7 Best CRMs for PR Reps to Easily Manage Contacts, Campaigns, and Media Relations in 2024

To manage your PR contacts, enhance media relationships, set campaigns, and analyze your PR teams' activities, you can omit the old method with a newer CRM.

7 Best CRMs for PR Reps to Easily Manage Contacts, Campaigns, and Media Relations in 2024

Are you still using the traditional methods for PR activities? Isn't it very time-consuming?

Today, we are growing very fast in terms of technology and business, so relying only on traditional methods like newspapers or magazines to grab people's attention might not be the best plan. While old-school PR tactics can still be useful, adding a customer relationship management (CRM) tool to your PR activity can effortlessly make you more efficient.

With a CRM tool, you can easily manage your guest list, keep track of media contacts, social media influencers, and brand ambassadors, and even schedule follow-up emails and reminders. It also lets you group your audience based on their interests, understand what they like, and customize your invites.

For instance, when you send a message to a social influencer, you can be quite informal, whereas when you have communication with media contacts, you need to be a bit formal. And with a CRM tool like Zixflow, you can customize AI notes with various tones accordingly.

Nowadays, people have instant communication and high expectations. Using technology like CRM doesn't just make your PR work more efficient but also lets you create a more personal and exciting experience for the people you're trying to reach.

So, while traditional methods still have their place, embracing technology can really set your brand and events apart in today's competitive world.

For example, you are organizing the Tira Beauty [an online platform for all beauty needs in India] launch event. Let's say you're inviting one of the popular Indian fashion influencers and a model, Sakshi Sindwani to the Tira Beauty event. 

With your CRM tool, you can send her a personalized email that mentions her favorite Tira Beauty products, tracks when she opens the email and even follows up automatically if she hasn't responded. 

Once Sakshi Sindwani attends the event, you can collect her feedback and keep her engaged with Tira Beauty through post-event content.

Now, to get more about the best CRMs for your PR reps, let’s unfold your journey right here.

How does a CRM help your PR reps leverage media outreach benefits?

Imagine you are a PR rep, and you are working for a fashion brand called Urbanic. You have a list of media contacts, including reporters, bloggers, and influencers, with whom you need to maintain good relationships to create a great brand impression. With the help of a CRM tool, you can have all the contact details, arrange campaigns, customize your email, and many more tasks done in just one place.

Let me show in depth how CRM can be beneficial for your business especially if it's for PR while comparing it with different professionals, like salespeople.

Organizing information

Just like a salesperson needs to keep information about clients and leads organized, you also need to manage the list of reporters and media outlets. You can use a CRM tool to categorize them based on their areas of interest, publication deadlines, and past interactions. This way, you can send the right information to the right people at the right time.

Managing up-to-date data

CRM helps you to ensure that the contact information and preferences of reporters are up-to-date. If a reporter switches jobs or starts covering new topics, you can promptly update this information in her CRM tool, which will help your PR team as well. This prevents you and your teams from sending pitches to the wrong contacts, which could be embarrassing and ineffective.

Learning from the past

Just as a salesperson learns from past sales successes and failures, you can also analyze your past PR efforts. You can check which reporters responded well to your pitches, what type of content received more coverage the same as sales experts use content to enhance sales engagement, and what didn't work. With CRM data, you can refine your strategies and focus on what brings results.

Handling team collaboration

As you work with a team of PR professionals using the CRM tool, your team can collaborate efficiently, avoiding situations where multiple team members contact the same reporters with the same pitch. This ensures a cohesive and consistent message to the media outlets.

So, just as CRM helps salespeople manage their relationships with clients and leads, it also helps PR representatives like you maintain positive connections with media contacts and outlets. It streamlines their work, ensures accuracy, and leads to better results in promoting your brand.

Streamline processes

A CRM helps you simplify and streamline the often complex and multifaceted PR activities. It provides a centralized platform for managing contacts, communications, and campaign details, reducing the risk of overlooked or duplicated efforts.

Enhance productivity

A CRM system increases your productivity as a PR rep by automating repetitive tasks. For instance, with tools like WhatsApp automation, email automation, or SMS automation, you can reach out to influencers, bloggers, and media with just a single click. 

This not only saves valuable time but also frees you up to focus on more strategic and creative aspects of your work, such as crafting compelling brand messages or devising innovative collaboration ideas. CRM automation empowers you to work smarter, not harder, making your efforts more impactful and efficient.

