11 Best Yellow AI Competitors & Alternatives for All Your WhatsApp Needs in 2024

The best Yellow.ai competitors are Zixflow, Haptik, Verloop, Trengo, Intercom, Twilio, Gallabox, Kore.ai, Freshchat, ZigChat, and WotNot.

11 Best Yellow AI Competitors & Alternatives for All Your WhatsApp Needs in 2024

Imagine running a business where you have to reply to every one of your prospects and customers’ queries manually. You have to individually read each support ticket or question and type out the response for each problem.

Doesn’t sound practical. Right?

Not only is it not practical, but it isn’t feasible as well. Nowadays, social media channels like WhatsApp have become so prevalent that your customers only need a few seconds to reach out to you and ask a question. So you need to be just as quick to reply to them.

This is where AI and conversational chatbots come in. These chatbots let you set canned responses to frequently asked questions. You can also use chatbots to automate lead generation as they interact with prospects naturally to understand their issues. 

Chatbots are able to engage customers and manage a conversation from start to finish 69% of the time without requiring any human interaction. So, to integrate chatbots into your WhatsApp communication, you need a solution that allows you to build and link them with WhatsApp.

Yellow AI is an AI platform that enables you to automate your communication with AI-powered chatbots across various channels, including WhatsApp. Although it is a great platform, it doesn’t hurt to look for potential alternatives before you make a decision. 

With that said, I have curated some of the best Yellow AI competitors that you should consider for streamlining your WhatsApp conversations. Let’s get to it!

Best Yellow AI competitors

Yellow AI is an AI-based solution that lets you craft conversational chatbots for WhatsApp to ensure you engage your customers effectively. 

But there are multiple options available in the market that might be a better match for your needs. Having said that, let’s look at each of them starting with Zixflow. 


Zixflow is an omnichannel marketing platform that lets you run outreach campaigns across multiple channels including WhatsApp, SMS, and email. It is also a highly trusted Whatsapp Business alternative, if you’re looking to enhance your Whatsapp marketing efforts. With our campaign builder, you can set up and run WhatsApp marketing initiatives easily.

WhatsApp campaign builder in Zixflow.

Furthermore, one can also use Zixflow software to automate WhatsApp messages with the help of sales cadences. Using these cadences, you can automate your WhatsApp messages to reach out to your contacts at the right time. 

Plus, these cadenes let you reply to customers’ queries automatically. For example, whenever you receive a message from your customers, you can set up a response cadence to automatically send a reply. You can further streamline your marketing efforts by automating your whatsapp using expert tips. This way, you can provide a top-notch customer experience.

Sales cadence builder in Zixflow.

Also, if you want to engage customers with AI-driven chatbots, then Zixflow lets you create custom forms that you can embed as chatbots to provide a human-like interaction with your customers. With these Zixflow Forms, you can capture your contacts' data to provide them with the relevant information to boost your engagement rates.

No-code form builder of Zixflow.


Zixflow is a free-to-use platform where you don’t have to pay any subscription charges to use the platform. However, to unlock the full functionality of the platform, you have to upgrade to a paid plan which is super affordable, starting at $19/user/month, and the Growth plan costing $49/user/month for an unlimited experience.

Zixflow’s pricing plans.


Haptik is a Yellow AI alternative that lets you transform WhatsApp into a revenue-generation avenue by utilizing its GTP-driven chatbots to reach out to your audience, discover sales-qualified leads, and build solid relationships with your customers.

Haptik, a great Yellow AI alternative.

Haptik is designed to use its GPT-powered engine to commercialize your products and services. You can use it to run interactive promotional campaigns or offer assistance to customers over WhatsApp. 

With Haptik, you can interact with your customers at the right moment with personalized WhatsApp marketing campaign ideas. For instance, you can send tailored messages about running a sale, giving exclusive coupons, or notifying prospects to complete the checkout for abandoned carts.

Combine that with a chatbot, you can immediately reply to any questions your customers might have to further expedite the sales process. These automated, instant messages demonstrate to your customers that you are selling an experience rather than a product. 


There is no pricing information available on Haptik’s website. However, you can request a demo to see how the platform looks and feels before discussing the cost with its representative. 


Verloop.io is also a renowned customer service automation solution that is used globally. Its primary function is to assist you in providing engaging customer service interactions to your customers, over various communication channels.

Verloop.io, one of the best Yellow AI alternatives.

