WhatsApp Sales: How to Sell on WhatsApp in 2024 [Complete Guide]

Boost your sales on WhatsApp with easy steps from downloading the WhatsApp Business app to using broadcast lists with pro tips like getting verified & more.

WhatsApp Sales: How to Sell on WhatsApp in 2024 [Complete Guide]

Suppose you are a small business owner, passionate about your products or services, but struggling to reach your target audience in a crowded digital market. But don’t worry that’s where WhatsApp comes in with over 2 billion active users worldwide, it’s more than just a messaging application, it’s a lifeline for businesses like yours, offering a direct line of communication to potential customers. 

This presents a massive opportunity for you to engage directly with your customers, build relationships, and ultimately boost sales. Whether you are a small business owner or part of a large business, learning the art of selling on WhatsApp can significantly enhance your bottom line. 

That is why in this blog, I’ve included effective & easy ways to sell on WhatsApp, to help you achieve the full potential of WhatsApp as a sales tool.

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Easy steps to sell on WhatsApp

If you're looking to expand your WhatsApp marketing, WhatsApp offers more than just a platform for personal chats. Understand how you can leverage its power to boost sales effortlessly using simple steps to start selling on WhatsApp.

1. Download the WhatsApp Business app 

First, install the WhatsApp Business application.

To get started, first, you’ll need to download the WhatsApp Business App. This application is made just for businesses like yours. It comes packed with tools such as product catalogs and automatic greetings, making selling easy.

2. Craft a compelling business profile

Dr. Sheth’s WhatsApp Business profile.

Next, it’s time to create an attractive business profile. Think of it as your shop window on WhatsApp. Include your business name and a short description, of how customers can reach you, and if you have one, add a link to your website, and if you don’t have an idea to create a description you can check out our latest blog on WhatsApp Business description ideas & examples.

Also, if you’re feeling unsure or confused about creating a WhatsApp Business account, don't worry! I've got you covered. You can simply check a step-by-step guide on how to create a WhatsApp Business account. The best part? It’s designed to simplify and easily set up a WhatsApp Business account, so you'll be able to set up your WhatsApp Business account with confidence.

Cool? Now, let’s jump to the next step.

3. Showcase your products 

Now, let’s showcase your products. Upload clear photos, write detailed descriptions, and don’t forget to include prices.

Vivid Nature’s product catalog.

For example: Add photo: [image of handmade silver necklace]

Description: “Introducing our latest creation, the Sterling Silver Sunflower Necklace! Handcrafted with love using genuine silver, this elegant piece adds a touch of charm to any outfit. Length: 18 inches. Price: 800”

Vivid Nature’s product descriptions with price.

This way, your customers can easily browse through your products, understand what each item offers, and make informed decisions about their purchases directly through WhatsApp.

For an easier way to add your product catalog, consider using Zixflow. It allows you to attach your catalog and send it directly to potential customers through WhatsApp messages. This increases your chances of making a sale and streamlines your sales process. Additionally, with WhatsApp Flow, you can gather user information or let customers schedule meetings right from the WhatsApp app.

Zixflow allows you to attach a product catalog.
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4. Automate greetings and responses

You can make your sales even smoother by automating greetings and responses. Set up automated replies like a friendly welcome message for your new customers, and quick replies to common questions, and set-away messages. These features save you time and ensure your customers get the help they need quickly.

Zixflow provides pre-built WhatsApp templates for your ease.

For instance, you can utilize platforms like Zixflow to automate greetings and responses. They offer a WhatsApp campaign builder under which they provide pre-built templates tailored to your various needs. In the image above, I selected the “welcome_message” template effortlessly by signing up for Zixflow’s free account.

5. Personalize your sales approach 

Remember, it's a conversation, not a sales pitch.  Use the customer's name and address their specific needs.

For example, instead of saying, “Hello, we have a special offer for you,” try “Hi [your customer’s name], how are you today? I noticed you were interested in [product/service]. Is there anything specific you’d like to know?”

6. Organize your sales conversation

WhatsApp Business labels help you sort your sales talks. You can group chats based on sales stages like new questions or pending orders. This helps you know what to do first and send messages to customers based on where they are which helps you with customer engagement, and increases your sales. It makes sales easier by tagging chats and focusing on the important ones.