Improve public relation

A CRM system is your key to elevating your public relations game, especially when dealing with media contacts. By keeping tabs on individual preferences, past interactions, and essential details, you can ensure that your engagements are not just more personalized but also highly engaging. This personal touch can work wonders in fortifying your relationships, not only with media professionals but also with the public.

Take LEGO, for instance. Their dedication to childhood development and enjoyment is evident in their PR approach, which includes a special touch for younger audiences. A recent heartwarming initiative involved donating 600 LEGO magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner building kits to help children overcome their fears of undergoing an MRI scan. 

Through play, role-playing, and interactive building, LEGO and hospitals collaborate to boost children's confidence while making the experience enjoyable in what can be a nerve-wracking environment.

A CRM for PR, enabled Lego to build PR relationships with its target audience while making it enjoyable.

Make an informed decision

When you, as a PR rep, use a CRM system, you get a deeper understanding of your media contacts and how your campaigns are doing. This information helps you make wise decisions about your strategies and campaigns and alter them accordingly. 

You can know what's working and what's not, and that means you can quickly change and make things better. It's like having a compass to always head in the right direction, adapting and improving as things change in the PR world.

7 best CRMs for your PR reps to nail evolving media dynamics

Sharing with you the list of public relations CRMs to reduce and rectify the PR blunders by keeping important contacts handy and easily manageable. 

Thank me later! 


Meet Zixflow, one of the top-notch tools that can smoothen your PR activities like cakewalk. It's one of the best in customer relationship management (CRM), and it's packed with AI-powered features. Zixflow is your all-in-one solution for boosting your earnings.

This smart CRM software makes managing customer or client relationships smoothly. It helps you keep track of your media contacts, streamline your PR campaigns, and even handle repetitive tasks automatically. Plus, it provides you with the insights you need to create personalized strategies that perfectly fit your brand's unique needs. With Zixflow, your PR efforts are about to get a whole lot better.

Key features

Revolutionize your PR tasks with Zixflow’s workflow automation

Take your PR game to the next level with Zixflow automation. It's all about simplifying your PR process by eliminating the repetitive tasks for you so you can focus on what really matters. 

Now, you can invest your time in planning new PR events, campaigns, and media ideas to showcase your brands at just the right time. Start by creating custom workflow automation that matches your brand's specific needs. 

With this platform, you can schedule your activity lists, set triggers for each particular event, and add multiple actions in automation mode on how you want to finish your PR targets. This means you can get creative and come up with exciting new ways to promote your brands in a hassle-free mode.

Organize your PR activities in automation mode with a CRM that is exclusively designed for the PR industry named Zixflow.
Building strong relationships with smooth contact management

Creating lasting connections with journalists, bloggers, influencers, and brand ambassadors is a breeze when you have Zixflow on your side. No more chaos and confusion—Zixflow simplifies the entire process. With Zixflow, all your client details and history are neatly organized and super easy to find.

You can utilize sort and filter views with different types of table views as your preferences. Zixflow's user-friendly platform ensures that you have all your clients' information right at your fingertips without the need to dig through piles of data or struggle to locate important information. This enables your success without messing up contacts especially when you're in a rush to apply emotional intelligence to boost sales to maximize PR profits.

Seamlessly manage each PR contact to stay in a rush-free mode with one of the best CRM for PR, Zixflow.
Expand your media outreach with Zixflow’s campaign builder

You can use Zixflow's campaign building feature to create and manage impactful email, SMS, and WhatsApp campaigns to connect with journalists, influencers, and clients. You can keep your audience engaged by sharing valuable content and updates on multiple channels.

Email campaigns

From personalized 1:1 emails for press conferences, follow-up emails, bulk email campaigns, or transactional emails, Zixflow's Campaigns can handle it all. Whether you’re a novice or an expert in email content writing, Zixflow’s built-in email AI writer writes, rewrites, and summarizes personalized content that has the potential to smoothen out lead conversion.

Also, you can use ready-made templates or customize email templates quickly, when your planning is to follow up and achieve PR success. Moreover, its drag-and-drop builder feature enables you to utilize your existing email templates and you can add variables to set your preferred text in default mode.

Customize email content to engage your PR audience quickly with email campaign builder by Zixflow, a CRM for public reactions.
WhatsApp campaigns

Whether you want to send broadcast & drip campaign messages in bulk for your PR promotion or you're very selective in offerings, the Zixflow platform allows you to seamlessly engage with social influencers or bloggers for informal communication.

Zixflow’s WhatsApp campaign builder enables you to personalize your WhatsApp campaigns for each contact, allowing for fast and meaningful conversations. Real-time syncing ensures your brand partners and audience are ready for your WhatsApp marketing in seconds.

