Interakt vs AiSensy: Which WhatsApp Platform Is Better for You in 2024?

Interakt and AiSensy are great options for WhatsApp marketing. But if you want one, in this Interakt vs. AiSensy blog, you can evaluate which one is better for you.

Interakt vs AiSensy: Which WhatsApp Platform Is Better for You in 2024?

Imagine yourself as a business owner, who wants to connect with the customers over multiple marketing channels. You are thinking about expanding the channels in your B2B sales strategy and one such channel is WhatsApp.

Now a question arises, out of Interakt and AiSensy, which one is the better option for incorporating WhatsApp into your marketing infrastructure? 

Having said that, there is one more software that I wanted to talk about when comparing Interakt and AiSensy. And that is Zixflow. 

So, let’s take a look at which of these three platforms offers an all-around marketing functionality and is best suited for your business’s needs.

Interakt vs. AiSency: A quick glance

Before I dive into the details of individual platforms, here is a brief comparison of Interakt, AiSensy, and Zixflow. 

Using this table, you can immediately identify the feature set offered by each solution to give you an idea of what you can accomplish with them in order to meet your business goals. 

After looking at the table, you might have noticed that all three platforms offer robust WhatsApp marketing capabilities, allowing you to easily implement WhatsApp marketing

However, if you want to run outreach campaigns across various channels such as email and SMS, only Zixflow provides the multi-channel campaigns facility. It lets you interact with your contacts and promote your brand via SMS and emails, enabling you to manage your entire marketing activities from a single location.

So, now that you are aware of the features, it’s time to look into some of the crucial aspects of a platform that you need to consider when thinking about choosing one for your WhatsApp marketing. 

User interface

The first thing you notice when you sign up for a new platform is its user interface. Having a clean and minimalistic UI allows you to quickly get used to the platform. If software has too much going on at the same time, you can easily get overwhelmed and miss out on utilizing its full potential. 

Luckily, that is not the case with either one of the platforms I have mentioned here. Let’s see how.


Interakt has an easy-to-use, intuitive UI that lets you easily navigate through the platform. The left-hand side panel enables you to move around different modules and quickly get to your desired destination. 

Also, once you enter a new module, you can easily understand what the various options mean. Plus, the large font size allows you to effortlessly read the text on your screen without any difficulty. 

Not just that. The platform offers step-by-step instructions on how to complete a certain task or set up a function. For example, you can set up WhatsApp automation by following the instructions displayed on the screen. Although having the text tell you what to do is a great thing, you might get overwhelmed by seeing the amount of actions you have to do. 

User interface of Interakt.


Similar to Interakt, AiSensy features a left-hand side menu to access all the features available on the platform. It offers a straightforward UI that is user-friendly and includes links to useful content that can help you better understand the platform. 

Although this additional tutorial content is helpful for new users, it could get a bit repetitive once you get used to the solution. All in all, AiSensy is a simple solution that has a low learning curve so your team can make the most of it.

User interface of AiSensy.


Zixflow is a modern platform that comes with a simplistic user interface that lets you monitor all the aspects of your business’s outreach, be it WhatsApp, SMS, or email. 

With its clean and dynamic UI, Zixflow allows you to streamline operations with ease without needing to spend time learning about how various options work and what is the meaning of a particular setting. In addition to that, Zixflow offers comprehensive help center documentation, enabling you to know your way around the platform.

User interface of Zixflow.
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WhatsApp marketing capabilities

Second and the most important factor you must consider when choosing a WhatsApp Business service provider is the WhatsApp capability. The platform should offer robust marketing functionality to enable you to connect with customers over WhatsApp effectively. 


Interakt, being an official Meta Business Partner, allows you to effectively integrate WhatsApp API with your account to start sending WhatsApp messages at scale. 

With Interakt, you can send various types of WhatsApp messages to your customers. For instance, if you are an e-commerce store running a festive sale, you can use the prebuilt WhatsApp Business Templates to instantly get your campaign running.

Various WhatsApp messaging templates in Interakt. Source


AiSensy allows you to run personalized WhatsApp campaigns at scale with the help of WhatsApp API. It lets you handle numerous scenarios ranging from running exclusive discounts to retargeting campaigns with pre-made messaging templates. 

