14 Ways to Impress Your Sales Prospects & Win More Deals

Stay ahead of the game by keeping yourself well aware about the tips and tricks to impress your prospects. Figure out the latest strategies and techniques to boost your sales.

14 Ways to Impress Your Sales Prospects & Win More Deals

The days of picking up the phone, dialing the following number on your extensive list of prospects, and closing a deal immediately are long gone.

Today's consumers are more skeptical than ever. Additionally, this has made it very challenging for salespeople to generate fresh leads and get entry. Sales representatives must therefore alter how they approach prospects as a result. Today you not only just have to present the pitch but also impress your sales prospects. 

Here I will help you do just that! 

14 impactful techniques to impress your sales prospects and win deals

So how do you impress your prospects? Especially when their expectations are over the top? Well, the options are endless, from social media to cold outreach to SASS referral programs. But which of these will actually make a difference. 

Let's take a look at 19 incredibly effective strategies that can help you accelerate your sales process by really impressing your prospects! 

Personalized pitch for individual prospects

No prospect wants to be regarded like a number on a list because each has a unique background, set of interests, set of needs, and set of preferences.

That's why you need to learn as much as you can about your prospects so that you can create compelling, personalized pitches and carry out more carefully thought-out targeted outreach.

But you can't accomplish that without knowing what matters to your potential customers, and there are a few ways to do that, including:

  • Examining the prospect's blog to discover their interests through the posts they create and post.
  • Locating and examining their social media accounts. Do they have any fresh postings or current updates?
  • Reviewing the ‘About Us’ section of the company website.

Impress your prospect with personalized pitches

Establishes a warm connection with your prospect

Whenever you personalize a pitch by going through their website, social media accounts or blogs, you make the prospects realize that they and their individuality are the top most priority for you. This helps in creating an instant warm connection.

Creating a memorable experience for your prospect

When you are speaking to your prospects directly about their needs, problems, challenges and aspirations, they are more likely to remember you and your pitch long after the interaction, which increases the chances of sales engagement.

Building trust and succeeding together

Personalizing pitch demonstrates that you are deeply interested in solving your prospect’s problems. It shows that you have genuine interest in helping them and want them to succeed.

The power of social media to win over your prospects 

Marketers now have unrestricted access to their target audience because of the rise of social media. 

Using social media to increase sales is the hottest trend right now and will be staying with us for the upcoming decade too. So let’s see how you can impress your prospects through social media. 

LinkedIn to build professional connections 

This is the best professional networking platform to impress your prospects when used consistently and strategically. 

Having a well-crafted presence on the platform creates a positive impression on your potential prospects. Regularly engaging with your connections by sharing valuable tailored content while pitching to their specific needs and actively participating in discussions will maximize your chances of impressing a prospect and winning more deals.

Zixflow posting valuable content on LinkedIn to build connections.

Facebook- A visually appealing platform to win over your prospects

It is the main social media network that gives advertisers outlets. Facebook continues to offer marketing options. It aids them in locating their intended market. With more than 4 billion visitors each month, you're probably going to find your target market there.

Facebook gives emphasis to visual content which enables you to tell compelling stories about your business and product. You can capture your prospect’s attention by creating different types of content to increase sales engagement

The review and recommendation feature of Facebook allows the customers to share their experiences and opinions about your business which helps in building trust and confidence.

Facebook marketplace to advertise products for various businesses.

Instagram- An aesthetic approach to impress prospects

This aesthetic platform run by Facebook is much more than just a location to upload pictures. Smart companies are using Instagram's story-sharing capabilities. 

Your business can receive fresh opportunities to improve brand advertising and influencer marketing to increase sales. Additionally, customers are responding better to this revolution in graphic marketing.

Instagram has interactive features such as likes, comments, and direct messages which allows the business to directly engage with the audiences. This constant engagement is a stepping stone in order to build trust and understand your prospect’s needs.

A clothing brand - Bonkers Corner promoting its products on Instagram.

Twitter- Make it viral to win deals

Twitter gives your business the chance to communicate with followers directly. It creates a deep connection between you and your content consumers.  

