WhatsApp CRM for Ecommerce in 2024: Guide + Best Options

WhatsApp CRM for e-commerce is a platform that lets you manage your online business from a single solution and seamlessly engage your customers for more sales.

WhatsApp CRM for Ecommerce in 2024: Guide + Best Options

Imagine you run an e-commerce store and to grow your business, you utilize multiple online sources for finding qualified leads, communicating with your customers, booking demos, and onboarding clients. All of this sounds like a lot of work but it also means a lot of information. 

Keeping track of all this information is crucial for running a successful business. Plus, you have to ensure that this information is readily available to you and your team members to streamline your conversations with your customers. 

Over the last few years, WhatsApp has emerged as a market leader in the communication industry, becoming the number-one choice for billions of people for daily communication. 

It has also become a great marketing channel after Meta launched the WhatsApp Business Platform, allowing you to connect with your customers and promote your offerings over WhatsApp. 

So, it is important for you to save your customers’ data and chats in easily accessible software, for instance, a CRM, to optimize your sales and marketing processes.

That is why, you need a WhatsApp CRM to help you save clients’ details,  access past interactions, and run outreach campaigns for scaling your e-commerce business. And I am here to tell you everything about WhatsApp CRM, how it can assist you in boosting sales, and how you can set one up. Let’s dive into it!

What is a WhatsApp CRM? 

As the name suggests, WhatsApp CRM is the practice of combining WhatsApp with a CRM solution to manage your WhatsApp communication, contacts, and marketing from a single platform. 

It serves as a centralized hub that allows you to run your WhatsApp initiatives effectively without switching back and forth between multiple applications. 

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Why do you need a WhatsApp CRM for e-commerce?

Although WhatsApp Business Platform is an all-around e-commerce platform you need to integrate it with a CRM to make the most of its capabilities and streamline your sales process. 

Having said that, let’s look at some of the benefits of using WhatsApp CRM for your e-commerce business:

Contact management

A WhatsApp CRM lets you manage your contacts whom you have contacted on WhatsApp by saving their details for future communications. On top of that, a CRM allows you to visualize your saved data using multiple views, ensuring that you can access relevant details about a customer quickly. 

Running marketing campaigns

WhatsApp CRMs not only help you store data but you can also use it to run personalized WhatsApp marketing campaigns to engage and nurture your prospects. By setting up outreach campaigns from your WhatsApp CRM, you can effortlessly connect with your contacts as all the necessary information is already available to you.

Sending catalog messages

A crucial aspect of maintaining a successful e-commerce business is to showcase your offerings in front of your potential customers easily. And WhatsApp catalog messages allow you to do that. 

With these messages, you can send your product catalog to your prospective customers through WhatsApp, giving them the ability to browse through your products and find the correct one as per their needs.

Also, by sending a catalog straight to your prospects’ WhatsApp, you are simplifying your sales process by skipping over the step of having them go to your website and look for a particular product. This way, you can hasten the customer journey and close more deals effectively. 

Provide customer support

WhatsApp is primarily a communication channel. So you can use it to offer customer support to resolve any queries your clients may have. 

Furthermore, with a WhatsApp CRM, you can view your customers’ support inquiries in a unified inbox and reply to them from this single location, saving you both time and effort. Plus, your CRM will have the data of all the past conversations you had with a customer, allowing you to tailor your responses accordingly.

How to set up a WhatsApp CRM for e-commerce?

Setting up a WhatsApp CRM implies integrating WhatsApp API with a CRM platform. For the sake of simplicity, I will tell you how to link WhatsApp with Zixflow, an AI-powered marketing, sales, and CRM solution to help you scale your e-commerce business efficiently. 

To get started, log in to your Zixflow account and navigate to the WhatsApp section under the Campaign module. If you don’t have a Zixflow account, you can create one for free within seconds. Click on the Settings tab and tap the Add Number button.

Settings page in Zixflow to get started with integrating it with WhatsApp Business account.

A pop-up will open with on-screen instructions on how to integrate your WhatsApp account with Zixflow. Follow these instructions and login to your Meta Business Manager. If you don’t have a Meta Business Manager or if you haven’t set up the WhatsApp API, you can check out this article on how to set up the WhatsApp Cloud API.

Things you need to connect your Zixflow account with WhatsApp.

After logging in, select a Business Account if you already have one or you can create one here by providing the required business information. 

Meta Business Account screen for choosing an existing business account or creating a new one.

