19 Best WhatsApp Marketing Tools for Business Growth in 2024

WhatsApp marketing tools help in sending bulk messages, create campaigns, send personalized messages, offers, engage target audience and analyze results.

19 Best WhatsApp Marketing Tools for Business Growth in 2024

Amidst the flood of new applications now and then WhatsApp is the one which has not just survived but developed itself according to the requirements of the present decade.

The best part about this app is not just its availability and affordability but also its user-friendly nature.

Today the use of WhatsApp is not just limited to you for your conversation. Well-established businesses, organizations, start-ups and many other professionals have included WhatsApp as one of their formal channels of communication and have started leveraging the benefits of WhatsApp marketing. That has made it important for businesses to know the difference between WhatsApp business and WhatsApp personal account.

Interestingly, the versatility of this app will help you to get potential leads saving you huge amounts of time and effort.

Let me spill the open secret which will help you to increase your business revenue.

Shake your hands with Whatsapp Marketing Tools!

It’s 2024 and you need to befriend the tools for WhatsApp marketing.

However, the natural question that you might have is why a need for tools? Allow me to explain-

Why must you be using WhatsApp marketing tools?

Have you ever received messages on WhatsApp from different kinds of organizations, a company making you feel special by giving you a generous amount of discount? I am sure you did. Those birthday wishes that you get from your favorite brands are also scheduled.

Here, I received this message from Paytm just when I was worrying about how I was going to pay the electricity bill. It was a great relief to know that it provides hassle-free transactions that too with cashback.

All this is possible when one is using WhatsApp Marketing tools. You can use it too if you wish to boost your family business or plan to launch one soon.

I received this message from Paytm just when I was worrying about how I was going to pay the electricity bill. It was a great relief to know that it provides hassle-free transactions that too with cashback. The fun part Paytm delivered this message through WhatsApp marketing Tool.

When you inculcate the habit of using the best whatsapp marketing tools to promote your product and services you get these advantages right away :

Better communication with customers

Communication becomes easy. Many users prefer to connect with the business owner through text messages this helps the user to test the authenticity of the person. However, replying to similar queries can get hectic. That's where WhatsApp business marketing tools come into play. Communicating with prospects also helps you to understand the popular scenario of lead generation vs lead nurturing.

Highlighting brand values

Sharing details of your product and services, catalogs, or other essential information of your business which you feel would act like a USP(Unique Selling Proposition). Sending out discounts in bulk would also become a cakewalk.

Personalize to retain customers

Personalization is the key factor of any business. To ensure that the customer approaches you again you must build a bond that doesn’t just end with the purchase of the product.

Keeping track of the buyer’s journey is another excellent advantage as it would indirectly help as well as the customer to obtain the correct service. This itself becomes a win-win situation.

Time to meet your best business partners aka Whatsapp marketing tools

Business partners? Why not? 

The tools for WhatsApp marketing are after all assisting you with your business, reducing your workload, and making things easier for you and not even asking for a share of your profit. These tools can help you enhance your marketing efforts by using some tips for WhatsApp automation. Now let’s dive into the list of these amazing tools


Zixflow as the name states, truly believes in simplifying sales through various channels. One such channel is WhatsApp, by using its Whatsapp business services, you can send bulk messages as well as personalized campaigns for every contact.

Scaling your business would have never been this easy because Zixflow has a simple structure that is far from a monotonous business arrangement.

The journey begins once you upload your valid phone number and attach your proof of business things start taking shape within just 15 minutes. After that, you get WhatsApp Cloud API at your fingertips and start working right away through the Zixflow WhatsApp Campaign platform.

Next comes the part where you can segregate your audience and send WhatsApp broadcast messages to your users of your preference.

Since this tool comes with zero set-up fee, conversation-based WhatsApp API pricing, and personalized messages you can arrange campaigns as per your choice and maximize your ROI accordingly.

Moreover, with Zixflow’s automated workflow, you can encourage customers at every stage of their journey. It would not build a great impression on the customer but also retain them as loyalists.

Now the question is how exactly would you encourage? Please don’t worry here is a set of popular methods that have always worked wonders :  

  • Don’t hesitate to send limited-time and exclusive offers to your subscribers.
  • Always ensure to add media-rich messages while introducing new products.
  • No matter the kind of business you are in, it's highly important to be able to hold the trust of your customers. The basic  WhatsApp Green Tick will showcase your trustworthiness in the case of WhatsApp marketing. It will be a delight for you when you come across the information on  how to get green tick on WhatsApp.
  • Never. I repeat never forget to send out personalized seasonal greetings to your customers. This portrays that you don’t believe in ending relationships just after one interaction.