Twitter is used by many companies as a rapid way to answer in-the-moment to prospect inquiries. Some marketers even employ it in customer service. Renowned brands like Amazon, Tesla, Microsoft, all are very active on twitter when it comes to engaging with prospects. 

Twitter holds the power to make your business content viral. The likes and retweets features of Twitter enables your business content to be shared with a wider audience and increase the likelihood of winning more deals.

Friends or families - everyone's top choice

One of the most effective strategies to boost your growth with the sales process available today is asking for referrals. 


Because the most reliable source of knowledge is word of mouth.

According to studies, 93% of consumers place the highest level of trust in referrals from friends and family.

Your finest referral source is satisfied past and present customers. Make sure you get along well with them and have benefited them just as much as they will benefit you before reaching out.

Keep in mind that timing is crucial. Make careful to strategically time your requests.

Therefore, referrals are a win for everyone. Considerably, less amount of effort is required to win over your prospects.

Always follow up

Follow up is a must, always. 

Follow-ups can transform a cold email that receives no response into a productive discussion with a positive conclusion.

Follow up at every stage of the deal and keep the prospect informed. A call or email helps you establish a relationship with your point of contact, whether you're passing over new resources or confirming the time for your next meeting.

Additionally, rather than just ‘checking in,’ it allows you the chance to strengthen your position as the prospect's go-to resource. Best part is you do not even have to do manual follow ups. You can automate your follow up process with a sales cadence software through which you can follow-up on your prospects through multiple channels over a fixed period of time.   

For instance, I googled regarding a competition with Tata Group and registered so that I can stay updated with the recent happenings. And everyday, there is a follow up mail in my inbox to remind me of the latest developments.

Follow up mail I received from Tata Group.

Make calls warm and not cold 

I am aware that not everyone enjoys this aspect of their employment. Among salesmen, it is the least preferred. 

However, it's worthwhile to regularly engage cold prospects given the potential success of this strategy. Personalized cold calls with a problem solving approach demonstrates your commitment and increases the chances of capturing the prospect’s attention. Active listening, empathy and confidence are the three keys that allow your prospects to connect with you making them more receptive to your pitch. 

Making cold calls warmer is one of the best sales psychology techniques to flatter your prospects. 

Why awkward when you can impress your prospects with a script

Ever find yourself at a loss for words while conversing with a friend or coworker? 

Referencing a simple script when prospecting can help novice salespeople avoid awkward pauses, utilize the appropriate terminology, and address typical objections.

Sales professionals with years of experience frequently advise against utilizing a script in order to appear more natural during conversations.

However, some people still follow a script since it is so ingrained in their heads that it sounds authentic and improvised. However, whether you follow a script or not, be sure to pay attention to your prospects' needs and adjust your conversation accordingly.

Utilizing automation tools to not miss on follow ups

Keep your leads organized if you're working with a large pool of prospects or providing a service with a lengthy sales cycle. Maintaining their priority is also crucial. 

You can connect with the right people at the right time with the aid of a sales automation platform. Decisions can be based on relevant information. Additionally, you can regularly keep a check on deadlines through reminders to avoid losing out on possible cash.

Automate your workflow with Zixflow.

Do you forget to follow up with your prospects? No worries!

Stay stress free by automating sales cadence. It is used by the sales team to follow up with your prospect from time to time in order for them to make a purchase. With Zixflow, you do not even have to worry about the hassle of creating an outbound sales cadence from scratch. With its robust sales cadence tool, you can utilize the already available templates and customize them as per your business needs. So you’ll save time, money, effort, and will also be able to impress your prospect with calculated follow ups. 

Sales Cadence template in Zixflow.

Organize webinars or monthly workshops to connect with potential prospects

Webinars are a great sales networking strategy for finding leads because you know the participants have a demonstrated interest in the subject. To conduct a webinar on a subject that will benefit both parties, team up with other businesses in your sector.

To find out who wants to learn more about your product or service after the webinar, survey your audience.

Within 24 hours, get in touch with individuals who gave a favorable response to your poll or post-webinar survey and arrange a time for them to learn more. 

As for those who claimed they weren't yet ready to buy, don't give up on them. Place them in nurturing campaigns, and monitor their buying position over the following few months by keeping in touch.

