29 Best Sales Automation Tools to Automate Repetitive Sales Tasks & Activities 2024

The best sales automation tools include Zixflow, Pipedrive, Zapier, Salesblink, NetSuite, Keap, Zoho, HubSpot, Lemlist, and Zendesk.

29 Best Sales Automation Tools to Automate Repetitive Sales Tasks & Activities 2024

Imagine you are a business owner and you are thinking of running a promotional email campaign. You did the hard work of curating a list of recipients, collecting their email addresses, and crafting an excellent email copy to get maximum conversions. 

All that is left is to send those emails. However, since you don’t have automation software to send these emails in bulk, you end up sending each email manually. On top of that, your recipients start responding to your emails, further complicating the process. 

At times like these, wouldn’t it be great if you implemented a sales automation process or got yourself a sales automation tool that can take care of all of these things by itself?

A sales automation platform lets you automate your repetitive sales tasks and streamline your operations to save your team’s time. In fact, 76% of companies have put in place sales automation workflows for automating everyday tasks.

However, with so many different software present in the market, it can be difficult to find the right one for your requirements. So, in this blog post, I have curated a list of sales automation tools to save you the hassle of looking around the internet to find the right one. So, let’s get to it!

Best sales automation tools for a seamless sales process

Sales automation software allows you to automate every aspect of your sales process from lead generation to post-sales customer service. They have become a must-have to simplify your sales process and improve efficiency. 

That’s why, here are some of the best sales automation software that you can utilize to put your sales process on autopilot. 


Zixflow is a smart, flexible, and all-in-one automation solution for your business. Zixflow makes it easy for you to effortlessly handle multiple steps involved in the sales process from getting a lead to closing the deal. 

Zixflow, one of the best sales automation tools.

Zixflow comes with multiple automation capabilities using which you can automate various sales process tasks. These capabilities include:

Sales cadence

With Zixflow, you can also automate follow-ups and outreach messages using its sales cadence tool. These inbound and outbound sales prospecting cadences consist of multiple-step messaging sequences that can be initiated automatically to nurture various types of leads.

Zixflow sales cadence builder to automate your engagement.

Workflow automation

Another automation functionality of Zixflow is to create workflow automation. With these automated workflows, you can get rid of redundant sales tasks and free up valuable time for your teams. 

For example, you can automatically send a welcome email to a new customer after they sign up for your newsletter or website. At the same time, you can also assign an agent to bring them up to speed.

Zixflow lets you set up sales workflow automation to automate your redundant sales tasks.

Custom AI-fields

The custom AI-fields in Zixflow allow you to craft tailored introductions or icebreakers to interact with your customers on a personal level. The GPT-powered AI engine provides you with the answers to your prompt with a click of a button. 

Zixflow custom AI-fields to generate tailored content with a click.


Zixflow also comes with an AI-Wizard that lets you create personalized email content for your outreach campaigns. Simply enter the required details in the corresponding fields and the system will generate a response within seconds.

Zixflow AI-Wizard allows you to craft personalized emails for your outreach campaigns.


Zixflow has numerous pricing options ranging from $0 to 49/user/month. The Free plan is an excellent option for small businesses or individuals. For businesses with large teams, you can pick one of the paid plans for unlimited access.

Zixflow offers flexible pricing plans to fit the needs of any business. 


Pipedrive is a renowned CRM and automation platform built to optimize your sales process. It is a centralized hub for managing leads, deals, and contacts, providing your sales teams with the necessary toolkit to manage your sales activities. 

Pipedrive, a renowned sales automation system.

Pipedrive facilitates sales automation using its automated task management system. You can create customizable workflows that automatically trigger specific actions or tasks based on predefined conditions. Using this, you can assign tasks to suitable reps automatically.

Another aspect of sales automation in Pipedrive is its email marketing. The platform allows you to automate your various types of emails to improve sales engagement, track communication with leads, and set up canned email responses. This not only saves you time but also ensures that you have an in-depth view of your interactions with every prospect.


Pipedrive offers five paid plans, Essential, Advanced, Professional, Power, and Enterprise, costing between $9.90 to $59.90 per user per month. In addition to that, it also provides a 14-day free trial to test out the platform.  


SalesBlink is a sales outreach automation platform that lets you automate most of your outreach tasks with the help of its AI engine. It created BlinkGPT, a modern AI model to craft and automate complex messaging sequences quickly.

SalesBlink, AI-powered sales automation software.

With SalesBlink, you can initiate multi-channel outreach sequences for your inbound and outbound sales efforts. For example, using BlinkGPT, you can set up an automated sequence for all your follow-ups by providing it with the details regarding your company and its products. 


