29 Sales Deck Examples to Inspire Your Own Great One

The sales deck examples from different brands include Snapchat, Uber, Tumblr, Airbnb, YouTube, Buffer, LinkedIn, Dell, Facebook, TikTok, and Office 365.

29 Sales Deck Examples to Inspire Your Own Great One

Think about this, you have found a potential customer and understood their needs. Now you are at a  stage of the sales funnel where the next step is a meeting. You can tell that the lead is hot and you have to convince them to make a decision in your meeting. How would you go about doing that? With a sales deck.

A sales deck is a focal point of your demonstration. But building and updating a sales desk that can get you new customers is a difficult task. Oftentimes all it takes is to see how other brands have their built sales decks to get the inspiration.

With that said, in this post, I have curated 29 best sales deck examples to help you understand how you can highlight your product or services during a sales presentation. These examples will provide you with meaningful insight to align your sales deck with your brand personality to achieve your goals.

What is a sales deck?

“Visually and textually present your sales narrative to your ideal customer in a way that convinces them to buy your solution." –Peter Kazanjy

A sales deck is a collection of slides that provides information about a business, product, or service to prospects and investors. It is usually used by the sales team to showcase the value proposition, features, and benefits to persuade the audience to close the deal or to get an investment. 

Sales decks are designed to be visually engaging and informative, helping you communicate the key message effectively. 

Best sales deck examples

Below, I have gathered some of the leading sales deck examples from global brands. These will offer you insight into how market leaders create their sales decks to provide valuable information and showcase their business. Not only will they serve as a great starting point for you but also allow you to get design ideas that suit your business the best.


Snapchat is a renowned multimedia and messaging app that allows you to send texts, photos, and videos that disappear after being viewed. The app quickly gained popularity among younger and millennial users due to its unique feature of self-destructing messages, known as “Snaps.” Over time, Snapchat introduced other features, such as Stories, Discoveries, and creative filters for better customer engagement.

Snapchat’s sales deck is clean and to the point. Even though it is a multimedia platform, it didn’t overcomplicate the sales deck with flash images or videos. The sales desk goes over important aspects of the platform, like audience base, number of users, and benefits advertisers can get from Snapchat. The information is presented simply and effectively, ensuring maximum sales engagement.


Tumblr is a microblogging and social networking platform that lets you share different types of content to boost engagement. For example, you can post multimedia content and short blog posts on Tumblr. As a social media platform, it has been a popular site for creative expression, art, and fandom communities.

Being a free social media site, Tumblr’s sales deck is targeted toward advertisers who want to place ads on the platform. That’s why its sales deck contains factual information with valuable metrics, like engagement rates, time spent per session, and page views. It also includes upcoming features to showcase the future potential of the platform.


Uber is a multinational ride-sharing company that offers affordable rides and cab services by connecting riders and drivers, providing convenient and on-demand transportation services. 

Its sales deck highlights the clear benefits of using Uber over its competitors. The deck showcases the business model of Uber and provides data-driven insights about the company's current and past valuation.

Office 365

Office 365 is a cloud-based subscription solution of Microsoft. It provides a suite of productivity tools, including famous applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. It also offers cloud storage functionality (OneDrive) and collaborative features to increase workplace productivity. 

The sales deck of Office 365 carries the same design that you see every day on your laptop or PC. The tiled design which has become a trademark of Windows Systems since Windows 8, can be seen clearly in the sales deck. The deck highlights the benefits of the applications offered in Office 365 while providing actual numbers and use cases to further increase the likelihood of getting a sale.


Airbnb is an online hospitality platform that allows users to list, discover, and book accommodation around the world. Over the years, Airbnb has grown to become one of the largest and most popular travel sites, operating in numerous countries. It has revolutionized the way people travel and experience destinations by providing a personalized, authentic alternative to traditional hotels.

Airbnb’s sales deck is simple and minimalistic. It follows a problem-solution-based structure that makes it more relatable. When giving a solution, Airbnb cleverly highlights its advantages and also provides details backed with actual data. It was this sales deck that allowed Airbnb to raise $600,000 from investors.


If I were to ask you to name a platform to watch an unlimited number of videos on any topic imaginable, you would without a doubt say YouTube. YouTube is the largest video-sharing and viewing platform, where a billion hours of videos are watched daily. On top of videos, it offers other services like live streaming, YouTube Premium, YouTube TV, and Youtube Kids.

YouTube has a plain sales deck with just 10 slides with an introduction, problems and solutions, market size, and competitors. It focused on things that mattered and didn’t overcomplicate the sales deck. The result? Google ended up acquiring YouTube for $1.6 billion and since then, they never looked back.