Zixflow, a PR CRM software drives your broadcasting benefits with its WhatsApp campaign builder.
SMS campaigns

Whether your lookout is to maximize media outreach in your home country, or it's also for an overseas nation, Zixflow’s SMS campaign builder allows you to access SMS API to send advanced messages.

With Zixflow, you can send OTP to validate authentication, utilize multiple sender IDs, and customize SMS content in regional languages to instantly build engagement. Zixflow’s exclusive SMS campaign feature enables you to maximize PR marketing success with its various options like segmenting lists, utilizing tags, blocking spamming lists, unsubscribing features, and smoothing SMS routing.

Zixflow, a well-known CRM for PR, enables you to set SMS campaigns for validating immediate authentication with OTP.
One of the top-notch PR CRMs, Zixflow provides you with insight into the SMS campaign data.
Streamline your meeting scheduling with Zixflow 

Zixflow's meeting scheduler simplifies the process of coordinating meetings. You can share your availability, automate scheduling, and eliminate the back-and-forth emails. This efficient tool saves time and ensures your meetings happen without the hassle of rescheduling or no-shows.

Setting up your meeting scheduler page is quick and easy, and you can share your scheduler link with your media partners or social influencers for product knowledge or collaboration via email, chat, or even add it as a calendar to your website.

Pricing modules

  • Free Forever - $0/user/month for a 14 day trial period. 
  • Starter - $19/user/month, billed annually.
  • Growth - $49/user/month, billed annually.
The pricing structure of Zixflow, one of the best CRMs for the PR industry.

Rating & reviews 


4.5 out of 5 (905 reviews) by G2.


4.8 out of 5 (380 reviews) by Capterra.


You can enhance your PR team's productivity with Prowly, a CRM for PR.

Prowly is a part of Semrush. It is an all-in-one workflow automation tool tailored for PR professionals. It caters to companies of all sizes, streamlining your media relations efforts and saving time on repetitive tasks. 

Prowly offers a range of features, including assistance in creating compelling stories, identifying and organizing media contacts within a PR CRM, and creating visually appealing press releases. Also, it manages email pitches, maintains user-friendly newsrooms for journalists, monitors media coverage, and generates detailed coverage reports.

Key features

Update & segment data

To understand the intent of your media contacts and respond accordingly, Prowly always segments existing data and updates data every time, so it can prevent you from putting your efforts in the wrong place.

Data analytics

To analyze your success in outreach for media coverage, Prowly provides you with in-depth research of data, so that you can identify the interested ones and remove incurious ones. Also, this helps you to make an updated list so that you can make fresh pitches the same as a salesperson updating pitches for customer engagement to increase sales.

High voltage security maintenance

Prowly adheres to GDPR compliances to maintain industry-standard guidance on keeping your privacy in safe hands, so that you don’t ever need to freak out on customer data security breaches.

Contact management

With Prowly, you can organize all media contacts and journalist contacts in a single place, so you don’t need to move here and there in your crucial moment.

Customized press release

With Prowly, you can create, design, and customize every press release with eye-appealing photos and videos. Also, you can send these press releases to journalists via online as an embedded attachment on emails.

Pricing modules

Prowly offers a free 7-day trial along with three different subscription plans.

  • Essential Bundle – $339/month.
  • Professional Bundle – $449/month.
  • Professional Plus Bundle - $594/month.

The prices above include at least 1000 media contacts from Prowly’s media database. 

Rating & reviews 


4.2 out 5 (100 reviews) by G2.


4.1 out 5 (17 reviews) by Capterra.


Prezly, a PR CRM software, helps you to stay on PR trends.

Prezly is designed for both PR agencies and in-house PR teams, so you can improve your organization’s image and efficiency. It's a user-friendly PR management solution that combines contact management, publishing tools, online newsrooms, and email campaigns on one convenient platform.

In today's dynamic market, with numerous media outlets and opportunities, staying organized and well-informed can be challenging. Prezly simplifies this by enabling you to easily track your interactions with stakeholders, publish multimedia press releases, and send personalized and precise targeted email campaigns. It's an all-in-one tool to streamline your PR efforts.

Key features

Email outreach

Your PR reps can utilize captivating emails with Prezly PR CRM software and set campaigns for maximum outreach the same as salespeople are using different types of emails for sales engagement.

Data analytics

With Prezly’s real-time data analysis reports, you can get a comprehensive overview of your most valuable contacts, their engagement with your brand, your teams’ efficiency, and most importantly future opportunities that you need to work on.