With Verloop, you can elevate your customer service by utilizing the WhatsApp Chatbot API to offer seamless support and addressing both common questions and in-depth problems. Also, you can incorporate quick replies to boost efficiency, leverage templates for automatic responses, and improve your reps’ effectiveness with dynamic WhatsApp chatbots.

Not just that. As you might already know, crafting a personalized touch in your messages goes a long way in fostering customer loyalty and building rapport in sales. With that said, you can harness the power of WhatsApp chatbot and Verloop.io to pull relevant data from your database. 

This way, you can ensure your chatbot provides highly-tailored and relevant responses to incoming messages, increasing engagement and likelihood of getting conversions. 


Verloop doesn’t have pricing information available on its website. You will have to book a free demo to learn more about the platform and the usage cost. 

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Trengo is an intelligent customer engagement software that allows you the ability to handle your conversations and engage with contacts over various communication channels, like email, WhatsApp, and social media sites. 

With its drag-and-drop builder and UI, you can use it to build conversational chatbots and connect them with your preferred conversation avenues to boost customer satisfaction.

Trengo, an excellent Yellow AI alternative.

With Trengo, you can create chatbots and flowbots that allow you to manage not only your conversations but also your tasks.  Using these bots, you can effortlessly tackle the commonly asked questions, guide first-time users in the right direction, and capture prospects’ data, providing constant support around the clock.

In addition to that, you can effortlessly manage a large number of customer interactions without the need to continuously allocate resources. With a chatbot, you can engage customers on their preferred platforms, be it email or WhatsApp, address issues, and resolve them without having to interact with them manually.


Trengo offers three paid options starting from $113/month and going up to $184/month. Each of these plans supports 5 users and you get a 14-day free trial of the platform before you make a commitment. 


Intercom is another Yellow AI alternative and a full-fledged customer support suite that allows you to optimize your customer engagement to boost sales with a wide variety of tools. It interlinks your internal teams and operations so you can focus on providing solid customer service that builds credibility and drives revenue. 

Intercom allows you to build custom chatbots for your WhatsApp marketing.

With its AI-driven chatbots and powerful automation, you can solve almost any problem immediately, thus boosting your productivity. With its trademark AI chatbot, Fin, which is based on a complex NLP framework, you can address customers’ queries quickly and correctly. 

Not only that. Fin enables you to address almost half of your customers’ queries using your support documents or knowledge base. Plus, you can track how Fin replies to incoming messages from the inbox to make sure your customers receive the correct information to solve their issues


Intercom has three pricing plans; Essential, Advanced, and Expert costing $39/seat/month, $99/sea/month, and $139/seat/month respectively. Additionally, you can test out the platform for 14 days before thinking about making a purchase.


Twilio is a great Yellow AI competitor that comes with complete customization capabilities to make the most of WhatsApp as a communication channel. With its WhatsApp API solution and chatbot features, you can engage your customers at scale. 

Twilio is an amazing Yellow AI competitor for automating your WhatsApp communication.

With Twilio, you can build tailored chatbots to provide a personalized chat experience with a unified API across your favorite channel, WhatsApp. 

Integrate WhatsApp Business with your Twilio account to leverage its flexible APIs to run conversational WhatsApp campaigns to reach out to your customers.


Twilio offers a pay-for-what-you-use option where you will be charged based on your monthly messaging volume, the API you are using, and any channel fee that you might incur. For more information about the exact cost, you have to get in touch with Twilio’s sales team.


Freshchat is a component of the Freshworks suite that focuses on customer engagement and support. Using this, you can create AI-powered chatbots to provide automated solutions to your customers’ problems, facilitating your reps to build useful connections.

Freshchat, one of the best Yellow AI competitors.

With Freshchat, you can lower your response time with smart automation. This way, you can save time and money by not having to hire additional reps to manage your customers’ queries. 

Additionally, you can offer lightning-fast answers via smart self-service chatbot automation and deliver top-notch customer service to get repeat business. 

Plus, you can make your WhatsApp bot handle conversations in multiple languages to ensure you can manage worldwide customers.


Freshchat offers a free-to-use plan which is free for up to 10 users. However, if you want to unlock more advanced features, go for the paid plans that start from ₹1,499/agent/month and go up to ₹6,399/agent/month.


Gallabox is an AI conversation platform that enables you to build rapport and drive sales with the help of AI-driven chatbots. Go above and beyond to leave a strong impact on customers with tailored, AI-crafted WhatsApp chatbots. 

