversion rate. This metric allows you to measure your ultimate revenue generation. Once you evaluate areas within your WhatsApp communities that are either succeeding or falling short in driving higher conversions, your next step involves calculating your net profit to assess the desired ROI.

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Which can be the best tool for analyzing WhatsApp business analytics step-by-step?

If I'm not mistaken, you are already aware that using a single phone number to connect with a large number of individuals simultaneously, either within your local area or globally, poses a significant challenge with the WhatsApp Business App.

Thanks to the WhatsApp Cloud API, you can obtain a green tick on WhatsApp to enhance authenticity and integrate top-tier WhatsApp marketing and automation tools, enabling you to facilitate the growth of your business seamlessly.

Consequently, my suggestion is to opt for one of the best WhatsApp CRM software options, Zixflow. However, before proceeding with my recommendation, assess the potential profits you stand to gain:

  • Relevant messages are sent in bulk after segmenting data using broadcasting lists in one go.
  • Quicker responses to ideal audiences for cracking the code of best sales engagement .
  • Impressive WhatsApp marketing automation to simplify your sales process.
  • Step-by-step stages to analyze different WhatsApp marketing campaigns and find opportunities.
  • Most effective teamwork around the clock to resolve any blockage in your sales process.

What are the best practices for WhatsApp business analytics?

“Action without planning is the cause of all failure. Action with planning is the cause of all success” - Brian Tracy.

Have you ever heard of a successful business ace in the competition without any measured plans?

It’s a no, no. Right? Well, the same case is applied to WhatsApp business analytics. Here’s how you need to practice well:

🎯Set goals: What do you aim to achieve using WhatsApp business analytics?

🎯Automate procedures: How can WhatsApp automation hacks be utilized with the assistance of the WhatsApp API?

🎯Analyze KPIs: Which metrics should be relied upon for an effective analysis?

🎯A/B testing: Which approaches within a specific strategy need to be measured?

🎯Analyze data: What opportunities need to be quantified within the data?

🎯Compare results: Has your marketing performance-driven higher conversion rates than before?

What is the importance of using WhatsApp business analytics for your marketing team?

After evaluating marketing trends, the next step involves implementing the “feel-felt-found” technique. However, before that, your marketing team needs to gain expertise in understanding different types of leads to honor their demands with the assistance of data analysis. 

Here’s why WhatsApp business analytics with some more reasons:

Target ideal audiences & build rapport with communities

The first thing you need to understand is that every business operates within a distinct niche, and as a result, your target audience must also differ. For instance, it wouldn't be appropriate to offer a plus-size kurti to a slim individual. Therefore, before initiating marketing campaigns, it's of utmost importance to segment your audience using broadcasting lists based on demographics and preferences.

In the virtual realm, establishing a WhatsApp community for sales engagement aids in comprehending their interests and experiences, paving the way to uncover opportunities. WhatsApp business analytics help in this process, enabling your team to assess and compile a pre-verified list of potential targets.

Analyze customer engagement in sales process

To stimulate psychological triggers for sales, comprehensive data analysis of customer behavior is essential. Understanding their expectations is crucial to effectively meet their needs and address issues, while also identifying areas for enhancing your products and services.

Imagine having a skincare business where you assert that your products include ingredients like Vitamin C, niacinamide, and more to cover all skincare regimens. However, if you simply overlook their feedback, product ratings, and the duration of their interest, your credibility will gradually decline. Therefore, evaluating engagement for sales with analytic tools holds immense importance.

Create surveys to speed up word-of-mouth marketing

It's no more hidden from you that if you know the tweaks of addressing your people at the appropriate moment, they will unknowingly spread your brand’s name. To play the influential source of word-of-mouth marketing, you need to make your WhatsApp marketing conversational

But this is not the end. You must embark on an endless journey, where you can craft surveys to implement different concepts and ask for feedback or interesting sales-qualifying questions and provide the best possible solutions, supported by pre-analysis to attain a comprehensive matter at hand.

Evaluate WhatsApp marketing strategies

To crack the code of successful marketing and to retain your customers through the establishment of WhatsApp retargeting campaigns, you must first answer this question: Is it your personalized content or your exclusive products with top-notch services that are elevating your credibility in the business world?

With analytics, you can estimate your investment costs and enhance data-driven desired outcomes, as there will be fewer instances of "shooting blind arrows”, allowing you to approach the right customers with precise strategies.

What is the importance of using WhatsApp business analytics for your sales team?

Although the relationship between marketing and sales goes hand in hand, they have different aspects when it comes to driving results-oriented businesses. In general terms, both share a common goal: achieving higher conversion rates to enhance revenue by improving sales performance

However, I'm here to highlight the distinct key role of utilizing WhatsApp Business analytics by your sales team:

Identify the areas of improvement

“People don’t want what you make. They want what it will do for them” – Seth Godin

Your customers are no longer naive; they can discern the disparities between your strongest and weakest areas, whether they lie in your product, customer support services, general business interactions, or even within your WhatsApp e-commerce operations. Furthermore, it simply doesn't matter how renowned your brand is if your business fails to promptly address its consumers.

Therefore, to maintain a competitive edge, it is crucial to optimize the queue of sales engagements by utilizing analytics. Your sales team can identify the weakest areas in the sales process using analytics. Remember, having minute information brings you closer to sealing the deal.

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Review stages of sales pipeline

To overcome the obstacles obstructing your sales quota progress and advance with optimized sales pipeline management, your sales team requires in-depth analytics. To transform your marketing strategies into a catalyst for sales success, whether over a week or a month, WhatsApp Business analytics serve your sales team and go a long way.

Furthermore, for efficient target achievement, your team must adhere to sales engagement protocols while vigilantly monitoring factors such as lead sources, engagement duration of target prospects, data uncovering recent trends or recurring patterns, the highest successful strategies, and so on.

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Enhance your strategy and give your customers a reason to be solely with you

Remember, enhancing your sales and marketing strategy isn't as simple as snapping your fingers.

It requires time, patience, and a keen eye to scrutinize every minute detail of comprehensive analytics.

Now, you already know the answers to the "why" and "how" of WhatsApp Business analytics, don't hesitate! Proceed and put them into action, leaving no digit unquantified.

Oh, wait! I can't forget to tell you that simplifying your sales process takes just one small step and builds an ecosystem for sales enablement

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