App supported

Prezly allows your PR reps to access its inclusive dashboard and engage with your target audience at any time and from anywhere with its user-friendly app.

Contact management

Prezly enables you to get in a relaxed mode, as it is an expert in managing your multiple contact list in one place and sharply spotting out-of-date contacts especially those who’re not responding to you anymore.

Team collaboration

With Prezly, you can allow all your PR reps to work collaboratively, and you can smartly track record on which PR rep from your team is working with which target audience. This allows you to rectify and support your team members if they’re lacking in the process.

Pricing modules

Prezly offers a free 14-day trial along with three different pricing plans.

  • Starter  – $50/month.
  • Core  – $90/month.
  • Premium - $140/month.

Enterprise - you can have a plan tailored to the specific needs of your team.

Rating & reviews


4.3 out 5 (72 reviews) by G2.


4.7 (57 reviews) by Capterra.


With the Onclusive PR CRM tool, now leverage benefits from in-depth data analysis & reports.

Onclusive can be your partner for PR and communications success. It enables you to monitor, measure, research, and consult. It allows you to access PR tools to navigate the media landscape, improve your performance, and demonstrate your brand's value.

You may be working with thousands of organizations globally and this PR CRM software helps you understand the pressures you face while building a strong brand reputation. You can say it can work as your organization’s eyes, ears, and conscience. To simplify your workflow for wider business and success, it supports the C-suite.

Key features

Social CRM

Onclusive works for you as a social CRM as it actively eavesdrops on social media platforms like LinkedIn and TikTok to know what’s going on in your target audience’s mind.

Widest data coverage 

With Onclusive, you can access one of the largest databases that include more than 25 global and regional channels along with a huge number of different online resources. This data is important for you to leverage the benefits of maximum outreach.

Smartest AI technology

Onclusive enables you to experience the smartest AI technology in the PR market, so you can access a hassle-free flow while segmenting and tagging your audience, listening socially, and analyzing reports.

Comprehensive data analytics

To leave a lasting impression on your valuable media relations and find risks as well as oportunities, Onclusive allows you to analyze press, broadcasting media, social media, online platforms, and also your PR teams’ productivity. 

Technical compatibilities

To manage your different objectives in one go, Onclusive enables you to integrate third-party applications. Also, with its built-in Properiaty News Crawler and Natural Language Processing, you can swiftly go through millions of news content each month and identify the relevancy of multilingual news articles.

News & event planner

Onclusive’ AP planner allows you to smoothly plant and set news events in different time zones, geographical locations, or industries. With this tool, you can filter your planner and set alerts for individuals. Also, you can access custom APIs and feeds to deliver real-time data to your other internal planning tools.

Pricing modules

Onclusive offers a Free Trial as well as two different subscription plans.

  • Pro Media Monitoring – $4999/Annually (5 Users).
  • Enterprise PR Analytics - Custom Pricing (Unlimited Users).

Rating & reviews 


4.4 out of 5 (114 reviews) by G2.

Propel My Pr

Propel is counted on as one of the best CRM for PR while engaging with clients.

Propel PRM, headquartered in Tel Aviv and with teams in New York, London, and Miami, launched in 2019. It is reimagining earned media with its public relations management technology. 

This PR CRM platform allows marketing and communication professionals like you to discover the right media for pitching stories, manage media relationships and campaigns, monitor coverage, share the brand's voice, and easily measure the business impact that is earned by media efforts.

Key features

Creative story funnel

With Propel PRM’s kanban style dashboard, the story funnel, you can minutely analyze different stages of your PR progress. From your first impressive engagement with prospects, comparatively akin to impressing a sales prospect by a sales pro, to retaining and counting them on your funnel, you can leverage a clear visualized process.

Media list management

To get over the headache of getting messy between longer media contact lists, Propel smartly arranges your contact data and makes you get rid of handling spreadsheets or docs.

Exclusive plug-ins

Propel enables you to swiftly connect G-mail and Outlook, so you don’t face obstacles while meeting with your target prospects or existing clients. Also, you can reach your clients directly from your mailbox at any time.

Email outreach

Either you want to update your clients for rescheduled event notes, or you’re simply doing a routine follow-up, in both cases, Propel PRM enables you to reach your clients with its captivating Email campaign builder.

Generative AI utilization

With Propel’s inbuilt trained generative AI, AMIGA, you can generate personalized pitches for media clients, access PR release auto writers, and leverage benefits from Natural Language Processing.

