9 Best WhatsApp Advertising Messages Examples that Convert

By containing WhatsApp advertising messages, satiate your customers' thirst with solutions, reach your brand's exclusive presence, and drive conversions.

9 Best WhatsApp Advertising Messages Examples that Convert

“Hot Pink Sale”

“Up to 80% off on fashion brands”

Are you excited to grab this deal with Nyka Fashion, a leading Indian fashion brand?

Hah! Congratulations to Nykaa Fashion because it is succeeding in attracting you with its alluring advertisement.

How? Remember, first impressions matter, and advertising is nothing but a sales psychology trick to impress you and close the deal.

Why? Because when it comes to purchasing the product online, advertising messages are the only way to be admitted by your targeted people. 

And as a smart businessman, you should incorporate WhatsApp marketing to reach more than 2 billion people worldwide and target their affection with fascinating marketing WhatsApp advertising messages.

Captivating advertisement with Nykaa Fashion (Source: Nykaa Fashion).

Before you get more curious about fostering your sales efficiency with WhatsApp advertising messages, see what is in store for you. Here is the list of content that you need to understand WhatsApp advertising messages as a whole.

  • What are WhatsApp advertising messages?
  • What are the steps for cultivating an effective WhatsApp advertising message for marketing?
  • How to send bulk advertisement messages on the WhatsApp platform?
  • What is the purpose of using WhatsApp advertising messages for marketing?
  • What are the best examples of WhatsApp advertising messages for marketing?

What are WhatsApp advertising messages?

WhatsApp advertising messages are non-transactional promotional messages that you can use to flaunt your brand’s presence and send your consumers to engage them only with your brand with the help of WhatsApp automation tools.

The content of your WhatsApp advertising messages should be consistent, concise, crisp, and catchy phrases aligned with the brand's voice and the need of the customers to ace the competition with recognition of a broad audience and rapport with the target audience.

The marketing WhatsApp advertising messages offer your audience information such as current discounts, incoming sales, exclusive coupon offers, upcoming events, and many more to boost engagement in sales and nail your marketing strategies. This is a popular practice among many e-commerce businesses marketing on WhatsApp.

What are the steps for cultivating an effective WhatsApp advertising message for marketing?

Making effective ad messages sounds easy, but influencing your targeted audiences and building community engagement for attaining sales through these ad messages cannot be achieved without having a plan or sticking your neck out if there is an opportunity. 

Therefore, you can follow these six-step formulas to tell your customers - “Buy our product."

✅Jot down a plan: What do you want the ad message to accomplish?

✅Research your prospects: Who are your prospective audiences?

✅Segment them into groups: What are the key points to identify them separately?

✅Evoke emotion with a personal touch: How do you connect with their hearts to leave your footprint?

✅Give customized solutions aligned to need: What is in it for them?

✅Reach an agreement: How will they involve in the trade-off with you?

Now, as a sales rep, you should be aware of five main components to craft the content of effective ad messages and meet this six-step approach for impressing your sales prospects and making the conversion. Let me explain it with this screenshot of HealthKart, a leading Indian healthcare and fitness brand👇

Understand components of an advertising message with HealthKart.


Adding an image related to a product or service of your brand illustrates who you are and what the message is about. As you see above, Healthkart has given its product image with its catchy caption and exclusive deal to grab you with both hands.


This is the key to getting your foot into the door, while creating a hook, and building relationships for selling. For instance, “Hey Fitness Freak” is the perfect notion used by Healthkart to build personalization and “Mega Price Drop Alert On The Right Whey To Build Muscles” is used to create a hook.


This is a one-liner short description of your advertising message, just like a subtitle, used to create a positive impact. For example, Healthkart builds a subtitle by mentioning “Get MuscleBlaze Biozyme Whey Performance Range Now @ Rs.4099”.


This is the main section of your message, where you can describe the needs of your customers with the solution, such as pricing details, payment options, payment methods, etc. Moreover, through the body part, you can create urgency to purchase the deal. For example, see how Healthkart made the rush by giving a 5% cashback offer to save its customers' hard-earned money.