Webinar on LinkedIn in order to win over prospects.

Do not just sell but be a helping hand

In order to succeed in the sales environment of today, you must put an emphasis on developing relationships when prospecting. If you start selling too soon, the prospect will feel unnecessary pressure. Invest your time in building relationships which you can later utilize for relationship selling.

Building a foundation of trust can make you and the prospect more at ease with one another, making the use of selling strategies more effective later on.

Multichannel campaigns- A personalized way to stay in touch of your prospects 

A lot of potential clients can be reached simultaneously using multichannel campaigns. However, this doesn't mean that you should continue to spray and pray.

It's crucial to offer highly personalized messaging to a focused audience when launching prospecting campaigns.

Emailing many recipients with personalized content is significantly simpler thanks to automation and sales tools.

Try Zixflow, it is an all packaged sales OS platform that provides you with multichannel campaigns that can be personalized for every individual prospect. You can run multiple campaigns on one platform, or multiple platforms. You can also club your email and WhatsApp marketing message campaigns and track their results. Most of all with these campaigns you can also reach your international prospects. 

Create personalized SMS sales engagement campaign on Zixflow.

Use video content to grab prospect’s attention

By integrating a video into the promotion, you can further increase prospects' interest. Use it to introduce yourself, offer extra content, or summarize your qualifying, connect, or discovery call. Consider using an animation maker to create engaging visual content that complements your video, enhancing the promotional material and captivating your audience with dynamic visuals.

Add ‘video’ to the subject line to get the prospects' attention, and attach a thumbnail image linking to the video. You can use a thumbnail maker or tools like Canva and Visme to quickly create attention-grabbing designs for your videos.

For instance, the Zixflow Youtube channel is full of videos that can grab prospects’ attention by visually appealing content that imparts knowledge and understanding about the product. These videos act as a guiding force for the existing customers and also give a glimpse to the prospects about how the tool works. So, two targets with one arrow! 

Zixflow YouTube Channel.

Form an everlasting impression on your prospects

The majority of consumers include experience in their decision-making process when making purchases. Therefore, you must also provide your prospects a distinctive and life-changing human experience. 

This can be done by standing out and finding novel ways to create new connections throughout the sales cycle. Just give them a personalized email or gift card. 

Inquire further whether they'd be open to meeting for a quick lunch. Handwritten messages are one of the strongest prospecting techniques in sales. To introduce yourself and your business to clients, you can deliver it.

Build trust and empathetic connections with your prospects.This can go a long way and the prospects will come back to you. When they do come back, put your emphasis on sales engagement to increase your sales

Answering to queries on online forums

Find strategies to inform your audience about the trends and best practices in your sector so that they will eventually be able to learn about your product. 

Like-minded people can post questions to online forums like LinkedIn Groups and Quora and receive responses from subject-matter experts. Participate on these platforms, and begin by listening.

Before responding to queries, familiarize yourself with how inquiries are made, study the acceptable and unacceptable, and join in on a few chats. Once you've established some influence in the community, start looking for questions you can objectively respond to.

For instance, if you sell equipment for huge agricultural operations, you might respond to a query about how AI is affecting farming.

Answer your prospect queries on Quora and other similar platforms.

Conclude the deal with final offer

It's crucial to keep in mind that the value you provide must be obvious when making your final offer to any prospect. Create a distinctive approach that highlights your advantages and the reasons why the prospect would benefit from them. 

By doing this, it will be simpler for both sides to grasp one another's expectations and assure that everyone will gain from the final agreement. It allows you the chance to present your goods or services and leave a positive impression on those who might be considering what you have to offer. 

Are you impressed? Time to impress your prospects now! 

Evolve, practice and repeat!

Instead of simply following your tried-and-tested plan to impress prospects, try something new. Practice various approaches till you find the ideal blend of current and successful sales strategies that will help you win more deals. The biggest key to impressing your prospects is to be your authentic self and offer transparency!  

Still in doubt? No biggies! Relax and sit back. 

Make customer-centric selling your focus and use sales automation tools to execute it and your prospects will be flattered in no time! 

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