10 Benefits of WhatsApp Marketing That Boost to Your Sales and Business Growth

WhatsApp marketing helps you boost sales by automating sales process and reaching out to customers on their preferred platforms.

10 Benefits of WhatsApp Marketing That Boost to Your Sales and Business Growth

Online marketing is always brought up when we talk about marketing in the contemporary day. Regardless of your industry, marketing is one of the most crucial elements for your company's sustainability, and online marketing is currently leading the charge.

Virtually every company uses online marketing to promote itself. Marketing a business using social media is undoubtedly one of the best possibilities in a world where everyone is connected.

Businesses connect with customers on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to boost sales, develop their brands, and establish a presence. These platforms are already well-liked marketing tools.

The marketing approach is changing due to how social media is developing and adding new capabilities. Another social network, WhatsApp, has just made its way into this list of sites.

What is WhatsApp marketing?

WhatsApp, one of the most widely used messaging services worldwide, is available to all users without charge. It allows us to send messages, including text, audio, picture, and video and is used by more than 2 billion people worldwide, as per latest WhatsApp statistics for businesses. Not to mention the audio and video calls, which are also included in this messaging app's list of features.

Through the messaging app, WhatsApp marketing enables companies to interact with their clients in a more direct and personal manner. Customers can readily contact businesses with any queries or grievances thanks to its ability to provide customized messages, promotions, and updates to their clientele. There are tools for WhatsApp automation present in the market which brands can make use of to make these processes smooth.

For marketing and client engagement, there is a distinct business app called WhatsApp Business. It came out in 2018. In this type of marketing, the messenger aids in promoting the goods and a brand. To know more, you can check the detailed difference between WhatsApp messenger and WhatsApp business.

Similar to other social media, this marketing aids in connecting with a sizable audience and fostering better relationships with the sole objective of boosting sales.

Why should you choose WhatsApp for marketing?

Consider using WhatsApp marketing to expand your business for several reasons, some of which are given below:

  • WhatsApp is an excellent tool for connecting with clients because it has a 98% open rate, which guarantees that users will see the message, making the company visible to both current and future customers.
  • The element of trust is also crucial. Customers have a higher level of trust in brands that use chat applications for marketing.
  • As messaging apps help establish deep ties with clients, developing strong relationships with them becomes simpler. It is possible to provide personalized communications, which keeps clients interested in the business.
  • When WhatsApp is utilized for marketing, sales can rise since customers will see the messages and be more inclined to engage with the brand.
  • The decreased cost of marketing would likely be the main factor. It has a higher conversion rate, and all you need to utilize it is an internet connection after downloading the program. It is one of the most affordable marketing platforms available.
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Why is WhatsApp marketing so trending nowadays?

The solution is pretty straightforward: WhatsApp was astute enough to introduce a business app for startups. Due to the possibility of one-on-one communication on both ends, this marketing element aids the company in developing a personal connection with the clients. Its popularity is also a result of the immediate access, affordable price, and user-friendly features that it combines.

The ability to share statuses has made it simpler to spread brand awareness. Due to all of these advantages, it is a well-liked platform for marketing and is consequently making waves in the business sector.

Top companies like BookMyShow, Nykaa, MakeMyTrip, and many other businesses especially in the ecommerce industry use WhatsApp marketing for their brands.

A beauty company like Nykaa uses WhatsApp marketing to connect with its customers to spread brand awareness.

Overall, WhatsApp marketing automation has a number of benefits, including direct client communication, minimal cost, and a high level of engagement, making it a well-liked platform for companies to sell their brands and boost sales. With the right WhatsApp automation hacks and techniques, businesses can ensure effective customer communication.

Features of WhatsApp marketing

There are a few unique aspects that make this software a popular platform for marketing and business growth, and they are as follows:

WhatsApp business account

On WhatsApp, you can make a business profile that gives clients more information about your brand and contains a detailed description of your company, contact details like your website and email address, and other relevant information.

Business account - HealthifyMe informs its clients regarding all the detailed descriptions about the organization. 

Quick replies

This tool allows you to preserve messages that you send frequently and reply to consumer enquiries right away. This guarantees that clients get timely responses and saves time and effort.

Automated messages

With WhatsApp message automation, you can create chatbot-like automated messages that may welcome consumers, give them a general overview of your company, and provide help.

Read receipts

You may check to verify if your message was received and read by the receiver, which aids in evaluating the success of your marketing initiatives.

