10 Top Sales Enablement Tools for Small Businesses in 2024

10 affordable sales enablement tools for small businesses are Zixflow, Dubb, GetAccept, Paperflite, Gong, Showell, Bitrix24, Enablix, Scaura, and Bridge.

10 Top Sales Enablement Tools for Small Businesses in 2024

Starting a business is an exciting endeavor. Getting used to new technology, meeting new people, and generating profit can get your heart pumping. And so is the case for your sales reps. Whenever they are fully prepared to reach out to a prospect they are also excited. So, it is your job to ensure that your sales team is equipped with the necessary sales enablement tools to handle any type of sales.

But how can you find the right sales enablement tool that lets you create an engaging sales enablement ecosystem without taking too big of a portion from your profit to keep it running each month? Well, fear not! I have done the research for you. 

In this article, I have curated a list of sales enablement tools that come with the required features to empower your sales agents and are not out of your budget. With that said, let’s dive into this list of 10 affordable sales enablement solutions that are suited for small business owners.

Economical sales enablement solutions for small businesses

As a small business, you face the challenge of competing with larger and established businesses with vast resources and cutting-edge technology. But thanks to the advancement of sales enablement technology, you can stand equal to the bigger corporations and offer top-notch customer experience. So, let’s get to it! 


Zixflow is not just a sales enablement tool but a modern salesOS with a sales engagement platform to automate your sales process and make it so that it will keep functioning on its own and you will have full control over it. 

Homepage of Zixflow, one of the best sales enablement software.

From the perspective of sales enablement, Zixflow offers you the functionality to set up sales cadences to automate the engagement and follow-up aspect of the sales process. By using its sales cadence platform, you can create an inbound and outbound sales cadence that will automatically engage prospects at every touchpoint, reducing the manual workload on your sales reps and saving their time. 

Building a sales cadence in Zixflow is easy. You just have to define parameters, set a date and time, and the message you want to be sent to the prospects, and the sales cadence platform will take care of the rest. 

The sales cadence platform of Zixflow lets you create sales cadences to automate your engagement.

Furthermore, Zixflow allows you the ability to add video training material to the application. You can add learning and coaching videos straight to the web application so that the agents can access and watch these videos without having to leave the platform.

To know about how to add useful videos to Zixflow, take a look at the following video. It explains the whole process in a step-by-step manner.

Pricing structure: Zixflow offers you a flexible pricing structure including a Free Forever plan which is perfect for a small business. So you grow your business and add new team members, you can upgrade to the Startup plan that costs $19 per user/month. It offers all the features of the free plan along with unlimited cadences and unlimited emails. 

The higher tier plan of Zixflow, Business and Business Plus would cost you $49 per user/month and $79 per user/month respectively. These plans give unlimited access to all the features plus some advanced options like account-based cadence, white-labeled leadbot, and a dedicated account manager. 


Dubb is a video communication and sales platform that allows you to incorporate videos into the framework of your sales enablement process. Using pre-recorded videos and sharing them with your sales staff can bring them up to speed more quickly and the information absorbed from a video is retained for a longer time compared to reading text. 

As per Insivia, people understand 95% of the information when they acquire it via a video, in contrast to only 10% when reading it.

Homepage of Dubb, a sales enablement platform.

Training and onboarding new sales reps is one of the challenges that small businesses face. Constant meetings and finding and sending links to reference texts waste too much time. But by recording a video and sending it to your sales agents you can cut down the meeting time to ensure that they are familiar with your product and can guide prospects across the stages of the sales process smoothly.

Pricing structure: Dubb offers three pricing plans, Starter, Pro, and Pro Plus. The Starter plan costs $0 per month and provides 10GB of storage and SD-quality videos. The pro package costs $42 per month and offers limitless storage capacity plus HD quality. Finally, the Pro Plus plan comes at $90 per month and includes all the features in previous plans along with a manager and 1:1 video assistance via Zoom.


GetAccept is a B2B sales solution that lets your sales agents boost closing rates by interacting with prospects, getting to know their requirements, and asking relevant sales qualifying questions. It includes a sales content management system to organize your sales documentation and make it accessible to your reps.

The sales content management page of GetAccept, a sales enablement platform.

With GetAccept’s content management platform, you can create a central library with all of your sales content, making it simple to locate and distribute relevant content and use a suitable sales engagement model to direct the prospects along the sales pipeline. 

Pricing structure: GetAccept provides three pricing packages, Essential, Professional, and Enterprise. The Essential package starts at $15 per user per month and lets you set up a content repository with basic brand assets like your company’s logo. 

The Professional plan starts at $39 per user per month and offers more advanced branding options like different colors and backgrounds. And for the Enterprise package, you have to reach out to its sales team for custom pricing.


Paperflite is complete content management software to handle your sales and marketing resources. With Paperflite, you can equip your sales staff with the knowledge to face prospects confidently and be ready to handle any kind of objections. 

Homepage of Paperflite, a sales enablement platform.

Paperflite offers a dynamic content library that fits the needs of individual sales reps using smart content suggestions. On top of that, the centralized content database includes an intelligent search bar so the agents can quickly look for the articles or documents without having to go through them one at a time.

Pricing structure: Paperflie offers two packages namely, Paperflite (static content) and Cleverstory (interactive content.) The Paperflite plan starts at $50/user/month and the Cleverstory starts at $500/month. The major difference between the two plans is that Cleverstory allows you to make your content dynamic and interactive using the power of AI.