In addition to that, you can create new messaging templates according to your needs. Craft tailored WhatsApp messaging templates and submit them for approval to Meta. Once that is done, you can start using them in your marketing.

Different types of WhatsApp messaging templates in AiSensy. Source


Zixflow is a next-gen platform that enables you to execute personalized WhatsApp campaigns. It offers a no-code campaign builder that you can use to run campaigns without needing any coding knowledge. 

Furthermore, by integrating the WhatsApp API with your Zixflow account, you can send messages in bulk. Simply add your audience to the builder, select the message template, and start sending tailored WhatsApp messages to boost your sales engagement.

No-code campaign builder of Zixflow to build and run WhatsApp marketing campaigns.

Here is a video to guide you through how to start running tailored WhatsApp marketing campaigns using Zixflow.

Shared inbox & chat 

Having a powerful WhatsApp marketing solution to send millions of messages each month is not enough. You also need a solution that lets you manage your customers' responses and reply back to them in a timely manner. 

Having said that, let’s explore the inbox and chat functionality of these platforms.


Interakt comes with a shared inbox that you and all your team members can access to view incoming messages from your contacts. Using this inbox, you can respond to your contacts’ queries and assign them to your reps. 

The messages in Interakt appear just like WhatsApp chats. This way, you can quickly get used to the inbox as it looks and feels like any other WhatsApp chat. Plus, you can attach product catalogs, templates, emojis, and lists to your responses, ensuring you provide relevant information to your customers. 

Unified inbox of Interakt. Source


Unlike Interakt which offers an inbox-like feel for your incoming messages, AiSensy comes with the Chat feature, where you can view the messages sent by your customers in the form of WhatsApp chats, just like you would on the WhatsApp app.

You can then open these chats and engage with customers similar to how you would do when messaging someone over the WhatsApp mobile app. Plus, you can send other content types such as images, videos, and lists along with the text to better engage your customers with the relevant content.

Chat history in AiSensy. Source


Zixflow also provides a centralized inbox for managing all your conversations from a single place. In addition to handling your WhatsApp communications, you can reply to your SMS and emails from this inbox as well. 

Not just that. You can control internal operations like giving access to a particular team member who needs certain data. Additionally, you can receive read receipts for the messages you sent within the inbox itself. This way, you don't have to wonder whether the recipient has read your message or not, allowing you to plan your future communication effectively.

The centralized inbox of Zixflow to manage your incoming messages with ease.

WhatsApp API docs

Setting up and linking WhatsApp API with your marketing platform requires a decent amount of technical knowledge. If you are not familiar with coding then you will need help from the customer support team. 

However, with well-written, in-depth API documentation, you can do this process by yourself and save time by not waiting for the customer support rep to contact you for the same. 

That’s why, let’s look at the API docs of these platforms and how comprehensive they are in helping you set up your WhatsApp API.


Interakt offers a knowledge base that contains API and integration docs that help you understand how to connect respective apps with your Interakt account. Using these docs, you can apply for the WhatsApp Business API and integrate it with your account to start sending messages at scale. 

In addition to that, Interakt provides documentation for its various third-party integrations like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Zoho so you can link these apps with your account and manage them from a singular platform. 

WhatsApp API docs of Interakt.


AiSensy also provides a knowledge base consisting of API docs that guide you on how to set up and integrate WhatsApp API with your account. On top of providing information on API, it offers extra details on other aspects of WhatsApp marketing and how to make the most of the WhatsApp Business Platform.

For example, you can find details about introductory topics like what is WhatsApp Cloud API, WhatsApp session and template messages, the difference between WhatsApp Business App and WhatsApp Business API, and how you can verify your WhatsApp account to get a green tick.

WhatsApp API docs of AiSensy.


Zixflow, being a provider offering a unified API for running multi-channel outreach campaigns, has in-depth and easy-to-understand API docs. Using this documentation, you can set up your API and webhooks with a minimal amount of coding knowledge. 

