19 ChatGPT Strategies with Prompts & Examples to Boost Sales

ChatGPT helps you in different ways to boost your sales game like helping with lead qualification, product recommendation, answering FAQs, and more.

19 ChatGPT Strategies with Prompts & Examples to Boost Sales

Humans in the past few 100 years have made incredible advancements that changed human life completely. From the invention of the toggle light switch in 1917 to the present-day Cas9 gene editing tool which enables us to reprogram life as we know it, we have come a long way. 

These advancements are not just limited to one field, any industry that has a problem would have an advanced solution developed to solve that problem These solutions would change the industry completely.

The world of sales has been subject to problems as well and the advanced solutions for those problems changed the very nature of the field. Let’s take the impact of COVID-19 for example, would a salesperson from the 90s doing door-to-door sales accept the possibility of selling products virtually over the internet? 

I don’t think so! So we can all agree that the sales world has changed drastically over the years?

But change is not a one-step process and the change in the impact of the internet and digital marketing on sales has led to evolved problems in the field. Problems like coming up with engaging sales pitch techniques for attracting the digital audience, the need for writing bulk emails for large-scale engagement, and more.

As we have seen throughout history all problems have a solution, and there is a solution to these modern sales problems as well.

Want to know what the solution for these modern sales problems is?

It’s ChatGPT by Open AI, this natural language processing AI tool can create humanlike conversational dialogue which helps you deal with these modern problems. You can use ChatGPT in amazing ways that can benefit your sales process. 

Of course, your efforts can be accelerated and enhanced when you pair it with sales CRM tools like Zixflow for sales automation, engagement, and marketing. 

Before I let you in on the 19 best ways to use ChatGPT for your sales, let’s first understand what it is and how to use it.

What Is ChatGPT?

Imagine this… you have someone who is always available, tireless, and highly intelligent to help you and your sales team throughout the sales process. 

ChatGPT can be that person for you, with its natural language processing you can interact with it like you would with your friend, and help you out with any sales problem you face. It can be product recommendations, lead nurturing or even crafting a personalized message for those leads that you want to convert into paying customers.

Why should you use ChatGPT for your sales?

Before we jump into the exciting world of ChatGPT-powered sales, let's quickly discuss why you should use it.

Always on and responsive

Imagine having a dedicated team member who never sleeps, ensuring you never miss an opportunity. ChatGPT is available round the clock, to help you whenever you need. This round-the-clock availability boosts your growth and levels up your sales process tremendously.

Consistency in customer messages

Consistency is key in sales. With ChatGPT, every interaction is consistent and aligned with your brand's messaging, ensuring your customers receive messages that are always in the tone that your brand prefers. Consistency also provides a sense of security and assures your customers of their definite growth and success with you.

Efficiency and scalability

ChatGPT can multitask like a pro, handling multiple conversations simultaneously. It can help you make your sales processes efficient and effective with ease.. Using the efficiency and attentiveness of ChatGPT you can directly impact the overall customer satisfaction level positively.

Data-driven insights

Being an advanced AI ChatGPT can analyze your data within seconds, be it your data regarding your deals, marketing campaigns, or email outreaches. Although ChatGPT can help you analyze data efficiently to give you insights for improvement, you need to first get those data right?

This is where you can use sales tools like Zixflow which can be integrated into every stage of your sales process to help you make them efficient and give you detailed reports on every sales process stage.

You can feed ChatGPT this data to get valuable insights to make informed decisions that can improve your sales performance.

You can even ask ChatGPT to use the data and create personalized messages and interactions tailored to different types of customers. These personalized messages can pave the way for relationship selling

How to integrate ChatGPT into your sales process

Now that we've covered the whats and whys, let's delve into the how. Here's how to integrate ChatGPT into your sales process.

Select the right platform

First things first, you want to choose the perfect stage for ChatGPT to perform. With an intuitive CRM like Zixflow’s sales CRM, you can easily find out the platforms that your customers use the most like your website, email, or messaging apps. Using this information your sales team can ask ChatGPT to help them in ways specific to the platform your customers use like lead nurturing through messaging apps or creating a compelling lead for your website. 

Define objectives

Now, it's time to set the stage directions. Determine the specific roles you want ChatGPT to take on in your sales process. Is it to ask sales qualifying questions for lead qualification, help your sales team deal with hesitant customers, or skillfully handle upselling scenes? Clearly defining these objectives helps ChatGPT play its part effectively.

