23 Creative Ways to Use WhatsApp for Business with Examples

WhatsApp can be used to enhance your business communication, streamlining the way you reach out to customers.

23 Creative Ways to Use WhatsApp for Business with Examples

With one of the largest audience bases, WhatsApp conversational marketing has great potential in business

What’s in your customer’s pocket? If you think the answer is money, you are mistaken. Before getting the money, you need to focus on something else your customers have in their pocket.


Yes, with close to 3 billion monthly average users, an unbeatable message open rate, and more such amazing whatsapp business statistics, WhatsApp is your best buddy when it comes to customer communications.

The simple interface and universal appeal of WhatsApp make it a powerful business tool with which you can reach out to customers and close deals effortlessly, no matter the type of your business and where your customers are based.

Read on to find out how you can leverage the enormous potential of WhatsApp to build a successful business and scale up your revenue.

WhatsApp Business app?

Setting up the WhatsApp Business App is effortless and quick.

✅ Download the WhatsApp Business app from your app store.

✅ Open the WhatsApp Business app.

✅ Accept the terms of service and privacy policy.

✅ Verify your phone number. This can be the same phone number you use for the regular WhatsApp Messenger or a new whatsapp virtual phone number for your business.

✅ Enter your business name and select a business category.

✅ Add a profile picture, such as your business logo.

✅ Provide a short business description.

✅ Add your business address (if applicable).

✅ Set up a WhatsApp catalog for your business

✅ Add your business hours to inform customers when you are available.

✅ Set an automated away message for when you're not online.

✅ Create quick replies for frequently asked questions.

✅ Use labels to categorize and manage your chats. You can create custom labels like "New Orders," "Support," etc.

✅ Organize your chats with labels to streamline your communication.

✅ Promote your business WhatsApp number on your website, social media profiles, and any other relevant platforms.

✅ Encourage customers to use this number to place orders and ask questions.

WhatsApp Cloud API?

To operate WhatsApp Cloud API smoothly, you need a tool providing WhatsApp API services like Zixflow for leveraging WhatsApp based CRM. Here's what cool stuff you can do with the WhatsApp Cloud API:

  • You can send messages to a bunch of people all at once.
  • Connect with more than 2000 CRMs and online stores to make messages about things like orders, shipping, and payments happen by themselves.
  • You can have real people chatting with customers using different devices.
  • Send messages that have text, pictures, sound, and videos.
  • You can make your messages fancier by adding lists, quick replies, and buttons.
  • You'll get a special verification badge (that green tick) to show your business is legit.

Leverage WhatsApp to improve customer satisfaction and increase business profitability

You can witness a considerable increase in the efficiency of your company once you start using WhatsApp marketing to enhance your customer communication.

The trick is to find out which features of WhatsApp work best for your business requirements. You can then devise a plan to effectively utilize those features to enhance your business efficiency.

Listed below are some of the most popular methods by which you can harness the power of WhatsApp as a communication tool to build a successful business:

Take customer orders

Using WhatsApp to take customer orders offers a range of benefits that can greatly boost your sales efficiency

Imagine the convenience for your customers – they can place orders using a messaging app they're already familiar with and use every day.

This translates to a smoother ordering experience, making them more likely to engage and be satisfied. 

Plus, WhatsApp's real-time interaction allows you to provide instant assistance, answer questions, and build stronger customer relationships.

The app's multimedia features also let you showcase your products visually, helping your customers make quicker purchase decisions.

Not to mention, adopting WhatsApp for orders could simplify your operations and potentially reduce costs by eliminating the need for complex order systems. It's a win-win for both you and your customers!

Facilitate order customization

WhatsApp helps you facilitate order customization by providing a direct and real-time communication channel between you and your customers.

Through the platform, you can engage with customers to understand their specific preferences and requirements for customized orders.

This can include discussing product specifications, colors, sizes, and any additional personalization options.

The use of text, images, and even voice messages allows you to visually and verbally communicate the available choices, enabling customers to make informed decisions.

This streamlined communication process helps you simplify your sales process, enhancing customer satisfaction and enabling you to provide tailored solutions, ultimately leading to a more personalized and positive shopping experience.

Renew subscriptions

Using WhatsApp Business to remind customers about subscription renewals ensures that they are well-informed and have ample time to renew their services or memberships.

You can personalize these reminders based on the customer's subscription type and preferences, increasing the likelihood of timely renewals.

This feature helps retain loyal customers and ensures a seamless continuation of services without interruptions.

Deliver payment updates

With WhatsApp Business, you can proactively notify customers about successful payments, pending invoices, and upcoming due dates.