Furthermore, to multiply your engagement, conversions, and sales through WhatsApp it's essential to go think beyond the box, which is why Zixflow reminds you about the below-mentioned tasks which require minimal effort : 

  • People are leading a busy life however you can’t let that become an obstacle between you and your customer. Thus, sending reminders about abandoned carts to your customers is an appreciated gesture.
  • While taking care of business being organized is paramount. Hence consider opting for appointment and meeting notifications when it comes to no-shows.
  • We are dealing with human beings and not robots so to drive actions and sales just dropping offers won’t work, it is the interactive advertising messages on WhatsApp that will act as a cherry on the top and give your customer a fulfilling experience.
  • This WhatsApp marketing tool also helps you to get in touch with your old customers quickly. Its automated workflow confirms it by re-engaging lost customers with WhatsApp retargeting campaigns.

Among all these things that always remain constant is delighting your customers. The automated workflow isn’t just limited to retargeting campaigns but much more.

  • You can use it to automate support communications like order updates that can become overburdening if you’re to handle it all alone but not while using this Zixflow.
  • Answering your customer queries is important as well as time taking however things get done swiftly through the mentioned platform.
  • Also, you can consider a chatbot as your assistant who happily and automatically (you don’t have to ask it) responds to redundant questions. You will also be astonished to see how chatbot helps in lead generation
  • This hassle-free communication will improve your retention and revenue with happy customers.
Zixflow, one of the best and simple-to-use dashboards provided by Zixflow, a WhatsApp marketing tool.
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Zixflow is the easy-to-use and all-in-one platforms that streamline your WhatsApp marketing to improve your business workflow

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WAAM-it Sender 

Apart from being a tool that supports sending personalized messages, it also guides to export contacts to spreadsheets.

Key features

  • You can send out 3000 free messages in bulk per hour. Interestingly you can also schedule your messages to save time and effort.
  • Being a multilingual tool it facilitates the user to communicate in 60 different languages worldwide.

  • Through WAAM-it Sender you can generate an Excel report after sending, skipping, and blacklisting wrong phone numbers. It is also compatible with Windows 7,8,9,11. 
  • The list doesn’t end here, this tool comes with a future messages editor. You can also instant dispatch pre-made text  as well as WhatsApp business message template and schedule messages at your convenience.
WAAM-it Sender, easy to use WhatsApp marketing tools.


Vepaar comes in handy when you are looking for ways to create a Whatsapp version of your website. This will help your clients to access and explore the same through the links available with it

Plus, communication gets more organized as it provides you options to share polls, create client profiles, and broadcast lists as well. 

To ensure you don’t get overwhelmed replying to everyone, Vepaar has a feature of quick reply which saves every business owner from missing out on any feedback or query.

Key features 

  • This tool has got one of the most unique sets of WhatsApp CRM integration features that you can utilize to make a profit out of your business.
  • With Vepaar you can build your customer profile and keep evidence of the conversations for future use.

  • Being a business owner I am sure you understand how important it is to filter leads as per the situation or stage. The sales funnels feature of this tool assists you to convert your leads into customers.
  • Now, syncing the WhatsApp chat of any customer or group can seem time taking but trust me it is not. With the AutoSave Chat feature, you can view all of it along with media through the Vepaar account.

  • Too many pending customer tickets isn't a good thing which is why this tool will provide you with a Ticker & Activity Management system to resolve the issues at the earliest.
Vepaar, broadcast list and create client profiles.


Whether it's sending bulk messages or creating a conversation channel or re-engaging a target audience, this WhatsApp marketing tool permits you as a business owner to handle everything all in one place. Not to forget the unique feature where Wati allows you to initiate a conversation with potential leads once they subscribe or sign up.

Key Features 

  • Wati is an expert in handling multiple customers therefore you can use the Wati inbox with your team and interact with unlimited agents.

  • Broadcast communication being one of the common factors for WhatsApp marketing tools has its place reserved even with Wati. This will guide you to forward campaigns and engage with high queries.