Next up, you have to choose a WhatsApp Business Account along with a WhatsApp Business Profile. You can do so from the drop-down menu or create a new one. 

If you are creating a new profile, enter the required details in the respective fields, such as WhatsApp Business account name, WhatsApp Business display name, time zone, business category, business description (optional), and your site’s URL (optional).

WhatsApp Business Profile screen to select a profile or make a new one.

After that, you have to enter and verify the phone number you want to add to the Zixflow. Fill in your phone number and select the way to get the validation code. Enter the code and tap Next. Now, you will see the below screen signaling that your account is under review, and after its completion, it will be added to Zixflow.

Your account is under review page signaling that your WhatsApp Business account will connect with Zixflow after a review.

Once your number is verified by us, you can view it under the WhatsApp module and access its settings to customize it as per your needs. 

A list of linked WhatsApp accounts in Zixflow.
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Best WhatsApp CRM solutions for e-commerce 

There are countless tools available in the market when it comes to WhatsApp CRMs. However, you have to pick the right one among all these options to ensure smooth operation for your e-commerce store. 

That’s why, here are some of the best WhatsApp CRM solutions best suited for an e-commerce business to elevate your marketing and drive more sales. 


Zixflow is a fully customizable CRM platform that you can connect with WhatsApp to streamline your communication and optimize your e-commerce operations. With its native sales CRM, you can effortlessly segment your customers into various lists, allowing you to manage their data efficiently.

A custom list in Zixflow to segment your contacts as per your use cases.

Furthermore, after integrating Zixflow with your WhatsApp Business account, you can run tailored promotional campaigns to showcase your products to your audience. This way, you don’t have to use a separate marketing platform for running outbound sales initiatives, saving you both money and the hassle of managing two software. 

WhatsApp Campaign Builder in Zixflow for sending custom WhatsApp catalog messages.

Also, sending product catalogs to your prospects is an important aspect of running an e-commerce business. However, to send catalog messages to your potential customers, you need to link your catalog with Zixflow and craft custom catalog WhatsApp messages. 

You can link your product catalog with Zixflow to send them as interactive messages to your contacts.


Bird (formerly MessageBird) is an all-purpose marketing solution that allows you to execute tailored promotional initiatives. It offers you the capability to create dedicated lists for running tailored outreach and with its template messages builder, you can design personalized messaging templates to use in your promotions. 

Bird, a next-generation WhatsApp CRM for e-commerce.

With Bird, you can engage your prospects using welcome messages, telling them about your business, and encouraging them to take the next step. Plus, you can retarget prospects by sending automated card abandonment messages and delivery alerts to keep them updated about their orders.

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot is a popular CRM and marketing solution that allows you to scale your e-commerce company with its advanced WhatsApp capabilities. You can link HubSpot to your WhatsApp Business to efficiently reach out to your contacts, monitor interactions, and generate revenue. 

HubSpot, an all-around WhatsApp CRM for e-commerce businesses.

With HubSpot, you can access all of your customer’s data from a single source of truth, enabling you to handle customer support requests promptly. Plus, using its shared inbox, your entire customer-facing team can get a bird-eye view of past communications to allow you to offer a customer-centric sales engagement model that fits the needs of your customers. 


With Bitrix24 CRM, you can get in touch with your contacts immediately by integrating it with WhatsApp. It is a dynamic solution to run WhatsApp marketing campaigns and reach out to your customers with exclusive deals, compelling them to make a purchasing decision. 

Bitrix24, a unified WhatsApp CRM for your entire team.

On top of that, if your prospects have selected a product and are ready to complete the transaction, you can direct them to the checkout page via a web link. Also, all your WhatsApp chats are stored in the CRM so you can easily access them for future reference. 

Grow your e-commerce business to new heights with a WhatsApp CRM

A WhatsApp CRM is a crucial tool for scaling your e-commerce brand, handling customer data, managing conversations, and ultimately, generating revenue. It acts as a unified hub for managing all your e-commerce needs, allowing you to shorten customer journeys and close more sales. 

So, you need to ensure that your WhatsApp CRM comes with all the necessary features to help you grow your business. For instance, Zixflow is an all-in-one solution for handling every aspect of your e-commerce store ranging from contact management to automating lead nurturing. 

Not just that. It is a free-to-use platform that doesn’t require a monthly subscription, making it a perfect cost-effective solution for new e-commerce companies. Get started with Zixflow today to see how it can help you hit your profit quotas and build long-lasting relationships for getting repeat business.

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