Asana is a leading productivity software company, offering some of the best tools for project management and team collaboration. Asana’s unified CRM software with project management solutions allows you to organize and track tasks, projects, and deadlines seamlessly. It can also help in sales enablement where you can assign particular tasks to your sales reps and monitor their progress. Asana is also a renowned alternative to Notion software.

Its sales deck is picturesque, containing numerous images about the features and their capabilities. The sales deck also presents how you can incorporate Asana into your current infrastructure and includes reviews from past customers.

Bounce Exchange

Bounce Exchange is a marketing company that provides a behavioral automation platform that lets you analyze user behavior on your website and deliver personalized experiences. It uses advanced algorithms and real-time data to monitor how visitors are interacting with your website to offer you insights you can include in your sales engagement model.

In its sales deck, Bounce Exchange describes its offerings in detail by using charts and tables, making it easy to understand. The sales deck also explains how Bounce Exchange tackles specific problems by mentioning its process and methodology.


Accenture is an international IT company that offers various types of solutions like IT operations, consultation, and cloud technology. It helps you improve your performance and efficiency by leveraging cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions.  

Accenture, in its DevOps sales deck, made use of vibrant colors that stand out on a black background. It used a good combination of visuals and text that made the sales deck both visually appealing and informative.


Buffer is a social media management platform, offering capabilities to schedule, publish, and analyze content across various social media channels. Buffer’s main goal is to help you streamline your social media presence and interact with customers in a way that helps you build rapport and earn their trust.

Buffer used its sales deck to showcase its milestones and provide practical applications of its solutions. It depicted the current status of the company and what the roadmap is going to be in the future. All this information is presented concisely, bringing simplicity to the sales deck.


Verizon is a prominent telecommunication company that has a diverse portfolio of wireless and wireline telecommunication services. Plus, Verizon offers other services like digital media, cloud computing, and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to meet the demands of its customers.

Verizon’s brand color is red and it is perfectly emphasized in this sales deck. Verizon made use of this brand identity in every slide, making the highlighted text stand out from other components of the slide. Putting important information in such a vibrant color ensures that the crucial details get absorbed by the reader even if he/she skims over the sales deck.


LinkedIn is a professional networking platform that serves as a hub for connecting professionals worldwide, offering services like job search recruitment solutions, and industry insights. It is the largest B2B platform with the goal to make the workforce more productive and successful.

LinkedIn’s sales deck utilizes visuals with content to represent the brand. The slides contain designs that highlight the professionals and technology while showcasing the platform as a bridge between them. The sales deck is made with more focus on the visual components with minimal text to ensure maximum engagement.


Dell, a multinational technology company, is renowned for its manufacturing and distribution of computers, laptops, and storage devices. The company started as a direct seller of customized personal computers to consumers and later expanded its clientele by catering to the needs of the corporate sector. 

In its sales deck, Dell uses a dark theme with bright texts and images to immediately draw attention toward them. The images are easy-to-comprehend and pairing them with the written content to make viewers understand what the slide is talking about.


BuzzSumo is a content marketing tool that allows you to analyze and discover popular content across various social media platforms. The company provides you insights into content performance, competitors, and sales influencers making it a valuable resource.

BuzzSumo’s sales deck uses the imagery that is a focal point of the brand – a Sumo! The hand-drawn design of a sumo wrestler adds a valuable brand image component to the deck. In addition to that, BuzzSumo includes actual screenshots of the platform to showcase its features. This way, viewers can get a glimpse of how the web application operates.


WeWork is a coworking space company that provides flexible office spaces and services for individuals and businesses. WeWork offers amenities such as high-speed internet, meeting rooms, and event spaces. 

WeWork’s sales deck introduces the company, its offerings, and why its solutions are necessary. The deck especially uses diagrams and tables to make the readers understand its point. On top of that, WeWork included graphics, a brand logo, and a wide range of colors to make its sales deck attractive.


Zuora is a software company specializing in providing subscription management and billing solutions for businesses transitioning to subscription-based models. The company's platform enables you to manage recurring revenue streams, handle billing, automate financial processes, and analyze subscription data.

In order to stand apart from others, Zoura’s sales deck utilizes highly visual backgrounds and consists of only the important content that the reader has to know.  It is designed in such a way that it highlights the brand's mission, vision, and statement.


Who hasn't heard of Facebook, a prominent social media and technology company? Over the years, the company has started offering its services to customers and businesses alike over Instagram and WhatsApp Business platforms to further expand its influence in the social media landscape.

Facebook’s sales deck works because it communicates the platform's versatility to different customers. It does so by offering various solutions depending on your company's goal.


ProdPad is a product management software company that provides tools and solutions to help you collaborate, prioritize, and plan your product development process. It offers you insights to make informed decisions throughout the process of product development.

The sales deck of ProdPad contains a simplistic layout with an emphasis on the content. Also, the conversational tone of content makes it appear like it's not a formal setting but a casual meetup between friends.