These docs are dynamic and eye-catching, ensuring they can be easily comprehended. They contain all the necessary information, along with the code samples that you will need to fine-tune the API as per your needs. You can easily copy-paste these codes with a click and edit them the way you want.

Unified API docs of Zixflow.
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WhatsApp campaign analytics 

Simply investing in WhatsApp and hoping to achieve the best outcome is not a great practice. Leaving your WhatsApp marketing efforts on guesswork will not only lower your ROI but also steer you away from accomplishing your objectives. 

This is why having a powerful analytics dashboard to monitor every aspect of your WhatsApp outreach is a must. So, let’s check out the analytics and reporting capabilities of these three solutions.


Interakt provides three separate analytics dashboards to monitor your conversations, reps’ performance, and your Click-to WhatsApp ads. 

In the conversation dashboard, you can monitor your total conversations and how many of them are resolved by your customer-facing team. Additionally, you can monitor crucial customer satisfaction metrics like, wait time and resolution time. 

In the agent performance dashboard, you can track response and resolution data for each rep. This way, you can ensure the same standard is maintained across the board and help any agent who might be falling behind.

Conversational analytics dashboard of Interakt.


AiSensy comes with a real-time campaign analytics dashboard where you can track how well your WhatsApp marketing efforts are going. Using this analytics panel, you can analyze numerous metrics such as campaign type, status, message type, and total recipients. 

On top of that, you can also keep track of deliverability and engagement KPIs like messages sent, deliverability rates, total messages read, and undelivered messages. This allows you to discover the issues that are lowering your ROI and tweak your campaign as needed.

Campaign analytics dashboard in AiSensy. Source


When it comes to analytics, Zixflow allows you to monitor everything that you do with the platform with its robust reporting dashboards. To start off, you can monitor your campaigns’ success rate to give you an idea of what you are doing right and what needs to be further optimized.

WhatsApp marketing campaigns reports in Zixflow.

Moreover, you can track how well your workflows and sales cadences are working with stepwise analytics. These analytics help you see how many messages were sent automatically by the system and how many were opened, clicked, and replied to by your contacts.

Stepwise analytics of sales cadences in Zixflow.


Finally, the most important factor, cost. No matter how robust a platform is or how many features it offers, if it’s not feasible, then that’s the end of the story. Having said that, let’s see what Interakt, AiSensy, and Zixflow have to offer when it comes to the prices.


Interakt has a three-tier pricing structure that begins with the Starter Plan costing ₹9,588/year. After that, comes the Growth Plan costing ₹23,988 and the Advanced Plan priced at ₹33,588/year. These prices do not include any taxes that you might have to pay. 


Similar to Interakt, AiSensy, also offers three pricing packages as follows:

  • Basic - ₹899/month 
  • Pro - ₹2159/month 
  • Enterprise - Custom pricing as per your needs


Zixflow is a freemium solution you can start using immediately without worrying about any monthly subscription charges. Also, Zixflow allows you to run WhatsApp campaigns using its pay-as-you-use campaign wallet. Plus, you can access advanced segmentation and contact tagging for free using the Free Forever Plan.

If you want to upgrade to a paid plan to access the full potential of the platform, the Starter Plan costs $19/user/month and the Growth Plan which lets you add unlimited contacts, is priced at $49/user/month (billed annually.)

Interakt vs. AiSensy vs. Zixflow: Which one is the correct choice for you?

It is evident that all of these solutions are a good choice when it comes to WhatsApp marketing. Now it is up to you to try out each of them and pick the one that best matches your needs.

Having said that, Interakt and AiSensy are suitable if you only want to run marketing campaigns over WhatsApp. But if you want to go a step ahead and want to provide a multi-channel engagement, then Zixflow is the one for you. 

Zixflow includes a native sales CRM and comes with powerful AI-driven features to not only store your data but also enrich it, enabling you to utilize it to the fullest. 

On top of that, you get robust management features like auto-assigning leads, two-way email sync, workflow automation, forms, email finder, and email validation all in one platform, allowing you to consolidate your operations and save costs.

So get started with Zixflow for free and enjoy a futuristic platform to streamline your business.

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