Customize ChatGPT

Your brand has a unique voice that makes you different from others, right?  So, it’s only right that your prompts generated by ChatGPT should be in your brand’s tone, for that you should customize ChatGPT by giving it information about your brand, like who you are and what you stand for. 

This will make ChatGPT fit your brand like a custom-made suit that screams your brand’s style.

Monitor and alter

Remember, every great play goes through rehearsals and fine-tuning. Even though Chat GPT helps you automate your sales processes, regularly analyzing the chat interactions is essential. See what's working and what needs a little tweaking. Fine-tune ChatGPT's prompts and responses to ensure it's delivering a performance that’s worthy of a standing ovation.

The 19 best ways to use ChatGPT for sales

Now, that the whats and how are out of the way let's dive into the exciting part—the 19 best ways to use ChatGPT for sales, complete with personalized prompts and examples to fuel your sales success

Qualifying leads

Not all leads are created equal, there are different types of leads in sales, and qualifying those leads is all about focusing your efforts on the prospects who are most likely to become paying customers. With lead qualification, you're not just casting a wide net and hoping for the best; you're narrowing down your focus to those who are most likely to say ‘yes’.

Tools like sales CRM by Zixflow make qualifying easier by automatically qualifying leads as they enter your sales pipeline. It even assigns those leads to your sales reps who are available to deal with those leads. 

With ChatGPT there to back you up your sales reps can easily qualify those assigned leads, they can ask ChatGPT to give them a lead-qualifying checklist to determine those leads that convert and alter their efforts accordingly.


You're a sales professional in a real estate firm, and you want to generate lead qualification questions for prospects, specifically those interested in the apartments you have put up for sale.


 "ChatGPT, generate a list of 5 lead qualification questions I can ask those interested in the apartments I have put up for sale to determine whether they are a good fit for my apartments.”

Qualify your leads efficiently with ChatGPT

Product recommendations

We all love a shopping experience that feels tailor-made just for us. Product recommendations are all about making your customers feel seen and understood by creating a shopping experience that feels like a one-on-one consultation with a trusted advisor. 

Through this, you're saying, "We get you, and we're here to help you find what you love." You can smoothen the process and make it efficient with ChatGPT. This paired with a powerful sales engagement platform for your team turns each customer interaction into a profit for both parties.


You run an e-commerce store selling fashion accessories, and you want to generate product recommendations for customers who have shown interest in handbags.


"Hey ChatGPT, suggest 5 product recommendations specifically tailored for customers who have shown interest in handbags in my online store."

Use ChatGPT and increase revenue with the right product recommendations

Answering FAQs

Handling updating those common questions about your products or services on the regular can be a tedious time-consuming task but with Chat GPT you can get it done in seconds by formulating precise answers to help your customers with their queries.


You manage customer support for a company like Zixflow, and customers frequently ask about your software's pricing plans.


"ChatGPT, provide a concise response to the question: 'What are the pricing plans?'

Give this a try yourself and find out about the pricing plans and options Zixflow has, you might discover something that might surprise you and also benefit you! 😁

Lead nurturing

Lead generation and lead nurturing are two different processes. Just gaining leads is not enough. We as sales professionals understand that not all leads are ready to buy right away. That’s why lead nurturing is so crucial. 

It's all about building trust. cultivating relationships, providing value at every step, and ensuring that when the time is right, your leads will think of you first. With ChatGPT to nurture those relationships and guide leads down the path to becoming loyal customers the process is made extensively easier.


You're a marketing manager for a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company, and you want to send follow-up emails to leads who downloaded your latest e-book.


"ChatGPT, create a follow-up email to engage leads who downloaded our latest e-book be sure to make the email personalized and compelling but not forceful."

Increase conversion by nurturing your leads with ChatGPT

Scheduling demos and meetings

You know that scheduling can be a bit of a headache but it is essential as you're creating a professional and efficient experience for your clients. 

You're showing them that you respect their time and are eager to accommodate their needs. With the help of ChatGPT, taking that hassle off your plate when paired with Zixflow’s automated meeting scheduler scheduling demos and sales meetings has never been smoother.


You're a sales representative for a software company, and a potential client wants to schedule a demo for your product.


"ChatGPT, assist in scheduling a short meeting for a product demo for a potential client who wants to learn more about our software."