Using WhatsApp for ecommerce operations like this will help your company streamline its interactions with customers.

Real-time payment communications help maintain transparency and reduce confusion regarding financial transactions.

Customers appreciate receiving timely updates, which also aids in building trust and credibility between you and your clientele.

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Run loyalty programs

WhatsApp Business enables you to engage with your most loyal customers by sending exclusive loyalty program offers, rewards, and updates.

This personalized communication fosters a sense of recognition and appreciation among customers, enhancing their brand loyalty.

The platform also facilitates tracking customer responses to loyalty offers, helping you tailor your offerings to better match customer preferences and behaviors.

Share invoices

Sending invoices through WhatsApp Business streamlines the billing process. By attaching digital invoices directly to messages, you enable customers to access and save their billing information conveniently.

This feature is particularly useful for keeping accurate records and for customers who prefer digital documentation.

The ease of access to invoices enhances customer satisfaction and minimizes the chances of disputes or misunderstandings over payment details.

Target more customers with WhatsApp ads

If you need more conversions on WhatsApp that can’t be achieved through regular messages, you can try WhatsApp advertising messages.

Utilizing WhatsApp ads to target more customers can bring several benefits to you. With over 2 billion users worldwide, WhatsApp offers a massive potential audience for you to reach new customers.

Through targeted ads, you can engage with users in a personalized and direct manner, fostering stronger customer relationships.

The platform's multimedia capabilities allow for creative and visually appealing content, enhancing your brand visibility and message retention.

Furthermore, the real-time nature of WhatsApp enables quick responses and interactions, leading to efficient customer service and higher conversion rates.

Leveraging WhatsApp ads can ultimately lead to increased brand awareness, customer engagement, and business growth for you.

WhatsApp’s sponsored ads can get you a wider reach than regular messages.

Share digital catalog

Sharing a catalog of your product or services is one of the most effective ways to impress your sales prospects.

It enables you to showcase your offerings effectively, providing detailed product descriptions, images, and prices.

WhatsApp Business allows you to share digital product catalogs directly with customers. This feature enhances the browsing experience for customers, who can explore a wide range of products without leaving the messaging platform.

This interactive way of presenting products encourages customers to make informed purchasing decisions, as they can refer back to the catalog during their decision-making process.

Enable delivery tracking

You can keep customers informed about the status of their orders through WhatsApp Business. Providing real-time updates on order processing, shipping, and delivery creates a transparent and trustworthy shopping experience.

Customers appreciate knowing when to expect their deliveries, reducing anxiety and uncertainty. You can also address any potential delivery issues promptly, further improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

You can use the interactive message types in WhatsApp to provide real-time delivery tracking support to your customers

Send refund updates

Providing the facility of product return and refunding the paid amount is a great way to show that you empathize with the customer and pursue customer-centric selling.

In cases where refunds are necessary, WhatsApp Business can be used to notify customers about the refund process.

Sending regular updates on the status of the refund, including confirmation of processing and expected timelines, reassures customers that their concerns are being addressed.

This proactive communication demonstrates your commitment to customer service and helps manage and customer expectations during the refund process.

Announce new product launches

Utilizing WhatsApp Business to announce new product launches through WhatsApp newsletter feature generates excitement and anticipation among customers.

By sending sneak peeks, teaser videos, and exclusive launch information, you engage your audience in a more intimate manner.

Customers who feel like they're receiving insider information are more likely to engage with and share news about upcoming products.

This approach can lead to increased interest, pre-orders, and successful product launches.

You can take advantage of community feature by WhatsApp to reach out to your group of customers to announce new product launches.

Provide customer support

Customer service is a necessary part of customer engagement and WhatsApp-based customer support can be tremendously helpful in using customer engagement to increase sales 

WhatsApp Business serves as an effective platform for delivering personalized customer support. You can address inquiries, troubleshoot issues, and provide solutions in real time.

This direct and efficient communication channel enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty by resolving problems quickly.

The ability to share images, videos, and documents also aids in guiding customers through troubleshooting steps or providing visual instructions.

WhatsApp Business app comes with features like different message formats to help you provide interactive customer service

Issue out-of-stock alerts

When products are temporarily unavailable, you can promptly inform customers through WhatsApp Business.

By explaining the situation, providing estimated restocking dates, and suggesting alternative options, you maintain transparency and prevent customer frustration.

This proactive approach shows that you value customer experience and assist them in making alternative choices rather than losing their interest altogether.

Declare flash sales

Using WhatsApp Business to announce flash sales creates a sense of urgency among customers. These short-term, highly discounted offers capture attention and encourage immediate action.

