AiSensy vs Wati: Which WhatsApp Platform Is Better for You in 2024?

In this AiSensy vs. Wati comparison, find out which platform is best for you based on features like WhatsApp template builder, integration, etc.

AiSensy vs Wati: Which WhatsApp Platform Is Better for You in 2024?

When you're using WhatsApp and getting lots of messages, notifications, and reminders, it can feel like too much. Do you know that feeling? It happens to everyone, trying to keep track of everything online.

But don't stress, AiSensy and Wati are here to help! These platforms promise to simplify your digital lives by managing your messages and notifications.

And if you are thinking you have only these two options then you are wrong, there are many other good alternatives to Wati and Aisensy available if these two don’t meet your requirements. 

So, worry not about this! 

One such platform to consider is Zixflow. It offers advanced features and focuses on keeping your digital communication safe. So, as I compare AiSensy and Wati, I will also compare Zixflow which manages your WhatsApp communication.

Let's compare to see which one suits you best!🙌🏻

An overview comparison table with an in-depth comparison of AiSensy vs Wati 

When it comes to managing your business on WhatsApp, you have options like AiSensy and Wati. If you're looking for simplicity, Wati's user-friendly interface and affordability might be just what you need. But if you require more advanced features, AiSensy could be the solution for you.

But if you want everything in one place without spending any money, Zixflow is the way to go. It has everything you need, and you can start using it for free. Isn't that amazing?🥳

Look at the table below to compare quickly before you learn more.👇🏻

Now, let's explore a detailed comparison between AiSensy and Wati. Since you're looking for feature-rich options for your WhatsApp marketing, I'll also include Zixflow in the comparison alongside AiSensy and Wati. 

This way, you'll have all the information you need to choose the best option for your needs. 

Keep scrolling down to learn more.🤩


The first thing to consider when evaluating a platform is its user interface.  It determines how easy or difficult it is for you to navigate, find what you need, and perform tasks effectively. A well-designed UI ensures that you can use the platform smoothly and efficiently, ultimately enhancing your overall productivity.  

Now, let's take a closer look at what AiSensy, Wati, and Zixflow have to offer. This will help you figure out which platform suits you best.


AiSensy’s easy-to-use interface. (Source)

When you explore AiSensy's user interface, you'll find several advantages. It's user-friendly, meaning it's easy to use, and you can access it from different devices, making it convenient. The chats are organized into categories, which helps you keep track of everything smoothly. 

However, there are some downsides to consider. For example, there aren't many options for customizing it to your preferences for WhatsApp automation. This might not be a problem for everyone, but if you're used to having more control over how things look, it could be a drawback. Also, if you're not familiar with marketing software, you might find AiSensy a bit complicated at first. 


Wati’s friendly interface. (Source)

In Wati's user interface, the focus is on simplifying WhatsApp communication for businesses like yours. Its main feature, the Team Inbox, lets multiple agents work on chats together, streamlining your workflow. You'll access it through the web, so you can use it on any device. 

The layout is neat and organized, with tabs for the dashboard, broadcasts, contacts, and the essential team inbox. Also, whether you're sending targeted broadcasts, handling customer inquiries, or analyzing your WhatsApp interactions, Wati's UI offers a user-friendly solution tailored to your needs.


Zixflow offers no coding, and easy to use user interface.

In Zixflow, you'll find a sleek and user-friendly interface tailored to meet all your communication and outreach requirements in one place. It's designed to be your all-in-one workspace, offering a high level of customization. 

You can easily build campaigns with drag-and-drop options, visualize data using tables and Kanban boards, and manage replies from different channels like email, SMS, and WhatsApp all in one unified inbox. This simplifies tracking interactions, managing contacts, and automating workflows, thanks to the clear and intuitive interface.

WhatsApp template builder 

Looking for a way to streamline your WhatsApp messages? 