Here are two easy ways to add labels first from your chats list and second inside a chat on your WhatsApp Business app and I will explain for both Android and iOS/iPad. Come let’s understand: 

On Android 

WhatsApp Business label on Android.

From your chats list: Open the WhatsApp Business app, tap “3 Dots,” and pick “Label Chat.” Then, select a label you want.

Inside a chat: Tap the chat name on top, go to “Information,” and find “Labels.” Choose a label you need.

On iOS/iPad

WhatsApp Business label on iOS/iPad.

From your chats list: Open the “Chats” tab. Swipe down from the top of the screen. Tap “Labels”. Choose "Add a New Label" & type in a name you like, or pick one that's already there.

Inside a chat: Go back to the “Chats” tab. Swipe left on the chat you want to label and tap “More”. Select “Label Chat” and pick the label you want to use.

7. Be there for your customers

Respond promptly, answer questions thoroughly, and be transparent about pricing and delivery.

If a customer asks about pricing, instead of just stating the price, provide additional details like, “Our pricing starts at 200 for the basic package. Would you like more information about what’s included?”

8. Use broadcast lists and groups wisely

Use broadcast lists to make WhatsApp sales better.

With broadcast lists, you can reach many customers at once for promotions or announcements. Groups create a community where your customers can interact and engage with your brand.

So, create broadcast lists in your WhatsApp Business and if you don’t have an idea to create a broadcast list you can check out our blog on how to create a broadcast list in WhatsApp Business

Here are some ideas for you to send messages on broadcast lists. For example: you can send a message for a promotion like, “Hey [your customer name]! We’re running a flash sale this weekend. Don’t miss out on 20% off all items. Let us know if you have any questions!” 

And for group interaction, you could post, “Good morning, everyone! We’d love to hear your thoughts on our new product line. Feel free to share your feedback or ask any questions you may have.” 

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Pro tips for WhatsApp sales success

Here are some pro tips for you that you can follow to get extra WhatsApp Business sales success:

Get Verified

Boost your credibility by getting that green checkmark next to your WhatsApp Business name. It shows customers you’re legitimate and trustworthy and your customers feel more confident buying from a verified business. 

Run promotions and offers

Attract your customers with exclusive discounts and deals available only on the WhatsApp Business platform. It’s a great way to encourage purchases and build loyalty. 

For example, you can send a message like, “Hey there! As a special thank you for being part of our WhatsApp community, we’re offering 15% off all purchases this weekend. Just use the code ‘WHATSAPP15’ at checkout!”

Use WhatsApp Web

Make your workflow smoother by using WhatsApp on your computer. It's convenient and allows you to manage chats more efficiently.

For example, you can easily respond to customer inquiries while working on your computer.

Track your results

Keep an eye on your chat history and sales data to see what’s working well and where you can improve. This helps you refine your approach and optimize your sales strategy for better results.

Zixflow provides a detailed analytics feature for all your WhatsApp needs.

If you aim to enhance the sales of your WhatsApp, Zixflow offers a valuable option for this. With its detailed reports, you can gain insightful information presented in a user-friendly format. These reports provide metrics such as message sent, delivered, read, deleted & error/failed.

This helps you quickly understand how your messages are working. It gives you the power to make smart choices and enhances the sales process. By knowing these details, you can keep your messages safe and make them better, which can boost your sales.

Maximize your WhatsApp sales potential 

I hope you’ve now learned the proper steps for successful sales on WhatsApp. From easy steps to sell on WhatsApp Business to pro tips for WhatsApp sales success and providing exceptional customer service, you've gained valuable insights into maximizing your sales potential. 

Not only that! Take your WhatsApp sales up a notch with Zixflow. It’s an all-in-one tool that works perfectly with WhatsApp Business. You’ll handle chats better, save time with task automation, and learn more about your customers, all in one place with a unified inbox where you can manage all your messages in one place.

Zixflow’s unified inbox for all your WhatsApp business communication.

With Zixflow, you’ll sell smarter, work faster, and seal the deal every time. So, create your free account today to see your business success!

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