CTA Link

At the end of your advertising message, you need to mention a call-to-action button because you never afford to lose the chance to click on the final step of your WhatsApp marketing strategy and convert your prospective prospects into hot leads. As you see, with the pre-mentioned link HealthKart invites its customers to take action.

How to send bulk advertisement messages on the WhatsApp platform?

“Too often, doing “more with less” means doing more of the same thing the same way, just with fewer resources and a smaller budget.” – Tom Fishburne

Is this possible with WhatsApp advertising messages?

Well, Hah! This is possible. 

How? With the WhatsApp Business Platform. Integration with the WhatsApp Business Platform or the best WhatsApp API provider (Especially WhatsApp Cloud API) allows you to leverage the benefits of incorporating external applications. You can use its Whatsapp broadcast feature to send WhatsApp advertising messages in bulk, manage contacts, segment your audience with broadcast lists, and gain insights into the data of your WhatsApp marketing campaigns, and apply WhatsApp automation hacks to promote your brand at scale.

Utilize WhatsApp cloud API with Zixflow.

To send bulk advertising messages with WhatsApp API, you will need of two things:

  1. A WhatsApp API Account
  2. An external WhatsApp marketing software like Zixflow to optimize your sales engagement queue.

Now, if you’re willing to utilize WhatsApp Cloud API, you require four items:

  1. A phone number that does not link with your WhatsApp Business Account.
  2. A Facebook account for your business.
  3. A privacy policy page on your site.
  4. Payment gateways to capitalize on your marketing campaigns, such as credit or debit card.

After fulfilling the prerequisites, you need to set up the WhatsApp API account of business, integrate it with Zixflow to use it as a WhatsApp CRM software, and send bulk messages on WhatsApp. Although setting up a WhatsApp API account is a somewhat of a complex process, I’m sharing a detailed video to simplify the entire process from ground zero.

I'm certain that after mentioning Zixflow above, one question that crossed your mind is, "Why choose Zixflow?" Let's see what you will get with Zixflow.

  • Cost-effectiveness with quick integration

Without any technical expertise, Zixflow provides you with access to the WhatsApp Cloud API in less than 15 minutes and with zero set-up cost, surpassing your need for costly BSPs. This way, you can efficiently utilize your financial resources in your business and easily use WhatsApp as a sales productivity tool.

  • Send WhatsApp messages in bulk

You can segment your broad audience into smaller ones using a broadcast list, send WhatsApp messages in bulk for your brand advertisement and automate your message flow with Zixflow. Thus, you can enjoy a higher engagement with all your customers.

  • Simplify WhatsApp messages with a unified inbox

In Zixflow, the inbox is designed as a central hub to simplify how you handle all your customer messages from different channels. It acts as a one-stop shop where you can send and receive emails, SMS, and WhatsApp messages, eliminating the need to switch between different apps. With everything neatly organized in one spot, managing your conversations becomes effortless.

  • Access data of WhatsApp marketing campaigns

Setting a marketing campaign or sending advertising messages to your potential prospects or existing customers is not all. You need valuable insights into the data of your marketing campaigns so that you can modify your strategy accordingly. Zixflow provides you with in-depth details of WhatsApp marketing campaigns to drive your conversions.

Gain insights into the data of your WhatsApp marketing campaign with Zixflow.

Additionally, don't forget to check out Zixflow's overview video for a comprehensive look at its features and capabilities. Watching the video will provide you with a better understanding of how Zixflow can enhance your workflow and streamline your communication processes.👇🏻

What is the purpose of using WhatsApp advertising messages for marketing?

“Sales does not have to be as complicated as we make it out to be. Sales is simply about a conversation you’re having with a customer”. – Mark Hunter

The comparison between average and effective advertising messages is jaw-dropping while doing sales. In most cases, average advertising messages just somehow fulfill their target, but exceptional advertising messages succeed in building brand persona with the skillful implementation of outbound sales strategies.

Now the question is, “What will you get by implementing advertising messages on WhatsApp?”

✅Brand Promotion

 By strategically promoting your products and services with detailed, personalized, and sales-engaging content, you'll not only gain remarkable visibility but also unleash the power to drive conversions like never before. 