Save time scheduling meetings with ChatGPT and Zixflow’s Automated meeting scheduler

Cart abandonment recovery

You know the pain of seeing customers almost make a purchase and then change their minds. Like every ailment, this pain also had a remedy in the form of cart abandonment recovery. Cart abandonment recovery is all about keeping the sales momentum going. 

With Cart abandonment recovery, you're turning potential customers into satisfied buyers. You're showing your customers that you're attentive, helpful, and eager to make their shopping experience exceptional. With Chat GPT in your corner, you can rescue those abandoned carts and turn potential losses into wins in an easy manner.


You operate an online clothing store, and a customer left several items in their cart without completing the purchase.


"ChatGPT, help recover abandoned carts. Offer assistance or provide a discount to encourage the customer to finalize their order and create a customized email specifically tailored for the customer and the product in the cart to incentivize buying the product."

Cross the goal line and score - recover abandoned cart items with the help of ChatGPT

Cross-selling and upselling

There are different types of sales every salesperson employs with the aim of closing the deal, while most methods don’t add value to the customer cross-selling and upselling do.

With cross-selling/upselling, you're not just closing deals; you're maximizing the value of each sale. You're showing your customers that you understand their needs and desires, and you're making it convenient for them to get everything they want in one go. The process is made easy and efficient with ChatGPT as your partner.


You work for an electronics retailer, and a customer is about to purchase a Google Pixel 7.


"ChatGPT, suggest accessories or an upgraded model to cross-sell or upsell to the customer buying a Google Pixel 7."

Make cross-selling and upselling easier with ChatGPT

Gathering customer feedback

Every good salesperson knows that the journey doesn't end with a sale; it's just the beginning of a conversation. 

Customer feedback is all about the insights that your customers carry which can be used to improve your service in the future thus improving the sales performance of yourself and your team

ChatGPT helps you strike up that conversation and to gain feedback from customers thus showing your customers that you're not just interested in selling but in improving their experience.


You're a customer service representative for an online travel agency, and a customer just completed a trip they booked through your platform.


"ChatGPT, ask the customer for feedback on their recent trip experience and our services."

Efficiently gather customer feedback with ChatGPT

Competitor analysis

Stay ahead of the game by having ChatGPT monitor your competitors' products, pricing, and customer reviews, providing you with valuable insights.

Competitor analysis isn't just about keeping tabs on your rivals; it's about gaining the upper hand and making informed moves, which is possible by gaining information on your rivals like the products they are selling and the customer opinion about them. 

In the world of business, staying ahead of the competition is like playing chess, and ChatGPT is your strategic advisor. ChatGPT can help you monitor your competitors' products, check out their pricing strategies, and even go through customer reviews to extract valuable insights.


You're the marketing manager for a software startup, and you want to keep tabs on your competitors' latest product releases.


"ChatGPT, track and summarize the most recent product releases and customer feedback for our main competitors in the software industry."

Promotions and discounts

Promotions and discounts are all about creating a buzz; they drive sales by creating excitement among customers. It's not just about the deal; it's about creating a sense of urgency, a feeling that your customers wouldn’t want to miss out on something fantastic.


Your online store is running a limited-time sale on beauty products.


"ChatGPT, create a promotional message for our ongoing beauty products sale, and mention the discount code and time limit."

Boost sales with promotions and discounts and get ChatGPT to do the heavy lifting for you

Handling objections

In the world of selling, objections are like speed bumps on the road to a sale, and knowing how to handle objections is essential in turning hesitation into enthusiasm. 

Imagine you work for a high-end furniture store, and a customer is eyeing that luxurious corner sofa but is a tad hesitant, mainly due to the price. This is where ChatGPT swoops in to help you reassure them and convince them to seal the deal.


You're a sales representative for a high-end furniture store, and a customer is willing to buy a corner sofa but is hesitant due to the price.


"ChatGPT, address objections related to pricing and provide persuasive responses to reassure the customer to buy the corner sofa."

Efficiently handle objections with ChatGPT and get those conversions up!

Geo-targeted offers

Imagine you run a chain of cafes and you have a branch in Chennai and there’s a customer visiting Chennai. That's where Geo-targeting comes into play. With Chat GPT you can detect your customers' location and send them a personalized message: "Hey, coffee lover in Chennai! We've got a special deal just for you. Swing by our café on Main Street and get 20% off your favorite brew."

You see, it's not just about offering discounts; it's about creating a connection. It's like saying, "We know you're here, and we appreciate you."


You run a chain of coffee shops, and you want to offer a location-specific discount to customers in a particular city like Chennai for example.