By notifying customers about the timing, products, and discounts associated with the flash sale, you can generate a surge in purchases within a limited timeframe.

The combination of exclusivity and limited availability appeals to customers who seek valuable deals and enjoy participating in time-sensitive events.

Conduct polls and surveys

In the early sales pipeline stages, you need to collect as much information as possible on your target customers, to identify their needs and pain points.

WhatsApp Business allows you to gather valuable customer insights through polls and surveys. These tools help gauge customer preferences, opinions, and feedback on products, services, or experiences.

By involving customers in decision-making processes, you can tailor your offerings to better suit their needs and desires.

Collecting feedback in this manner not only enhances customer engagement but also guides your and decisions for improvement and innovation.

WhatsApp Business app has the functionality to create polls, which you can share with your customers to collect their opinions.

Notify about event updates

When hosting events, you can use WhatsApp Business to keep attendees informed about event details, schedules, and any changes that may arise.

Sending notifications about speakers, topics, venues, and last-minute adjustments enhances attendees' preparedness and engagement.

Real-time updates also address any potential confusion and ensure that attendees have accurate information on hand.

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Collect feedback

The insights you can get on customer needs through a feedback collection campaign are key to optimizing your WhatsApp marketing strategy.

Through WhatsApp Business, you can actively seek feedback from customers after a purchase or interaction.

Sending follow-up messages asking for opinions on product quality, customer service, or overall experience demonstrates a commitment to improvement.

This two-way communication fosters a customer-centric approach, showing that you value and take into account customer input.

Gathering feedback also provides insights into areas of excellence and areas that need attention, guiding and your efforts to continually enhance your offerings.

Confirm bookings

Utilizing WhatsApp Business to confirm appointments, reservations, or bookings ensures clear communication between you and your customers.

Sending confirmation details, such as date, time, location, and any additional instructions, reduces the likelihood of misunderstandings or missed appointments.

This feature benefits service-based businesses, healthcare providers, and event organizers by ensuring that customers have the necessary information readily available.

Clear confirmations enhance customer trust and satisfaction, contributing to positive overall experiences.

Upsell and cross-sell

WhatsApp is fast becoming the preferred platform for customers to communicate with their favorite sellers. This opens up great opportunities for you to improve your sales engagement strategy.

WhatsApp Business enables you to suggest additional products or services that complement a customer's purchase.

By analyzing purchase history and preferences, you can offer personalized recommendations, increasing the average order value.

This strategy benefits both you and the customer: the customer discovers relevant items, and you enhance your sales revenue.

The conversational nature of WhatsApp Business makes these upsell and cross-sell suggestions feel like personalized recommendations rather than aggressive sales tactics.

Remind appointments

You can use WhatsApp Business to send timely reminders to customers about upcoming appointments. These reminders minimize the chances of customers forgetting scheduled engagements, resulting in fewer no-shows.

The convenience of receiving reminders through a platform that customers frequently use adds value to their experience.

Additionally, this practice demonstrates your respect for customers' time and commitment, creating a positive impression and fostering a professional relationship.

Broadcast discount and special offer alerts

You can leverage WhatsApp Business to send out exclusive discount codes, limited-time offers, and special deals directly to customers.

This targeted approach makes customers feel valued and appreciated, as they are receiving personalized promotions.

The urgency of time-limited offers coupled with smart copy, catchy flyers, and attention-grabbing images encourages quick decision-making, boosting sales and customer engagement.

This strategy also fosters a sense of loyalty, as customers associate you with valuable opportunities.

You can get more reach by creating share-worthy whatsapp marketing messages. For this, you need to craft attractive messages by incorporating catchy copywriting and WhatsApp marketing images.

Retail companies can use WhatsApp to instantly send out discount flyers to their customers.

Authenticating users

WhatsApp Business can serve as an additional layer of authentication for user verification. By sending verification codes or links through the platform, you can enhance security and protect user accounts from unauthorized access.

This feature is particularly useful for account setup, password resets, and verifying high-value transactions.

Leveraging WhatsApp's wide user base and encrypted messaging, you can establish a secure and convenient method of user authentication, reducing the risk of fraudulent activities.

Emergency communications

WhatsApp Business is a valuable tool for emergency communication. During critical situations, you can swiftly reach out to customers with important updates, safety instructions, or crisis response measures. 

This real-time communication helps ensure the safety and well-being of your customers by providing them with accurate information promptly.

Whether it's a natural disaster, service disruption, or any urgent matter, using WhatsApp Business allows you to keep your customers informed and provide them with necessary guidance.

The platform's widespread usage and instant message delivery make it an effective channel for disseminating urgent messages, fostering a sense of care and reliability even during challenging times.

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