11 Best WhatsApp CRM Software & Tools for Marketing & Sales in 2024

The best WhatsApp CRM software are Zixflow, Bitrix24, TeleCRM, WADeck, Bird, NetHunt CRM, Privyr, Umnico, Kommo, Respond.io, and OnePageCRM.

11 Best WhatsApp CRM Software & Tools for Marketing & Sales in 2024

Today, communication is more than simply exchanging information. It has become a means to drive sales engagement and encourage prospects to make a purchase decision. 

So to match this ever-growing demand for business communication, there are countless conversation platforms available in the market. And one of the most popular communication channels is WhatsApp. It is the most used platform with over 2 billion people actively using it every month worldwide. 

However, to use WhatsApp to its full potential, you need to connect it with a CRM solution so you can easily access your contacts and send messages effortlessly. 

With that said, numerous CRMs out there support WhatsApp integration you can use to streamline your sales and marketing communication. 

That’s why, in this blog post, I’ve curated the list of the best WhatsApp CRM software you can use to run tailored WhatsApp outreach campaigns. Let’s dive in. 

Best WhatsApp CRM software for sales and marketing

Having a CRM linked with WhatsApp, allows you to effectively manage your contacts and run WhatsApp marketing campaigns for boosting sales. 

That said, here’s a list of leading WhatsApp CRM tools you can implement into your business to seamlessly engage customers, starting with Zixflow.


Zixflow is the state-of-the-art CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) solution that comes with an in-built CRM that you can integrate with WhatsApp to create a WhatsApp CRM to save your contacts and use them for initiating personalized WhatsApp campaigns. 

Linking WhatsApp with Zixflow is a straightforward process. Just log in to your Zixflow account, head to the campaign module, and follow the on-screen steps. 

Instructions for integrating Zixflow with WhatsApp.

Once you have converted Zixflow into a WhatsApp CRM, you can import your customers’ details into the CRM and enrich your data to further enhance your WhatsApp marketing campaigns.

Zixflow WhatsApp CRM lets you manage your contacts and get in touch with them from within the platform.

On top of that, you can segment these contacts into separate lists and use them to set up personalized WhatsApp initiatives. With Zixflow’s visual campaign builder, you can craft WhatsApp campaigns as per your specific marketing or sales goals. 

These WhatsApp campaigns enable you to interact with your customers using different types of content suitable for every situation ranging from a simple account update message to sending exclusive deals for driving revenue. 

Zixflow WhatsApp Campaign Builder to set up tailored WhatsApp campaigns.

Furthermore, since WhatsApp only allows businesses to initiate a conversation using pre-approved messaging templates, Zixflow includes a WhatsApp Template Builder for you to design your Business Message Templates and send them for approval straight from the platform.

Zixflow WhatsApp Message Template Builder for creating message templates to engage customers.

Not just that. Sending engaging marketing messages is just one part of having a conversation. You also need to respond to your customers’ replies and address any queries they might come across. 

So to ensure that you can handle these incoming messages in a streamlined way, Zixflow offers a centralized Inbox for you to view, manage, and answer your customers. This inbox acts as a hub, nesting all your conversations in one place, saving you the effort of navigating through multiple inboxes to find customer queries. 

Zixflow Inbox allows you to access your incoming WhatsApp messages and reply back to them from a single location.


Unlike other marketing platforms that charge a monthly subscription fee, Zixflow is a free forever solution. You don’t have to pay anything to create an account and kickstart your WhatsApp outreach. You will only be charged for the WhatsApp messages you send with no hidden or additional costs. To learn more about country-specific pricing for WhatsApp, take a look at this sheet


Bitrix24 is a multi-purpose digital workspace that comes with numerous offerings to streamline your business operations, like sales automation to running promotional campaigns. It is designed to handle your WhatsApp outreach, allowing you to provide an all-around experience to your customers from a unified solution. 

Homepage of Bitrix24, a WhatsApp CRM software for managing WhatsApp contacts and connecting with them.

With Bitrix24’s Contact Center, you can integrate WhatsApp with your account to start reaching out to prospects and share useful information to help you convert them into customers. 

Similar to Zixflow, Bitrix24 allows you to get messages from your customers straight into the platform and reply to them from a single location quickly. 

Overall, Bitrix24 is suitable for ecommerce platforms, where you can use WhatsApp to send product catalogs to your prospects, receive payment, and confirm the order, all without leaving WhatsApp. 