TikTok is a popular social media platform that quickly gained immense popularity worldwide, allowing users to create short-form videos set to music or other audio clips. The app's unique algorithmic feed and easy-to-use editing tools contributed to its rapid growth, attracting a vast user base across different age groups.

Like any other social media platform, TikTok's sales deck is geared toward advertisers. TikTok provides a brief introduction to the company and jumps straight into the appearance of the app. It allows brands to buy TikTok likes and followers in order to increase followers, engagement, and their overall content reach using paid marketing. This way, it showcases how you would get more conversions by running ads on the platform.


Glassdoor is an online platform that provides job seekers and employees with company reviews, salary information, and insights into workplace culture. It also has a separate section for employers to find the right talent to build a solid sales team.

Glassdoor uses both the visuals and content in a good mix. Some slides only have graphics showing how Glassdoor operates, while some contain valuable content to give the audience an idea of its process.


Contently is a content marketing technology company that provides a platform that connects businesses with freelance writers to help them produce high-quality content. 

Contently uses a technique where every slide talks about a single idea, making the audience focus on one aspect at a time. Being a marketing company, an excellent way to encourage potential customers to try its product is to use the success stories of the previous customers and this is what Contently did. It incorporated use cases of its product to demonstrate the effectiveness of its platform.


Patch is a sustainable platform that lets companies monitor their carbon footprint and identify which operations are generating carbon emissions. The company's goal is to allow you to achieve your sustainability goals quickly.

As an eco-friendly company, Patch utilizes green color not just in its brand logo but also in its visual components and graphics throughout the sales deck. It also uses a light background to bring out the attractiveness of the color to make the deck look clear.


Cisco Systems, Inc. is a multinational technology conglomerate with a primary focus on manufacturing and selling a wide range of networking products. Cisco's technology forms the backbone of the internet, providing critical infrastructure for data communication worldwide.

Cisco is another example that utilizes empty space and vibrant colors to its advantage in order to make its sales deck stand out from others. Be it charts, diagrams, or graphics, Cisco made use of different hues to present logical design.


Reddit is a popular social media platform that allows users to share content and engage in discussions, resulting in a user-driven experience. The platform is organized into "subreddits," which are individual communities centered around specific topics or interests.

Reddit crafted its sales deck with a customer-centric approach that revolves around customer engagement. It consists of popular memes and visuals that not only are a part of Reddit’s culture but are lighthearted content to consume and enjoy.


Autodesk is an American software company that specializes in providing 3D design. It has become a leader in the computer-aided design (CAD) industry and is widely recognized and utilized by professionals worldwide. 

Autodesk’s sales deck completely follows its brand identity. The company’s colors are used to ensure brand awareness. Including the future roadmap with tables describing revenue and ROI allows Autodesk to grab the complete attention of its audience.


Moz is a software company that focuses on search engine optimization (SEO) tools. It provides a suite of SEO software, including keyword research, link building, and site auditing to help you improve your online visibility and organic search rankings.

Since Moz offers analytics capabilities, its sales deck is filled with different data and insights. It used industry trends along with visuals including charts, columns, and diagrams to hammer its benefits by providing a ton of factual information.

Epic Media Group

Epic Media Group is an international online marketing brand, specializing in handling all-around advertising solutions.

Epic Media Group made use of dark colors as a main focus point of the sales deck to communicate earnestness and professionalism. Plus, it marked the crucial phrases and sentences with bright red to make sure that these stand out particularly to draw attention and deliver important meaning.

Spectrum Magazine

Fairfax Media is an Australian media company that operates across outbound and digital platforms, including newspapers, magazines, radio, and digital media, that can be a part of your outbound sales strategies. Spectrum Magazine is one of its publications that focuses on lifestyle, culture, and entertainment.

Fairfax strategically included its magazine-grade visuals in the sales deck, making it eye-catching and visually appealing. Not just that. It uses a magazine-style design in the sales deck to give a taste of what prospects can expect from it.


FedEx Corporation is an international logistic company that offers courier delivery and packaging services for businesses and individuals alike. It has an extensive network of transportation and can take care of any type of goods using its innovative technology. 

As FedEx provides courier services using different means of transportation, it used different color pallets to differentiate various types of services. For instance, to highlight its road transportation, it employed the color green, and for the Express services, the color orange. This level of separation allows viewers to easily comprehend whether the slide is about Freight services or Express ones.

Crush your sales goals with an effective sales deck 

 Well, there you go. These are some of the best sales deck examples that I believe will inspire you with numerous ideas and help you craft one for your business. 

An outstanding sales deck can help raise a capital amount that was out of your expectation or let you land the prospect you are looking forward to converting. Whatever the case may be, once you convert a prospect into a customer, you have to ensure that you deliver quality sales experience. For this reason, you will need a powerful platform to handle all of your sales processes.

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