✅Brand awareness 

With your brand's presence widespread and a robust identity firmly in place, you'll cultivate consumer loyalty and trust, opening doors for new prospects to be overwhelmingly drawn to your unique offerings. 

✅Lead qualification

Effortlessly sail through the sea of sales opportunities by seamlessly implementing best practices of sales engagement. With the right marketing strategies, you'll be on the fast track to identifying and nurturing the most promising leads as well as prospective prospects.

✅Competitive edge

Embrace your uniqueness and stand out like a shining star amidst the competition. By capturing a larger market share and securing a rock-solid position in the market, you'll set yourself apart as the go-to choice for your audience. 

Excel your WhatsApp advertising messages for marketing

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What are the best examples of WhatsApp advertising messages for marketing?

“Think Different” is an advertisement slogan used by Apple.

Here, the notion is that everyone yearns to stand out from the rest of the pack. Will you too?

Yep! Then present your brand to spellbound in front of your customer with WhatsApp advertising messages. For this, I have listed the nine best examples of WhatsApp advertising messages, which you can utilize to intensify your sales process and make the real deal.

Discount offer message 

Who doesn’t love to save money? Give your customers discount offers even if it is minimal. This advertisement message will cater to a wide range of customers from bargain hunters seeking deals to loyal patrons appreciating exclusive rewards.

Discount offer advertisement messages with Nykaa.

Exclusive coupon offer message

Do you want to achieve exclusivity? Surprise your audiences by giving them exclusive deals and opportunities, holding their gaze solely on your brand, and excelling in your sales engagement activities.

Exclusive coupon offer advertisement message with Ajio Luxe.
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Special offer message

If you want your customers to invest their time and money only with your brand, send them special offers in advertisement messages. Be it a Holi celebration or your customers' anniversary day, lay the chance to feel special and make their day memorable with your brand only.

Special offer advertisement message with Ajio luxe.

Recommendation offer message

Who doesn’t love to get attention and priority? Propose your customers with the best recommendation of your services by showcasing the profit of deals. This is one of the tricks which you can apply to nurture relationships with both prospective prospects and existing customers. 

Recommendation offer advertisement message with Kotak Mahindra bank. 

Upcoming event message

To gather your audiences in one place at a time, create awareness of the upcoming event updates using WhatsApp newsletter feature. You can implement upcoming event advertisement messages to build anticipation and excitement for them to join the online event and explore what is in store.

Upcoming event advertisement message with Hero Vired.

Pre-sales offer message

Are you ready to grab attention with enticing deals? Then apply for the benefits of pre-sales engagement with these alluring pre-sales advertisement messages. Lure your customers to take advantage of special perks before the official launch and start driving your revenue as earliest as possible.

Pre-sale offer advertisement message with BookMyShow.

Incoming sales message

If you apply incoming sales advertisement messages, you’ll send notifications to your customers beforehand. From a customer’s perspective, I can tell you that I’ll be with you only. The reason behind this, with upcoming sales, you’ll give me time to balance my books without any rush.

Incoming sales advertising message shared by Myntra.

Incoming new product launch message

Do you want to give a thrill to your customers' minds? Incorporate new product launching advertisement messages. Remember, your customers are always curious to know, “What's next for them?." You should apply this message to satiate their thirst only with your brand.

Myntra's advertising message for the new product launch update.
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Drip campaign message

Lastly, you should utilize drip campaign advertising messages to tell your customers the unique features of your products or services. By breaking down the information into bite-sized chunks and delivering it gradually, you can keep your audience interested and tempted throughout the campaign. This will allow your customers to explore the full potential of your products and services while leading them to make an informed purchasing decision.

Are you ready to make your brand soar in the arena of sales?

If leveraging WhatsApp advertising messages is as cool as it seems, then there is no competition between different brands from the same industry or between the industries themselves. From here, you can now understand how crucial taking each step with advertising messages is for your brand’s voice.

But this is just the beginning, and your journey will be long to go. You need to encompass each kind of advertising message to build a brand persona at scale and build a sales enablement environment.

Since you have completed the voyage with me, let’s take a last step towards trying Zixflow and automating your advertising message flow to meet the desired ROI.

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