Although Bitrix24 offers a free plan that you can get started with right away, it doesn’t support WhatsApp integration. To access WhatsApp capabilities of the platform, you have to get the Basic plan which costs Rs. 1,590/organization/month (billed annually) and it comes with 5 users. 

Also, if you want to unlock advanced features, you can get the Standard or Professional plans which start at Rs. 3,990/organization/month and Rs. 7,990/organization/month respectively.


TeleCRM is a communication platform that includes a native CRM designed for telemarketers and sales agents. It comes with a variety of features, such as automated lead generation, handling tasks, automatic dialers, and scheduled messaging to help you enhance your sales. 

TeleCRM is a WhatsApp CRM tool that lets you incorporate WhatsApp marketing into your overall marketing strategy.

TeleCRM lets you transform your WhatsApp audience into prospects and add their details to the CRM. You can also share these details with your sales reps to bring them up to speed about particular contacts and which stage of the sales pipeline they are in currently.

Also, there is an internal team chat within the platform for your reps to communicate with each other and stay updated with the deals. Plus, TeleCRM offers WhatsApp prospect management functionality to ensure you don’t overlook any leads and monitor past activities and phone calls over WhatsApp. 


TeleCRM offers a straightforward pricing model where you can choose between quarterly and annual plans. The Core CRM plan is priced at ₹849/user/month (quarterly) and ₹599/user/month (annual). TeleCRM also has a 7-day Refund Policy in case you change your mind. 

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WADeck is an AI-driven WhatsApp CRM you can use to enhance your conversations using the GPT engine. With this engine, you can personalize your WhatsApp messages, monitor engagement, and optimize your connections with this all-in-one solution.

WADeck, an AI-driven WhatsApp CRM that enables you to run WhatsApp initiatives using the power of AI.

As I said before, WADeck allows you to take advantage of its AI engine to streamline your sales and marketing campaigns and obtain meaningful results. Furthermore, you can manage your communication using tabs to make sure your sales reps are on the same page with each other. 

Additionally, you can attach images, videos, and dynamic CTAs to interact with your customers with compelling content, encouraging them to take the next step. 


WADeck is a free-to-use solution that is suitable for solo marketers. However, if you want to upgrade to a premium plan to access advanced features, you can get the Premium plan which starts at $13/month (billed at $152 annually), and the Business one costs $18/month (billed at $217 per month).


Bird, previously known as MessageBird, is a modern CRM solution developed for streamlining communication between customers and sales reps or marketers. It allows you to have multi-channel conversations and run tailored marketing campaigns to increase sales.

Bird is a modern CRM that comes with communication capabilities to engage your customers directly from the solution.

Bird provides an all-around marketing experience to run WhatsApp marketing initiatives to grow your audience, craft tailored messages, and streamline your customer journey. 

Additionally, you can create marketing lists to expand your reach by building relationships with contacts using interactive, media-rich messages. This way, you can naturally engage your contacts and compel them to make the purchasing decision. 


Bird offers a contact-based payment structure, where you will be billed depending on the number of contacts you want to engage. The minimum number is 3,000 and you will be charged $45/month. For large businesses with over 50,000 monthly contacts, you can get custom prices to fit your needs. 

NetHunt CRM

NetHunt CRM is a WhatsApp CRM software that you can connect with WhatsApp to allow you to seamlessly interact with your contacts. You can build contact lists using your WhatsApp chats, store your conversations, and reply to your customers from a single solution.

NetHunt CRM, a sales automation solution to keep track of your business operations while using WhatsApp to interact with customers.

On top of that, after you integrate it with WhatsApp, you can view your WhatsApp conversation within the CRM. This enables you to make sure you don’t miss out on any chat as you receive a notification every time you receive a new message. 

Plus, all your WhatsApp chats will be stored in the NetHunt CRM, letting you keep track of interactions and see what your past conversations were. You can also share this data with your sales team using your WhatsApp Business profile. 


NetHunt CRM comes with five pricing options: 

  • Basic - $24/user/month
  • Basic Plus - $34/user/month
  • Business - $48/user/month
  • Business Plus - $68/user/month
  • Advanced - $96/user/month

All these plans are billed annually. 

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Privyr is a mobile-first CRM platform that you can use to transform prospects into customers straight from your mobile phone. It is designed as a mobile app, allowing you to make the most of your sales engagement model with timely notifications, intent monitoring, and scheduled messages. 

Privyr is a mobile-first WhatsApp CRM, allowing you to converse with clients over WhatsApp using your phone.

With Privyr mobile WhatsApp CRM, you are able to quickly send tailored messages using its Quick Response function. You can send these messages to prospects that are not saved in your CRM. Plus, the app operates in sync with WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Business App. 