That's where the WhatsApp template builder comes in. This lets you create standardized message templates for various purposes, saving you time and ensuring consistency. Plus, you can personalize messages with dynamic fields. 

Now, let's see what the WhatsApp template builders of AiSensy, Wati, and Zixflow have in store for you.


AiSensy’s template messages. (Source)

With AiSensy, you can effortlessly create engaging and personalized WhatsApp Business Templates. Its WhatsApp template builder is designed to make crafting messages easy for you. Using its drag-and-drop interface, you can add text, media, and buttons to your messages. Plus, there are pre-approved templates available across various industries to give you a quick start. 

Personalizing messages is easy with dynamic variables, and you can track clicks and engagement to measure your impact. AiSensy also allows you to schedule broadcasts for maximum reach. Whether you're sending order updates, appointment reminders, or marketing campaigns, AiSensy allows you to leverage WhatsApp's reach and interactivity to connect meaningfully with your audience


Wati provides WhatsApp template builders. (Source)

With Wati, you can easily create attractive advertising WhatsApp messages for your business using the WhatsApp template builder. It simplifies the process by offering a structured format, whether you're sending order confirmations, appointment reminders, promotions, or event invites. You have the option to choose from pre-built templates or design your own using text, images, and videos. 

Make your messages more personalized by customizing them with dynamic variables like names or dates, and use quick reply buttons to facilitate easy customer interaction. By using Wati's user-friendly template builder, you'll save time and ensure consistency across your WhatsApp communication.


Zixflow’s ready-to-use templates.

If you're on the search for a solution to streamline your WhatsApp messaging, look no further than Zixflow's WhatsApp message templates. 

With Zixflow, you can effortlessly create compelling Whatsapp marketing messages without any coding required. Say goodbye to tough tasks with pre-built templates that you can easily customize to suit your needs. 

Personalize greetings and offers with just a drag-and-drop, ensuring each message is tailored to your audience. Plus, collaborate seamlessly with your team, launch campaigns faster, send bulk messages,  improve sales engagement, and connect with customers worldwide, all thanks to Zixflow's powerful and user-friendly WhatsApp template builder. Zixflow is your ultimate tool for crafting engaging and effective messages with minimal effort!

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WhatsApp account integration

WhatsApp account integration lets you seamlessly connect your WhatsApp Business account with other tools and platforms, making it easier to manage contacts, automate messages, and analyze data. 

Let’s explore what AiSensy, Wati, and Zixflow provide.


With AiSensy, you can seamlessly connect it to your WhatsApp Business API account, enabling you to efficiently reach and engage with your customers. This CRM integration with whatsapp makes it a central hub for managing all your WhatsApp interactions effortlessly. 

Whether you want to automate messages, create chatbots, broadcast promotions, manage sales through catalogs, or facilitate multi-agent live chat for personalized support, AiSensy has you covered. Think of it as your command center for WhatsApp communication, helping you boost revenue, and automate sales processes and engagement through a channel that your customers already prefer and trust.


If you're looking to integrate your business phone number or virtual whatsapp number with the WhatsApp Business API, Wati has got you covered. Signing up on Wati and connecting your existing API account is a breeze. Once you're onboarded, you can easily craft pre-approved message templates right within their platform and take advantage of their automation tools for Whatsapp messaging.

Wati will also walk you through the setup process, ensuring compliance every step of the way. Additionally, they offer integrations with various platforms like Razorpay and Google Calendar to provide you with a comprehensive and seamless customer experience.


Zixflow provides a test account to help you understand better before integration.

When exploring Zixflow, you'll discover it's not just another ordinary WhatsApp integration, it's your gateway to connecting with customers worldwide. 

Zixflow stands out by offering a unique advantage, a demo testing account that allows you to explore its features without any risk. This demo includes a test number, allowing you to experiment with Zixflow's capabilities at your own pace. Once you feel confident, seamlessly add your number to unlock Zixflow's full potential for your business communication needs. 

