13 Best WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender Software in 2024

The list of best WhatsApp bulk message sender software to level up your business needs includes Zixflow, Brevo, WATI, SendApp, MessageBird, RapBooster, etc.

13 Best WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender Software in 2024

In today's digital world, standing out in a crowded marketplace is tough. Suppose you are a small business owner, you've probably struggled to reach your target audience at once.

That's where WhatsApp bulk message sender software comes in. With these, you can easily connect with lots of customers at once by sending personalized messages. This helps you stand out from the competition and reach your marketing goals. 

What's really amazing is how many people use WhatsApp. With over 100 billion messages sent every day, it's more than just a messaging app, it's a great place to promote your business.

With that said, I have listed the 13 best WhatsApp bulk message sender software to help you connect with customers and get real results for your business.

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List of the 13 best WhatsApp bulk message sender software

Want to make your WhatsApp marketing easier? Check out the list of the 13 best WhatsApp bulk message sender software. Whether you're a small business or a marketer, these tools can help you reach more people on WhatsApp. 

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Zixflow stands out as one of the best service providers for sending bulk WhatsApp messages. Zixflow is an all-inclusive marketing and CRM platform designed to streamline the management of marketing campaigns across different channels such as WhatsApp, SMS, and email. Utilizing Zixflow's intuitive visual campaign builder, you can swiftly generate and deploy outreach campaigns to effectively connect with your audience.

Zixflow is an excellent WhatsApp bulk messages sender software and an omnichannel platform.

A standout aspect of Zixflow is that it enables you to integrate Whatsapp via a unified API for sending messages to many people at once. This simplifies your communication efforts, as you can quickly send numerous impactful WhatsApp marketing messages in seconds. Moreover, Zixflow offers a clear API doc, facilitating the integration of the WhatsApp API with your Zixflow account. This ensures smooth management of your WhatsApp campaigns.

Zixflow provides easy to build campaign builders.

Moreover, Zixflow provides you with a centralized inbox to aid in managing your incoming messages and responding to them from one convenient location. With this inbox, you can efficiently handle your WhatsApp messages and ensure prompt replies to your audience.

Zixflow’s centralized inbox.

Also, when you're using Zixflow for your WhatsApp marketing, you can quickly set up your campaigns by making and using WhatsApp Message Templates. These templates have to follow Meta's rules and get approved by Meta. With Zixflow, it's easy to make these templates using its drag-and-drop tool. Just create your WhatsApp marketing templates and start reaching out to people on WhatsApp easily.

Zixflow’s easy to use templates.

Lastly, Zixflow goes beyond simply sending bulk WhatsApp messages, it also includes features for managing leads and closing deals. So if you want to know more about Zixflow’s features you can watch its overview video.


Zixflow has three affordable pricing plans to choose from. The free plan is totally free. The startup plan costs $19 per user each month. The business plan is $49 per user per month. All plans are billed yearly except the free plan.

Zixflow’s pricing plans.


Home page of Brevo, a great WhatsApp bulk message software.

Brevo is a software that helps businesses like yours manage customer relationships. It works online and offers features like email marketing, SMS marketing, WhatsApp messaging, live chat, chatbots, and basic telephony tools. 

One of its standout features is WhatsApp bulk messaging, which lets you send personalized messages to large groups of customers directly on WhatsApp. This helps you engage with them better and increase sales. 

Brevo also offers integrations, WhatsApp marketing automation, and tools to manage your sales pipeline, making it a comprehensive solution for handling all aspects of customer interaction, from initial contact to purchase and beyond.


Brevo has different pricing plans to fit your business. The free plan gives you unlimited contacts at ₹0, great for getting started. As your business grows, you might want to check out the starter plan, starting at ₹1575 per month, which offers basic tools. If you're a marketing manager or run an online store, the business plan, starting at ₹4075 per month, has more advanced features. If your business is big with specific needs, there is BrevoPlus, with custom pricing and tailored solutions.


WATI is a good bulk WhatsApp marketing software.

WATI is another WhatsApp bulk message sender software. With WATI, you can streamline your business communication through WhatsApp marketing, making it a powerful tool for engaging with customers. You'll be able to manage your team effortlessly using a multi-login inbox, saving time and ensuring smooth collaboration. Plus, you can automate responses with quick replies, making communication faster and more efficient. 

Personalizing your outreach is easy with broadcast campaigns, allowing you to reach your customers by sending bulk messages at once. Keep track of your campaign performance to see what's working and what needs improvement. WATI also integrates seamlessly with existing tools like Zoho and Shopify, making it even more convenient for you to manage your business. If you’re already a Wati user and are looking for an alternative, then you should check out our compiled list of top Wati alternatives. One of them is AiSensy. For exploring the key differences between these two in detail, check out our blog on Wati vs AiSensy platform.