Also, you can highly personalize your messages with documents and website URLs along with your customers’ information. In addition to that, you can customize your outreach with different styling options, using just your mobile device. 


Privyr is a freemium tool that you can sign up for and start using immediately. However, if you want an unlimited experience, there is the Privyr Pro plan that costs $10/month ($120 billed annually). It also offers a 14-day free trial for its Pro plan so you can get accustomed to the platform.


Umnico is another great WhatsApp CRM tool that connects with WhatsApp effortlessly and serves as an efficient solution for handling your conversations. By linking Umnico, you can manage client communication without ever leaving the CRM, boosting productivity and optimizing your internal collaboration.

Umnico is an omnichannel communication solution designed to help you increase revenue and deliver quality customer service.

Once you have linked WhatsApp with Umnico, you can manage numerous WhatsApp accounts from one dashboard. This way, you don’t need to move between different accounts to answer customers’ messages. 

Moreover, Umnico comes with a native WhatsApp checker that displays if your customers’ number is linked with WhatsApp. This allows you to reach out to customers without saving their number in your phonebook. 


Umnico allows you to craft a custom plan according to your unique needs. You can choose the features you want and the website will show you the total cost you have to pay. 


Kommo is one of the leading messenger-based software that is great at enhancing customer communication. You can integrate Kommo with every one of the renowned communication platforms, including WhatsApp, to have a one-on-one conversation with your customers.

Kommo, a communication-based CRM platform that enables you to engage prospects on a variety of channels.

With Kommo, you get access to a large number of valuable features to engage with your customers. For example, you can connect it with third-party applications with ease and use its multichannel communication channels to deliver a well-rounded customer service experience directly from the CRM. 

In addition to that, you can view your WhatsApp messages in one inbox and respond back to them promptly. 


Kommo comes with three paid plans that start from ₹1,252 per user/month and go up to ₹3,755 per user/month. Plus, if you want to test out the platform before making a purchase, you can do that with a 14-day free trial. 

Zixflow can help you boost overall efficiency by up to 35% using its simple design

Zixflow comes with a clean UI and offers a clutter-free experience to help increase your customer-facing teams’ productivity

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Respond.io is one of the most popular sales & marketing platforms that you can use to run communication campaigns across a variety of channels. These channels include all the well-known platforms, such as Telegram, WhatsApp, and Viber to ensure you are always a message away from your customers.

Respond.io is a popular communication software that you can use to keep in touch with your customers.

Respond.io allows you to grow your marketing lists by handling your prospects from different marketing mediums in a single platform. This way, you can curate all the contacts’ data and run tailored WhatsApp campaigns for a customer-centric selling approach.


Respond.io has a 7-day free trial period to check out the platform but after that, you have to subscribe to one of the paid options. The Basic plan costs $79/month and you can get tailored pricing for the Enterprise plan by reaching out to its sales team.


OnePageCRM is a simple and easy-to-use WhatsApp CRM that is designed for small businesses and startups. The main focus of OnePageCRM is to help you get your tasks done and scale your business. 

OnePageCRM is a WhatsApp CRM, built specifically to handle communication needs for startups or small businesses.

By integrating WhatsApp with OnePageCRM, you can save your audience’s phone number in the CRM and reach out to them directly from the platform. Also, you can set up scheduled appointments or notifications to follow up with your customers effectively.


OnePageCRM offers two pricing options, Professional which costs $9.95/user/month with a maximum limit of 20 users, and the Business plan which is priced at $19.95/user/month with a maximum limit of 100 users.

Get started with the right WhatsApp CRM solution for enhancing your sales & marketing 

All-in-all, these WhatsApp CRM software are the best way to get started with WhatsApp marketing strategies straight from the CRM. By adding your contacts to a CRM, you can connect with them and keep track of past conversations to deliver a tailored marketing experience. 

These platforms either come with a free trial or a free plan, allowing you to get a firsthand experience of how it works and get familiar with its features. 

One such platform is Zixflow, a free WhatsApp CRM to use for contact management and outreach communication on numerous channels, like WhatsApp, SMS, and email. 

On top of that, Zixflow lets you automate your tasks and communication via sales cadences and automated workflows to streamline business processes. This way, your teams can focus on closing deals efficiently instead of spending time doing repetitive tasks.

These are just a few features of using Zixflow. You can do a lot more than that with this all-in-one platform. So give it a go. Create a free account and see how it can help you hit your business goals and boost ROI.

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