Gong is a renowned sales enablement platform and a top alternative to Outreach platform, that offers the capability to train your existing sales reps or onboard new ones. Gong’s smart solution allows you to find the areas of improvement and focus on those aspects using the past conversations your salespeople had with prospects. 

Homepage of Gong, a sales enablement platform.

Gong’s platform lets you access past sales calls and analyze them to identify where your sales team is lacking. Not just that. Gong offers insights on how every rep is performing and where they need improvement. Using this data, you can concentrate on these particular factors to improve sales engagement and win rate.

Pricing structure: Gong doesn’t have predefined pricing plans. It tailors its packages based on the number of sales reps and the type of license. To get more information about the same, I would suggest that you reach out to them.


Showell is an all-around sales enablement solution that lets you create, organize, and distribute sales collateral. It allows you to develop a central repository for different types of content for sales engagement and provides an intuitive UI that is easy to use.

Homepage of Showell, sales enablement software.

Showell simplifies the process of sharing relevant sales content. With it, your sales team can quickly find suitable content and share it with the prospects using just a link, ensuring that the attachment is bulky and slow. 

Pricing structure: Showell offers four pricing plans Free, Essential, Professional, and Enterprise. You can use the Free plan for 1-5 users and create up to 25 documents at a time. The Essential plan costs €25/user/month and you can add up to 20 users. 

The Professional and Enterprise packages don't have a fixed price and you will have to reach out to Showell’s team to get a customized quote. 


Bitrix24 is a sales enablement software that includes more than 35 tools. It keeps track and logs every call and email that your sales team has made with a prospect, allowing you to go over them and offer useful suggestions or recommendations to the reps for the future.

Product page of Bitrix24, sales enablement software.

On top of that, Bitrix24 comes with communication channels, such as chats, video calls, and video conferencing. This way, your sales reps can effectively collaborate, share knowledge, and stay connected for improved productivity. Bitrix24 comes with many advanced features that also make it one of the best CRM for real-estate business.

“We need to get back to basics and acknowledge that sales is a communication process and communication is a basic human experience.” –  Julie Thomas 

Pricing structure: Bitrix24 has five pricing plans, Free, Basic, Standard, Professional, and Enterprise. The Free plan lets you add as many members as you want but you will only have 5 GB of online storage space. The Basic plan costs $49 per month for 5 users and the storage you get is 24 GB. 

The Standard, Professional, and Enterprise plans are not suitable for small businesses as they are meant for bigger companies with lots of members. But they cost $99 per month, $199 per month, and the Enterprise one starts from $399 per month and goes up to $7,999 per month based on the number of users.


Enablix is a sales enablement platform designed to help you simplify your sales process and boost the efficiency of your salespeople. It provides a range of features like content management, content personalization, and training and onboarding of sales reps to support you throughout the entire sales cycle.

Homepage of Enablix, sales enablement software.

Enablix offers your sales agents the capability to find suitable sales content easily and allows you to monitor content usage and effectiveness. Furthermore, it integrates with various sales enablement tools that you might already be using, such as CRMs and CMS to enhance content availability.

Pricing structure: Enablix has three plans, Standard, Professional, and Enterprise starting from $25/user/month, $40/user/month, and the custom pricing for the Enterprise plan. 


Scaura is built for you if you want to align your sales reps and marketing teams with the help of branded sales content. It allows your teams to find, distribute, and save sales collateral around the clock, ensuring that every rep that comes in contact with a prospect is following your brand’s tone and delivering your brand’s message.

Homepage of Scaura sales enablement software.

One of the biggest advantages of Scaura is that it is available on every device type to make sure that the content is readily available to your sales reps no matter where they are. Plus, the synchronization function makes sure that content on all the devices is recent and up-to-date and is available even when the rep is offline. 

Pricing structure: The pricing structure of Scaura is based on licenses instead of straightforward plans. It offers three types of licenses, Portal user license which starts at $10 per user/ monthly, Presenter Web user license, starting at $20 per user/ monthly, and Presenter user license costing $30 per user/monthly. 

Bridge by Mindmatrix

Mindmatrix offers a sales enablement tool with the name Bridge, which as you guessed it, acts as a bridge between your sales and marketing teams. Not just the alignment, Bridge emphasizes training and onboarding sales reps with playbooks and marketing assets.

Bridge by Mindmatrix, a sales enablement platform.

Bridge lets you set up training programs within the application and make them accessible to your sales and marketing staff. That is not all. If you want to create a classroom-type environment, you can do that with Bridge, where you can get one of your subject matter experts to have a digital training class.

Pricing structure: Mindmatrix does not have a pricing page on its website. To learn more about the platform and its cost, you have to schedule a demo with its team. 

Grow your business with these cost-effective sales enablement tools

Running a business is a challenge. But you are not alone to face this challenge. You have your sales team with you. So, it is your responsibility to provide them with the necessary tools to market your offerings more effectively.

I have compiled this list of sales enablement tools specifically for small businesses. These tools will level the playing field between you and bigger companies by offering you the required capabilities to win over the trust of your prospects.

But choosing the right tool out of this list will require you to do your research and find the right one that matches your needs and is within your budget. And Zixflow fits both of these criteria. Designed as a salesOS, Zixflow can manage your whole sales process on its own, allowing you to take care of critical tasks. 

It is outbound sales software that provides you with essential functionality to handle every aspect of the sales process, be it outreach, automation, or lead generation. So, leverage its lifelong-free plan and test it out. Who knows it could be a perfect match for your business. 😀

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