Moreover, Zixflow smoothly integrates with your current WhatsApp number through the WhatsApp Business API, enabling you to manage conversations from various channels directly within your CRM and  boost sales engagement strategies. With features like targeted messaging, automatic responses, and comprehensive customer interaction tracking, Zixflow provides a unified solution in a familiar environment. 

Additionally, with Zixflow, you can effortlessly connect with Leadbot, LinkedIn, Zapier, Pabbly Connect, Outlook, Gmail, and other platforms. This integration helps you enhance productivity, gain valuable insights, and provide a smooth customer experience.

Contact management

Contact management helps you store, organize, and manage contact info effectively. It enables segmentation, personalization, and tracking. Now, let's see what AiSensy, Wati, and Zixflow offer in this area.


AiSensy manages your contact simply. (Source)

With AiSensy, managing your WhatsApp contacts is very simple. You can easily import your contact list all at once, tag them, and organize them with attributes, or seamlessly integrate them with your existing CRM system. This means you can segment your contacts for more targeted broadcasts, keep track of your chat history, and assign chats to different customers for smoother communication and help to manage your sales pipeline

Plus, AiSensy offers multi-agent live chat support and integrates with chatbots, making it a one-stop platform for all your WhatsApp customer interactions. So, whether you're handling inquiries, providing support, or running campaigns, AiSensy has got you covered with its versatile contact management features.


Wati's contact management is like having a mini CRM for your WhatsApp contacts, tailored just for you. You can easily add contacts one by one or import them in bulk, then tag them with custom fields like city or interests to keep things organized. Plus, you can filter your list to send targeted messages to specific groups. 

What's really cool is that each contact keeps a chat history, so you can personalize your messages and keep track of your interactions. It's a straightforward yet super effective way to stay organized and connect with your WhatsApp audience in a meaningful way.


Zixflow manages your customer data in clear tabular form.

With Zixflow CRM, you can streamline your customer information management effortlessly. Its standout feature is the robust contact management functionality, which lets you keep all your customer data neatly organized in one central hub. You'll be able to craft detailed profiles for each contact. 

This way, you have a complete overview of your customers at your fingertips, making it easy to track their interactions and provide personalized service. It's like having a virtual assistant that helps you stay on top of your customer relationships with ease.

Automated Campaigns 

Automated campaigns streamline marketing efforts by triggering predefined messages or actions based on specific criteria. So, I will tell you how AiSensy, Wati, and Zixflow use automated campaigns to make your marketing easier.


With AiSensy, you can take charge of your business's WhatsApp marketing campaigns and automate them to suit your needs. You have the power to create personalized chatbots or send pre-approved template messages that are triggered by specific events, such as product abandonment or birthdays. 

Plus, you can segment your audience based on their interactions, whether they've received, read, or replied to your messages, and retain them with customized retargeting whatsapp campaign broadcasts. By scheduling campaigns months in advance, you ensure timely communication without having to sacrifice your personal time. This automation not only saves resources but also streamlines communication, ultimately boosting lead generation and conversions for your business. 


Wati allows you to streamline your marketing and customer engagement by running automated WhatsApp campaigns. You'll have the ability to create and schedule personalized broadcast messages for Whatsapp, interact with targeted groups, and deploy no-code chatbots for automated responses. 

This means you can efficiently communicate with large audiences, enhance customer service, and ultimately increase sales conversions, all on the familiar and highly engaging platform of WhatsApp.


Zixflow is an omnichannel platform that helps you automate your WhatsApp marketing.

Zixflow is best at WhatsApp marketing automation, and you have the power to automate your multi-channel outreach campaigns across email, WhatsApp, and SMS, all from one convenient platform. This allows you to design, schedule, and send personalized messages to your audience at scale, utilizing features like templates, and AI-powered content creation. 