"ChatGPT, create a customized and unique message offering a special discount to customers in Chennai who visit our coffee shop."

Increase sales with personalized and geo-targeted promotional messages and make it efficient with ChatGPT

Reorder assistance

Let’s face it, even when you have a range of fantastic consumable products that your customers adore they might not always remember when it's time to reorder. This brings us to yet another way you can use AI for sales which is reorder assistance.

Reorder assistance is all about adding convenience to your customers' lives. Imagine you sell pet food, and a loyal customer purchased a month's supply. As that month rolls by, ChatGPT steps in with a friendly reminder. It can send a personalized message, saying something like, "Hey there, it's time to make sure your furry friend doesn't go hungry. Would you like to reorder your pet food?"


You operate an online pet supply store, and a customer previously purchased pet food for their dog a month ago.


"ChatGPT, create a personalized message to remind the customer that it's time to reorder pet food based on their previous purchase of dog food."

Increase customer loyalty with reorder assistance and make it easier with ChatGPT.

Post-purchase support

Every good salesperson knows that your job doesn't end when the sale is made; it's just the beginning of a beautiful relationship. And that's where post-purchase support shines, it's all about being there for your customers when they need you the most.


You provide technical support for a lighting store, and a customer just bought your strip lights.


"ChatGPT, offer post-purchase support by helping the customer with the installation and setup of our strip lights."

Ensure customer satisfaction is at an all-time high with post-purchase support and use ChatGPT to help in the process.

Market research

Market research is essential to your business and it helps you stay ahead of the curve by knowing what’s happening in your industry like new opportunities, and the latest B2B sales trends

Your life is like Sherlock Holmes when doing market research always on the hunt for clues, trends, and insights. In that world, Chat GPT can be your John. H. Watson, your trusty assistant.


You work for a market research firm, and a client wants to gather information about the latest trends in the fashion industry.


"ChatGPT, compiles a report on the current fashion industry trends, focusing on consumer preferences and emerging styles."

Stay ahead of the curve with market research and make it efficient with ChatGPT

CRM integration

I understand that managing customer relationships is at the heart of your success. But let's be real, it can be a bit of a juggling act, right? With a sales CRM software integrated, your customer relations are taken care of and with Chat GPT by your side, the whole process is made easier and smoother.


You're a sales manager for a real estate agency, and you want to update customer profiles in your CRM system.


"ChatGPT, email customers for any updated contact information and ensure it's correctly logged into our CRM do this by specifying the existing information in the email and prompting them to confirm or deny the validity of the information and provide a Google form link if they deny."

Integrate your CRM and ChatGPT to gain the best customer experience

Referral programs

We’re always on the lookout for innovative and advanced ways to expand your customer base but there’s no doubt that the old-school method of word-of-mouth still remains one of the strongest forms of creating awareness in a trusted manner.

Now combine the age-old method with modern technologies and software like Chat GPT you are well on your way to starting a SaaS referral program and building loyal customers.


You run a subscription box service, and you want to encourage existing subscribers to refer friends for rewards.


"ChatGPT, create a social media post to promote our referral program to existing subscribers, and explain the benefits of referring friends."

Gift your subscribers with referral codes and gain trusted customers

Sales Training and Skill Enhancement

Your sales team can use all the modern technologies and software they like but no amount of technology can help a poorly trained sales team. Here’s where ChatGPT can help you immensely. Imagine a controlled environment where ChatGPT can act as a potential customer and your sales team can have a conversation with ChatGPT acting as your customers. 

This interactive training can help your sales team refine their sales pitches, objection handling, and negotiation tactics all in a controlled manner where your existing reputation or sales is not affected.


You're a sales manager looking to improve your team's objection-handling skills.


"ChatGPT, simulates a short sales scenario where you are a potential customer who raises a few common objections. So that I can provide responses P to effectively address these objections and guide the conversation towards a successful sale."

Train your sales team with ChatGPT roleplaying as your customer

Unleashing ChatGPT - Your sales superweapon 

We've explored the benefits, integration steps, and 19 powerful ways to leverage ChatGPT for sales success. With its 24/7 availability, consistency, efficiency, and data-driven insights, ChatGPT transforms your sales process. Now you can elevate your sales game with this invaluable tool at your disposal.

Now make the sales process efficient with ChatGPT and integrate it with the amazing tools of Zixflow by signing up for maximum benefits.

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