13 Tips on How to Use Generative AI to 10x Your Sales

Boost your sales productivity while crushing revenue goals with generative AI, it makes your life easier and helps you with time management.

13 Tips on How to Use Generative AI to 10x Your Sales

Imagine this, you’re a sales rep for an organization that sells furniture, your company has recently taken to the digital world to sell and promote its products. Now it is your job to adapt to the new selling methods and increase the overall sales, right? 

You must now tackle the challenges of generating leads, engaging with them effectively, and closing the deal on digital platforms.

Even the most experienced professionals struggle with selling in the digital landscape, so how do you adapt easily and ensure that your digital sales game is top-draw?

It’s simple you take the help of generative AI to help you outperform your competitors and stay on top.

26% of organizations are using AI for sales and it’s no doubt they do so considering the benefits AI has to offer.

So how do you become one of the top companies that effectively use AI?

I’ll tell you how, just grab a bite, lay back, and have a read!

What is generative AI in sales?

So, to start with, what is this ‘Generative AI in sales’? 

Let's break it down to understand it better, as the name suggests it is, Artificial Intelligence that focuses on creating or generating content and media that can be used to enhance your sales process.

How can this benefit sales? Let me tell you that as well.

Benefits of generative AI in sales

Remember when the computer was invented or when the first mobile phone came out? People came up with comments like this changes humanity, this computer can perform calculations within minutes.

Well, that is the case with AI today, people are always talking about the way AI is revolutionizing the modern world, and this includes the sales influencers as well. Let me be one of those people talking about AI and tell you how this AI benefits you as a sales rep.

Helps save time and effort

AI is fast and efficient and this means all the tasks that you assign to an AI can be done in seconds which results in time management for sales reps. This saves you plenty of time and effort which can be directed toward any other priority task in your sales workflow.

Imagine you have a handful of tasks like sending 30 follow-up emails, 50 outreach messages, and five meetings scheduled all within a day. That’s a lot to manage, right?

To handle such time crunches you can simply use AI, which can write personalized emails and messages. With that covered, you can attend all your meetings with peace of mind and your energy full.

CRM Integration

Most generative AI easily integrates with CRMs, some popular CRMs like ZIxflow also have their own AI inbuilt for easy access.

How does a CRM integration benefit you as a sales rep?

It’s simple: all the data you need to personalize your engagement messages, all the data about your customers, and all the data that you need analyzed are all available in a CRM. So, when you can integrate your CRM with an AI tool it makes it easy for the AI to access these data and offer customized help.

Personalization at Scale

We all know that every customer is unique, so why should you use the same script or email for every customer? Personalizing your emails shows that you care about your prospects which can be key to increasing your conversion rates. 

However, personalizing emails for all your prospects is extremely hard and time-consuming. This is where you can use AI to improve sales engagement, tools like Zixflow’s AI can help you create personalized emails in the type you like with just a click.

24/7 Availability

When it comes to humans, they are only available for a short period of time to assist you but AI is available 24/7 at your service. It helps you at any point in time to generate content or forecast your sales. You can use generative AI in every sales engagement activity to make your life easier like sending personalized emails, follow-up messages, and product recommendations to facilitate cross-selling and upselling.

How to use generative AI in sales

We all know the rules of football and how to play the game but what makes professional footballers different from us is that they know the techniques, tactics, and the best ways of playing the game. 

The same goes for the sales game as well, AI is no secret, everyone knows about it but very few know how to effectively use it. Like ChatGPT for example everyone knows about it but very few know how to use ChatGPT for sales

Let me show you how to use generative AI, in general, to improve your sales performance and truly be a professional ahead of the competition.

AI chatbots for lead generation

The modern generation prefers to chat over any other medium of communication, this is why you can see popular social media brands like Snapchat use AI to keep their user engaged via their ‘My AI’.

Snapchat uses Generative AI to keep its users engaged.

The sales world can also adopt this method as AI-powered chatbots are a great way to convert your website visitors to sales prospects. When someone lands on your website the AI-powered chatbot can offer support and assistance to keep the user engaged. Ikea does an excellent job at this by providing a pop-up AI-powered chat that can engage with the site visitor and answer their queries.

Ikea using a chatbot powered by generative AI for sales engagement.

A great way to seal the deal with lead generation is integrating with the ZIxflow CRM and using the Zixflow forms. You can create customized engaging forms on Zixflow and ensure that the AI- chatbot asks the user to fill up the form at the right time. This is how a chatbot can help you with lead generation and as an added advantage Zixflow automatically adds the lead to your CRM database.