  • The tool has also got no-code chatbots to cater to common requests. Automated sales engagement tools being in trend will also be your strength for the same.

  • Wati’s user-friendly interface makes non-tech-savvy people approach it without any hesitation.
WATI, one of the popular bulk messaging WhatsApp marketing tool.


This is one of the brilliant whatsapp marketing tools which comes with an anti-blocking technology that allows you to send information only to people as per your preference.

Key features 

  • From offers to customized greetings, you can send all of it to as many as clients you want in one go. This isn’t all, Whatso also helps to organize contacts according to the target plan.
  • You can also generate a link for your WhatsApp account which would help potential and different types of leads in sales to contact you easily.
  • If you wish to chat through your website you can use the WordPress plugin which comes as another feature of this very tool. 
Whatso, WhatsApp marketing tool with an anti-blocking technology.


The fun part of Whappext is that you don’t have to log in, just install and get started. You can add your predefined responses to the general queries which you get on WhatsApp.

Now the favorite task of tools is to add personalization thus you get to add five variables for doing the same. Gone are the days when you have to manually extract the contact numbers from all the groups you have joined, Whappext does that for you.

Key features 

  • Whappext works on its own through an auto-management system without any hindrance.
  • It also imports databases and sends messages as per the requirement.

  • One of the most easy to use tools takes less than a few minutes to install, pair up with your device and get started smoothly.

  • Although the world is moving towards modernization and advancement at the same time our privacy often gets hampered. Keeping this in mind Whappext never sells your data nor do your customers have to share their database.

  • You can obtain a detailed statistical system about your campaign through the system. Using the WhatsApp Numbers filters you can also get hold of the active ones.

  • Here, the group extractor will also guide you to get the desired list of numbers to whom you can send out bulk messages in any multimedia format. This is  because WhatsApp marketing tools are also used as sales productivity tools when ultimately helps you to gain your share of incentives.
Whappext, explore this WhatsApp marketing tool without login.


This helps businesses to grab a maximum number of leads which ultimately converts into successful sales through Whatsapp. It empowers you to efficiently communicate with a large audience, customize messages, automate messaging, target specific groups, comply with DND regulations, track message delivery, and utilize a seamless interface.

To have a smooth transactional and conversational flow you can go with it as well, whatever suits your business.

Key features

  • Being on the same page with your time is important thus here you get real-time context and a 360-degree view of all customer conversations.

  • Your team members can collaborate and share live updates about the process. To have a strong sales pipeline you should create customer segments based on the past attributes.

  • Adding rich media messages and incorporating actionable campaign analytics also contributes to building your business on a transparent ground. Gallabox will truly support you in converting WhatsApp into your most powerful selling channel. 
Gallabox, a WhatsApp marketing tool that helps to grab maximum leads.


This tool is considered among the best alternatives to Whatsapp Business that sends quick reminders when your customers leave the carts in the middle of the purchase. Novochat’s work leads to your praise story because you get the potential customers back in the journey. 

Key features

  • You can send promotional messages, order updates all through one place. 
  • Recommending products based on the purchase history is another area of expertise of this tool which happens through WhatsApp automation.

  • Utilization of feedback and reviews as testimonials will also re-engage customers. To get started all you have to do is :


In today’s time without bulk messaging, templates and simple chatbots business owners cannot remain functional or up-to-date . Tellephant took care of it, leaving you at peace.

In today’s time without bulk messaging, templates and simple chatbots business owners cannot remain functional or up to date. Tellephant took care of it, leaving you at peace.

The tool supports personalization, allowing for customized messages that resonate with recipients on an individual level.

Tellephant diligently follows three metrics: Sell, Promote & Support.

If you look at these carefully you would notice that these make the backbone of your business.

Key features

  • Sell: You can showcase your product catalogs and take orders on WhatsApp cutting the middle journey of visiting a website for your customer. The automated transactional and purchase notifications also add a benefit to the process.
  • Promote: You can segregate and target your customers efficiently. The automation marketing message can act as a boon for you to increase your sales. It will also help you to analyze your ROI generated from the marketing automation using the insights from the dashboard. The other thing which is trending now and could be beneficial for you as a professional is the use of drip campaigns for sales engagement.