SalesBlink offers three annual plans Growth, Sales, and Business costing $25, $79, and $149. On top of that, it provides a 7-day free trial so you can check and feel the platform before making a commitment.


Zapier is a web-based sales automation tool that allows you to connect your favorite apps, such as Gmail, Slack, and over 3,000 other tools into a single workspace. It enables you to create automated workflows, known as "Zaps," which facilitate the seamless transfer of data and tasks between different applications.

Zapier, one of the best sales automation platforms.

Zapier streamlines the flow of information between various sales tools, ensuring that data is automatically transferred and updated across platforms. For example, when you add a new lead to your CRM, Zapier can trigger an automated process to update your mailing list simultaneously. 

Zapier also allows you to automate your routine sales, like when a deal is closed, it can automatically create a task in a project management tool to initiate the next steps of the onboarding process. 


Zapier provides five customizable pricing plans that you can pick from based on the number of tasks. These plans start from $0 and go up to $69/month. If you want even more advanced features, you need to get in touch with its sales team for more details.


Hubspot is one of the best-known CRM and sales automation software available in the market. It helps you to provide exceptional customer experience with seamless sales operations. It is a sales automation tool that you can use to handle different kinds of sales to scale your business and reduce the time wasted on mundane tasks.

HubSpot, a popular sales automation tool.

With HubSpot’s automation toolkit, you can automate daily tasks such as data entry, sending follow-up emails, and scheduling meetings. This way, you can not only save time but also ensure consistency in your sales processes. 

Also, HubSpot enables you to automate your lead nurturing process by building personalized email campaigns. Through its marketing automation suite, you can automatically send relevant emails and communications based on your prospects’ behavior, preferences, or their stage in the sales pipeline. Additionally, if you’re confused between zoho and hubspot, you can also check out our detailed comparison between Hubspot vs Zoho.


Hubspot offers a free, limited version which is a good fit for new companies or solo prenuers. For paid options, you have to pay $18/month for 5 members but if you are looking for robust automation functionalities, you might want to subscribe to the Professional plan that costs $450/month for a maximum of 5 members.


Outreach.io is a sales engagement platform that comes with automation features, allowing your sales teams to streamline and optimize your outreach efforts. It is built to improve communication, automate repetitive tasks, and enhance overall sales efficiency.

Outreach.io, an AI-driven sales automation system.

With Outreach.io, you can design and schedule a sequence of emails, messages, or calls to engage with your leads. This ensures your sales staff stays consistent in their outreach efforts and follows up with your leads in a timely manner. 

The platform also includes email tracking and analytics to measure the effectiveness of your communication sequences.

Although Outreach has created its own identity in the market, there are some Outreach alternatives that cannot be overlooked while making an informed decision.


Outreach.io has per-user-based pricing plans. It offers two payment options, Standard and Professional. However, the exact details for each plan are not available on its website. To learn more about this, you have to request pricing by reaching out to its sales team.


Keap provides your sales and marketing teams with automation functionalities to help them grow without chaos. Keap combines CRM, sales automation, payment, and marketing in one platform. Which in turn provides you with more sales with fewer late-night shifts.

Keap, a sales automation system.

Keap allows you to centralize your customer information in a single database. Then, by setting up sales automation, you can autopilot follow-ups, appointment scheduling, and payments. Plus, Keap includes automated workflows that trigger particular actions based on your leads’ behavior or the predefined conditions you have set. 

This way, you can optimize your lead nurturing and simplify your sales process, allowing you to focus on the most promising prospects and engage with them at the right time. No doubt Keap is a great sales automation tool, but you should also check out Keap’s top alternatives in order to make an informed decision. If you’re considering Pipedrive then you should check the differentiation between Pipedrive vs Keap CRM so that you can make an informed choice.


Keap offers three plans, Pro Max, and Ultimate that start from $1908/year and go up to $3348/year. If you want to include more users in your plan, it will cost you $29/user and you can customize them based on total contacts you can add to the platform. 


Yesware is perfect for when your sales team needs to drive more revenue through email outreach. Yesware provides you with a set of tools for your sales team to automate outreach activity, track email, rapidly test what does and does not work, and share it with your sales staff for better results.

Yesware, a sales engagement and automation platform.

Yesware provides you with powerful automated email campaigns to reach out to your prospects efficiently. On top of that, you can automate your follow-up and receive a notification in your inbox about sending the follow-up. If you don’t want to send a manual follow-up, you create an automated email to be sent instead


Yesware provides five pricing options that start from $0 and go up to $65/seat/month. There is also a Custom Plan if you need tailored pricing for your unique needs. 