WATI has three pricing plans that fit your business needs: The growth plan is ₹2,499 per month and helps boost sales through WhatsApp campaigns, with 5 users included. The pro plan costs ₹5,999 per month and focuses on continuous engagement and personalized experiences, also with 5 users included. Lastly, the business plan is ₹16,999 per month and is for managing multiple WhatsApp campaigns and high sales volumes, with 5 users included.

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Home page of SendApp, a great bulk WhatsApp software.

SendApp allows you to supercharge your marketing efforts by launching personalized campaigns directly from your existing messaging app. With WhatsApp bulk message sending as one of its core features, SendApp enables you to create personalized messages containing text, images, videos, and links, and send them to your entire contact list or specific groups. 

This automation capability streamlines marketing campaigns, boosts your business awareness, drives sales, levels up sales engagement, and nurtures customer relationships through WhatsApp. No technical expertise is required you can simply design your WhatsApp advertising message, and select your recipients. SendApp even automates follow-up interactions, making your messaging app a powerful marketing machine.


SendApp provides various pricing plans to meet your marketing needs. Starting with SendApp desktop enables you to manage your marketing campaigns directly from your computer. If you prefer a cloud-based solution, SendApp cloud offers flexibility and scalability. For seamless integration with your existing systems, SendApp's official API is a perfect choice. Additionally, SendApp SMS provides a dedicated solution for sending text messages to your customers.


MessageBird is a WhatsApp business bulk message sender software.

MessageBird is one of the top whatsapp business alternatives that you can use to personalize and send bulk messages on WhatsApp to your targeted audiences seamlessly. Whether you're running effective marketing campaigns, triggering automated notifications, or providing exceptional customer support, MessageBird's bulk message feature empowers you to do it all effortlessly.

You can utilize pre-approved message templates to ensure consistency and compliance. Plus, with WhatsApp's familiar interface, your recipients will feel comfortable engaging with your messages. For businesses looking for alternatives to Interakt tool, this might be one of the best choice to go for. So, take advantage of MessageBird's bulk message feature to reach your audience effectively and build stronger connections.


MessageBird has different plans to suit different needs. You can pick the one that works best for you. Just get in touch with their sales team to find out about pricing.


Home page of RapBooster a powerful WhatsApp bulk message software.

RapBooster offers you a comprehensive range of digital marketing tools and services, including a powerful WhatsApp bulk message sender. This cloud-based software empowers you to send personalized messages, images, videos, and PDFs to large audiences while managing multiple accounts and chatbots. 

You can import contacts, filter lists, schedule campaigns, and even grab contacts from groups for efficient outreach. RapBooster goes beyond messaging, helping you find the right software and service partners, promoting your digital presence, optimizing your marketing strategies for growth, and improving customer engagement, and increasing your sales. If you’re an Infobip user looking for an effective alternative, then RapBooster can be a good alternative to Infobip.


RapBooster provides different pricing options as per your needs so you can contact their sales team to get the pricing plans because on their website they only mention names of the plans with features.


WhatSender is a good bulk WhatsApp message sender software.

WhatSender makes sending bulk WhatsApp messages easy for you, whether it's for personal or business use. Simply connect to WhatsApp Web and with just one click, send thousands of personalized messages to promote your brand, engage customers, or expand your reach.

You can schedule messages, automate responses, automate sales engagement, create groups without adding contacts, and even send attachments, all through a user-friendly interface. With this functionality, WhatSender has become an effective Whatsapp Marketing and automation tool for businesses. Whether you're a solo entrepreneur or managing a large team, WhatSender streamlines your WhatsApp communication, helping you connect and grow efficiently.


WhatSender offers 5 pricing plans to fit your needs. The free plan lets you send a limited number of messages daily and restricts you to one account. For unlimited messaging, you can select the classic plan at ₹249 per month or the annual plan at ₹1,650 per year. 

If you're running a business, there's the business plan, priced at ₹125 per license per month, with a minimum purchase of 5 licenses. Alternatively, you can choose the business annual plan at ₹830 per license per year, also with a minimum purchase of 5 licenses.

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Home page of DoubleTick, an excellent bulk message software.

DoubleTick helps you use WhatsApp for sales and customer engagement. Its main feature, the WhatsApp Business API, lets you send bulk messages for product updates, order notifications, and targeted communication. DoubleTick also offers tools like chatbots and lead nurturing sequences, which automatically engage with customers to keep them connected 24/7. 

You can even send personalized birthday wishes and connect with external platforms like Google Sheets easily. With DoubleTick, you can simplify communication, personalize interactions with customers, and increase sales using WhatsApp. DoubleTick, with its robust WhatsApp marketing features, is also a good 360dialog alternative.


DoubleTick offers three pricing plans to choose from. The starter plan costs ₹2000 per month if billed yearly, while the pro plan is priced at ₹3000 per month under the same billing cycle. For larger businesses with specific needs, there's the enterprise plan, which offers custom pricing.


Home page of WappBlaster, a bulk WhatsApp sender software.

WappBlaster goes beyond just being a bulk WhatsApp sender, it's a comprehensive marketing hub designed to help you connect with your audience in a personalized way. You can create engaging content using built-in image editing and spintax support, then schedule broadcasts or let autoresponders take care of the work for you. 