  • Support: At this point, you can initiate conversations using chatbots to drive sales. Provide strong customer support that will be available to solve queries of your customers swiftly. You can also monitor the response & resolution times of your team to improve customer experience.
Tellephant is a WhatsApp marketing tool where you get Bulking messaging, Chat bot, templates and many more all at once.


This software assists companies to come up with the best strategies. Its functionality ranges from bulk campaigns, team inboxes, customer lists, quick replies with multiple messages, and many more.

It is a multi-purpose tool that allows you to connect email channels and Whatsapp Cloud APIs from multiple BSPs.

Key features

  • This tool through Bots & Automation can send order details, shipping status, payment reminders, tickets, and even create drip campaigns and all other sorts of alerts.
  • If you wish to go on a vacation but have information that needs to be forwarded at a particular time when you will not be available. Don’t worry at all. The bulk messaging feature allows you to schedule messages as per the requirement.
  • While sending bulk messages you can also decide to filter the audience. You also get access to multi channel sales engagement track which becomes a guiding light in building maximizing your ROI
  • Also, to save your bandwidth customers get auto-tagged based on their response.
WA.Team(COM.BOT) is a WhatsApp marketing tool which provides shared inbox.
Improve Your WhatsApp Marketing By Using Different Templates

Zixflow is one such platform that provides different free templates to suit your specific business needs

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It's remarkable to note that the system of Wigzo promotes cart recovery, and links online customers and ecommerce. Also, it builds a smooth pathway for business owners and customers to communicate and receive feedback. Hence, it is an incredible tool for e-commerce business marketing on WhatsApp

Key features 

  • When you’re running a business having customer analytics and real-time customer insights is important for uninterrupted growth, fortunately, Wigzo helps you uncover it all.
  • With AI for sales becoming a common name in every business owner’s mouth, you have to try it once to get an experience, which is why this tool allows you to send hyper-personalized campaigns with AI segmentation for intricate targeting and high conversion rates.
  • I am sure by now you know the importance of creating automated communication workflows based on customers’ behavior.
  • Apart from potential leads your business will be visited by anonymous visitors, Wigzo plays a major role here by reminding you to do intent-based targeting and smart behavioral pop-up messages.
Wigzo is a WhatsApp marketing tool which promotes cart recovery.


Having a low budget ? Flow.ai has got you covered . You’re just one click away if your goal is to approach customers and make them aware of the company.

Key features

  • Flow.ai supports rich media content, allowing you to send images, videos, and documents through WhatsApp, enhancing engagement.
  • The tool's conversation analytics provide valuable insights into your customer’s behavior, helping you optimize your customer’s each and every WhatsApp marketing strategy
  • One of the key features of this platform is the use of chatbots which will help you get your complex task done through it. You can create a context-aware chatbot to give your customers a whole new experience.
Flow.ai is one of the most dynamic WhatsApp marketing tool.


As the popularity of shared inboxes increased Zoko also caught up and blended with the trend. Depending on the category of the query one can assign tasks to different agents from the pool of questions dropped by customers.

Key features

  • Zoko’s dashboard is a sales mine, it will assist you walk through a path that would guarantee that you turn the lead into a successful conversion. As it is of paramount value to impress sales prospects which come to you through different channels.
  • It’s a great tool to scale your WhatsApp number to drive more revenue. Customers who approach you through WhatsApp are your treasure.
  • Always make sure you are engaging with them through personalized conversation which would ultimately convert them into revenue.
Zoko is used as a popular shared inbox WhatsApp marketing tool.


Ever wondered what if your entire crew can be within the same inbox where customers drop their queries? With Interakt it is possible. Along with the provision of bulk messages, and the lowest price points it also sends automated notifications to users.

Key features

  • Automate Business Communication: You must set automated alerts for COD confirmations, abandoned carts & discount offers, By doing this you would not be overburdened with other works.
  • Shared Team Inbox: Stay together with your team in one single space through Interakt’s shared inbox.
  • Bulk Campaigns & Broadcasts: It will be worth all your time if you take a few minutes to set up one-time or recurring campaigns and share personalized, automated alerts for your customers.
  • Campaign Analytics: Tracking campaigns would help you to understand which parameters worked when you had applied WhatsApp marketing campaigns ideas examples from your self curated list.
  • WhatsApp Store: Don’t hesitate to launch your WhatsApp store and gain as well as give an incredible experience.