Automated messages, read receipts, and quick replies are one of the reasons why WhatsApp marketing is trending nowadays.

Targeted audience

Reaching out to potential consumers is made simpler because your WhatsApp contact list already comprises a targeted audience that is probably interested in your brand.

WhatsApp stories

Businesses can use the stories function to advertise new releases, provide photos from the set, update customers on products that are back in stock, and more for sales engagement

WhatsApp groups

Companies can categorize their clients depending on a variety of factors, including region, age range, purchasing patterns, etc. Businesses can use groups to interact with people in a more personalized way and market to the proper target market. 


Businesses can send out generic communications to all of their user bases using the WhatsApp broadcasting feature. Holiday wishes for Diwali or Christmas, or company updates via WhatsApp newsletters are a couple of examples. This promotes brand recognition for you. Users will remember you more as long as you are shown in their feed frequently. 

Verified badge

You can put a verified badge next to your company name using the WhatsApp business API. It reassures customers that your business account is legitimate and authentic, just like the business profile function does.

Multimedia catalog

With the WhatsApp ecommerce store, businesses can show off their goods and services to customers with the aid of WhatsApp business catalogs. You can include information like price, description, item number, and photos. The users' search for the product they want to buy is made simpler by this. 

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Is WhatsApp marketing profitable?

Using WhatsApp Marketing makes it simple to organize all of your clients' communication channels. A few benefits include:

Wide demographic reach

When you extend your reach to other demographics, you will probably reach the upper end of your company's prospective earning range. With more than 1.5 billion users, WhatsApp's marketing platform allows you the power to instantaneously interact with a broad audience of people of all ages, professions, backgrounds, and genders.

Engaging and personalized communication

In no time at all, personalized and compelling communication wins the hearts of your customers through customer-centric selling. WhatsApp messaging enables content customization based on user interests, requirements, values, and purchasing habits. 

Companies might use one of the many rich media alternatives at their disposal to make communication entertaining. Additionally, it encourages brand loyalty, retention, and word-of-mouth advertising. 

Personalized communication on WhatsApp by redBus.

Real-time customer service

Customer engagement throughout the purchasing process is one of the best aspects of WhatsApp marketing. Any questions or confusion are answered immediately. Additionally, users may evaluate the choices provided, make decisions, and request assistance as needed all from a single chat window.

High ROI

Even if there are numerous marketing methods available, WhatsApp is still quite economical, which attracts both small and large enterprises. An Internet connection is all that is required. You can start using the application after you install it.  The ROI in this channel is quite high due to improved conversion rates, increased sales, and stronger customer connections. 

WhatsApp marketing strategies to get started

After all, WhatsApp offers a new platform for advertising your goods and services. You can have an effective plan if you have a strategy in place. Here are a few actions you may take to develop a successful WhatsApp marketing strategy with the help of WhatsApp marketing tools.

Define goals and KPIs

Your marketing goals and plan should be crystal clear before you start using WhatsApp for marketing. You'll spend less time figuring out what to do and less time taking extra actions.

Start by examining the marketing funnel and identifying its shortcomings. Create a company objective that your WhatsApp marketing plan can help you reach. Afterward, you'll be able to gauge your performance using KPI. It will determine if your process is successful or unsuccessful.

Specify target audience

There are a variety of WhatsApp users and not all of them There is a perfect idle customer for every kind of business. To believe that your commodity or service is appropriate for everyone is incorrect. 

For instance, even though your audience is diverse in terms of ages and genders, your product is intended for pregnant women. Not only does the commercial undermine your marketing efforts, but it also irritates viewers. It draws users who do not convert and wastes your advertising budget needlessly.

The tone of your entire product marketing approach is established by your target. It includes individuals who are almost certainly interested in your goods and services. They are ideal customers for your product or service because they fall into a particular demographic or exhibit certain behaviors.

Creating a brand persona

A brand persona is a characteristic, way of thinking, or value that your company projects in order to more effectively engage with customers. The goal is to develop a trustworthy and accurate portrait of your primary audience. Good personas try to imagine themselves as people you know.

For instance, Nike's brand character is focused on fitness and wellness. Red Bull seems exhilarating and extremely energizing. Johnson, in comparison, exudes a friendly and kind brand attitude.

The persona will assist in establishing the communication style and tone to impress sales prospects on WhatsApp.


A cutting-edge method of communicating with your consumers on WhatsApp without requiring them to save their contact information on both ends is click-to-chat. In order to get people on WhatsApp, you may also use a lot of free entry points like QR Codes, short links, and action buttons on your Facebook page and Instagram profile.