Plus, you can set triggers for automated responses based on recipient actions, making it easier to nurture leads and engage customers effectively. By using Zixflow's automation capabilities, you'll save time and effort while maximizing your outreach efforts and achieving better results.

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Report and analytics 

Reports, and analytics track how your WhatsApp messages perform. They show delivery rates, engagement, and trends, helping you improve your messaging strategy. 

So I will tell you how AiSensy, Wati, and Zixflow offer reporting and whatsapp business analytics features to help you improve your WhatsApp communication.


AiSensy provides real-time campaign tracking reports.(Source )

With AiSensy, you can access comprehensive reporting and analytics for your WhatsApp Business API usage. You can track the performance of individual campaigns, including delivery rates, read receipts, and click-throughs for carousel templates. Analyze overall trends using metrics such as message types sent, user engagement, and agent activity. 

AiSensy also offers insights into unsubscriptions and enables you to filter data for deeper analysis. By leveraging these features, you gain valuable insights to optimize your communication strategy, enhance customer engagement, and measure the success of your WhatsApp marketing endeavors.


Wati’s total conversation graph.

Wati's report dashboard gives you a bird's-eye view of how your WhatsApp Business Platform is performing. It shows you important stats like how many messages you're sending, what types of conversations you're having, how quickly you're responding, and how efficient your operators are. 

You can see how things are changing over time, spot where you can do better, and dig into specific problems or check on individual operators. Whether you're focused on overall customer engagement or figuring out which agents are rocking it, Wati's dashboard helps you use data to make smart choices and make your WhatsApp communication strategy even better.


Zixflow provides detailed campaign analytics.

With Zixflow, you can supercharge the security of your WhatsApp, email, and SMS communications. Their reporting dashboard is like a powerful magnifying glass, helping you delve into detailed analytics with easy-to-understand graphs and charts to simplify your sales process. You'll be able to analyze crucial aspects such as delivery rates, engagement metrics, and trends between senders and recipients. 

By pinpointing strengths and weaknesses in your communication strategy, Zixflow supports you in making informed decisions. But it doesn't stop at just visuals, Zixflow also offers concise summaries for quick insights. With this tool, you'll be able to guide your team towards data-driven decisions, optimize security measures, and ultimately, boost the effectiveness of your communication across all channels.


Lastly, pricing is important because it affects how much money you spend. It helps you choose a service that fits your budget, avoids surprise costs, and makes sure you get good value for your money. 

Now, let's take a look at the pricing options offered by Aisensy, Wati, and Zixflow to see which one best fits your budget and needs.


AiSensy provides 3 pricing plans outlined as follows:

  • Basic - ₹899/month 
  • Pro - ₹2159/month 
  • Enterprise - Custom pricing as per your requirement


Wati also provides 3 simple plans that are:

  • Growth - ₹2,499 /5 users/month, billed annually.
  • Pro - ₹5,999 /5 users/month, billed annually.
  • Business - ₹16,999 /5 users/month, billed annually.


Zixflow offers a freemium model, allowing immediate use without monthly charges. It provides a pay-as-you-go campaign wallet for WhatsApp campaigns and free advanced segmentation with the Free Forever Plan. 

Upgrading to paid plans includes Starter at $19/user/month and Growth at $49/user/month for unlimited contacts.

Take your business to the next level by opting for a feature-rich WhatsApp platform  

It's clear that AiSensy, Wati, and Zixflow bring valuable tools to the table for managing WhatsApp communications. 

AiSensy shines with its detailed analytics, providing insights to improve marketing efforts effectively. Conversely, Wati stands out for its user-friendly contact management system, simplifying organization and engagement with WhatsApp contacts. 

However, It's important to think about your business needs before making a decision. And don't forget about Zixflow, it's another great Whatsapp service provider worth considering. Zixflow offers lots of features like segmentation and CRM capabilities, making it a versatile solution for businesses of any size.

So what are you waiting for? Create Zixflow’s free account and start taking your business to the next level.

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