Paring Zixflow forms with generative AI for sales can help you generate more leads effectively.

Create personalized emails for enhanced engagement

Imagine this, you are using Zixflow CRMs custom lists and you have the email IDs of 300 leads all organized in them. You now want to create personalized emails for all those leads.

Just the thought of it is daunting, right? Here is where you can use AI to write all those personalized emails for you. Generative AI has the capacity to understand your prompts, analyze data and give relevant outputs. Using AI you can create different types of emails for sale engagement within seconds.

If you want to make the process even easier you can use the Zixflow AI that comes along with the tool to write personalized emails in the tone you like for all your clients. You can also send emails to your clients with just a click using Zixflow.

Zixflow’s generative AI for sales creates personalized emails with just a click.

Sales forecasting for informed decisions 

Imagine you have started a new business and everything is going fine, now you want to know what your profits will be the next year if you keep up the same pace. This is where AI-powered sales forecasting can help you out.

Generative AI tools can help you analyze your vast data like historical data, market trends, market shifts, and customer behavior within minutes and predict the future of your company. 

It can also give you insights that you can use to make informed decisions like where you allocate your resources, inventory management, and soles process optimization.

Enhancing lead qualification

Not all leads are going to convert into paying customers. It would be a waste of your time to focus your time and effort on a lead only for them not to convert. Lead qualification is a process where you determine the quality of the lead and allocate your resources accordingly to be efficient. 

AI tools can help you with this by putting your leads through the lead qualification process by checking if your leads pass through the lead qualification checklist. With this information, you can now focus your efforts on those high-quality sales-qualified leads (SQL).

Customer segmentation for personalized focus

Do you share memes and reels with your friends?

I do, and if you do as well you should know that we only send some memes to a specific group of friends and not to others. Let's take sports memes for example. You would only share that with your friends who like sports not with your friends who are into reading, this is so because we know one would enjoy it and the other would ignore it.

The same goes for sales as well, your customers are unique but they can however share some common interests with other customers so they can be put together as one group that has a common interest. 

With this segmentation, you can send personalized offers and discounts that are targeted towards that particular group which would increase the engagement levels.

With AI tools this segmentation process is made extremely easy as AI can analyze all your customer profiles and segment them into groups. As an added advantage you can also ask the AI tool to create personalized messages for each of the groups increasing the chance of engagement with the messages.

Create custom sales scripts

So AI can create personalized outreach emails for your segmented audience, what else can it do? 

AI also helps your sales reps with personalized customer experience in person. It does so by creating custom sales scripts with steps and procedures that are defined for each customer group based on the customer's demographics, interests, and pain points. 

With this, your sales reps can increase sales through customer engagement.

Content creation

One thing most people know about AI tools is that they can create content within seconds. It is true, but where and how you use AI to make content matters. Generative AI in sales content plays an effective role in simplifying your sales process.

As a sales rep, you can use AI to write content for your sales pitches, emails, and proposals. This can increase your success rate by helping you close deals and save you the time and effort that you would spend crafting content.

Sales training

Generative AI goes beyond the basics. It can craft personalized training materials, simulations, and role-play scenarios, all designed to tackle specific hurdles and all different needs as per you and your sales teams. AI creates training modules that adapt to each sales team's unique challenges.

Let’s come back to the example of the furniture store, let’s say you want to increase your conversion rate by teaching your sales reps how to deal with objections. You can use AI tools to create a training course that will help you meet your objective. This is also easy on your wallet as most AI tools are free to use.

Free-to-use generative AI tools for sales like ChatGPT can help you create courses for your sales steps with ease.

Product recommendations

Generative AI tools are game-changers when it comes to product recommendations. They dive deep into customer data, considering factors like purchase history, browsing habits, and stated preferences.

Here's how it works: Imagine you're shopping online, and based on your previous purchases and what you're currently browsing, the AI suggests additional products that align perfectly with your interests. This smart recommendation system not only enhances the customer experience but also increases the chances of making sales and potentially upselling or cross-selling, leading to higher transactional revenue and better relationships with customers which paves the way for relationship selling.

Get with the trends: Elevate your sales game with generative AI

So here we are, the end of the line. This might be the end of this blog but this can be the start of a new adventure in your sales journey. There are plenty of AI tools offering various benefits, but don’t be distracted by the overwhelming benefits.

You now know what these AI are and what they can do to elevate sales. But two hands are always better than one, so integrating generative AI with sales software like Zixflow which has an inbuilt AI can be a true game changer to your business. So why wait? Sign up today and elevate to the next level.

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