Zoho is another renowned sales CRM and automation platform that helps you streamline communication, create custom workflow, and automate everyday tasks efficiently to manage your business.

Zoho, a sales automation platform.

Zoho helps in automating lead management by capturing leads from different sources, automatically routing and assigning them to a suitable sales rep based on predefined criteria. 

You can also automate your lead nurturing as Zoho enables you to create automated workflows to send targeted emails or follow-ups to your prospects. This way, your sales teams can prioritize the leads with a higher probability of converting into buyers.


Zoho has four pricing options Standard, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate, and costs $14/user/month, $23/user/month, $40/user/month, and $52/user/month (billed annually). Zoho also provides a free trial of the platform so you can experience it firsthand before making a decision. 


Salesloft provides you with an automation tool that will help you take the guesswork out of your sales pipeline and nurture leads properly. It helps you sell by building relationships throughout the customer journey from first lead response to post-sale experience.

Salesloft, an AI-powered sales automation tool.

With Salesloft, you can build automated sequences, allowing you to schedule and personalize a series of emails to be sent to your prospects at strategic intervals. This feature helps you maintain regular communication with your leads without the need for manual follow-ups. 

Plus, these series of emails ensure that leads receive timely and relevant messages, increasing their chances of getting a conversion.


You can choose between three pricing options offered by Salesloft after requesting a demo for the same. However, to know the exact cost of each plan, you would have to reach out to its support team.

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Lemlist is an AI-powered, all-in-one sales engagement and outreach tool that enables you to grow your target audience and boost engagement. You can use it to create lead lists with validated email addresses, craft tailored emails, and create an outbound sales strategy to drive leads.

Lemlist, an AI-powered sales automation and engagement tool.

Lemlist provides robust email automation solutions for increasing your revenue by allowing you to automate your follow-ups, set up sales workflows, conduct A/B testing for your outbound sales campaigns, and schedule meetings effortlessly. 

In addition to that, it lets you personalize your emails to make them stand apart with the help of text, images, tailored video thumbnails, and landing pages to ensure that your recipients never miss an email. 


Lemlist has three packages, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise that go from $50, $83, and custom prices respectively. You also get a 14-day trial to try out the application and see whether it fits your needs.


Zendesk is another popular sales CRM platform designed for small businesses as well as medium and large enterprises. This CRM provides you with sales automation functionalities that increase your productivity, build customer loyalty, and boost profits. It helps you to automate and streamline your operations for scaling up your business.

Zendesk, one of the best sales automation tools.

Zendesk offers access to a unified customer interaction history, meaning all your customer interactions, support tickets, live chat conversations, or email exchanges are centralized within the platform. 

This provides you with a holistic view of a prospect to your sales representatives with a solid understanding of each lead’s journey and preferences. Using this information, you can tailor your approach and impress your prospects to bring conversions. 


Zendesk has customizable pricing plans, where you can create tailored plans for your business based on the number of users. Visit Zendesk’s pricing page to craft your plan and learn more about the feature set for each one of them.


Autoklose is an automatic lead nurturing platform designed for entrepreneurs and dynamic sales teams. It helps you target leads saved in your CRM or use its B2B database for leads’ details, engage them with highly flexible email campaigns, and grow your company.

Autoklose, a renowned sales automation tool.

With its automated email campaigns, you can easily interact and engage with your leads at scale. The platform also includes features for creating personalized email initiatives using templates, setting up drip campaigns, and scheduling automated follow-ups. This helps you save time and nurture leads across the sales funnel with no need for manual intervention.


Autoklose offers multiple pricing plans ranging from $49.99 per user/month to $89.99 per user/month. On top of that, you can include add-ons to your plan to make the most of the platform. 

Plus, if you want to build your leads list, there are separate plans for the B2B contact database you can use to access the emails and phone numbers of your leads.


ActiveCampaign is a powerful customer experience automation (CXA) platform that combines various marketing, sales, and customer service tools to help you automate your operations processes and increase engagement. 

You can use it to streamline communication, personalize interactions, and drive customer satisfaction across the entire customer lifecycle.

ActiveCampaign, one of the leading sales automation platforms.

ActiveCampaign enables you to build tailored email marketing campaigns. By using its intuitive interface, you can design sales cadence sequences personalized for different stages of the B2B sales funnel.

For example, when a lead subscribes to your newsletter or fills out a form on your website, ActiveCampaign can automatically trigger a series of predefined emails to nurture the lead. 

This automated nurturing process helps keep leads engaged, provides relevant information about your products/company, and gradually guides them toward making a purchase.