Pricing modules

Propel offers a free version. Also, it has two different subscription plans including:

  • Starting – $299/month (Less than 10 users).
  • Enterprise –  Customise according to the needs (10+ Users).

Rating & reviews


4.2 out of 5 (92 reviews) by G2.


5 out 5 (3 reviews) by Capterra.

Muck Rack

Muck Rack, a PR CRM software, helps you smartly organize your workflow.

The new standard in public relations management (PRM) software is represented by Muck Rack, where journalists can be easily searched for, news monitored, and reports built. It is used by organizations like Spotify, Uber, Golin, Pfizer, and American Airlines to establish trust, share stories, and illustrate the unique value of earned media.

Muck Rack curates to assist you and your PR teams in becoming more efficient and effective in finding journalists, generating coverage, monitoring news, and demonstrating the value of your work. 

Key features

Media data enrichment

If your concern is to be up-to-date with media trends, you need to be kept updated all the time. With Muck Rack you can do the same while managing a contact list, going through social media and online platforms to extract data, and omitting redundant data that are no longer used.

PR data analytics

To ensure that your efforts head on the right way, you can choose one of the best CRM for your business, Muck Rack PR CRM software. With this tool, minutely measures every detail with real-time reports to modify your PR pitches and strategies as well.

Team collaboration

To see what your PR teams’ current activities are, or how they engage with your clients, you can keep your sharp on real-time workflow with Muck Rack. Also, you can allow your different team members to work collaboratively in a single stack.

Notification alerts

With Muck Rack, you can share alerts with your PR teammates, so they can immediately engage with your hot leads or existing loyal clients. This is crucial if you want to catch the moment of hot opportunities.

Pricing modules

  • For a 1-user subscription, expect to pay around $5,000 per year and up (excluding discounts).
  • The average price of a Muck Rack subscription is around $10,000 per year.
  • The most expensive Muck Rack plans can cost $25,000 per year, or more.

Rating & reviews 


4.6 out of 5 (232 reviews) by G2.


4.3 out of 5 (23 reviews) by Capterra.


Mynewsdesk is one of the top CRMs that is used by PR reps to smoothen the press release process.

Established in 2003, Mynewsdesk provides a modern digital PR solution for businesses to engage with journalists, influencers, customers, and key stakeholders. This all-in-one PR platform simplifies the creation and distribution of news and content, monitoring industry and media discussions, and tracking and measuring results.

By integrating AI and smarter algorithms, Mynewsdesk offers a more automated platform to demonstrate the impact of PR efforts, centralizing press releases, events, photos, and video coverage to ensure they reach the right audience through the right channels at the right time. It's a highly effective PR tool designed to streamline your workflow, save time, and enhance results.

Key features

Press release distribution

With Mynewsdesk, you can create, customize, and publish your press releases with highly engaging content, and set a high standard for PR professionalism.

Media contact outreach

Mynewsdesk allows you to leverage benefits from a broader spectrum when you connect and seamlessly engage with your wider clients. It not only handles all your contacts but also works as an influencer marketing CRM for your media contacts.

Smart data analytics

Either you want to analyze which of your PR strategies are on beneficial tracks, or you want to modify your strategies or your PR pitches according to the need of the hour, Mynewsdesk’s smart data analytics help you in all.

Media monitoring & measurement

To stay on the PR trend, Mynewsdesk enables you to monitor different social media channels and broadcasting channels. With this monitoring and measurement, you can proactively respond to your clients even in critical moments.

Pricing modules

Mynewsdesk offers a free 10-day trial. Also, it provides you with three different pricing sections:

  • GO, Pro, Enterprise - custom plan available as per your needs.

Rating & reviews


4.2 out 5 (73 reviews) by G2.


3.4 out 5 (3 reviews) by Capterra.

Let's smooth your PR activities with Zixflow & maximize the media outreach benefits

To cut out the traditional methods and go with trendy flows in the PR industry, none can beat the CRM. 

Be it tracking your clients, getting engaged with them, evoking their emotions with personalized pitches, or simply enhancing your in-house PR team’s activities, with PR CRM software you can put your intelligence and efforts in the right place.

However, as you know, there are multiple CRMs for your PR reps that are already available in the market, so analyze your area of benefits before picking amongst them. Needless to say, you can count on Zixflow for the same and leverage all aforementioned benefits in a single AI-wizard stack.

Now, don’t waste more time. Unlock the treasure while booking a free personalized demo with Zixflow and experience the new height of your desired ROI.

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