Gallabox lets you convert contacts into customers using its flexible WhatsApp chatbots.

On top of that, you can increase your presence on WhatsApp using the click-to-WhatsApp ads to connect with your prospects. Make sure to add these ads on your Meta and Instagram profile to direct the traffic to WhatsApp, where you can engage prospects with your chatbots. 

Also, you can engage or inform your contacts using different types of messages suitable for various scenarios. For example, you can build chatbots to bring new customers up to speed, schedule appointments, inform them about new products, and complete failed payments. 


Gallabox has four pricing plans that are as follows:

  • Growth - ₹2,399/month 
  • Scale - ₹4,799/month 
  • Pro - ₹7,999/month 
  • Custom - Suitable for big businesses that need top-class WhatsApp automation.


Kore.ai is a communication interaction solution that lets you optimize communications between your team members, partners, and customers. It uses Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to automate conversations and you can use it to build virtual assistants for enhancing human-AI interactions. 

Kore.ai, an excellent Yellow AI alternative.

With Kore.ai, you can elevate your internal conversations across departments, including board members and employees to ensure everyone is aligned with your business objective. 

In addition to that, the Kore.ai solution offers a simple-to-use UI to build custom chatbots for WhatsApp communications with generative AI and Large Language Models(LLM).

Not just that. Using these advanced AI technologies, you can create bots via visual builder, train, test, and implement them in real time to automate your customer outreach over WhatsApp.


Designing chatbots using Kore.ai is free. You just need to sign up and start building your bots. However, if you want to access advanced automation features, you have to get the standard plan that starts at 20¢/conversation. 

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ZigChat ( formerly BotsDekho)

ZigChat is a chatbot-building platform that lets you drive engagement with the help of modern chatbots. Taking advantage of the latest ML and AI technologies, ZigChat lets you create intelligent chatbots that reply to your customers’ questions just like humans.

ZigChat, a great chatbot platform for your WhatsApp needs.

ZigChat’s primary objective is to help you build chatbots that let you engage your customers and address their questions, allowing you to guide them smoothly across the stages of the sales pipeline

Also, with ZigChat's WhatsApp chatbots, you can offer customer support in multiple languages to solve issues in their native language, allowing you to take care of your customers' needs and build a stable global customer base. 

Furthermore, you can personalize touchpoints with seamless WhatsApp communications from initial interaction to onboarding. This way, you can encourage your customers to engage with your WhatsApp chatbot and drive engagement rates to the next level. 


ZigChat has four payment plans named; Starter, Advanced, Premium, and Enterprise. These cost  ₹1599/month, ₹4999/month,  ₹7999/month, and ₹12,999/month respectively. 


WotNot allows you to automate customer engagement with WhatsApp chatbots. You can use it to resolve communication hurdles, such as acquiring new prospects, scheduling demos, and enhancing customer service with modern chatbots. 

With WotNot, you can offer tailored customer support to your existing or potential customers all around the clock. These bots reply to your customer’s queries immediately, have 24/7 uptime, and interact with customers in a human way. 

WotNot, an everyday chatbot builder for your daily needs.

WotNot lets you create WhatsApp chatbots in a matter of minutes. Using its no-code bot builder, you can craft your own WhatsApp chatbot without needing any technical knowledge. You can design tailored WhatsApp chatbots for every situation and monitor their data for making informed decisions to further optimize your business conversations.

As mentioned above, these chatbots allow you to offer lightning-fast customer service by replying to repetitive questions and only notify your reps if human interaction is needed. 


WotNot is a freemium platform that doesn’t cost you anything to sign up for. However, if you want to upgrade to premium plans, the Basic plan starts at $470/year, followed by the Starter plan at $950/year, and finally, the Premium plan costs $2870/year.

Enhance your WhatsApp marketing with these Yellow AI competitors

No doubt, Yellow AI is an excellent conversational AI platform for transforming your WhatsApp outreach and automating your conversations. 

Using its conversational chatbot technologies, you can put your WhatsApp messages on autopilot and allow your reps to focus on more important tasks rather than responding to repetitive commonly asked questions. 

However, if you want to run automated WhatsApp campaigns and manage your incoming messages from a unified inbox, then ZIxflow is the correct choice for you. 

Sign up for the platform for free and elevate your WhatsApp marketing to the next level.

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