ActiveCampaign has multiple pricing plans that are categorized based on functionality. If you want to use the sales automation, you can choose between Plus, Professional, and Enterprise plans that cost $19/month, $49/month, and for the Enterprise plan you have to talk to its sales. 


Marketo solves your problem of higher revenue and faster growth at lower cost, which is most likely your desire. It enables you to streamline, measure marketing tasks, and automate engagement to increase efficiency and grow faster.

Marketo, a leading sales automation platform.

With Marketo, you can utilize AI to create and segment your prospects into smaller groups to get a 360-degree view of your leads data. Using this data, you can personalize your outreach efforts to make it hassle-free to convert leads into customers.

Also, you can automatically initiate marketing campaigns or reply to incoming messages in real-time using various types of content as soon as a lead fills out a form, goes to your web page, or if their lead score changes.


Marketo doesn’t have any pricing details available on its website. However, you can get custom pricing according to your requirements by filling out a form.


Woodpecker is a sales engagement and automation platform that provides custom tools to jump-start your cold outreach. With its Sales Assistant, you can make use of robust automation capabilities to optimize your workflows and expand your market reach.

Woodpecker, a sales automation system.

The platform lets you enhance your engagement and conversion rates with modern automation functionality to monitor your cold outreach and modify your follow-ups.

You can also make use of its in-build Dux-Soup integration to autopilot your LinkedIn tasks. Use it to include LinkedIn into your outreach initiatives along with email and calls to deliver a multi-channel experience to your potential customers to drive results.


Woodpecker only has a pricing package of $25/month but you can customize it based on how many prospects you want to reach out to using the platform. 


InsightSquared is a business intelligence (BI) and sales analytics software, offering you a complete view of how your sales terms are performing and measuring B2B sales metrics. Although it doesn’t have automation functionality, it can help you get a holistic image of your automated workflows so you can optimize them further. 

InsightSquared, a complementary sales automation platform.

It allows you to forecast your sales with an AI engine to know your sales quotas and how you can achieve them. You can enter your sales details and utilize its ML algorithms to check how over or under you’re going to be in the future. 

Alongside that, InsightSquared also allows your sales staff to analyze your customer’s journey with its Machine Learning Confidence-to-Close and Ideal Customer Profile models. Learn more about crucial aspects of your sales pipeline and immediately adapt to any changes to minimize risks.


InsightSquared parent company, Mediafly, offers various solutions under one platform. You can get in touch with its experts by filling out a form on its website to know the pricing details for InsightSquared. 


Act-On is a sales automation tool that lets you create awareness, drive demands, nurture leads, and extend the customer's lifetime value. With it, you can plan, launch, adapt, and optimize your marketing campaigns with ease.

Act-On, marketing and sales automation software.

With Act-On’s automated marketing software, you can boost sales engagement using the automated campaign builder. With it, you can connect with your leads on time, tailor your outreach, and deliver the right information. 


Act-On has two paid plans, Professional and enterprise. The Enterprise plan consists of advanced features and you would have to contact the sales team for a custom quotation. The Professional plan starts at $900 per month with a maximum limit of 2,500 active contacts. 


Growbots is an all-in-one outbound sales automation tool designed for automatic lead generation and handling of your email drip campaigns. Using this platform, you can set up leads’ profiles and schedule an email campaign to automatically create fresh sales opportunities.

Growbots, an outbound sales automation tool.

With Growbots’ intuitive campaign builder, you can set up powerful email campaigns that will drive engagement and encourage your prospects to make a purchasing decision.

Apart from automation, Growbots also provides email inbox warm-up that allows your emails to not be marked as spam, increasing your deliverability. 


Growbots allows you to choose between three pricing packages, Outreach starting at $49/month, the All-in-One that costs $199/month, and Pro which is customized according to your business. There is also a quarterly Starter plan that you can subscribe to for $807.


GetResponse is a powerful and simplified tool to send emails and automate your marketing. In terms of a marketing platform, it is known for being a top-notch Brevo alternative. It helps you get your business online, grow your audience, and create a sales engagement model to interact with prospects to boost online sales.

GetResponse, a marketing automation tool.

With GetResponse personalized email campaigns, you can save countless hours and resources. With pre-designed workflow templates, you can quickly set up campaigns and start capturing or converting new prospects. 

You can also connect again with prospects who have abandoned their carts and convince them to complete the checkout process.


Although GetResponse offers four plans, you need to get the Marketing Automation or higher plans to make use of its automation functionalities. The Marketing Automation will cost you $48.4/month and tier two plans are priced at $97.6 and $999/month. 

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Overloop is a sales engagement tool with automation capabilities that lets you streamline your sales communications to drive more profit.

Overloop, a sales and marketing automation tool.