With WappBlaster, you can target specific user segments, track the performance of your campaigns, simplify your sales process and manage leads all within one platform, making your workflow smoother. Whether you're a small business owner or a seasoned marketing professional, WappBlaster provides the tools you need to reach your target audience on their preferred platform.


WappBlaster offers you two plans for your needs. First, it is best for every company at 2500/year to send bulk WhatsApp messages and the capability to add up to 5 social accounts per platform, enhancing your outreach. Alternatively, you can select their budget-friendly reseller plan at 1200/year, providing you with the features to launch on your own white-label domain seamlessly.


Home page of Bulk-WhatsAppSender.

Bulk-WhatsAppSender offers you a convenient way to send personalized messages to a large group of people without needing to add them to your contacts. This means you can reach out to numerous recipients efficiently. You can upload a list of phone numbers, tailor greetings to each individual, attach various types of media, and schedule deliveries at random intervals to avoid detection. 

However, Bulk-WhatsAppSender also provides additional features like multi-account sending, extraction of group members, and comprehensive campaign reports, all aimed at simplifying and enhancing your bulk WhatsApp communication strategy and improving the sales process.


Bulk WhatsAppSender offers four pricing plans to suit your needs. The individual plan costs $39 with a validity of 1 year, while the individual pro plan is priced at $59 and comes with a validity of 2 years. For larger-scale operations, the enterprise plan is available for $99 with a 2-year validity, while the enterprise pro reseller plan, catering to resellers, is priced at $599 for a 1-year validity.


Home page of Chatarmin, a good WhatsApp bulk messaging software.

Chatarmin simplifies your business communication with its WhatsApp marketing and team collaboration tools. It empowers you to connect with your customers effectively by sending lots of messages, creating chatbots, and providing quick support. 

For your team, Chatarmin offers instant messaging, sharing files, and video calls, making it easier to work together no matter where you are. Additionally, it works well with platforms like Shopify, Shopware, and Klaviyo, making e-commerce tasks simpler.


Chatarmin has three pricing plans to fit different business needs. The starter plan costs 82€ per month and is great for starting messaging campaigns. The smarter plan, at 165€ per month, is for businesses wanting to blend their tech with messaging for better campaigns. The corporate plan is tailored for specific needs and costs 175€ per developer hour.


Sendwo is a great bulk WhatsApp marketing software.

Sendwo is here to help you attain the power of WhatsApp marketing for your business. As a cloud-based software, it's designed to cater to businesses of all sizes, making it easy for you to connect with your customers through this popular messaging platform. With Sendwo, you can effortlessly send bulk WhatsApp messages, reaching a large audience efficiently. 

But that's not all, Sendwo offers a range of features to enhance your customer engagement, including autoresponders for prompt customer service, chatbots for automated query resolution, contact management for organized engagement, and group member export for targeted campaigns. 

You'll also benefit from features like media integration, custom buttons, image editing, and cloud storage for rich content. With its user-friendly interface and cost-effective plans, Sendwo is committed to helping you drive sales and enhance customer engagement through WhatsApp marketing.


Sendwo offers three pricing plans to suit different business needs. The startup plan costs $30 per year and gives you 12,000 messages annually. The professional plan costs $50 per year and gives you 360,000 messages yearly. The enterprise plan costs $80 for a lifetime and lets you send unlimited messages.

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DelightChat is a bulk WhatsApp software.

DelightChat is designed with you in mind, especially if you run an e-commerce business, particularly on Shopify. It serves as an omnichannel customer service and marketing platform, consolidating all your customer interactions in one convenient place. From managing emails and live chat to handling inquiries on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp of your e-commerce store or any business, DelightChat simplifies the process for you.

But it's not just about support, DelightChat offers unique features like WhatsApp bulk messaging, enabling you to send promotional WhatsApp marketing campaigns complete with images, videos, and documents. It even automates tasks like abandoned cart recovery, order confirmations, and tracking updates.


DelightChat offers three budget-friendly pricing plans tailored to suit various business needs. The startup plan is priced at $49 per user per month, billed annually, plus WhatsApp charges. The scale plan, priced at $99 per user per month, billed annually, also includes WhatsApp charges. For larger businesses with more extensive requirements, the growth plan is available at $299 per user per month, billed annually, again with WhatsApp charges included.

Pick the perfect WhatsApp bulk message sender software to elevate your business to the next level

As you've looked through the best WhatsApp bulk message sender software options, you've seen they each have different features to help you out. Whether you want to schedule messages, make them personal, or track who's reading them, these tools can be a big help.

Sending bulk messages on WhatsApp is easy for staying in touch and getting your message out there. So, it's important to pick the right tool.

One such software that you should consider is Zixflow. Zixflow simplifies your WhatsApp messaging experience by offering templates, a centralized inbox, detailed analytics, a form builder, lead management, an AI wizard, and many more. It's your all-in-one solution for efficient communication and engagement.

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