WhatsApp Business Account ID: What It Is & Where to Find It?

You can find the WhatsApp Business Account ID through the five-step process which includes login to Facebook, etc. to elevate your messaging strategy.

WhatsApp Business Account ID: What It Is & Where to Find It?

Having a WhatsApp Business account allows you to communicate with your customers directly. However, have you ever heard the term "WhatsApp Business Account ID" and been curious about its meaning?🤔

Be at ease, I'm here to clear things up!😊

Think of it like your store ID on an e-commerce platform, it simplifies organization, and WhatsApp marketing and makes it simple for customers to locate you.  

Thus, don't be nervous! I'll guide you on more about what it is and where to find this unique ID within your WhatsApp Business account settings.  

Let’s start!⤵️

What is WhatsApp Business account ID?

Similar to a secret password, your WhatsApp Business account ID is a unique code that only you know about your account on the platform. It serves as an insider's pass for maintaining your business’s online presence and engaging with your customers to enhance sales engagement.  

It's not directly visible within the WhatsApp Business application itself, but you can find it through Facebook Business Manager.

So, I will tell you how.👇🏻

Easy steps to get a WhatsApp business account ID

Here is the step-by-step guide on how you can get a WhatsApp business account ID:

Before you start, ensure you have a properly created WhatsApp Business account. If you haven't, you can easily set one up by following a step-by-step guide to make a WhatsApp Business account.  

Once you have your WhatsApp Business account set up, follow the below steps to find your WhatsApp Business ID. 

Log in to Facebook

Ensure, you're logged into the Facebook account associated with your WhatsApp Business platform.

Login page of Facebook.

Open Business Settings

Navigate to your business settings menu.

Business account menu page for WhatsApp Business account ID.
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Select WhatsApp Accounts

Under the Accounts section, choose "WhatsApp Accounts".

Accounts option for getting WhatsApp Business account ID.

Find your Business Account

From the list of connected accounts, select the specific WhatsApp Business account you want to find the ID for.

WhatsApp accounts section.

Check business information

Look for the WhatsApp business’s summary information section within the settings of the selected business account. 

WhatsApp Business account ID page.

Here, you'll see your WhatsApp Business account ID displayed. Like in the above image it's typically presented in the format Owned by: ZeroAdo WhatsApp account ID: 00000000000.

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