With Overloop, you can take care of your sales quotas with hyper-personalized outbound sales campaigns by combining LinkedIn automation and cold email outreach.

For example, by using its LinkedIn Google Chrome extension, you can collect leads’ data from their LinkedIn page and include them directly to your campaign audience. 


Overloop offers straightforward three pricing plans: Startup starting at $40 /user/month, Growth at $82/user/month, and Enterprise costing $124 /user/month. You get a 14-day trial of the platform and you get 2 months free if you buy the annual subscription. 


As the name suggests, LeadIQ provides you with all the details you need to manage your sales pipeline. This includes discovering suitable prospects at the correct time, nurturing them effectively, and finally, converting them into paying customers. 

LeadIQ, a lead and sales management platform.

LeadIQ comes with a robust AI-email generator to craft personalized emails for your lead within seconds with just one click. Also, you can customize your emails using attractive introductions and showcase how your products can benefit your prospects. 


LeadIQ provides Freemium, Essential, Pro, and Enterprise packages that cost $0, $39/month/user, $79/month/user, and custom prices for the Enterprise plan. You can also book a demo with its sales team to see the platform in action.

Pega Sales Automation

If you are ready to crush business complexity, Pega Sales Automation is what you’re searching for. This tool helps you maximize value, simplify service, and boost efficiency. It simplifies your technology from the center out, one customer journey at a time.

Pega Sales Automation, a sales automation platform.

Using Pega Sales Automation, you can improve your sales performance and stay ahead of any modifications happening in your sales forecast, manage engagement rates, and monitor the overall operations of your company.


Pega Sales Automation has three pricing editions. These are Standard, Intelligence, and Engagement editions costing $140/user/month, $170/user/month, and $250/user/month. 

Sales Creatio

Sales Creatio is an end-to-end sales management platform with robust workflow automation capabilities to optimize your sales processes. Using this platform, you can centralize your prospects’ details, automate lead workflows, handle files & contracts, monitor purchase orders, and invoices.

Sales Creatio, a sales automation platform.

With Sales Creatio, you can automate lead and pipeline management. This consists of lead capturing, sharing, nurturing, and handoff mixed with various kinds of modern opportunity management workflows.


Sales Creatio provides three pricing packages consisting of Growth, Enterprise, and Unlimited. These range from $25user/month to $85user/month.


To make your tasks and activities easy, NetSuite provides you with a sales automation platform. This automation allows you to access, monitor, analyze a variety of metrics, and consistently stay on top of your sales processes.

NetSuite, a cloud-based sales automation platform.

With NetSuite, you can automate your whole sales marketing operations, enabling you to better target your campaigns and make the most of your outreach efforts. 

For instance, you can build and monitor tailored initiatives according to the buyer personas of your leads. This way, you can align your outreach messaging over different channels to boost your engagement consistently. 


Every business has its unique needs. And that’s why, NetSuite offers custom pricing tailored to your needs. You have to contact its sales staff for more information. 


Aritic CRM and sales automation platform is designed to optimize collaboration between teams, improve all-around sales performance, and boost conversions. It allows you to create a customer-centric selling model and lets you track calls, meetings, and emails saving time automatically. 

Aritic, a unified sales automation platform.

You can craft, store, and organize your sales documents in a single location with Aritic CRM. The software makes sure that sensitive data regarding sales, meetings, and communication with prospects is safe. 


Aritic offers two plans for its sales modules: Basic and Professional. The Basic plan is free but only one user can use it. To add more users to your workspace, you need to get the Professional plan which costs $49 per user/month. 


RollWorks is account-based sales automation software designed for B2B sales and marketing teams. Regardless of the size of your business, it allows you to boost your profits by concentrating on high-value accounts. 

RollWorks, an account-based sales automation platform.

With its sales automation, you can enhance your sales efficiency using tailored and automated email campaigns to target key decision makers. 

In addition to that, the system can automatically craft outreach messages for crucial accounts. Plus, you can nurture your accounts with automated follow-ups according to their interactions with your company.  


RollWorks offers three pricing plans along with many add-ons and service packages. However, the pricing details for these plans are not available on its website and you would have to reach out to its sales staff to learn more about it.

Get rid of mundane sales tasks with these sales automation tools

So there you go. These are some of the best sales automation tools you can use to optimize your sales operations. 

These tools will help you enhance your sales, boost efficiency, and increase your revenue. However, if you are looking for a next-gen platform to handle your sales operations, then Zixflow is the go-to choice. 

It includes robust automation functionalities, where you can set up cadences and workflow automation for seamless sales operations. Sign up for the application today and elevate your sales game to the next level. 

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