10 benefits of WhatsApp marketing to boost sales and promote business growth

Let's examine the numerous advantages and potential of WhatsApp marketing.

WhatsApp is a dependable platform for doing business with loyal customers because it has a lot of contemporary features for commercial communication. 

The top 10 benefits of employing WhatsApp marketing campaigns to expand businesses are listed below.

Better customer engagement

One of WhatsApp's primary marketing goals is to encourage more and more effective customer involvement, which is essential for any organization. It makes it possible for customers and corporate representatives to speak honestly and directly by relationship selling

Additionally, any queries can get immediate responses. WhatsApp may assist a business with running a successful marketing campaign by creating interesting videos that promote the brand.

Wider global reach

WhatsApp has over 2 billion users worldwide, which is a major celebration! And for companies, that means you have the chance to communicate with people all around the world. It is similar to having access to a global loudhailer. 

Therefore, WhatsApp is the perfect platform for companies looking to grow and enter new areas. Get ready to ascend further.


You may target specific consumer demographics and tailor your WhatsApp marketing messages, enhancing the effectiveness of your marketing operations. Consider adding media elements like flyers, videos, and images with your message text to add a more personal and vibrant touch. Thanks to the easy availability of business flyer templates and pre-built social media designs within tools like Canva, PhotoADKing, Adobe Express, etc., adding these attention-winning elements is easier than ever to nail your WhatsApp marketing game.

Position of the brand

While interacting with customers, you might discover what they anticipate from you and your company. You can therefore build your marketing messaging on what customers want. 

Customers will be happy to hear from you immediately in response to their inquiries since they see you as a real person. As a reputable brand, you have a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate your concern for your clients and customers.

Effective in building an efficient team

In order to have excellent communication, your section can set up personalized WhatsApp groups for talking about new projects, task updates, work deadlines, and meeting schedules. The software makes it simple for everyone to communicate, including employers and employees. 

Your workforce can share original ideas, points of view, problems, or even team-building activities that can considerably expand your company.

WhatsApp that can help you keep in touch with your colleagues at work effectively. Any crucial, quick information regarding a particular job or any inspirational message for creating a productive work atmosphere among your team members will be compiled by WhatsApp. 

While conversing with your team members, you can quickly find a solution to your problem.

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WhatsApp business feature

WhatsApp business is a new alternative for WhatsApp marketing since Facebook acquired WhatsApp. With the aid of Facebook's new features, it may be simpler to target and draw in the right audience. Businesses can utilize WhatsApp for a variety of purposes. 

There will be a Whatsapp Commercial app in addition to the ordinary Whatsapp app for business transactions. The name, description, website, and other details about your business can be provided. There will also be a green checkmark for company accounts that have been confirmed.

Business and ads promotion

One of the best channels for promoting your new products and sales is by WhatsApp marketing strategy. Along with information on the offers, how your brand or product is seen, and how the product is utilized, you might give an understandable description. 

Similar to this, eye-catching electronic brochures containing details on the company's offerings and product adverts can be distributed. To draw the interest of your target audience, you may also update your status with a video or image from your company.

Business promotion through WhatsApp by Myntra.

Cost-effective method

Comparing WhatsApp marketing to other conventional marketing methods, it is incredibly affordable. It's a great alternative for businesses of all sizes because companies can send their clients an endless number of messages without paying more. 

Additionally, companies don't need expensive hardware or software to produce and deliver high-quality video.

Improvement in customer service

Additionally, WhatsApp offers businesses a fantastic platform for offering top-notch customer service. To create a seamless and convenient experience, customers may contact businesses using WhatsApp to ask questions, offer comments, or report problems. 

Businesses may reply to consumer inquiries quickly and effectively with WhatsApp, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Utilization of mobile CRM

You can get the most out of mobile CRM by keeping an eye on prospects, following up on them, and eventually completing deals by working with your team by using WhatsApp, a quick and easy messaging application. 

To aid in the success of lead management and conversion, you may also include crucial details like product pricing, consumer preferences, and other helpful information. This free messaging service can provide small and medium-sized organizations with efficient marketing and business prospects if used properly.

Ready to boost your sales and business?

To get the best results for your organization, combine the WhatsApp marketing campaign with a smart and powerful advertising plan. Businesses must stay current with the always-evolving techniques because of the dynamic nature of digital marketing. To stay one step ahead of your competitors, use social media best practices and strategies.

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