These are some of the great features of Interakt. But if you’re not sure whether Interakt is a right choice for you, you can also check out some of the best alternatives to Interakt that might be a better choice for your business. One of them is Wati. If you’re considering Wati, you can check out our blog on Interakt platform vs Wati platform for knowing the key differences between the two.

Interakt is a WhatsApp marketing tool which provides campaign analytics and scope to build WhatsApp store.

Rap Booster 

It's 2024 and you cannot afford to lag behind when it comes to the growth of your company. Hence not just tools but having sales personality traits is equally important.

With campaigns being one of the success keys it is crucial to note that RapBooster apart from being a bulk Whatsapp chat automation tool, possesses great expertise in boosting campaigns.

Key features

  • One can share unlimited media files, customized messages to reach a wider group of potential customers.
  • One can share unlimited media files, customized messages to reach a wider group of potential customers.
  • Rap Booster delivers your message without getting blocked.
  • You can also use the filter feature to send a maximum number of messages within a short period.
  • There’s no limitation to the number of WhatsApp accounts you add.
  • With a single click, you can send numerous messages to people even if their numbers are not saved.
  • You can extract contacts from group chats by using the sending log for bulk option.
Rap Booster a WhatsApp marketing tool which maximizes your sales.


If you ever wish to track the user behavior data and create user segments using that you’re free to look into WebEngage.

Key features

  • One of the most important things to retain your business is not just sales but how you connect with humans and you can do it when you focus on building rapport in sales. Thus sending out messages adding that human touch all comes in the kit of WebEngage. 
  • You can also use this tool to carry out A/B testing and explore insights that would help to increase revenue as well.

  • Remind customers when they leave the cart in the middle.

  • Push notification is another great way to make your customers aware of the offers or discounts and Webengage supports the same.
WebEngage WhatsApp marketing tool tracks buyer’s purchase history.


Running end-to-end marketing on WhatsApp has become child’s play now with the help of BusinessOnBot. In addition to this chatbots, and bulk messages help market one’s services efficiently.

Key features

  • Fast Checkout: Give your customers the liberty to complete their purchases on WhatsApp itself. No matter how many items they are purchasing or just exploring you should always focus on a customer centric selling.

  • User Segmentation: BusinessonBot provides the most advanced segmentation tools which will ultimately result in effective campaigns and maximized conversions.

  • Smart Automation: Through this, you can customize your marketing campaigns without any obstacles.

  • Catalog Search: You can flaunt your entire catalog with a single button on your WhatsApp chat this will fill your customers with enthusiasm and curiosity, leading to successful sales.
BuisnesOnBot WhatsApp marketing tool runs end to end campaigns.


Transfer documents in any format as per your choice through this WhatsApp tool. Broadcast messages, personalized inboxes, send out promotional messages, and build client database through Vikings.

Key features

  • Provides you with multi-languages and 24/7 support

  • You can send out WhatsApp alerts to multiple contacts. No matter through which platform you’re interacting with prospects you can climb the success staircase only if you’re using customer engagement to increase sales .

  • No one will question you about your campaign scheduling.

  • Viking will act as a user engagement guide for you.
Vikings is one of the most dynamic WhatsApp marketing tool.
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Zixflow is an AI-powered all-in-one free platform that provides different options for your specific needs

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Q-Sender walks you through local search strategies and collecting data from specific countries. If you wish to gather details of your network from social platforms it supports that as well. 

Key features

  • Creating campaigns, managing contacts, and sending out messages aren’t enough. Nothing would work out if you don’t analyze the reports or results.

  • It provides delivery reports to track message statuses and assess campaign performance.

  • With multi-account support, a user-friendly interface, and anti-ban and anti-spam protection Q-Sender takes it upon itself to fulfill all of the tasks.

  • Among all these things don’t forget to keep following the life hack in this business world which is sales engagement best practices.
Q -Sender a great WhatsApp Marketing Tool for creating campaigns.

Done exploring ? Time to make the decision.

Brimming with enthusiasm? Understandable, go ahead and make up your mind and choose your business partner as per your preference. Make sure that you both align with the business goal because in this fast-paced world utilizing these resources would skyrocket your business revenue.

I know it isn’t going to be easy zeroing down to that one WhatsApp marketing tool because you need the one that best caters to your business needs and at Zixflow we do just that! 

So give Zixflow a try for free and get the best results with your WhatsApp marketing efforts. 

All the best!

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